My Penance - How My Ex Tried to Make Me Jealous

by Digger

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Desc: Sex Story: After breaking up with Anna and before she moves out, she has a lot of sex in front of me.

version 2

INTRODUCTION: This is a "nastier" version of my original story. I hope you like it.

I dated Anna for 1.5 years and after living with her for nine months, decided to end it. She had many wonderful qualities, but the fire in my belly was not there. She was insecure and always jealous when I spent my time with others or by myself. Because of this, it was difficult to keep up friendships. Not only that, she disapproved of some of my friends and insisted that I have no contact with them. Anna was always certain that I would cheat on her because I could be overly flirtatious. I might flirt now and then, but I am loyal to a fault. She was devastated by the break up. I felt bad too, but it was the right thing to do. After the hurt started to wear down, she started being angry with me. She would lash out at me and try to wound me psychologically.

A week after I dropped the bomb, we stopped having sex and stopped sleeping together. The friendship and feelings of comfort drew us together, not the chemistry. Sex, for me, was only okay with Anna. She was very plain looking. Her body didn't do much for me--she had a big butt, and medium-sized tits (34b) that drooped tremendously. I am into the mental aspects of sex--I love talking dirty and telling stories. I like it when my woman wears sexy outfits and acts lustfully towards me in public. Anna was into none of those things. She sorta liked porno, but never pushed the issue. She rarely masturbated on her own. She loved having sex with me. She was always willing to suck my cock and swallow my cum, but she never let me shoot on her face (something I like to do). I, in fact, like the taste of my own cum. I liked to lick it off Anna's body, or swap between my mouths. She thought it was a bit gross, but went along with it. She liked having her anus stimulated while having sex; this lead me to buying her a very small buttplug (about the size of a finger).

I moved into the other bedroom where her computer was. I should describe my house. It is ranch-style with a fully finished basement. On the main floor there are two bedrooms, a bath, a large kitchen, and a large family room. The bedrooms are adjacent to each other and connected by a main hall. The basement has a very large room (big enough to comfortably play ping-pong in), a bedroom with bath, and another room full of junk, which is connected to a utility room.

About 2.5 weeks after the breakup we were invited to a mutual friend's party at a very large house up in the hills. It was a major event with lots of people and lots of good food. Anna and I decided it would be best if we attended separately. She went with her friend Joan; I went alone. Once at the party, Anna drank heavily. While mixing, I came across her while she was talking to a guy. She spotted me and snuggled up to him--I think she was trying to make me jealous, but it didn't work for I am not the jealous time. Later when I past by them, she suddenly lunged at him and they started to kiss. I observed them for a little while. The party was very big and loud, and I doubt anyone else noticed them. A while later, I was loitering around the food, talking to a lovely woman, when I saw Anna and the guy come in the room. I could see that she was upset because I was talking to another woman. Anna led her man in the corner, and started to make out again. She was facing me and I found it difficult not to watch. Anna tried to make eye contact with me at all times, especially as she ran her hands over the guy's butt. My conversation with Megan (the beautiful woman) turned a little more intimate. Eventually, she suggested we move the conversation to quieter area. We found a mostly vacant sitting room and talked for about a half-hour. Eventually, she had to leave. We exchanged phone numbers. While doing so, I looked up and saw Anna staring at us. I was pissed at Anna, so I decided to tweak her more. I gave Megan a big hug before she parted. I saw Anna run up to Megan and say in a loud voice, "You know, he really likes the taste of his own cum. I think he is gay!"

Later, in a hall, I ran into Anna. She was real drunk. With anger in her voice she asked, "So what kind of slut was that you were talking to?" "Just some woman." "I'm with Tom. He knows how to treat a woman. He's a good kisser," she said with a slur. "I'll believe you." "He is. But you'll never get to experience these lips or this tongue again." "I guess not." "You bet your ass. I'm a hot woman and you threw me away, you asshole! You'll never find someone better than me!!" I walked away saying, "See you at home, Anna. I hope your friend is sober, because you are stinking drunk." I went home. Once there, I prepared for bed, then fired up the computer. I felt like reading sex stories and looking at dirty pictures. I loved stories about sluts and seeing pictures of women with cum on their faces. I jacked-off and came hard. Anna stumbled into the house somewhat later.

Next week, Anna announced that she was not moving out until August 12 (it was July 17, and I broke up with her on the 1st). From there on, we got along some days and she screamed at me other days. These six weeks of living together after the breakup was my penance--my personal hell to pay for dumping her. I swallowed my pride and learned to grin and bear it. I buried my head in the TV and computer.

Over the next weeks when Anna went out at night, she would come home and insist on telling me about her experiences in great detail. I tried not to listen. Tuesday night, she went out with Tom for dinner. Thursday morning, I noticed a new, little blue case on the sink in our shared bathroom. I knew right away that it contained birth control pills. I found this strange because Anna had always been reluctant to try The Pill because of its side effects. Through my urgings, she got a diaphragm, but didn't like using it. In most cases, we used condoms, which I never really liked, but what was I to do? Anna walked in the bathroom as I was examining the case. "Yes," she hissed at me, "it's The Pill. But you'll never get to feel the benefits of me taking it." The thought of her using it and effects on sex led me to a hard-on. After she spoke, she noticed my dick making a tent in my pants. She grabbed my crotch and moved her face to mine and heatedly said, "Too bad you dumped me; we could have had a lot of fun. But now, I'll have fun with someone else." I groaned a bit. She let go and left for work.

I had to jerk-off. I fired up the computer and opened some pictures that I had downloaded a few days ago. I tiled four pictures on my screen--all showed women sucking cocks, or with cum all over their faces. I was heavy into it, when Anna startled me by walking the room (I had left the door open). "I forgot my lunch," she said. "What are you looking at?" I turned toward her and kept stroking my dick. Glancing back and forth between the screen and me, she said angrily, "I hope you like looking at your filthy pictures now, because the computer's going with me." "I am enjoying it now," I said with a big smile. Frustration grew in her face as she announced that she was going out after work.

That night Anna came home with bags of new clothes. She had to show me all her new bras and underwear. The bras were all sexy-lacy, or transparent, or low-cut. One was a "wonder bra," she announced proudly. The panties were small; some looked like thongs. "I'm going to model them to show you what your are missing." I responded, "That's okay..." My words didn't stop her; a few minutes later, she walked in the living room wearing one of her new, transparent bras. Her nipples were fully erect. "This bra turns me on; I hope it'll do the same for Tom." I tried best to ignore her, but she kept up the parade. Lastly, she modeled her "wonder bra" and matching thong panties. Her pubes pushed up around the sides of the underwear. "Sexy, huh?" she asked. "Yes," I agreed. "Too bad you dumped me because you'll never get to see me in them again." She was trying to get my goat again, but it didn't work.

Friday after work, Anna went out dancing with people from work. Upon returning late, she had to tell me all the details about the guys she danced with and how she got felt up. She was a bit tipsy. As she moved around the living room, I could not take my eyes off her for she was provocatively dressed. I could tell that she had removed her bra at sometime during the day. Her blouse was unbuttoned about a third of the way down. Once, she leaned down toward me to make a point, and I visually confirmed her lack of a bra. The story of her evening's events and her clothing turned me on. This was a departure from her style. She was trying to hurt me by showing me what I was throwing away, but I was not going to get back together with her. However the visions in my head of her acting this way would be good wanking material for a long time.

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