My Penance - How My Ex Tried to Make Me Jealous

by Digger

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: After breaking up with Anna and before she moves out, she has a lot of sex in front of me.

version 2

INTRODUCTION: This is a "nastier" version of my original story. I hope you like it.

I dated Anna for 1.5 years and after living with her for nine months, decided to end it. She had many wonderful qualities, but the fire in my belly was not there. She was insecure and always jealous when I spent my time with others or by myself. Because of this, it was difficult to keep up friendships. Not only that, she disapproved of some of my friends and insisted that I have no contact with them. Anna was always certain that I would cheat on her because I could be overly flirtatious. I might flirt now and then, but I am loyal to a fault. She was devastated by the break up. I felt bad too, but it was the right thing to do. After the hurt started to wear down, she started being angry with me. She would lash out at me and try to wound me psychologically.

A week after I dropped the bomb, we stopped having sex and stopped sleeping together. The friendship and feelings of comfort drew us together, not the chemistry. Sex, for me, was only okay with Anna. She was very plain looking. Her body didn't do much for me--she had a big butt, and medium-sized tits (34b) that drooped tremendously. I am into the mental aspects of sex--I love talking dirty and telling stories. I like it when my woman wears sexy outfits and acts lustfully towards me in public. Anna was into none of those things. She sorta liked porno, but never pushed the issue. She rarely masturbated on her own. She loved having sex with me. She was always willing to suck my cock and swallow my cum, but she never let me shoot on her face (something I like to do). I, in fact, like the taste of my own cum. I liked to lick it off Anna's body, or swap between my mouths. She thought it was a bit gross, but went along with it. She liked having her anus stimulated while having sex; this lead me to buying her a very small buttplug (about the size of a finger).

I moved into the other bedroom where her computer was. I should describe my house. It is ranch-style with a fully finished basement. On the main floor there are two bedrooms, a bath, a large kitchen, and a large family room. The bedrooms are adjacent to each other and connected by a main hall. The basement has a very large room (big enough to comfortably play ping-pong in), a bedroom with bath, and another room full of junk, which is connected to a utility room.

About 2.5 weeks after the breakup we were invited to a mutual friend's party at a very large house up in the hills. It was a major event with lots of people and lots of good food. Anna and I decided it would be best if we attended separately. She went with her friend Joan; I went alone. Once at the party, Anna drank heavily. While mixing, I came across her while she was talking to a guy. She spotted me and snuggled up to him--I think she was trying to make me jealous, but it didn't work for I am not the jealous time. Later when I past by them, she suddenly lunged at him and they started to kiss. I observed them for a little while. The party was very big and loud, and I doubt anyone else noticed them. A while later, I was loitering around the food, talking to a lovely woman, when I saw Anna and the guy come in the room. I could see that she was upset because I was talking to another woman. Anna led her man in the corner, and started to make out again. She was facing me and I found it difficult not to watch. Anna tried to make eye contact with me at all times, especially as she ran her hands over the guy's butt. My conversation with Megan (the beautiful woman) turned a little more intimate. Eventually, she suggested we move the conversation to quieter area. We found a mostly vacant sitting room and talked for about a half-hour. Eventually, she had to leave. We exchanged phone numbers. While doing so, I looked up and saw Anna staring at us. I was pissed at Anna, so I decided to tweak her more. I gave Megan a big hug before she parted. I saw Anna run up to Megan and say in a loud voice, "You know, he really likes the taste of his own cum. I think he is gay!"

Later, in a hall, I ran into Anna. She was real drunk. With anger in her voice she asked, "So what kind of slut was that you were talking to?" "Just some woman." "I'm with Tom. He knows how to treat a woman. He's a good kisser," she said with a slur. "I'll believe you." "He is. But you'll never get to experience these lips or this tongue again." "I guess not." "You bet your ass. I'm a hot woman and you threw me away, you asshole! You'll never find someone better than me!!" I walked away saying, "See you at home, Anna. I hope your friend is sober, because you are stinking drunk." I went home. Once there, I prepared for bed, then fired up the computer. I felt like reading sex stories and looking at dirty pictures. I loved stories about sluts and seeing pictures of women with cum on their faces. I jacked-off and came hard. Anna stumbled into the house somewhat later.

Next week, Anna announced that she was not moving out until August 12 (it was July 17, and I broke up with her on the 1st). From there on, we got along some days and she screamed at me other days. These six weeks of living together after the breakup was my penance--my personal hell to pay for dumping her. I swallowed my pride and learned to grin and bear it. I buried my head in the TV and computer.

Over the next weeks when Anna went out at night, she would come home and insist on telling me about her experiences in great detail. I tried not to listen. Tuesday night, she went out with Tom for dinner. Thursday morning, I noticed a new, little blue case on the sink in our shared bathroom. I knew right away that it contained birth control pills. I found this strange because Anna had always been reluctant to try The Pill because of its side effects. Through my urgings, she got a diaphragm, but didn't like using it. In most cases, we used condoms, which I never really liked, but what was I to do? Anna walked in the bathroom as I was examining the case. "Yes," she hissed at me, "it's The Pill. But you'll never get to feel the benefits of me taking it." The thought of her using it and effects on sex led me to a hard-on. After she spoke, she noticed my dick making a tent in my pants. She grabbed my crotch and moved her face to mine and heatedly said, "Too bad you dumped me; we could have had a lot of fun. But now, I'll have fun with someone else." I groaned a bit. She let go and left for work.

I had to jerk-off. I fired up the computer and opened some pictures that I had downloaded a few days ago. I tiled four pictures on my screen--all showed women sucking cocks, or with cum all over their faces. I was heavy into it, when Anna startled me by walking the room (I had left the door open). "I forgot my lunch," she said. "What are you looking at?" I turned toward her and kept stroking my dick. Glancing back and forth between the screen and me, she said angrily, "I hope you like looking at your filthy pictures now, because the computer's going with me." "I am enjoying it now," I said with a big smile. Frustration grew in her face as she announced that she was going out after work.

That night Anna came home with bags of new clothes. She had to show me all her new bras and underwear. The bras were all sexy-lacy, or transparent, or low-cut. One was a "wonder bra," she announced proudly. The panties were small; some looked like thongs. "I'm going to model them to show you what your are missing." I responded, "That's okay..." My words didn't stop her; a few minutes later, she walked in the living room wearing one of her new, transparent bras. Her nipples were fully erect. "This bra turns me on; I hope it'll do the same for Tom." I tried best to ignore her, but she kept up the parade. Lastly, she modeled her "wonder bra" and matching thong panties. Her pubes pushed up around the sides of the underwear. "Sexy, huh?" she asked. "Yes," I agreed. "Too bad you dumped me because you'll never get to see me in them again." She was trying to get my goat again, but it didn't work.

Friday after work, Anna went out dancing with people from work. Upon returning late, she had to tell me all the details about the guys she danced with and how she got felt up. She was a bit tipsy. As she moved around the living room, I could not take my eyes off her for she was provocatively dressed. I could tell that she had removed her bra at sometime during the day. Her blouse was unbuttoned about a third of the way down. Once, she leaned down toward me to make a point, and I visually confirmed her lack of a bra. The story of her evening's events and her clothing turned me on. This was a departure from her style. She was trying to hurt me by showing me what I was throwing away, but I was not going to get back together with her. However the visions in my head of her acting this way would be good wanking material for a long time.

She stumbled into the kitchen. I needed some relief, so I went into the bedroom and turned on the computer. I read a story and looked at pictures. I thought I closed the door tight, but it crept open (it does that if you don't close it tight). I was real close to cumming when I noticed Anna standing next to me. "Guess you love your right hand now, jerk-off boy." I spun and looked at her while I continued to stroke my 7.5-inch dick. "I might," I replied, but added cruelly, "but you'll never get to fell this dick inside of you again." She was taken aback, and a bit mad. She opened her blouse to reveal her sagging 34Bs. "And you'll never get to feel these again! Tonight at the club, two guys squeezed my tits." She squeezed them. "One even rolled his thumb around my nipples." She demonstrated. This was too much for me for I started to cum. I shot my load on my stomach and thigh. She laughed evilly, "Jerk-off! Why don't you eat up your own cum!" Still giggling, she left my room. She thought she was making fun of me, but it didn't matter. She showed me her tits and I had a good orgasm. She was right about one thing--I did want to eat my own cum. I licked a little off my hand then cleaned up using a tissue.

I powered down the computer, turned off the light and crawled into bed. The damn door crept open again. I leaned to the end of bed to close it when I notice something--I could see right into Anna's bedroom. In fact I could see her on the bed. This was only possible with the help of a mirror on the door. I have only one full-length mirror in the house, and we moved it to the outside of the bedroom door so that Anna could use it to get ready for work when she left early. Now, I was using the mirror to check her out. Anna was naked on the bed and she was masturbating. She was turned on by my cock. She lay on her back with her right hand working her clit. Her left was shoving the anal-plug in and out. As her tempo increased, so did the size of my cock. She came hard-moaning and groaning. I grabbed some tissues and did the same. After she calmed down, she got up to wash the plug. We made eye contact, and she said with a wicked smile, "I hope you enjoyed the show, because you'll never get the real thing again."

Saturday morning I announced that I was going for a hike with my cousins and probably would go to their house afterwards to eat and play cards. I had done this many times and not returned home until late. She told me that she was going out to dinner and movie with Tom. The hike was great, but my cousin, Fran, was not feeling the best, so we called it a day after a light dinner. Since Anna was not going to be home until late, I decide to rent some porno. She had been making me horny and I figured this would be a great way to release some of my pent up feelings. We have a local "adult" store that is supposed to be "fun"--full of toys, lingerie, videos, and magazines. They advertised themselves as a great place where couples and women were welcome. It was well lit and every time I went there, I did see some women and couples. I was checking out some videos in the back corner when I saw Anna walk in. I was momentarily shocked and embarrassed. She was alone and did not notice me. I ducked into the magazine corner and kept an eye on her. She looked over the dildos and butt-plugs. I saw her pick out a big dildo and a large butt-plug. The store really turns me on in general, but her actions were really getting my dick hard. Anna then walked over to the videos. I didn't know what she was looking at, but she spent about 10 minutes picking out two. She took the cards to the front. I saw her fill out a membership form, and pay for the videos and toys. After she left, I walked past the counter to look at the cards of the videos she had rented; one was a standard video, while the other was a gang-bang feature. I could barely contain myself, for I had nasty thoughts of catching her using her new marital aides and watching the videos. I couldn't rush home, so I decided to kill some time at a coffee shop.

At 8pm, I headed home. I parked about 2 houses away, and quietly entered through the back door. The TV blared in the family room. I could hear the grunts, groans and bad music of a porno. Slowly I stuck my head around the corner and saw Anna sitting on the couch. She was wearing only a very light robe that was open. Her nipples were rock-hard. She was slowly moving the dildo in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were fixed on the TV. My cock was like steel. I watched her for a little while, and then I decide to act. I stealthily moved into my room. I took off my clothes and put on my summer robe. I quietly walked back down the hall and stuck my head around the corner. Anna was in the same position. She never noticed me standing there. I immediately started to stroke my dick. Eventually, she looked up and was shocked to see me standing there with my dick in my hands. Even though she was startled, she did not take the dildo out of her pussy. Her attention returned to the tv and she began to masturbate again. I walked into the room and sat beside her on the couch. "Is this a good video?" I asked; she was watching the gangbang film. "Yes," she hissed, and continued to fuck herself. We calmly sat next to each other, masturbating. Eventually, we both came. It was as though we were watching a normal movie, not porno. Neither of us acted like the situation was odd. I asked her what happened between her and Tom; she said, "After I sucked him off in the parking lot, he wanted to go home. I took a raincheck. So I needed a release tonight." I settled back and starting watch her reaction to the film. Every now and then she would say something like "look how big that cock is" or "look at all that cum." After a little while, I went to bed.

Over the course of the next week, I saw Anna masturbate via the mirror four times. By the end of the week, she started to being more brazen. She would make a lot of noise. In the morning, I would find the dildo and larger butt-plug in the bathroom; Anna left them there to dry after she washed them off.

Saturday, she asked if I could stay out late because Tom was coming over. I said I had to get up early to go hiking Sunday morning, but I would try to stay out as late as possible. I got home around 10pm. I walked in from the garage through the kitchen. The light was on over the sink and I could tell that someone was watching tv in the living room. As I walked toward the hall, I glanced into the living room and was able to see Anna and Tom sitting close to each other on the couch. "Hi. How's your evening?" I said. "Good," she replied, "we're watching a romantic movie." At that moment, I noticed that her hand was in Tom's lap. I could just make out the fact that Tom had his dick out of his pants. Tom was just smiling as Anna beat him off. I must have stared to long, because Tom said with a wicked tone, "Anna tells me you weren't able to satisfy her and that you like to lick up cum. Are you gay?" "No," I retorted. Anna chimed in, "Chris, you should try Tom's cock. It's full of cum." They both laughed. I tried to ignore it and said, "I'm going read a bit and then go to bed." I got into my sleeping clothes (boxers and an old t-shirt), and went to the bathroom. As I walked to it, I glanced back in the living room. Anna's head was now in Tom's lap. She was moving it and her hand up and down. He was just leaning back and enjoying it. I went about my business in the bathroom, but kept a deft ear on the situation. Soon I hear Tom start to moan. "Yes. Yes! Yes!! Suck my cock!" he almost screamed. I got a hard-on. I went to bed and read. In 15 minutes, I turned off my light and went to bed.

My sleep was not restful and I tossed and turned. Eventually, begrudgingly, I woke up an hour later. I thought reading might remedy the situation. But first, I had to take a piss. Opening up my door, I noticed that Anna's light in her room was on. It blinded me for a moment before I stumbled into the bathroom and did my business. Coming out, I glanced at the mirrored reflection of the events in her room--she and Tom were having sex. She was getting more and more brazen. First the hitting on guys at parties and bars, then sexy underwear, then porn and dildos, now sex with some new guy. She was trying to hurt me by making me see that she was a desirable, sexy woman, (I knew she was, but I just didn't want to date her any more), and that I would never have her again. I settled back in my bed and watched the action. They were in classic missionary position with Tom thrusting in and out of her. Eventually, they switched so she was on top. She really ground herself into him. She was acting like a wild woman. They weren't making a lot of noise. They switched to doggie-style and faced me. Tom was moving his hips fast. I heard her say, "Put a finger up my ass. Put your finger up my ass and make me cum!" I guess he did, and she did. She moaned and groaned, but not too loudly. Tom still kept thrusting after she stopped. He said, "I'm gonna. I'm gonna cum!" Anna got off him, turned around, and, I assume because I could not see it, swallowed his jism. They calmed down. I didn't. I jerked off into a tissue. Afterwards, Anna walked by me, naked, on the way to the bathroom. We made eye contact and she gave me a searing glance. I shut my door and went to sleep.

I left for my hike early the next morning. All day, I got a hard-on any time I thought of last night's show. Anna was trying to hurt me, and I realized that it was working. She was making me real horny by flaunting her sexuality right in front of me. I was frustrated and getting annoyed. I wanted her to move out that day so my life could return to normal. My darker side spoke to me and said that it was fun watching her get off and walk around naked. My darker side won out, and I determined to see how far Anna would go to make me jealous. If she was going to tease me and try to make me upset, I wanted to be thoroughly entertained by her new found sexual freedom. I wanted to push her.

Monday night, Anna announced that after dinner she need to check her email. Thinking fast, I jumped on the machine got on-line. Going into my account, I typed up a fake exchange between a friend and me:


>>>So what was wrong?

>>Lots of things. You and I have talked about them--
>>jealousy, different goals, sex, etc.

>Sex? No, really? Like what?

Well... this is a touchy subject but since we have discussed the
intimate details of our lives before: She never wanted to do the
things I wanted. Things that would get me off and make me come
back for more, like look at porn on the internet, cum on her
face, tell me dirty stories (especially about gangbangs) (I like
to hear dirty stories and fantasize her or me acting them out),
shaving her pubes, or vocalize during sex. Things might have
worked out different if she would have complied with my wishes.

Enough about that, did you watch Dennis Miller on Fr...

After I typed this much, I loudly announced that the system went down. I swore. Anna walked into the room. "The fucking system went down right when I was in the middle of writing an email. Good thing I am able to copy it." I did so. I opened the word processing program, and pasted the fake message. I then went back to the internet. I signed on and told Anna that she could use it. I was hoping that her curiosity would get the best of her, and she would read my letter. I walked out of the room and watched tv. I heard her typing. After it stopped, I snuck a look; she was reading me letter. Yes! Half an hour later, I walked back in. She heard me and quickly hit the "home" tab. It wasn't fast enough, and I saw she was looking at porn. I ignored that asked her to tell me when she was off. Anna said it would be awhile. I watched a little tv then went downstairs to do some work. I think she was under the impression that I was still downstairs, because I walked in on her masturbating in front of the computer. She was oblivious to my presence. I could see over her shoulder that she was looking at a bunch of pictures. Her right hand was busy in her crotch, while her left clicked back and forth between pictures. She stopped on a shot of a big-titted blond being fucked. I rubbed my cock through my jeans while she came. My plan was working! I retreated to the living room. A while later she went to bed. While looking at the computer's directory, I noticed that Anna had saved a bunch of pictures in a new file. I opened it and saw many shots of woman being fucked--some had cum all over their faces.

Anna continued to bold. She masturbated every night, but now she vocalized, making a lot of noise. I'm certain it was mostly for show. I enjoyed it a lot, and got off every night with her. She was getting up a little later, and making sure I saw her in the shower. One morning, I notice her shaving her crotch. Later, as she walked by me with only a towel around her head, I noticed that all of her pubic hair was gone.

Tuesday night, Tom came over again. Anna failed to mention this to me in advance, so I was at home the entire time. They went to the basement and played ping-pong. I spent my time playing on the computer and doing my laundry. I tried not to interrupt their game, but when I went to put another load in, I did overhear them discussing a wager of minutes. Tom owed Anna 15, while she owed him 10. I had no idea what they were talking about.

Around 9pm, I checked on my final load of clothing. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, right in front of me, I saw Anna sucking on Tom's cock. He was sitting down in a comfortable chair and she was going down on him. I paused and watched for a moment. He tried to push her head away, but she said after looking at me, "I still owe you 3 minutes." She went back to work. Tom leaned back, looked me in the eye, smiled, and said, "You sure know how to suck dick, Anna. A guy would have to be gay or something for him not to be excited by you." I retreated into the other room, and took my time getting some of my laundry out of the drier. I heard him start to moan. I peeked around the corner to see Tom cum all over my former girlfriend's face. She used her tongue more and said loudly, "Your cum tastes so good." I walked by smiling. A little while later, I stuck my head downstairs to see Tom licking Anna's pussy. She was looking towards the stairs and must have noticed me. She said, "Do you like my shaved pussy?" "Yes!" Tom answered, "I love it!" She got loud, "Yes! Lick my pussy! Make me cum!!" I returned to my room and jerked off. Tom soon left.

Thursday night I got home late. When I walked in the kitchen, I noticed that the phone line was extended toward my room; Anna was on-line. I walked into my room only to find Tom sitting next to Anna. They were looking at porn! Over their shoulder I could see they were looking at picture sites. Tom said, "Try that one"; Anna clicked on a thumbnail, and a photo of a woman with big tits surrounded by 3 guys with big cocks appeared. "Wow," Anna exclaimed, "that turns me on." "Me too," Tom replied. I cleared my voice in order to let them know I was there. They turned and Anna said, "Hey. We're going to be using MY computer for a while. I hope you won't mind." "I don't." I put my stuff away in my room while 4 feet away they continued to look at dirty pictures. I looked up at them now and then; my dick got hard. I went back into the kitchen and ate some dinner. Forty minutes later I returned to my room only to find Anna sitting in her chair totally naked; Tom was in his chair wearing only a shirt. Tom was stroking his dick (which was not as big as mine) while Anna was playing with her pussy. They were still looking at porn. She asked, "Which one was your favorite?" "I liked the one where the girl had cum all over her face." "Like this one?" Anna brought up a picture. "Yessss," Tom hissed as he stroked his dicked faster. Anna took that moment to get on her knees and start sucking his cock. In the meantime, I stood in the doorway watching the whole thing. Anna's and my eyes met as she started sucking harder and harder. She was trying to make me jealous by proving to me that she was a horny woman, willing to do more with this new guy than she would ever do with me. She stared at me as he erupted all over her face. The cum dripped off of her as Tom's breathing returned to normal. I was stroking my cock through my pants. He asked her, "What was your favorite?" "I'll show you." She got back in her chair and clicked on a picture of a woman getting fucked in the ass. "Is that what you want now?" he asked. "Yes," she replied, "let me go get my lube."

I retreated into the hall and was in a sort of trance when she walked by me. Tom was busy with the computer so he did not hear or see our exchange. Anna used her hand to wipe some of Tom's cum off her face. She shoved her fingers in my face and I, for reasons I don't understand, opened my mouth. She inserted her fingers and I licked them clean. I couldn't believe it; here I was in my own house standing next to my naked ex-girlfriend, eating the cum of her new lover, and having a huge hard-on. "Tastes good, doesn't it?" she said with a wicked tone. She was trying to cruel. I said nothing. "Tom is going to fuck me up the ass now. Do you want to watch?" I nodded. "Okay. Do you want to help get me ready?" I nodded and grinned. She went into her room, got the lube. Anna walked back into the bedroom announcing, "Chris is going to help you fuck me in the ass." Tom got a wicked smile and said, "Sounds right. An asshole for an asshole." Both laughed. "Chris," she snapped, "get in here." I was still in some sex-crazed trance and walked in the room. She took a dollop of jell and spread it around her brownhole. Throwing the tube to me she said, "Lube Tom up." I had a surprised look on my face and hesitated. I thought I was going be able to feel up Anna. Touching another cock? I had never done. "Come on," Tom yelled, "I want to fuck this woman's ass. Lube up my cock! A fag, like you, must be used to touching cocks." Both laughed. Still in my trance, I opened the tube and moved toward Tom. Taking a little bit of the jell, I began to smear it on his ever-growing dick. It was warm and hard. It felt similar to mine, yet somehow different. After minute, he said, "I know you are getting off on this, but it is time." Anna bent over my desk and spread her cheeks. Tom lined up and slowly inserted his cock. Anna moaned. Their tempo increased and both began to moan. I stood there watching. Finally, Anna had an orgasm (or at least she acted like it) and soon after, Tom grunted and came. He pulled out and sat back down. She remained bent over. I could see cum run out of her ass. I had a huge hard-on. "You made a mess," Anna said. "We need to clean it up somehow. I know, since Chris likes to eat cum, why doesn't he lick your cum out of my ass." An exhausted Tom said, "That is a good idea." "Get over here, cum-eater and lick my ass." Back when we were going out, I would have done this without hesitation, but this was different. Anna was acting aggressively, which was very odd. After a moment, I bent over and began licking up the cum. Anna moaned and Tom said, "I can't believe this. Anna, you went out with a fag! He loves cum!" It was weird eating another guy's cum; it actually tasted pretty good. I came in my pants. The cum soaked through and made a stain. After I was done, I tried to hide this fact but both of them saw it and laughed at me. What had just transpired was a fantastical sexual experience to me. They thought it showed I was gay and a wimp. I didn't think so. Anna hated me now, yet I got to lick her ass. I like eating up my own cum, because I think it is a turn-on. I love women, but I had crossed some line. After I left the room, they got dressed and powered down the computer. Soon Tom left. Anna went to bed. Afterwards, I jerked off looking at my own porn.

Friday morning, I asked Anna if she was going out with Tom that night. "No," she replied, "Tom is out of town for the weekend, but I am going dancing." Late, Anna stumbled in. Her banging around woke me up. After hearing a crash, I got up and found her in the kitchen where she had dropped a can of soda. She was very drunk. "You are the biggest asshole in the world," she said in slurred words. "I am hot. I am the best. I would have done anything for you." She was crying a little, but mostly she was filled with anger. "You'll see. I am the woman you dreamed about. You'll see. Tonight, I had three guys after me. Three guys from the same firm. They were all dancing with me, feeling me up and kissing me." Her mood changed rapidly, "It was so much fun!" With that she plopped in a chair. She collapsed, head first into the kitchen table. I ran to her. "Anna, go to bed." She mumbled. I picked her up. She was limp. I dragged her to her bed and threw her on it. She barely budged. I took off her shoes. While doing so, I looked up her skirt and noticed she had no panties on. I tried to wake her, but she was out cold. I undressed her, and looked over her body, then retreated to my own room.

The next morning, she did not say a word to me about waking up naked. She complained of a hangover and said she had a great time last night. During the day, I went for a hike, then ran errands. I got home around 6pm; Anna had already left. I showered, made some dinner, and watched tv. Around 9:30, Anna stumbled in with 3 guys. I couldn't believe she would be so brazen. The guys were younger than her (right out of college) and varied in size and shape. Two were about 5'9"--one skinny, one overweight. The third was about 6'4" and seemed to be athletic. After the guys walked into the kitchen, she leaned in and whispered to me with a devilish grin, "These are the 3 guys who think I am hot. You'll never get to know how hot I am." With that, the 4 of them retreated, drinks in hand, to the back yard. It was a beautiful night--worth being out in. They turned the light on over the back porch and sat at the picnic table. One of the blessing of living in a dry climate is that there are few bugs. They talked loudly and laughed a lot; I tried to ignore them. Walking into the kitchen to grab a cookie, I overheard them playing some sort of word game. It was obvious that Anna was losing, for the 3 guys were talking about how she would have to "pay." Half an hour later, I returned to the kitchen, and looking out the window, I saw the most amazing thing--Anna on her back on the picnic table. She was completely naked and her head was tilted backwards off of one end. The guys were still dressed, but one had his cock out and was fucking her mouth. He shoved it in and out. One of the other guys was sitting on the bench facing me; he looked spent. The third was standing near her head. He was stroking her tits, while she stroked his cock. The guy at her head started to moan and he pulled his dick out of her mouth. "That's it," she said excitedly, "cum all over my face, just like Frank did!" He did. She licked him off and said, "You taste good." The third guy took his place and plunged his cock into Anna's waiting mouth. It looked as though he had a small cock and thus shoved it all into her. On the third stroke he came, shuddering. He pulled his dick out and came all over her face. Anna was faking an orgasm when he started to shoot. She cleaned him off then sat up.

While all this was going on, I had taken my cock out and jerked-off. I could not believe I was watching this; my ex had become a wanton slut. It turned me on. Also, I was becoming jealous because I did not participate. I stroked myself while I stared out into my backyard. After Anna sat up, she smiled, gathered her clothes and walked toward the door say, "Don't you boys go anywhere. We're gonna have more fun." Walking into the kitchen, she stopped and looked at me masturbating. "Don't you wish you had a girlfriend like me? You did, but you threw me away. You'll never find anyone else like me!" I looked her over--naked, with cum spattered all over her face and neck. I stroked myself even harder. "I bet you want to cum all over my face too!?" she asked. "Yes," I hissed. "Tough luck. Have fun with your hand!" With that, she walked by me and into her room. I grabbed some tissues and shot my wad.

A few minutes later, Anna reappeared in just her summer robe. Cum still dripped off her face as she went into the backyard. The four of them sat and talked for about 15 minutes. Eventually they came in; each guy paraded by me (2 of them still had their dicks out) and into Anna's room. Of course she left the door open. I situated myself on my bed and watched the show. The guys undressed. She stroked their cocks and lay back on the bed. "Who is first? How 'bout George." George was one of the smaller guys. He got on top of her and started pumping away. The other two took up positions around her. George hugged her body making it impossible for one of the others to work on Anna's tits or face. After only a minute, he let out a large moan, then rolled off her. "Frank, you're next." Frank was the other short guy (the one who she had deep-throated a little while ago). He lasted a lot longer. He really gave her a work out. The other guy was playing with Anna's tits. By her breathing, I could tell that she was getting close. Eventually, Frank screamed, "You're a whore! Take my cum in your pussy!!" She did.

Anna sat up. Every one relaxed for a while, except the guy who hadn't fucked her; he continued to stroke his cock, which was big. She said to them in a loud, purposeful voice, "How'd you like to make my other fantasy come true?" "I thought we made it come true by cumming on your face," Frank said. Anna licked her lips and smeared some of the cum on her cheeks. "Mmmm. That was good. But what I want is to have all 3 of my holes filled at once." I don't know whether George was dumb, naive or just playing along, but he asked, "Three holes? At once?" "Yes. I want Eddy in my pussy. I want Frank in my mouth. And I want you, George, in my ass! Do you think you guys can do that?" They answered with a resounding, "Yes!" I almost came right there.

"Okay Eddy, I want you on your back with your feet over the edge." He did this and Anna knelt on top of him and pushed herself on to his big cock. She said with a grin, "Let's see if I can get this big thing inside of me." Slowly she eased onto Eddy. "Ohmygod that is big. You are stretching me out. Ohmygod. Ohmygod, you feel so big." She bottomed out and lay still for a moment. "Boy, you sure can fill me up." Anna began pumping up and down on him. After a minute she slowed down and told George to lube up his dick and her ass. Her ass was a perfect level for him to fuck her while he was standing up. "Be gentle," she said. He took over 2 minutes pushing into her. "Ohmygod. Ohmygod," she said over and over. "I love your cock in my ass!" The guys stood still as she began to move. Her position made it so that she slid off both of them at once, then down on them. Her tempo and moaning increased. "I never thought sex could be so good," she said in a howl. Eventually, Frank moved to her head stuck his cock into her well-worn mouth. The three of them moved awkwardly. Eddy started to moan first, as he dumped his load into her already-full pussy. Frank came for the third time that night, shooting his small load into her open mouth. George continued to pound away at Anna's ass. Anna began moaning loudly. Her orgasm began. She was loud. I'm certain some of it was for me, but most of it was real. Her body shook. I came all over my hand, then licked it clean. George began to shake and came in her ass. After a moment or two, Anna climbed off the two men, and fell back on the bed. "God. That was so fantastic. I can't thank you 3 enough." The guys were spent; all were on the edge of sleep. Anna shook them out of their fog and kicked them out! I couldn't believe she would just use them like this.

After locking the front door, she walked into my room, still naked. "Those three know how to show a woman a good time." My dick was still out, and started to perk up. "Man, they came a lot on my face." She moved her hands all over her face and scooped some cum and licked it. "Mmmm." She moved her hands to her crotch and spread her legs; "They fucked me good." I looked and saw cum all over her pussy and running down her legs. She turned around, bent over, and spread the cheeks of her big butt. "Look at my ass. George put his big cock up there and fucked me hard. God, it felt so good." I could see cum on her asshole. I was rock-hard by now. I wanted her. I wanted her bad. "You want to fuck me, don't you? Huh?" "Yes!" "Too bad. You threw it all away, you asshole! Maybe you'll figure out what you lost, but I'll never take you back!! About the only thing you are useful for is cleaning up cum. Is that what you want to do? Do you want to lick their cum out of my pussy and ass?" She shoved her ass in my face. After a moment's hesitation, I started cleaning her up. There was a lot of cum. I could tell my tongue was turning on Anna. She pulled away from me abruptly and walked out of the room laughing. I didn't know how I could survive the rest of the week.

The next day, both of us slept in late. It was one of those blazing hot summer days. I sat around in my shorts and read the paper. In the early afternoon, Anna announced she was going to work on her tan. I found this odd because she had never concerned herself with a tan before. She strode past me in a new 2-piece suit. It was so small-g-string bottom and string top. I was going to say something about the neighbors seeing, but I stopped myself. She went into the middle of the backyard, lay a towel down, sat down and started to oil up. I sat in the kitchen and watched. Once again, she knew how to tease me; my dick was getting hard. She lay on stomach with her head toward the house. She undid her top.

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