Star Performance

by OneIdleHand

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Swinging, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Part 3 of the Lunchtime Confession Series.

So, Hayley had told Denise all about me. About how I liked for Hayley to take charge occasionally. As I reflected on Denise's parting words that night, I realized these two women had shared everything about their sex lives, and more specifically, their husbands'.

So all of that explained my current predicament. It was two weeks later since the "great event," as Hayley had come to call it, and we were at Denise's having dinner. This, of course, led to dessert. With so much having happened between Denise, Mike, Hayley, and I, we had known and agreed that if something "happened" while we were visiting, it would be okay. Hayley even said that I could screw Denise if things developed that way. Things don't "develop" with Hayley and Denise, they're planned. So, I wasn't really surprised that as dessert was mentioned, Denise waved Mike and myself to the living room, and then proceeded to tell us that we should be blindfolded. I watched as Hayley began blindfolding Mike, until Denise covered my own eyes.

I was thinking that this was good, that they were both probably stripping or something. Shortly I was stripped completely, and, why resist? Then I was laid on the floor and securely strapped so that I couldn't move. I thought that Mike and I were in for a treat, when I heard one of them turn the TV on. Then I heard muted whisperings from the TV.

"This is one of my favorite parts," said Denise.

"Mine, too," said Hayley.

Denise added, "He looks so excited to be doing it! I like how you make him lick it so slowly, so you can see him lap the cum on his tongue."

Wait a minute! They were watching our video. I was sure my face was turning several shades of red. And it explained the disappearance of a home video we had made over a year or so ago. A video which pictured me cumming in my mouth and on Hayley's breasts, then licking them clean. A video which had Hayley spooning my cum into my mouth. She had made a great act of it being lost, and, as it turned out, she had simply given it to Denise.

"Now Mike, watch this scene. He flips over and cums in his mouth and on his face." I was dying, realizing that Mike hadn't really been tied up either. "And look how focused Hayley is. You see, Mike? That's why I told him to do what his mistress said the other night. But he didn't, and that's why Hayley suggested we watch this video tonight. Hayley, do you think you can get him to do that for us tonight?"

At that, Hayley said, "Look at his cock. I think he's game. Denise, take off his blindfold."

As I looked, I quickly saw that Hayley was already impaled on Mike's cock as he was lying on the floor. She was slowly grinding her hips as Mike was fondling her breasts, both grinning at me and obviously not in a hurry. Obviously, blindfolding Mike had been a ruse.

"Steven, here's the deal. If you make me very happy tonight, I might just let you screw Denise. But I'm not going to be happy until Denise is happy, so she will tell you what she wants you to do." Mike regained Hayley's attention by pinching and pulling on her nipples.

"Steven, I've been watching this video for weeks, dreaming of something like this. Mike said he wouldn't even think of eating his own cum. So, I was planning on letting you finish on my breasts, but now that I think about it, that might spoil my view. So, I'm going to free one of your hands, and you better cum for me all over your chest. If you don't do what I want, Hayley has told me I can show this video to whoever I want."

My hand was released, and although extremely embarrassed, particularly with Mike watching, my cock was turned on, and it felt good. As I jerked off, Denise removed the panties that she had kept on. So now, at least, I had a fully naked woman to look at, who wasn't my wife! Soon, spurts of cum shot across my stomach and chest. Denise dipped one finger in it and placed it in my mouth. "Eat, that's right." Soon, between finger loads, she even placed a nipple against my lips, which I eagerly sucked.

"That's enough!" Denise stood and looked down at me. "Now lick the rest off your own fingers." I hesitated. "Remember the video." At this point I heard grunting. Hayley was now on her hands and knees looking at me while Mike pumped into her from the rear. Hayley was obviously approaching orgasm, but she had the presence to lower her tongue from her mouth in one long licking motion as she held my eyes. This turned me on something fierce.

Denise regained my attention, by wiping her foot on one of the strands of cum on my chest. She then placed her toes on my lips to be licked, which I did. "I never imagined a man licking cum from my feet, but I think I like it!" She repeated this with her other foot, which I again licked clean. "Lick it off your fingers, now," she said. I began to collect cum on my fingers and eat. Denise lowered her face to within inches of mine so that she could watch each finger-load. Not soon enough, it was over.

I'm sure watching me do this really turned Hayley on, but Mike's cock had something to do with the heated look in her eyes. Hayley's eyes were closed, and she had gotten verbal. "That's it, fuck me hard! I like feeling your balls slap against me. Oh yes! Harder! I can feel you cumming inside of me." Her breasts swung back and forth with each thrust, wildly, until Mike finished.

My cock, if it had even gotten soft, was hard again after watching Hayley. Denise grabbed a hold of it and inserted it into her cunt as she straddled me. My view of this woman was immediately interrupted as Hayley stepped above me and squatted on my face. I could smell Mike's juices as she smeared her cunt on my face. I could hear something said about me not having a choice this time and "tongue." I tentatively took a couple of licks. At that, Hayley's cunt lips parted and what remained of Mike's cum entered my mouth. It wasn't my intention to swallow it, but it was hard to do anything with my wife rubbing herself all over my face. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the feel of licking Hayley's hairless cunt.

Finally, Hayley stood, and I could see Denise grin. She started to work my cock faster in and out of her cunt, pounding on it from above. I was, at least, happy that my cock felt like it could last a while, and otherwise appreciated the different feel of her cunt, the different noises that she made, the different way she moved on me, her facial expressions, and, of course, a different set of tits bouncing before me than I had seen all these years. Still mostly tied, Denise lowered herself and licked Mike's cum and Hayley's juices off of my face. Then she squatted on her feet and fucked my cock fast and hard, until I came inside her.

Mike and I rested long enough to once more fuck each others' spouse, which we did as they laid side by side on the floor. It was very intimate, in its way. As we were leaving that night, Denise added, "Thanks for letting me keep the video, Hayley, I promise not to show it to anyone else unless Steven doesn't lick out your cunt when you want him to."

Over the next few weeks, my thoughts kept returning to that night. Mostly, I enjoyed it. Hayley knew that I liked to lick my cum, but she had never really brought it up on her own. This usually only happened after more than subtle hints from me. And when I did cum on her, she usually let me out of "cleaning" her off. So, while I had always hoped that she would interrupt me from watching TV or working on the computer, bare her breasts, and then order me to cum on them and lick them clean, I had never considered she would have me do it in front of others. An embarrassing, almost humiliating, surprise. I started thinking of a fun way to turn the tables on Hayley.

Two weeks later, Hayley again went to Denise's, I presumed to use her Sybian machine and otherwise catch up. When she returned, she informed me that we were again going to Mike and Denise's on Friday night. She knew I would be immediately suspicious, based on our last visit, so she told me what would happen.

"Denise and Mike have invited two other couples, for poker. The deal is that whoever wins gets to choose someone to have sex with, while everyone else watches. And do you remember Jeff? (Of course I did. She hadn't stopped talking about his exceptionally large cock since the great event.) He and his wife are one of the couples."

"So, you're hoping you win and you get to have fun with Jeff?"

"Or, maybe he'll win me."

"What if I win another woman?"

"That's part of the game. I enjoyed watching you with Denise."

"Yeah, but you had a cock in you at the same time. You wouldn't be jealous?"

"I'm asking you to go, aren't I?"

So, Friday came. Jeff's wife, Raquel, was quite attractive, tall, slender, pretty face, and with average sized breasts, but different in that her areole were "puffy," sticking out from her breasts. By the small talk, it was quite obvious that both were used to playing around, and Jeff's group routine with Denise was well known to her. Alex arrived without his wife, making excuses that she was ill, so he became the dealer. The rules were repeated, with the understanding that only the winner and person of choice were to have sex. The remainder had to watch.

As the game started, we decided that it would not be strip poker. The sexual tension was already there, and it grew even more tense soon after the third round, as some grew richer and others poorer. Jeff's wife had a terrible start, and she was quickly out of the game. Mike and Denise were hanging on, but losing. Jeff and I were doing very well, and Hayley, as competitive as ever, was doing almost as well. After an hour and a half, it was just the three of us.

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