Star Performance

by OneIdleHand

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Swinging, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Part 3 of the Lunchtime Confession Series.

So, Hayley had told Denise all about me. About how I liked for Hayley to take charge occasionally. As I reflected on Denise's parting words that night, I realized these two women had shared everything about their sex lives, and more specifically, their husbands'.

So all of that explained my current predicament. It was two weeks later since the "great event," as Hayley had come to call it, and we were at Denise's having dinner. This, of course, led to dessert. With so much having happened between Denise, Mike, Hayley, and I, we had known and agreed that if something "happened" while we were visiting, it would be okay. Hayley even said that I could screw Denise if things developed that way. Things don't "develop" with Hayley and Denise, they're planned. So, I wasn't really surprised that as dessert was mentioned, Denise waved Mike and myself to the living room, and then proceeded to tell us that we should be blindfolded. I watched as Hayley began blindfolding Mike, until Denise covered my own eyes.

I was thinking that this was good, that they were both probably stripping or something. Shortly I was stripped completely, and, why resist? Then I was laid on the floor and securely strapped so that I couldn't move. I thought that Mike and I were in for a treat, when I heard one of them turn the TV on. Then I heard muted whisperings from the TV.

"This is one of my favorite parts," said Denise.

"Mine, too," said Hayley.

Denise added, "He looks so excited to be doing it! I like how you make him lick it so slowly, so you can see him lap the cum on his tongue."

Wait a minute! They were watching our video. I was sure my face was turning several shades of red. And it explained the disappearance of a home video we had made over a year or so ago. A video which pictured me cumming in my mouth and on Hayley's breasts, then licking them clean. A video which had Hayley spooning my cum into my mouth. She had made a great act of it being lost, and, as it turned out, she had simply given it to Denise.

"Now Mike, watch this scene. He flips over and cums in his mouth and on his face." I was dying, realizing that Mike hadn't really been tied up either. "And look how focused Hayley is. You see, Mike? That's why I told him to do what his mistress said the other night. But he didn't, and that's why Hayley suggested we watch this video tonight. Hayley, do you think you can get him to do that for us tonight?"

At that, Hayley said, "Look at his cock. I think he's game. Denise, take off his blindfold."

As I looked, I quickly saw that Hayley was already impaled on Mike's cock as he was lying on the floor. She was slowly grinding her hips as Mike was fondling her breasts, both grinning at me and obviously not in a hurry. Obviously, blindfolding Mike had been a ruse.

"Steven, here's the deal. If you make me very happy tonight, I might just let you screw Denise. But I'm not going to be happy until Denise is happy, so she will tell you what she wants you to do." Mike regained Hayley's attention by pinching and pulling on her nipples.

"Steven, I've been watching this video for weeks, dreaming of something like this. Mike said he wouldn't even think of eating his own cum. So, I was planning on letting you finish on my breasts, but now that I think about it, that might spoil my view. So, I'm going to free one of your hands, and you better cum for me all over your chest. If you don't do what I want, Hayley has told me I can show this video to whoever I want."

My hand was released, and although extremely embarrassed, particularly with Mike watching, my cock was turned on, and it felt good. As I jerked off, Denise removed the panties that she had kept on. So now, at least, I had a fully naked woman to look at, who wasn't my wife! Soon, spurts of cum shot across my stomach and chest. Denise dipped one finger in it and placed it in my mouth. "Eat, that's right." Soon, between finger loads, she even placed a nipple against my lips, which I eagerly sucked.

"That's enough!" Denise stood and looked down at me. "Now lick the rest off your own fingers." I hesitated. "Remember the video." At this point I heard grunting. Hayley was now on her hands and knees looking at me while Mike pumped into her from the rear. Hayley was obviously approaching orgasm, but she had the presence to lower her tongue from her mouth in one long licking motion as she held my eyes. This turned me on something fierce.

Denise regained my attention, by wiping her foot on one of the strands of cum on my chest. She then placed her toes on my lips to be licked, which I did. "I never imagined a man licking cum from my feet, but I think I like it!" She repeated this with her other foot, which I again licked clean. "Lick it off your fingers, now," she said. I began to collect cum on my fingers and eat. Denise lowered her face to within inches of mine so that she could watch each finger-load. Not soon enough, it was over.

I'm sure watching me do this really turned Hayley on, but Mike's cock had something to do with the heated look in her eyes. Hayley's eyes were closed, and she had gotten verbal. "That's it, fuck me hard! I like feeling your balls slap against me. Oh yes! Harder! I can feel you cumming inside of me." Her breasts swung back and forth with each thrust, wildly, until Mike finished.

My cock, if it had even gotten soft, was hard again after watching Hayley. Denise grabbed a hold of it and inserted it into her cunt as she straddled me. My view of this woman was immediately interrupted as Hayley stepped above me and squatted on my face. I could smell Mike's juices as she smeared her cunt on my face. I could hear something said about me not having a choice this time and "tongue." I tentatively took a couple of licks. At that, Hayley's cunt lips parted and what remained of Mike's cum entered my mouth. It wasn't my intention to swallow it, but it was hard to do anything with my wife rubbing herself all over my face. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the feel of licking Hayley's hairless cunt.

Finally, Hayley stood, and I could see Denise grin. She started to work my cock faster in and out of her cunt, pounding on it from above. I was, at least, happy that my cock felt like it could last a while, and otherwise appreciated the different feel of her cunt, the different noises that she made, the different way she moved on me, her facial expressions, and, of course, a different set of tits bouncing before me than I had seen all these years. Still mostly tied, Denise lowered herself and licked Mike's cum and Hayley's juices off of my face. Then she squatted on her feet and fucked my cock fast and hard, until I came inside her.

Mike and I rested long enough to once more fuck each others' spouse, which we did as they laid side by side on the floor. It was very intimate, in its way. As we were leaving that night, Denise added, "Thanks for letting me keep the video, Hayley, I promise not to show it to anyone else unless Steven doesn't lick out your cunt when you want him to."

Over the next few weeks, my thoughts kept returning to that night. Mostly, I enjoyed it. Hayley knew that I liked to lick my cum, but she had never really brought it up on her own. This usually only happened after more than subtle hints from me. And when I did cum on her, she usually let me out of "cleaning" her off. So, while I had always hoped that she would interrupt me from watching TV or working on the computer, bare her breasts, and then order me to cum on them and lick them clean, I had never considered she would have me do it in front of others. An embarrassing, almost humiliating, surprise. I started thinking of a fun way to turn the tables on Hayley.

Two weeks later, Hayley again went to Denise's, I presumed to use her Sybian machine and otherwise catch up. When she returned, she informed me that we were again going to Mike and Denise's on Friday night. She knew I would be immediately suspicious, based on our last visit, so she told me what would happen.

"Denise and Mike have invited two other couples, for poker. The deal is that whoever wins gets to choose someone to have sex with, while everyone else watches. And do you remember Jeff? (Of course I did. She hadn't stopped talking about his exceptionally large cock since the great event.) He and his wife are one of the couples."

"So, you're hoping you win and you get to have fun with Jeff?"

"Or, maybe he'll win me."

"What if I win another woman?"

"That's part of the game. I enjoyed watching you with Denise."

"Yeah, but you had a cock in you at the same time. You wouldn't be jealous?"

"I'm asking you to go, aren't I?"

So, Friday came. Jeff's wife, Raquel, was quite attractive, tall, slender, pretty face, and with average sized breasts, but different in that her areole were "puffy," sticking out from her breasts. By the small talk, it was quite obvious that both were used to playing around, and Jeff's group routine with Denise was well known to her. Alex arrived without his wife, making excuses that she was ill, so he became the dealer. The rules were repeated, with the understanding that only the winner and person of choice were to have sex. The remainder had to watch.

As the game started, we decided that it would not be strip poker. The sexual tension was already there, and it grew even more tense soon after the third round, as some grew richer and others poorer. Jeff's wife had a terrible start, and she was quickly out of the game. Mike and Denise were hanging on, but losing. Jeff and I were doing very well, and Hayley, as competitive as ever, was doing almost as well. After an hour and a half, it was just the three of us.

Hayley was very excited, because the odds were that either she or Jeff would win, and, if Jeff won, it was likely he would still choose her. The next hand, I had terrible cards, so I folded. Hayley was cool, a little too cool, so I figured she had a good hand. Jeff acted the same, and they began escalating their bids. Soon, it was very clear that whoever lost this hand would soon be out of the game. Denise, looking at Hayley's cards, seemed satisfied that Hayley was doing the right thing. Finally, Jeff called, and laid down a full house, with three kings and two sevens. Hayley couldn't believe it. She also had a full house, but with tens and eights. She lost.

So, it was down to Jeff and me, as Hayley had bet all her chips. We anted up, and Alex dealt us each five cards. Before I picked them up, Jeff said, "Maybe we should raise the stakes."

"To what?" I answered.

"Well, Raquel is going home to see her parents next weekend, so I'll be home alone. How about if I win, I get Hayley all of next weekend, and she has to do whatever I say?"

I looked at Hayley. She seemed a little stunned that she might be a wager, but she didn't give any appearance that she minded.

I asked, "And what if I win?"

Jeff answered, "I've made reservations for one week at a private beach club in Bermuda this summer, followed by a week on a private yacht. You choose one, all expenses paid."

"Both, and you've got a deal."

Jeff asked, "Well, ladies? Two weeks of the Caribbean against Hayley doing anything I want for a whole weekend. Witnesses?" Raquel just grinned and nodded. Hayley, who I knew really wanted at least some time with Jeff, or at least his large cock, slowly nodded. Mike and Denise both said "witnessed!"

I said, "Hayley, I don't know who to pull for, do you?" Hayley didn't answer, but sat beside me to look at my cards as I raised them. I had nothing, Ace high. I laid down the lowest three cards, and picked up another three cards as Alex dealt them. Jeff took only one card. As I looked, I saw that I had two additional aces. There was no point in betting chips, it was only the two of us, winner takes all, as they say.

Jeff said, "Well, let's see what you got!"

I laid down my cards, to which Jeff leaned back and smiled. He tossed his on the table with no matches, except they were all spades. A flush. He won. Hayley also was flushed.

Jeff said, "Well, since I'll have Hayley for a whole weekend, I'll choose Denise tonight." Jeff took his time with her, and she with him, and it was apparent that they were putting on a show, mostly for Hayley's frustration. I knew she had expected to enjoy Jeff, and now she was forced into watching her best female friend enjoy his very large cock. Denise put on a great show of massaging Jeff's balls, which were together slightly larger than her hand. She gave him a very long blow job, and positioned herself so that we could all watch.

They soon joined together, but Denise was uncomfortable on her hands and knees, so she had Jeff lie down. She then squatted above him, facing towards his feet, and we could all see the massive amount of cock that she slowly worked inside herself. It was a great view as we could see Jeff's cock and balls, as well as Denise's cunt, very clearly. As she finally got it all in, she appeared to lose her breath and could hardly make any noises. They were both very patient with each other, and they took a long time building their rhythm. Denise's legs were wearing out, so they quickly resumed their doggie style position. Everyone's eyes were glued to them. I glanced at Hayley, and she was rubbing herself between her legs as she obviously focused on Jeff's cock. I could tell my cock was leaking within my pants as I rubbed it. It wasn't long before Jeff came within her, and removed his cock from her cunt. I couldn't believe the size of his cock as he removed it, and especially after finishing. His cock didn't seem to shrink. Hayley had also watched, and I knew her underwear, and maybe her pants, had to be soaked.

Denise finally stood, her body flushed, the wetness on her cunt lips obvious, and suggested that everyone should leave. She and Mike needed some "time" together. As we were leaving, Jeff said, "Hayley, I'll pick you up Friday night at 6:00."

Hayley answered, "Just promise to fuck me lots."

Well, I may have lost a two week vacation, but I won an exceptional week with Hayley. She was turned on the whole week. She read sexy stories and watched porno movies all day, and then jumping me at night after I returned home for work. She was asking questions as to what I thought Jeff might do with her during the weekend.

She wasn't content to hear about just regular sex, and Jeff had said she would have to do whatever he wished. Hayley's imagination ran wild. As we fucked each night, she was doing the talking, suggesting different things that she might be forced to do. These varied from striptease, to oral sex, to sex outside on Jeff's farm, being tied up, and wondering whether they would go anywhere. I, of course, encouraged her in all these things. Denise and Mike felt Jeff was a really nice guy, so we both had to trust him. All we knew was that he had a good sized house with lots of acreage, and that he worked from his home as a computer consultant.

Friday night came quickly for me, forever to Hayley. She had packed some of her sexier lingerie, but otherwise just jeans, sweat pants and comfortable clothes. Knowing that Jeff had acreage, she brought clothes appropriate for a farm, since that was where she was going to spend her weekend.

When Jeff came, he was very polite to both of us. He was a big guy, and he drove a big pickup truck. He opened the door for her, but before she could get it, he said, "Hayley, come here, place your hand on my cock." I could tell his cock was hard, and Hayley rubbed it through his jeans. "Just so we're clear, I want to hear you say in front of Steven that you promise to do anything I say this weekend. I want you to understand that you might be fucked in a public place or expose part of your body to a stranger."

With her hand on Jeff's massive cock, there was no way she would say no, and she quickly promised and stepped into the cab, despite some fear of what might come. Still, the prospect of being his slave for the weekend had, not so secretly, thrilled and excited her the past week.

The details of that night and Saturday were later told to me by Hayley. Jeff relaxed her with a number of sex jokes, and he had her buckle herself into the middle of the seat, where she could keep a hand on his cock. Their first order of business was Hayley's attire. She had worn denim shorts and a white blouse, which she had tucked in. While this emphasized her breasts, Jeff clearly had another idea in mind. Instead of driving to where she understood his house to be, Jeff drove downtown. Due to traffic, it was almost 7:00 when he pulled up to a small clothing store, specializing in sexy clothes and lingerie.

The store had semi-private dressing rooms, where a partner could view the other modeling the clothes, but it clearly was not meant to encourage any physical contact. Jeff knew the place well, and picked out a tight black mini-skirt, with a see-thru black mesh body suit that closed to a tight collar around the neck, leaving the shoulders bare. As Hayley undressed, Jeff took both her bra and her panties and stuffed them into his own jacket pockets. Jeff watched Hayley try on the outfit. Aside from revealing Hayley's tits, the bodysuit was crotchless, and Jeff had commented how he liked the crotchless look with a shaven cunt. A light white jacket was also chosen to wear over the body suit. The jacket was not sized to cover her completely, but left the middle open, her sternum exposed. At night, it was not obvious that this was see-thru, but in any significant light, it would be.

Everything seemed to fit, except Jeff had forgotten about shoes. Tennis shoes just didn't match. The shoes were out in the main store area, and they had to be retrieved by an employee. Jeff selected the pair he wanted her to wear, she told the clerk what size, and he went to the back. Hayley pretty well knew what was coming. The clerk would fit the shoes on her feet, with a perfect view of her hairless cunt. Hayley was not embarrassed as much as she would have thought, mostly because she was horny and Jeff was so near. The clerk was apparently used to these antics, and joked with Jeff about how tasty she looked. He never talked directly to Hayley, but his eyes also never left her cunt. Hayley was not accustomed to two inch heels, but could walk well enough.

As they stepped into the night, the 75 degree temperature brought a slight chill to Hayley's cunt, as the skirt was very short. She worried that it if it slid up at all it would expose her, it was so short. Again, Jeff held the truck door open for her, and Hayley intentionally gave him a show between her legs as she slid in the seat.

It was off to dinner. Jeff removed Hayley's bra from his pocket, and hung it from his rear view mirror. Intentionally, Jeff kept away from our part of town, where it was more likely someone might know Hayley, keeping to the downtown area. He took her to Five Points, where Hayley had been once before. The sight of her mini-skirt and blouse in that area was unremarkable, due to the regular presence of more extreme outfits in that trendy liberal area. They ate at the Jamaica Grill, where it was kind of dark. Hayley had enjoyed the small talk through dinner. Afterwards, Jeff handed Hayley her panties for the first real test of her promise.

"You see the trash can over there? I want you to throw these away, but do it so that they get caught on the edge where people can see them." Hayley slipped out of the booth seat, carefully keeping her knees closed. As she walked, her blouse or mini-skirt had caught the eye of both the cook and a guy at a nearby table, and both cracked big grins when she dropped her panties as instructed. Hayley wasn't particularly embarrassed about the panties, but more sensitive to whether her skirt had risen much. She heard the cook joke to the customer, "She's a hot one tonight!"

When she returned to the booth, Jeff collected his change for the dinner and left a tip. He saw Hayley look away at the cook, who was looking her up and down, still. "Is the cook looking at you?"

"Yes, he's actually been looking this way a bunch tonight."

"Good, follow me out of the restaurant by a few steps. When you pass the cook, open your jacket slightly so he can see one of your tits, wink at him, and give him a big smile." Hayley was good at giving strangers smiles, but never before while showing herself off.

Just as Jeff passed the cook, he turned to watch Hayley. He saw her do as instructed, even though two cooks were now in their tight space. She left her jacket open just long enough for their eyes to re-focus on her breast, and then quickly replaced her jacket and continued out of the restaurant, hearing the catcalls of the cooks behind her.

Jeff stood tall above her, but Hayley enjoyed having his arm around her as they walked around the five points area, looking into storefronts. They finally came to a bar/store, called "Donna's House." A sign indicated that no one under the age of 21 was permitted. Inside the door was a shop, mostly including leather goods, all made for domination/submission play. Jeff joked around, asking Hayley if she would need a collar and leash over the weekend. Hayley had answered, as quietly as possible, "Only if you make me wait forever for that cock." The store clerk was a young woman who did little to make herself pretty and was dressed mostly in black. She watched Hayley, mostly.

Jeff said, "Oh, you won't have to wait long. But, there's still a few things in here you need." He picked up a choker necklace and then studied the various charms available. They included such things as a boot, a small lock, a key, a dog, and many others. He chose a small silver star. A variety of bondage devices were on a low shelf. He instructed Hayley to pick out a pair of handcuffs that looked comfortable. Hayley had been tied up before, but never with a device with a lock. She had always been able to get loose if she really tried, so this was different. She found a padded cuff set and handed them to Jeff.

He then went to a shelf where many masks were placed. Some covered the whole head with only breathing holes, others had eyes cut into them, some were fancy blindfolds, and others were basic eye masks with eye holes cut out. He selected one of these basic eye masks, made sure it would fit, and then bought them. Hayley immediately put on the chain, and Jeff secured the mask, which had a mild adhesive to help it stick to her face. Jeff pulled a mask out of his pocket and had Hayley place it on him. As she did this, she felt his hand on the lower portion of her bare butt. She realized that her mini-skirt had slid up and she quickly pulled it back down.

The store had an open interior door leading into the back. Another sign said "No one under 21 admitted. Couples only. Reservations Required." This was the bar. As they entered, Hayley grew accustomed to the dim lighting. The bar included over twenty tables, each with two chairs on a side of the table, facing a small stage farther in. Jeff bought Hayley a Bloody Mary, and later another, to loosen her up further. The room was about half full of people, and it was obvious that most probably shopped in Donna's store, as they had. It appeared that this was a group of people committed to the "lifestyle" of domination. Most everyone was anonymous, at least in the face. Most of the women, it appeared, were on the submissive end of things. Most wore outfits that either barely concealed their privates, or, in the case of some, openly displayed their breasts.

Jeff leaned over to her, "Don't worry. You're not the show. That will begin in a few minutes. I've only been here a couple of times, and that only with Raquel. We occasionally will tie each other up, but nothing like the people here. But I brought you to see the show."

Shortly, it began. A lady, who turned out to be Donna, came to a microphone. She was dressed in dominatrix garb, with lots of leather and metal, and with more than a little cleavage exposed. She had a very friendly voice as she introduced the evening's entertainment. "Tonight we have Joel and Sonya. They have been married for 15 years, happily enough, but not sexually charged. About six months ago, Sonya indicated that she didn't want to have to work at the sexual aspect of their marriage. She wanted sex, but she wanted to be told what to do. I know that sounds familiar to probably half of you. From that time, she has grown increasingly submissive, and she found out about our group after Joel told her to see what types of clubs or groups might be in town. Up until tonight, their relationship has been solely within their home. Most of you know a special thrill when you are submissive in front of someone other than your partner. So our first performance tonight we have a real treat as we watch a "virgin" appearance. Enjoy!"

With that, the place grew silent. The couple emerged, dressed "normally." Jeff and Hayley watched as the man ordered Sonya to strip completely, dance while she was naked, and then go into the audience with a magic marker and ask everyone to write on her (from "lovely" to "slut" to "suck my tits" to "please fuck me." Her body became a graffiti board. She was then told to undress her master, fold his clothes, and lick his cock. After this, she had to beg to be fucked, after which he did, but not cumming within her. He then ordered her to visit each table, and ask whether each man would rather fondle her breasts or see her cunt. When she came to Hayley's table, Jeff said, "Your breasts, definitely, but I want her to do it."

Hayley had never touched a woman's breasts before, but now felt what they felt like in her hands without feeling the sensation through her own breasts. While she didn't mind it, she noticed how the woman was breathing heavily, not in a dazed state, but very excited about all the attention given her and obviously needing to be fucked. The lady's husband approached Jeff with nipple clamps, and asked him to put them on his wife. His wife looked as if she was already in orgasm as Jeff clipped the clamps, which were flat, not alligator style, to each nipple. He then pulled the chain connected between them slightly, which made her cry out, but not in pain, it seemed. Hayley was amazed, just watching the clamps squeeze each nipple as Jeff had applied it. The woman seemed to love the role of being played with by strangers. Jeff said, "Aren't you glad I didn't buy one of those." Yes, she was.

As she continued to other tables, Jeff reached over and removed Hayley's jacket. No one gave any apparent interest, as most were involved with their own partners, fondling, kissing, or even masturbating. Jeff moved Hayley's legs onto the table and spread them, so that her cunt was exposed. As the woman returned to stage, Jeff's finger danced around Hayley's cunt lips. She tired of this, and pushed his finger into her. He didn't go far, but it was better than being teased. Soon enough, Sonya was back on stage, sitting in a chair, masturbating herself where all could see. Hayley placed her hand on Jeff's crotch, rubbing hard. Soon, Sonya was being fucked by her husband, yelling loudly. Although most people at the tables were quiet, almost all were masturbating in some manner, eyes directed to the show. As Joel finished in Sonya, most people, including Hayley, began covering up slightly.

Jeff said, "That was good, but it's time to go." Hayley was ready to be fucked, although she wondered what the next performance could possibly be. As she stepped into the night, she got chill bumps from the fluids on her cunt lips. She also realized she had left her jacket. Jeff said he would go get it, and that she should wait there. It was dark, but Little Five Points was a night time hangout, and several guys had already seen her breasts through her bodysuit. She closed her arms about her as best she could, hoping Jeff would hurry. He came back, not quickly enough, and helped her put her jacket on. This, of course, meant she had to expose her breasts as she inserted each arm into the jacket sleeve. Several guys watched from a nearby bench, but amazingly said nothing. Hayley and Jeff hurried to his truck, which was parked beside the building. Jeff told Hayley to remove her jacket. He took it and threw it into the bed of the pickup truck through the window behind the cab. He had a camper top, so she knew it wouldn't blow away. He then had her sit in the passenger seat, by the window, rather than in the middle again. He took both of her wrists, handcuffed them behind her back, and then buckled her in. The safety belt split her breasts and made them push against the see thru fabric.

Then, instead of taking the interstate, Jeff drove slowly through town, stopping at traffic lights. Although they were higher than other cars, they occasionally were next to either another truck, SUV, or a person standing by the street. The dangling bra seemed a magnet to draw their attention. In each case Hayley's breasts were visible if they looked, which they often did, and she was powerless to cover up. With the doors locked, Hayley didn't worry about it, occasionally smiling at some of them, but more importantly telling Jeff how much, and how soon, she wanted him to fuck her. "It looks like your breasts are going to be the talk of the town. I imagine all these people will tell others they saw a lady wearing a see-thru shirt without a bra. I'm looking forward to screwing that woman."

Jeff finally turned off the street into a parking lot, and then behind some building.

"Take off your mask, get out, and go stand by the wall, in front of the headlights." She did this. She was blinded by the headlights, so she had to either close her eyes or look up. She heard Jeff speak through the truck window, "Turn around, bend over, and slowly pull your miniskirt over your hips." Hayley was fairly certain no one was around, and she did what he wanted, although somewhat quickly. "Place one hand against the wall, spread your legs, and with the other hand, spread your cunt lips. That's it." She heard him open his door, and she could hear his footsteps approach. As she continued to rub her clit, she heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. She suddenly felt his massive cock head press against her fingers and her cunt. He slid in and she braced herself against the wall. He fucked her hard and fast. He couldn't quite fit in all the way, but she could still feel his large balls slap her butt. It wasn't long before she felt his hot jism shoot inside her. She tried to rock herself against him for as long as she could, but he withdrew before she could bring herself to orgasm.

As she turned around, she saw him milk one long strand of cum from his cock, which stretched almost to the ground, before tucking himself back in his pants. "Pull your skirt down, we've got to go shopping."

She wondered where? at that time of night? Jeff retrieved her jacket from the back of the truck, turned off his headlights, and handed the jacket to her to put on. While she was concentrating on that, he reached under her skirt and wiped her clit. Before she knew what was going on, he wiped two of his large fingers against her lips, both coated with his cum. The smell of the cum went to her head. Jeff held her chin, looked her in the eyes, and said, "lick." She did. They walked around to the front of the building they had parked behind.

It was an adult video/novelty store. There were only two cars in front, hopefully both of them working there, she thought. Jeff handed her $100, and told her to go inside and ask for the largest vibrator they had. She thought this was better than wasting time looking around for it, so she went on in, intent on getting out of there as soon as possible. When she entered, she saw only one person, and he was behind the desk. He looked scuzzy, overweight, and aging, just like she figured he would. He looked at her from head to toe, and she became aware that Jeff's cum had leaked while she had been walking. She didn't know if he could see it. The vibrators happened to be behind the desk. She did the deal as quickly as possible, leaving with what could have been a long flashlight by its size and shape, black in color, 12" long, a soft veiny plastic covering, and two "C" size batteries. As he took her money, he said, "by that smell, I wonder why you need a vibrator. I tell you what, I'll let you have it for free if you just lift that skirt and spread your legs a little."

He was too scuzzy. "I'll take the change." As she got back into the pickup truck, Jeff said, "I was going to make you play with that all the way back to my house, but I forgot soap and water to wash it first. Instead, I want you to take off your jacket and shoes, put your feet up on the dash, pull your skirt up so I can see, and rub your clit all the way."

They actually enjoyed small talk all the way home, with Jeff asking Hayley how she was managing doing the things he told her. She was doing okay, she had said. "Tomorrow's another big day, but don't anticipate."

As they reached his house, Hayley enjoyed what she could see of the long driveway. They stopped at his house just long enough to use the bathroom, and Jeff gathered two sleeping bags. They then walked to the top of a hill behind his house. Jeff had set up a tent, and quickly laid out the sleeping bags. It wasn't pitch black out, so she could see that his land was private, with no other obvious houses nearby. He helped Hayley out of her clothes, and she, his, and they quickly got in the sleeping bags, which he had zipped together.

They spent the next hours fucking, fondling, licking, and kissing. Their heat soon had them out of the sleeping bags, and then had the sleeping bags out under the stars. The most remarkable thing Hayley could remember was that his cock never got soft. They finally moved back into the tent, and slept until late morning.

When Hayley woke, she found a note. "Hayley, I had to run an errand, I'll be back shortly. Help yourself to whatever in the kitchen. I'll be back by noon, and I want you to be sunbathing in the nude when I return. Sunscreen is by the pool."

She quickly realized he had taken all of her clothes, so for the first time, she had to walk outside completely naked. It was about 1/4 mile to the house, of wide open grass. She knew I would liked to have seen her outside in the nude like that. When she reached the house, Hayley ate, took a shower, and then explored the house. She found that it was a comfortably furnished house. She didn't want to be nosy, but she wanted to see what was around. There was only one door that was closed, and it was locked. In the basement was a small room that surprised Hayley. It was a photography studio, and a well equipped one. Most of the photos on the wall were landscapes, buildings, or pictures of Jeff's wife. Hayley opened one photo book, and each page included a picture of a naked woman, each different, and each one in some manner being fucked by Jeff.

"Well, you're not sunbathing, but at least you're naked!" Jeff gave Hayley a hug. "Obviously, the women in the pictures know about these, as does my wife, but their husbands don't. I enjoy each woman, but in a sense, this is all I can keep. You probably noticed Denise in that one. I like how her tongue hangs out slightly. What I do is set the camera on auto, or otherwise Raquel handles the camera, but the idea is to capture that most intimate moment when the woman's facial expression is in orgasm. I would like to have one of you also." Hayley agreed, and Jeff said that they would do it the next day.

"As for now, out to the pool, slave! I've got to do just a little work in my office, and then I'll join you." Hayley went to the pool, and enjoyed swimming alone, naked, with no fear of anyone seeing. When Jeff joined her about an hour later, he brought along some paints and a bag. "Sit in the chair. I've always wanted to do this to another woman." He handed Hayley sunglasses to help with the brightness. He pulled a razor and shaving cream out of the bag, and applied the cream to Hayley's cunt. She had shaved on Friday morning, and just a little growth was apparent. Still, she was a nervous wreck as he shaved her most sensitive areas. He then dipped his hands into the pool for some water, and washed the remaining lotion off. The chlorine caused it to sting some. However, he quickly rubbed her clit, and she quickly forgot the discomfort. "I've always wanted to paint a woman other than Raquel, but it seems I'm always rushed for the sexual part. Lie down on the towel."

He started painting. It frequently tickled, and Hayley had troubles being still. He took some long strokes, and dabbed with others. The worst was when he painted her crotch, still sensitive from the shave. When Jeff was finished, she stood, and he admired his work. As she looked down, she could see that he had painted a one piece swimsuit on her front, in lots of colors, similar to the women she had seen in "Sports Illustrated." Strangely, she felt more clothed than totally naked.

"I thought about painting words on you like we saw last night, but, since you're going to suck my cock, I thought I'd rather look at a swimsuit. Why don't you first see if you can pull my shorts off with just your teeth." This started well, but as Jeff's cock grew, his shorts became tighter. She sneaked a finger to his zipper when he wasn't looking, and managed to get them off quickly after that. She had never sucked a cock from beneath, but Jeff continued to stand and directed his cock downward to her mouth.

"No, we have plenty of time, so just lick for now, then suck later. You can use your hands, too." Hayley had been amazed with his cock up close, as it was about the length of her head. She enjoyed massaging his large balls, and was amazed when he came, feeling his cock surge and the cum spurt from the head, which landed on her face and dripped to her breasts. He whistled to regain her attention, and wiggled his cock, which was only slightly smaller. Obviously, he wanted her to lick it clean, which she did, looking up to meet his eyes in submissive fashion. He then had her wipe the cum from her face and massage it into her painted breasts with the rest. This caused the paint to smear and wipe away in places, and with her nipples showing now, Hayley felt naked again. Jeff had an outside shower adjacent to the pool, and he washed the paint off of Hayley, arousing her again, but going no further.

They returned to the kitchen for lunch, and then Hayley took a nap, still naked as Jeff had not offered any clothes. After she woke, it was nearing dinner, and she prepared spaghetti, still in the buff, except for her star necklace. Afterwards, Jeff took her down to the basement to the studio. Jeff had her sit in a recliner that was placed near the backdrop. He instructed to her to start playing with herself, and to tell him about her thoughts about the night of the gang bang. As she talked, he stooped behind her, kissing her neck and fondling her breasts and nipples.

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