Great Finish

by OneIdleHand

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: A continuation of Lunchtime Confessions, of sorts. From another couple we move to... a gang bang.

Denise's ability to quickly illustrate and detail an idea was phenomenal, which was why Hayley had hired her for an advertising project. Denise lived only several miles from us, and Hayley left to go over to her house after I returned from work. They usually communicated by phone, sending files back and forth over the internet, but the due date for the project was nearing, and Hayley decided a lot more could be accomplished in a visit.

So, the next night, it didn't surprise me when she again went over, or the next. I was, frankly, amazed that my wife managed to bring the project to completion on time, as tired as she was each night when she returned.

With the job completed, we were happy to have the extra money. Hayley had wanted to keep a large portion in her own account for general spending, but we had too much credit debt to not make a large payment.

Denise and Hayley had become friends, which was good. I had always enjoyed going out with co-workers or friends after work, which meant Hayley had to stay home with the kids. Hayley had never really had close friends that she could just go visit, although she needed an outlet after staying home with the kids each day. So, I was really happy for her that she had a new friend, and Hayley continued to go over at least once, usually twice, and occasionally three times each week. Our kids went to bed early each night, so this gave me a good bit of quiet time to read, listen to music, or play on the internet, which I enjoyed.

After a couple of months, Hayley returned from her visit, again exhausted, but it was late so I figured she was just tired from a long day. With her visits, my occasional travel, and one of us regularly not being in the mood, I noticed that our sex life had suffered in the past month. So I asked Hayley if she had noticed the same thing.

She looked as if she might just say "yes," but her facial expression changed quickly. "I have to be honest with you. I've been going to Denise's for more than just friendship," she confessed.

My immediate thoughts were "She can't mean that she's become a lesbian!; is it Denise's husband she's visiting? a loud 'no!' of denial sounds in my head; or is she just going to Denise for someone to talk about a problem in our relationship - that's got to be it."

Having jumped to a conclusion, I then asked. "What do you mean?"

My wife looked off at the ceiling as she was searching for the right way of saying her answer. "Well, let me back up a little bit. You remember I was going over there for the project?" I nodded. She continued, "The first night Denise had a bit of a headache, and she asked me to go to her bathroom to get some medicine from under her sink, while she made a change in the illustration that we were working on. So I went in the direction she pointed. As I turned the corner into her bedroom, I thought I heard her say something, so I stopped, but I didn't hear anything else, so I went on and found her Tylenol under her sink."

"As I left the bathroom, I saw something on her bedroom floor which I didn't see coming in. As I walked closer, I remembered that I had seen it before. You're not going to believe it, but do you remember when you would bring home 'Penthouse Letters,' it had pictures of a, ah, machine, called Sybian?" She looked at me waiting for me to indicate whether I remembered.

"Remind me," I said.

"It's a motor driven dildo that you sit on like a saddle, with the dildo sticking up from the seat," she said. I remembered the pictures I had seen. "I walked closer to it, just to get a better idea of what it would do. I didn't stare at it for long, but went back to her study to give Denise the Tylenol. She looked up at me, and she quickly blushed. I realized my face was probably flushed as well, so she knew that I had seen it."

Denise looked awfully embarrassed, and she started explaining, "I guess I need to say something. I remembered about that being in the floor about the time you turned into the room. I tried to speak up, but couldn't, and then it was too late. I've been staring at this screen hoping you wouldn't notice it."

"It kind of sticks out," I said. The pun was completely accidental, but it made Denise laugh and loosened us both up a little.

"I'll go ahead and tell you," she said. "My husband travels out of town almost every week, as you know. He reads certain magazines when he gets lonely, and, with a big gamble, he bought Sybian for me, for something to play with when he's gone. He had told me he was getting me a surprise, and I figured it was another, you know, vibrator. Anyway, it came with a 'satisfaction guaranteed' agreement, so the only thing left to do was to try it. It was very embarrassing to try it with him watching, but it cost a lot of money, so I was really obligated. The thought of a dildo spinning inside me really scared me... It's absolutely awesome."

My wife again searched for words. "I'm not sure how my faced looked, but Denise said very directly, 'You need to try it.' It was like she was ordering me back to her room."

"So, we went back there. Denise dis-assembled the dildo, washed it in her sink, and then pulled a briefcase type thing from under her bed. She opened it, and there were about 10 different attachments... She couldn't even look at me when she explained everything. She replaced the towel underneath it with a clean one, and walked out the door, saying, 'You're not coming out until you try it,' and she closed the door behind her. I could see by the light underneath that she was probably leaning back against it."

"I tried it without me on it at first. I used one of the smaller, less contoured dildos. It spun pretty quickly, and vibrated at the same time. I was curious, so I went ahead and tried it. The rest is history. We've never watched one another use it, but whenever I go over, she always has a clean towel and the case of attachments on the bed. For a couple of weeks, we could never really talk about it. But when I went to the bathroom, we both knew why I was going. She really has become a friend, but the machine has as much to do with why I've been over there so much, and why I haven't really had a sexual appetite lately. That thing can wear me out. If we didn't have the credit cards to pay off, I was going to buy one, for me, obviously, but also to surprise you."

I didn't know what to say, really. "So, it's better than sex?"

"Yes. But that's just part of the story. In fact, I told her I thought it was better than sex tonight. Are you ready for this? She said she tries not to use it after Wednesday night, so that when her husband returns on Friday, her sexual drive has returned. Then she said this, 'That machine is great, and I could live a happy life with it. But men's cocks are still my favorite.'"

"That's just how she said it, 'men's cocks,' and I was thinking that was a strange way to put it. When I made eye contact with her, she had a daring, funny look to her face, so I went ahead and asked her, 'Do you mean more than one?' She started telling me, and I couldn't believe what she was saying. She stopped herself halfway through and we...Let me back up and tell it like she did."

"Well, they are better than that machine. My husband took advantage of me one night, as he was watching me on Sybian. When I get rolling, my mind just departs and I just go wild with the ride. Well, when I was in the middle of things, he started adding fantasies. Like telling me to imagine myself having sex in all sorts of places, like in an elevator, or in the park, or while someone was watching through a window. He was grabbing me and stuff while he was saying this, and I was just getting more and more turned on. Finally he got to suggesting sex with another man, and then a group of men. I was absolutely bouncing on the machine at that point, screaming and everything, so he continued with gang bang comments, and I'm not sure what I was saying, but I was obviously into it. And he started asking me, 'You want it, don't you? You want it with a bunch of men, right? You want to get fucked by a group of guys one after the other, don't you? You want to get fucked with cocks in your hands and a cock in you mouth, don't you?, DON'T YOU?"

As I said, my mind was out to lunch. Somewhere in that I started saying 'yes', then I started yelling it, and, you know, he just kept going and going, and finally, as I was about to have the biggest orgasm of my life, am I embarrassing you?, he put his cock in my mouth and said 'there! that's two, how many more do you need? 3? 4? 5?' Well, all that had to come to an end, and like I said, it was the biggest orgasm of my life. It was such a turn on for both of us. So he kept repeating that type of story when we were able to do Sybian together.

He's left me magazines with stories in them for years. He buys them on his trips and then leaves them for me. Have you read them? (I nodded.) They were okay. I didn't really care if they were true or not, they just filled a need when I was lonely. I had never really thought about it, but the stories I enjoyed most involved groups of people, and really when it was just a bunch of guys and one girl. I think he enjoyed the same ones, because the page corners were often folded when he gave them to me.

Are you okay with this? (I told her I was, and that I was getting extremely turned on. I'm sure she already noticed my hand balled up between my jeans. She was obviously getting turned on telling me this stuff. It was a little awkward, but we went to her room - she gave me her choice of vibrators. The idea was that she would ride Sybian while telling me the rest of the story, to get over her nerves, she said. I think she was as much or more turned on as I was and just wanted to get off. Anyway, I stayed on one side of the bed, on the floor, so we couldn't see each other. She continued.).

"I've never told anyone about this because I feel like such a slut (and I was beginning to wonder whether she was). You know we have a cabin in the mountains, in Ellijay. One week, I found that Mike (that's her husband) had clipped all the gang bang scenes from the magazines and put them under my pillow as he left town. So, of course, I read them during the week. We talked about some of them over the phone at night, like which ones were our favorites. That Friday, Mike got home late, and we went ahead to the cabin that night to spend the weekend, so we wouldn't have to drive up the next morning."

"The day was uneventful, very resting. After dinner, Mike went to the car and brought in Sybian. I told him I really just wanted him, but he insisted because he had fantasized about it all week. So we started the romance stuff, to get me warmed up, with music and a massage. One thing led to another, and finally it was time for me and my machine. (I could tell she was having a harder time telling me the story as she rode her machine.) As I was getting revved up, Mike came over and put a blonde wig on my head and then a mask on me that we play with sometimes, kind of like Batman's except I can't see, and he started feeling me all over as he started in again with the gang bang stories. As usual, he started asking me how badly I wanted to be with another man, and then a group of men, and it ended up, as usual, with me yelling and going wild. Just as I was beginning to wind down, he gently pulled my arms behind me, and whispered in my ear, 'Now's the time!'"

"I was just starting to wonder what that might mean when I heard this applause, seemingly all around me. Someone lifted me up, and the next thing I knew I felt hands on my body that weren't my husband's. Lots of hands."

"At that point in her story, she became too involved with the machine to continue, and I finished with the vibrator. We returned to her den after we had cleaned up. She said that she didn't know any of the men at that time, though she has come to know them now. Her husband told her that they were people he knew from work who didn't live in our area or work in his office. They were told a willing woman would be there for a gang bang, but to treat her well."

"Denise continued,

Hayley, I felt like such a slut, but Mike and I screwed for months on that memory. His friends started asking him if there would be a repeat performance, and there was. And then again. We do it every two months now. The men started guessing that I was his wife, and now they know, so I don't have to wear that mask anymore. There's five of them, plus my husband. To keep their mouths shut, we videotaped a session, with their knowledge."

"As good as that machine makes me feel, it doesn't compare with the experience of being completely naked in front of a group of horny men, being a complete slut. I'm not sleeping around, I'm not cheating, I'm not doing anything separate from my husband. One month we fuck like crazy remembering the last session, the next month we fuck like crazy planning the next."

"All of those magazine stories pale to what we've done. We've gone dancing, where each guy pretends he doesn't know me, and I pick them all up. Mike's tied me up before they get there and they order me what to do. I've had a nighttime skinny dip in a pond near our cabin, and the guys pretend that they discover me out there, naked and alone. That's why it's lots of fun to plan the weekends. Our imaginations run wild."

"So anyway, you see what I mean by 'men's cocks.'"

When Hayley had finished telling this, I already had my own clothes off and everything but her underwear off as well. We screwed hard, twice, before falling asleep.

The next week, Hayley came back from her visit with Denise plainly aroused more than she had ever been before. That was because she came up from the basement stark naked, carrying her clothes. She laid down on our den floor, and said, "fuck me now!" which was easy enough to do. Her cunt was loose and her legs were wet.

After we finished, she immediately rolled me over onto my back, sat on my limp cock, and leaned her breasts in my face, her best way of getting my attention. "What's gotten into you?" I asked. Her fluids were leaking onto my cock.

"You knew I was going to play with her toy tonight. So did Denise. When I went into her room, she had a note with the remote controls. She had moved the TV cart over, so I turned it on and started a video. It was her tape of one of her group sessions. I don't know how long it is. I didn't get to the end. I won't say anything other than they were all attractive and they had great cocks. I wasn't watching for more than three minutes when I was already pinching my nipples, knowing I was going to have a massive orgasm soon. Denise opened the door and saw me like that, and do you know what? I didn't care! From that moment until I collapsed, you know what she was asking don't you?" I didn't have time to respond before Hayley continued, "She kept telling me the same things her husband asked her, 'You want those cocks, don't you?, You want to be fucked by a group of men, don't you? You want those cocks to spurt all over you, don't you?, DON'T YOU?"

"Do you know what I said?"

"I think I can guess!" Hayley had long before confessed that the gang bang stories were her favorites too.

"Just as I was getting off the machine, Denise picked up my clothes and threw them at me as she pushed me to the door. She said, 'keep thinking about those cocks and go ask your husband. She led me right out her garage door and to my car.' So I drove straight back, picturing in my mind that video, with someone I actually know getting it from a bunch of guys, and then thinking about me getting fucked by those men. I hope no one saw me in the car, because I played with myself all the way home."

By this time, my cock had hardened and was again inside my wife's cunt, who continued to sway her nipples across my mouth.

Between thrusts onto my cock, Hayley said, "I all...those men...AND...I to see me fucked!" Hayley trembled as I pulled savagely on her nipples, and we exploded together.

Still straddling me, with my cock inside her, she pinched her nipple with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. "I know it's wrong, but will you let me do this?"

Considering the sight of my masturbating wife before me, how could I refuse? And I did want to see her get fucked by other men, as I had fantasized about it too, over the years.

Still sitting on me and playing with her clit with one hand, Hayley picked up the cell phone to call Denise. Plans were made over the next two weeks, during which our sexual appetite couldn't be met.

We rode to the cabin separately from Denise and Michael. I had never met them before. They were in their late 30's, with no kids. Denise's body was pretty nice. She had large tits but a large bottom to match. I was inwardly pleased that Hayley's body was much more attractive. Her recent dieting had really paid off. My cock stayed hard the whole drive, just thinking about my wife being naked in front of a bunch of guys, not to mention what would follow. We had all agreed; this night was for Hayley. I figured Michael was really excited, as he had always shared his wife but would now be able to do a gang bang as just one of the guys. Hayley and I had agreed that this was something to try once. Denise wasn't looking to share her group of guys on a regular basis, anyway, so she volunteered to videotape this for our memories. Which suited me. A moving camera-person sure beat a tripod.

Mike explained that he had told the men that tonight would feature a new star attraction, and all of the guys were excited about it. Hayley had the choice of being blindfolded, but she chose not to as she wanted to see what was going on and didn't know any of the guys.

The afternoon passed, finally into evening. Hayley chose to wear a black, stretch tight, body length dress, with nothing on underneath. The lack of underwear was obvious as she stood in the cabin's great room. Her hair was loose, my favorite styling, and she wore makeup and lipstick in a way that made her look ready for sex but not cheap. It was about 7:00 p.m. when a van drove up outside. As they entered, they quieted their conversation as they stopped and looked at my wife.

Hayley was scared, but radiant, unsure of herself, but wet between her legs. Her nipples stuck out in the fabric, a vision for me as she was usually embarrassed by this. The elegant dress, her figure shown by its tightness, contrasted well with her bare feet. Mike took the lead, "Hey guys! I told you tonight would be something new. We have a guest tonight, with her husband. We'll leave names out of this, but she knows what this is about. Denise will be filming so that our guest can re- live the moment. She says she's ready, but we're going to start her off in the usual way."

Mike brought out the Sybian unit. My hard on got harder as Hayley raised her dress slightly and lowered herself onto the unit, showing nothing to the men. I could hear the motion as she adjusted the controls. Soon, with the dildo stirring within her, Hayley was pretty excited. The guys gave her the treatment that they had heard on their first night with Denise, asking if she wanted to be fucked by a bunch of men, if her cunt could take being fucked over 20 times in one night, if her tits could stand being sucked at the same time, if she enjoyed the taste of men's cum in her mouth. Hayley had closed her eyes as she became more excited responding to their questions. Mike was the first to undress, and I was the last, except for Hayley. As she approached her orgasm, she opened her eyes, yelling how much she wanted to get fucked, how she wanted them to stroke their cocks to get them hard for her, how much she wanted their cum.

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