Lunchtime Confessions

by OneIdleHand

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: My wife challenged me to write a story about us and another couple. Gee, it takes alot to set up a barely believable scenario for a straight couple. It involved the obligatory pool swim and strip poker game, but getting there...that's the key.

Lunchtime Confessions

It was a very romantic letter. When retrieving money from her purse, Hayley had found it beside her wallet. Her friend, Denise, asked, "What's got you so excited?"

Hayley had met Denise only several weeks earlier. Hayley had recently begun working free-lance for a small consulting company doing presentation graphics. As a freelancer, she took whatever computer space was available, and it had turned out to be in Denise's office. As soon as she had entered Denise's office, she knew that they might have something in common. The walls were covered with frames pictures of wildlife, all apparently originals. Being a wildlife photographer had been her dream through high school and college, and, at the age of 35, married with kids, she knew the dream would never be realized.

Conversation with Denise was easy and frequent. Fortunately, doing her computer work did not completely occupy her concentration, and Denise's duties had hit a lull as a full time marketing coordinator. Their discussion had quickly covered a wide range of topics, and there were many similarities. Both had moved around quite a bit during childhood, both had taken a combination of science and art classes in college, both had two kids, both loved animals, both loved card games, and both loved gardening. It was odd, but Hayley had always had difficulty making female friends, and yet they had struck up a friendship in a short time that both could tell held promise.

After just the first work week, they were both very comfortable with each other and had begun going to lunch together every day. For a change, Hayley actually enjoyed working, rather than just looking forward to the money that she would receive. They agreed that it would be fun to have more time together outside of work and agreed that their husbands would enjoy the company of the other couple as well. So, plans were quickly made for dinner at Hayley's house for the following weekend.

Their husbands, Steven and Mike, had gotten along well, with very similar tastes in sports, music, and Nintendo games. In short, both couples were energized to have new friends with such similar interests. Their kids even played well together. They had played cards into the evening and agreed that they should get together again soon, sooner than the customary "return invitation." However, with busy personal schedules plus vacation time, it appeared it might be a while before they could get together again.

Denise said, "Ahem!" and Hayley's attention returned to the present. "I thought I had lost you there for a moment. I said, what's got you so excited?"

Hayley decided that, yes, Denise was a good friend and, no, it wouldn't be too embarrassing to share the note. "I guess you can read it," Hayley said, handing it over to Denise. It was a note from Steven, expressing his love for her and in general but suggestive terms, his fulfillment with their sex lives.

Hayley felt a little awkward as Denise began to read the letter aloud, but her voice soon faded. It was then that Hayley realized that Denise had a beautiful voice. It had been years ago that Hayley had hired a voice talent to narrate a video who had surprised her sensibilities. She had never said anything to the woman about it, but the sound of the her voice subtly turned Hayley on. It was the same with Denise's voice. Hayley had no interest in a sexual relationship with another woman, but perhaps it led to the comfortable feeling she had when she was around Denise.

"Wow!" said Denise. "That's a great letter. I've asked a bunch of friends, but they never seem to get anything like this. They only get Hallmark cards on special occasions, if they're lucky. When I get notes like this it makes me feel very special to Mike. So it made me wonder if other guys made their wives feel special like that, and until now, the answer was 'no.' Steven seemed like a really nice guy; I guess my intuition about him was right."

"What did your intuition say?"

"Oh, that he was a great husband. It just seemed that he treated you like a best friend, yet the way he looked at you and touched you in passing suggested that he loves your body, too. And, of course, he helped out in the kitchen."

Hayley smirked and rolled her eyes. "Well, you should see his other notes." Her expression said that she liked the notes, but also that these were more adult in nature than the love letter that Denise held. She and Denise had not talked about sex, although they had shared quite a bit about their husbands.

Denise understood. They were sitting at a Schlotsky's Deli in a corner, and business was light. No one was around to overhear them. Denise said, "Well, I get those too. Part of me is scared to read them because I never know what Mike will say, but they always turn me on."

Hayley responded, "Yeah, but sometimes they're pretty kinky. I just wonder whether he's losing his marbles, whether I'm too conservative, or if we're actually normal compared with everyone else."

"Anything you can talk about?" Denise asked.

"Well, I'm a little embarrassed."

Denise said, "Well, I'm curious, too, what real people do. We occasionally read Penthouse Letters, but I never know if any of that stuff is true. We've certainly done some things that we could have written about. When we were dating, it seems like we did it just about everywhere. We even sneaked into the campus auditorium one night and did it," she said, smiling with a distant look, "on the stage floor with a couple of stage spotlights on."

Hayley and Steven had done it all kinds of places, too, and some worth bragging about. But she had never bragged about it. It had been almost a joke between them to remind each other of the places they had had sex, imagining that their friends probably always did it in the missionary position in a bed. Hayley admitted to herself that she had always wanted to tell somebody, and here was her opportunity.

She quickly recounted the roof of her dorm, the lobby of a campus building, getting caught by State Park Police on a picnic table, in a motel room full of their closest friends who were, she thought and hoped, completely unaware, on the roof of the Hyatt hotel in downtown Atlanta during a 4th of July parade, and, in a way the most dangerous, on the den floor of her parents' house.

Denise countered with the bed of a pickup truck in the campus parking lot, on the beach during the middle of the day, and two trips to Mardi Gras in New Orleans', where she had bared her tits among the mob of people one year, and the next year had bared her tits while being fucked by Mike on a balcony on Bourbon Street with people watching and several cameras flashing. They began discussing each other's adventures when they realized that lunch hour had long since passed, and they rushed back to the office.

Just before it was time to leave for the day, Denise suggested, "Look, I really, uh, enjoyed our lunch today. I'm curious, and I was wondering if you would be willing to make a trade." Hayley tensed with what might be suggested. "We both get these notes from our husbands. I don't know about you, but I keep mine. How about we each bring one every day and trade them at lunch? Is that too weird? I think it would be fun. It'll just be our secret. I won't even tell Mike."

Hayley had been turned on throughout lunch, so much so that she had to finish herself quickly in the bathroom when she returned. It would mean betraying Steven, but it would be their secret, and, besides, she would get to see the types of things Mike had written. "Okay, but Steven is going to be pissed if he ever finds out."

So, it began. Both started the next day with rather tame notes. Hayley had found one where Steven had requested her to RSVP to a night out by not wearing any panties. Denise had brought one where Mike had requested for her to sit on his face, which Hayley learned was now quite common for them. Conversation quickly covered what the respective nights were like, and, without the awkwardness that Hayley might have expected, they quite naturally moved into descriptions of what their husbands' cocks were like. The only real shock to Hayley was that they could discuss so much without her feeling reserved or private. And she admitted that she was having fun, great fun. Denise appeared to enjoy it just as much.

Each day for the next week and a half brought a new note, and between them the notes had covered the basics and more: massage, exhibitionism, video taping, oral sex, and even light bondage. Unfortunately, the work ran out for Hayley that Friday. During their final lunch, they discovered that both of their husbands occasionally wrote short stories, mostly about fantasies involving their wives.

"Well, next time you hire me, I guess I'll start bringing those too," Hayley said.

"That's a deal," said Denise. There was a long silence. "You know, we don't have much business coming for the next couple of months, at least, so it might be a while before we bring you back. Do you think we could still get together for lunch, say, once a week? I could meet you half way."

Hayley was surprised how far conversation had strayed over the past weeks from their original common interests and hobbies. But, she knew that she enjoyed Denise's company and their lunchtime talks, and she sensed a loss of fulfillment in the weeks ahead. It wasn't the work or the money that would be the cause, either. And certainly her enthusiasm for sex at home had increased. "Sure," said Hayley. "How about next Thursday?" And they were set.

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