Jeremy's Jersey

by Inosolan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, Magic, TransGender, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A couple of ESU jocks pick up a pretty girl and get more then they bargained for.<br> Another story involving Nikki, mysterious owner of the "Hot Rags" boutique and sex shop.

It's sort of TG...
As usual, work of fiction blah blah copyright blah blah no commercial use without author's permission blah blah sex blah blah over 18 only blah blah hope it makes you hot as hell blah blah all characters except the sheep and the python are over 18 years of age.

She was sitting on the bench on the Hill.

Not just "a hill" -- Enormous State University has a lot of hills on campus, but only the one crested by the gold-leaf-plated tower of the Admin Building is "The Hill".

She was dozing in the pleasant late-afternoon sun, idly dreaming about nothing in particular. She was short -- less than 5'3" -- and very slim, with long legs for her height, slender but definitely womanly hips, a tiny waist and surprisingly large breasts -- a DD cup at least -- that rose proudly from her slender torso, standing firm without any visible sign of a bra under the ESU Football jersey she wore.

The jersey was too big for her, but it flattered her figure surprisingly well anyway -- it fell in folds to her waist and even below, to her crotch when she stood up (its original owner had been over six feet tall) -- but it draped across the form under it quite nicely, and the thin material left little doubt that there were large nipples on the points of those beautiful titties.

She wore tight stretch jeans -- they were so tight that there were zippers halfway to the knee from the hem on the outside of each leg, and that they clung and outlined every detail beneath them, even molding her hips and pubic mound closely enough to reveal that she wore no lower undergarment, either. Green sandals with sling backs and spike heels -- classic fuck-me shoes -- gave her lovely legs an even more sexy shape than nature had originally done.

A couple of large guys were walking along the pathway over the Hill, on their way from the MacNamara Classroom Building to the athletic dorm, carrying their Geology 101 ("Rocks for Jocks") texts and notebooks.

One of them noticed her sitting on the bench and nudged his buddy.

"Hey -- look," he said. "Isn't she wearing Jeremy's jersey?"

"Looks like it," his teammate replied. "I never saw her with him -- wonder where she got it?"

"Dunno -- but she's hot-looking enough I'm going to ask her in order to have an ecuse to talk to her..."

They walked over to the bench, and stood looking at her. They were in the way of the sun,and, when it was cut off, she opened her eyes and saw them. For a moment there was an expression of confusion, or maybe disgust or fear -- or possibly all three -- in her eyes, then she blinked and gave them a Very Friendly smile, sitting up straighter on the bench in a way that somehow pushed her shoulders back and her chest (even further) out.

"Well, hi!" she said before they could say anything.

"Uh, hi," the slightly quicker of the two muttered.

"I bet you guys are football players," she continued.

"Uh, yeah..." mumbled the other.

"I like football players," she said cheerfully, then slowly licked the tip of her tongue along her soft, wet red lips and shrugging slightly, bouncing those wonderful boobies in a way that riveted both young men's eyes. "In fact, I was just looking for a football player when I stopped to rest here -- I need to open some packages and I need some help packing some stuff and football players are always so big..." (she glanced down at the guy on the left's crotch as she said this) "...and so strong..." (checking out the other guy's package) "... and so co-operative." (licking her lips again and staring directly into their eyes, one by one.

Both jocks shifted uncomfortably, feeling a sudden need for, in the immortal words of Daffy Duck, "...a pause whilst I adjust my accoutrements..."

"By the way," she murmured in a much softer and more sexy voice, my name's Dolly, and Jeremy wants me to be really nice to his friends..."

She stood up and began to walk away in the direction of the PE/gym building, her full round ass swaying from side to side, drawing their eyes and making their fingers itch and their cocks twitch. Glancing at each other, they obviously had but one thought between them.

It was that hour when day classes had ended and evening ones had not yet started; the gym was almost totally deserted; they had no trouble slipping in and avoiding being seen. As if she'd been here often -- and, if she was a jock groupie, maybe she had -- Dolly led the way to a storage room where extra gymnastic equipment was kept, including stacks of mats.

As they stepped inside and closed and latched the door, Dolly turned to one of the jocks, reached up and pulled his lips down to hers, kissing him hot and deep with a lot of tongue. So that the other guy wouldn't feel left out, she reached down and began massaging his already-stiff cock through the fabric of his pants. Then she grasped the first guy's shaft with her other hand, broke the kiss with him, and turned to the other guy for just as nasty a smooch.

"Mmmm," she said as she broke that, still stroking the two cocks that were getting harder by the minute in her hot hands. "Both of your mouths taste good and sexy. I wonder if your cocks do, too? Why don't you guys open yur packages for me, and I'll find out...?"

The two shaking jocks rushed to do so, but their fingers were trembling so much that they had trouble with their own buttons and zippers. Laughing a little, she watched them fumbling their cocks out, meanwhile idly reaching up under her jersey and beginning to play with her own hard nipple, just to make them hornier.

Finally, one managed to drag himself out for her inspection -- not bad, she thought -- seven inches long and unusually thick, with pre-cum already smearing its tip. Leaning forward, she put out her little pointed pink tongue and began to lick the head, as if it were a lollipop -- and her favourite, too -- pre-cum flavour!

Then the other managed to get his cock loose and ready, and she checked it out, while reaching up a hand to gently hold and stroke the shaft of the first guy. This one was even longer -- maybe even over eight inches, not quite so thick in proportion as the first, but with a head the size and almost the colour of a large plum. This time, she didn't just lick it, she leaned forward and slowly slid her lips over it, until the head was completely in her mouth. Still stroking the other guy, she began pushing forward, sliding her red lips further and further along the hot meat, sucking in a gentle rhythm and occasionally using her tongue on the head or the shaft as she began bobbing her head back and forth, letting it slip almost all the way out and then sucking it back into her hot wet mouth.

For a while the only sounds in the room were the moans and gasps of pleasure of the two jocks, and the obscene sucking and slobbering sounds she made as she sucked first one, then the other, bringing them both, time after time, almost to the edge of release and then switching to the other guy for a while. Under the loose jersey, her own nipples were hard as pebbles and standing out strongly.

Then she stopped.

"You," she said to one of the loose-kneed jocks, "Lie down over there," pointing to a pile of mats. She led the other over to the head of the pile by the cock still in her hand. Once they were there, she bent and completed unfastening and removing the reclining jock's trousers and boxers; his rock hard cock sprang up straight into the air. "Mmmmmm," she said, licking her lips again. Leaning forward, she began sucking it anew, then lifted her head and told the other "Come unzip my jeans," and then went back to her oral ministrations.

The jock walked up behind her, looking at the way that her beautiful ass, clearly revealed by the tight, stretchy fabric, was turned to his view by the way she leaned forward. He reached around in front of her for her zipper, but also took the chance to press his hard hot cock against her butt; he could feel the heat of her flesh through the material. His fingers found the zipper, and began to pull it downward; he was a bit startled when it didn't stop at the bottom of her crotch, as he'd expected, but instead kept on sliding along, gliding along over her pussy lips, causing her to shiver just a little in pleasure, along over her asshole, and up along the curve of her crack, until it reached all the way to her waist in the back.

Suddenly, what had been a pair of jeans was just two tight-fitting tubes of cloth covering her legs, joined only at the top, by the waistband and by the tight belt that circled her waist.

She spread her feet just a bit, stepping backward and outward some to spread and open herself to his gaze. No panties, of course -- he could see her anus and he wet pink pussy and even some of the hair on it, wide open and just waiting for him.

He didn't need a second invitation.

Grasping his aching cock near the base, he guided it to her slit, rubbed it up and down along the wet crease, making her moan with pleasure around his friend's cock, then shoved all eight inches forward with one smooth motion, burying himself to the base in her hot tight cunt. Slowly he pulled almost all of the way back, then eased it back as slowly as he could stand to.

Hands on her hips, he pumped her smoothly, deeply and rhythmically, speeding up and slowing down as he came nearer to cumming -- he wanted to make this one last!

After a bit, she stopped sucking the guy on the mat, pulled forward and slipped herself off the cock in her cunt, and then climbed onto the mat, straddling the recumbent guy and his stiff, upright cock. Guiding herself downward with one hand clutching the shaft just behind the head, she allowed all of it to slip up her juicy, hot cunt till she was completely full, squatting over his hips.

She began to pump him strongly and smoothly, squeezing him tightly on the outstroke with her cunt muscles, then relaxing and letting him slip easily back in.

After she had her rhythm well-established, she glanced over her shoulder at the other guy standing there, cock in hand, and gasped "Well... come on... then! I... bet... you can find... another hole... somewhere...", wiggling her ass a bit on the upstroke to make herself clear.

That was an invitation he wasn't going to refuse! Spitting on his hand, he worked the liquid into her asshole, then placed the head of his already-shiny-wet cock, coated with her oils and juices, against the litle brown circle, and began to push forward.

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