Adventure of Secret

by Todd_4U

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story I wrote for a chat friend named Secret, a very sexy, and stimulating woman.

I watched her dancing on the dance floor, I watched her watching me watch her, and I started walking toward her. She was moving sexily as she danced, so many people around us, but we never noticed any of them. "Secret" was the only one I paid any attenion to.

When I got up to her, I pulled her close to me, looking down into her beautiful, sexy blue eyes. She was shorter than I am, she was only 5' 2" tall, but she was so beautiful and sexy, built like a dream, with a body made for loving and lust, and her gorgeous long sexy blonde hair flowing down her back. Her perfume went straight to my head, pulling me deep into her soul, as we started dancing close and tight.

Not a word was spoken between us, as I begin to caress her lower back with my hand, then I moved it down onto her beautiful desireabe ass, squeezing her closer to me. I finally spoke to her as I asked her "what's your name?" She looked deep int my eyes and said "You can call me Secret."

I bent down and kissed her lips softly, feeling her lips tremble as they parted for my kiss. I then looked directly into her eyes and told her "Well Secret, I want you, and I want you now."

I then held out my hand to her, and said "Secret, shall we go now?" She smiled sexily and replied "yes, let's go."

I took her hands and led her out the door, and then I got a taxi, opened the door for her, joined her in the backseat, gave the driver directions, and off we were.

As we entered my apartment I noticed how soft and delicious her skin looked, her shoulders looked heavenly in her sleeveless top. As she turned around, I grabbed her, pulled her to me, and kissed her wildly, and passionately. At first she seemed hesitant, but was soon returning my kisses with a passion from deep within her.

As she pulled back from my kiss to catch her breath, I scooped her up in my arms. I heard her let out a sexy sigh, and then I carried her to the bedroom, and layed her gently on my bed. I began to undress, watching her watch me. I patiently removed all my clothes, slowly and seductively. As I began to pull my boxers down I walked to the edge of the bed and pulled her up to where she was sitting on the edge of the bed facing me, then I simply said "Take them down for me Secret." She looked up at me and without taking her eyes off mine she began pulling my black silk boxers down.

I got down on my knees facing her, and I kissed her passionately, then I began removing her clothes slowly, kissing the areas of her skin that appeared each time I removed an article of clothing. I could feel her fingers in my hair as I tongued her belly button, then I licked my way up, licking the outline of her rose tattoo on her breast. I could feel the heat, and passion rising from inside her, as I eased her sexy panties down her luscious desireable legs, and finally completely off of her.

I took my hands and gently layed her back on the bed with her legs still bent over the edge of the bed. I took her left leg in both my hands, caressing it softly, as I raised her foot up and began to suck on each of her painted toenails. I took each toe into my mouth, sucking at them hungrily. When I got through with each toe, I licked my way up her foot, over her ankle, and up to her thigh.

After I licked and nibbled on her left thigh, I switched to her right foot, doing to her toes the same thing I had done to her left foot and toes. As I begin licking my way up her legs, I could feel her squirming under me, So all at once I took hold of both her calves, and pushed her knees upward toward her beautiful breasts. I heard her moan as I did this, and I smiled at her devilishly.

With her legs pushed up, I slowly lowered my head between her thighs. At first I just blew my hot breath over her smooth, shaven, sweet pussy, then I slowly began licking up her left outer lips, softly, and teasingly I licked up and down, then I licked a little faster, then slow again, then faster, then slow again, then I switched to her right outer lips, and began doing the same thing, licking slow, then faster, then slowly, then faster, over and over. I could hear her moaning, I could feel her squirming, and I began telling her how delicious she tasted, and how beautiful and sexy she was.

I slowly parted her lips with my tongue, and slowly began pushing my tongue inside of her, god she was so exciting!!! I could feel her wetness, her warmth, her heat, her passion as I begin exploring her inner lips with my darting, probing tongue. I started running my tongue deeper inside her, feeling her thighs squeezing against my head as I continued to explore her wet, excitingly, beautiful pussy. I could hear her moaning and breathing picking up tempo, as I begin to pick up speed with my tongue.

All at once I stopped, I could hear her disappointng moan, then I started again, then aftera few seconds stopped again, then started again, then stopped, over and over I teasingly tongued her. I replaced my tongue with my finger, first one finger, then after I was working it inside of her smoothly, I added another finger, and began to slowly fuck her with my fingers as I lowered my head and started licking her clit. She started moaning, her body was squirming, she was pumping her hips at me, one of her hands were clenching my head, and the other was tightly pulling at my sheets, then all at once she arched her back, her eyes rolled back, her mouth was open, her body began convulsing, and I could feel her cumming. As she started cumming I completely covered her beautiful pussy with my mouth, licking, sucking, tonguing her while her orgasm overtook her.I could feel her thighs quivering around my head, and I just let her body ride her through her orgasm.

As she slowly began coming back from her powerful orgasm I continued to softly and gently caress her pussy as I began kissing my way up her body, stopping to tease her belly button with my tongue, and then sucking and nibbling on each beautiful, sexy, erect nipple for several minutes.

When I reached her lips, I kissed her gently, and began telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, telling her how much she excited me. She smiled and kissed me back, stroking my face with her fingers, then she whispered in my ear as she was nibbling on my earlobe to turn over on my back, so I did.

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