Sonya Switches

by Inosolan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Magic, TransGender, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sonya and her girlfriend want something very badly.<br>They consult Nikki, owner of the strange boutique, "Hot Rags" for help; they get it, but not exactly as they might have expected.

A "Hot Rags" short

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Chapter 1

Sonya came home; Jessie was waiting impatiently.

"Did you get it?"

"Uh huh."

"Where is it?"


It was a small bottle of... liquid something.

It was thick and viscous, opbviously. It was black as black ink at midnight. It was in a small cut-glass bottle with a beautifully-scrolled "#9" engraved into one of its sides.

"How's that supposed to help?"

"I don't know -- Nikki just said for us to go up to the bedroom and undress and then I'm supposed to drink all of this... stuff."

"From the looks of it, I'm not going to fight you for it..."

"And she said the effects last for five hours, and not to worry if something... strange... happens."

"'Strange'? Lordy, what would Nikki refer to as 'strange'?"

"I don't know..."

Upstairs, the two girls disrobed. As they stood, looking at ecah other, Jessie felt again a rush of the love and the lust she had known every day since Sonya came into her life two years ago. From the way Sonya glanced back at her, the feeling was still reciprocal.

They hugged and kissed. Sonya's tongue slipped easily and familiarly between Jessie's lips; Jessie kissed back intensely for a moment, than pushed Sonya gently away and said "Okay -- let's see what's 'strange'."

Sonya nodded, pulled the stopper from the little bottle and, with an expression of strong revulsion, gulped down the slimy black liquid.

For a moment, there was no reaction. Then, suddenly, Sonya's eyes opened wide, and she satdown heavily on her side of the bed.

"Oh, my ghod -- that is a weird feeling..." she gasped out.

"Is it hurting you?"

"No -- it's just weird..."

Jessie reached out a hand to her lover, but Sonya gasped out "No -- d-don't touch me!" She huddled into herself, one arm clutched across her breasts, her other hand pressed against her lower abdomen.

"Uhhh -- I think --" she managed to gasp out, her voice suddenly oddly pitched, "I think 's rather if you looked away for a few minutes..."

Worriedly, Jessie turned her back to her strangely-behaving friend, though every panting breath and startled gasp she heard from Sonya tempted her to turn back...

Suddenly, he sounds stopped, and there was a pause broken only by the sound of Sonya's breathing, slowly returning to normal.

And then Sonya said -- well, it had to be Sonya, no-one else was there..."Okay, sweetie -- you can look now!"... but it sounded like... It was deeper than Sonya's voice, and it had a different tone... It sounded like a...

A man's voice, thought Jessie as she spun around and...

Sonya was gone. A naked man sat on her side of the bed. Jessie almost screamed... and then the man said, in that deep voice that was and wasn't Sonya's "It's okay, sweetie -- it's still me inside..."

"Sonnie?" Jessie managed to say."

"Yup -- and it looks as if 'Sonnie''s a better name for me than ever..."

"This is weird, all right," Jessie said, calming down. "But I see the point..."

"I guess so -- it certainly looks a way to do it..."

As they talked, Sonya was looking at Jessie through new eyes. Or rather, through the same eyes, but now with a very heavy testosterone filter added to the input. She loved her girlfriend intensely, anyway, and had never ceased to be excited by Jessie's compact, very feminine body -- her small, firm, high breasts with the nipples that stood like pencil erasers when she was excited... her narrow waist and the emphatic but still modest flare of her hips... the dainty feet from which slim legs rose to frame...

WOW!!!! As she... he... followed the line of Jessie's legs upward and glimpsed her perfectly-shaped, dark-furred mound with just a hint of pink lips demurely peeking through... His... her... cock jumped from limp to three-quarters erect in one fast motion and a jolt of pure lust shot through his crotch.

Jessie stared. "Well, that's impressive..." she murmured. And, indeed, it was -- even only three-quarters erect, Sonya's -- Sonnie's -- cock was a good seven inches in length, and thick in proportion.

"You ought to see it from this end..." Sonnie said, reaching tentatively down to stroke its length, and shudering all over his slim but well-formed -- male -- body at the sensation. "God -- no wonder guys give them pet names... it feels like it's something alive by itself, almost pulling on me..."

"Pulling you? Which way?" Jessie grinned.

"Toward you," Sonnie cheerfully answered.

Jessie put her hands on her hips and... wiggled... her sexy self.

Sonnie swallowed audibly, and his cock rose to rigidly its full nine-inch length.

"As long as you got it, let's try it out. I wonder if a real one feels anything like a strap-on..."

"Not from this side, I don't think." Sonnie asnwered. "C'mere!"

Jessie walked around where Sonnie now sat on Sonya's side of the bed. Leaning forward, as Sonnie's eyes followed her swaying tits, she put one hand on Sonnie's shoulder, leaned a bit closer, and kissed Sonnie; experimentally, at first, but the kiss got pretty hot and heavy pretty darned fast, as Sonnie's big hands instinctively came up and began to fondle her tits and to play with the little pebbles of her nipples. She moaned into Sonnie's mouth, then reached downward and gently wrapped her small, warm hand around the shaft of Sonnie's hot hard cock.

The result was impressive. With what was almost a roar of lust, Sonnie surged upward from the bed, threw his arms around her, one hand on each cheek of her well-rounded butt, and pulled her up close to him. His hot, throbbing shaft and Jessie's hand were pressed tightly between their bellies, Jessie's nipples almost seemed to be hot little branding irons burning themselves into his chest, and Jessie's mouth had never tasted so good when he was a woman. Rolling his hips, he caused his cock to roll between them, panting at the sensations it caused, together with Jessie's gentle stroking.

Suddenly, he swept Jessie off her feet, tossed her onto the bed, and flopped down beside her. His hot hungry mouth mouth fastened itself to one of her hard nipples, and he rolled it with his tongue, suckled it, and gently nibled with just the tips of his teeth at it. One hand stroked the other tit, in case it was getting jealous, and the other hand roved maddeningly slowly downward, across her flat belly, downward to teasingly tickle the inside of her thigh, which brought an all-over shudder of her body...

And then back upward, stroking and exploring the outside of her mound, playing with the crisp fine hair, gently squeezing the whole mons, then, with just one lightly-touching finger, grazing along just the very edge of the outer lips of her wet hot slit.

Another stroke, and just the tip of the finger slipped between the outer lips, slowly runing from just above her anus to just above her clitoris and back again, picking up just a little of her lubrication.

And again, and this time the first finger slipped deeper, and a second was there, playing gently with her inner lips as the first slipped just a little way into her hot needy opening. She moaned.

Drawing his mouth back a bit, Sonnie whispered "That's pretty much the same, no matter what the plumbing, isn't it?" "MMmmmHmmm", she answered.

Now that demon finger was tickling her clit directly, bringing her closer and closer to the edge, as another slipped deeply inside her for her muscles to clench and try to keep inside.

And then the hand was gone from her mound, and the lips from her nipple -- her small gasp of protest was answered by a masculine chuckle and a sudden attack upon her hot, wet cunt by a long, equally hot, tongue.

Like lightning, Sonnie's tongue dipped inside her hot pink lips, dipped into her wet depths, then slid upward, teasing at her inner lips with lips and teeth as well as tongue, till its tip suddenly found the hot hard bump of her clit and began to worship it. As that demon tongue lashed at her clit, driving waves of lust and sensation through her, she suddenly gasped as a finger, then two fingers, invaded her depths again and began a strong, deep stroking motion in and out.

Her pussy was so hot and wet, and her entire body was on fire with lust and stimulation -- she was about to cum, she could tell she was... it was going to happen... she was SO close... and then another finger slipped into her anus, and the fingers and the hot hot hot tongue moved faster and deeper and harder and she began to cum and she came and she came and she came with a white, glaring lightning-like intensity that was like no orgasm she'd ever had before and she came and she wailed and her hips bucked against Sonnie's face and she strained rigidly for a second and then collapsed limply onto the bed, muscles limp, almost unconscious...

As she drifted back to reality, she found herself muttering "... if you drank the love potion, how come I'm so hot... ?"

Sonnie's "Well, as to that, I'm still kinda hot, too..." brought her head up and she gasped; if anything Sonnie's cock had grown a bit more as Sonnie ate her cunt; nine inches at least now, obviously hard as a rock, with one perfect drop of pre-cum fluids glistening at its tip.

Jessie had never been with a man -- she'd been a lipstick lesbian since high school, and continued the lifestyle here at ESU for three years. But that huge hot chunk of man-meat was triggering responses in her that she had never known that she had. She wanted to pleasure Sonnie as Sonnie had pleasured her, and she knew that the way to do that was to cram as much of that hard cock into her wet hot mouth as she could and to try to vacuum Sonnie's brand-new balls dry of their first load ever...

She took the hot, thick thing in both hands near the base, and began to slowly, sensuously, stroke its towering length. From Sonnie's sighs and twitches, she figured she was doing the right thing. She continued to stroke its nine inches with one hand, while the other dropped down and began to caress and tickle Sonnie's balls, occasionally straying even lower to trace the line from his asshole to the underside of his ballsack with one long pointed red nail.

Chapter 2

Jessie's hands slowly stroked up and down Sonnie's throbbing prick.

"It looks almost like it's looking at me," she smiled.

"Well, maybe it is," Sonnie moaned. "All I know is that what you're doing is causing me to get so light-headed I'm not seeing much of anything. For god's sake, woman, either jerk me off or lie down so I can fuck you before I pass out from so much of my blood flowing away from my brain!"

"Oh, well, if that's how you want it..." said Jessie with an evil grin. "How about if I do this instead?" and she stuck out her pink little tongue and carefully licked up every drop of the oozing precum which smeared the reddish-purple head of Sonnie's cock.

"Jesus Christ!" Sonnie screamed through clenched teeth (which sounds difficult, but isn't really when you're beginning to get your first blowjob; especially on a penis you didn't even have two hours ago). "QUIT TEASING ME!!" he almost shouted, finishing with a meek, mild "... pleeese?"

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