by Conniele

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Two women have sex while son watches

Oh Beth it's like a dream come true for me. Your husband is out of town and now he is not guarding you day and night. I enter your house at your invitation, after dark and through the back door.

Your son is in his room and we quietly go in to your's. Turning you to face me I kiss you and pull you tightly to me I thrust my crotch against yours. You moan and I begin to undress you. Your blouse and then your bra. bending to kiss your breasts I find the nipples already hard. You have been looking forward to my visit, haven't you?

I push your shorts and panties down to your ankles and steady you as you step out of them. As you lay down I lean over you and kiss you again. Oh darling youare so lovely. I carress your breasts then as I start sucking them first one and then the other I place my hand on your pussy. I feel the quick intake of your breath as I touch your clitoris. Oh, you moan as I gently run my finger in a circular motion. I continue this as I suck your titties. Oh oh Connie it's so good, and you come for me. I continue to rub your clit and then I penetrate you with my middle finger. You capture my hand between your thighs and you give a little shudder. uh oh oh. As I add a second finger Your moan becomes a little grunt, ugh ugh ugh ugh as I fuck these two fingers into you. Ugh ugh ugh. Mom are you OK your son asks from the hallway. I'm OK honey, go to bed please.

I continue to finger fuck you and you try to stifle your moans, but with little success When you cum the sound of your pleasure fills the house. I know and you know that your son is probably standing in the hallway very concerned but we are past the point of stopping. After your next orgasm I put on my dildo and placing myself over you I let you guide me to your pussy. You rub it up and down in your slit spreading your lubrication over it. As it slides in to your pussy you begin to moan loudly again. Oh Connie oh god honey it's so good oh baby give me all of it. I begin fucking you gently at first then harder as you become accustommed to the incredible length and girth of my cock Oh god Connie fuck me oh fuck me.

Mom,is someone with you? It's OK honey I'll talk to you later,please go to bed. As it becomes quiet I begin to fuck you again. You have lost it and I carefully bring you back to your prior lust ful state. I now begin to fuck you hard and your orgasms come one after another. OOOOh ooohh uuuuugh uuuuugh you scream as I pump my cock in to you. Ugh ugh ugh ugh. Pushing your knees up to your shoulders, I pump my ass up and down fucking straight down into your pussy. Neither of us hears the door open or notices the young man standing in the hallway watching his math teacher fucking his mom.

Oh Beth you were so angry when youfound me in bed with John. You were gone when I came over. I was so disappointed you were not home so I offered no resistance when he led me to your bedroom.

He had been fucking me for about two hours when you found us. I had been able in that time to teach him how best to please me.

Pulling him off me yousaid, I'll show you how to fuck you bitch. Striking me across the face you made me fear for my safety. After John pulled you off of me you grabbed my strap on dildo and put it on. John watched in awe as you threw me on the bed and mounting me thrust the full 12 inches of rubber cock in to me. Agh agh agh I cried as the head of your cock repeatedly struck my cervix. Painful at first this abusive fucking becomes the most intense erotic experience of my life. Ugh ugh fuck me Beth fuck me honey, oh god Iiimmmmm cuummming fuck me fuck me. Take that you cradle robbing slut you cried as you frenziedly fucked the big cock in and out of my pussy. your big tits are rubbing across my smaller ones and i am now having my umpteenth orgasm of the day.

Grabbing your hips I pull you tighter in to me as though you could fuck me any deeper. Ugh ugh I grunt as you slam fuck me.

As you tire your pace slows. Wow this is hard work you say, grinning now that your anger has subsided. I wonder if you were angry because I cheated on you with John or or because he cheated on you with me.

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