by Conniele

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Teenagers, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Young black woman hears Mom having sex with white teenager, joins them

Tamala was a character in a story i wrote titled Lucy Tam is a wonderful character and deserving of her own story.

Hi Mom, Tamala called as she came in the front door. In here her Mother called from the kitchen, how was your day? Oh fine I saw Troy's Mom at the mall and I spent the afternoon with her. thats nice.

Tamala's Mom, Irene suspected her daughter was sexually involved with Troy. She would have been astounde had she known that her beautiful Daughter also had sex with her cousin Ross and Troy's Mom, Lucy Often all together.

Tam, you know Mrs, Pickens my friend at work? Yeah. nice lady. Well she has to go take care of her mom who is sick. Her Daughter Emily is going to stay with us for a while. Oh god Mom, she's not staying in my room is she? Well dear I had hoped that would be OK. Mom I don't want to share my room. Well I guess she can sleep with me the, I do have the big bed. Tamala felt guilty but there was no way she could share her room with that skinny white girl that is constantly asking questions. Thanks Mom. WellI do expect you to spend some time with her. OK, that relieved the guilt. I'm going to take a shower. OK Hon, supper will be in 15 minutes.

When Ellen Pickens dropped Emily by the next day, Tamala was amazed at the transformation that had taken place since she had last seen this girl. Emily at 16 was a gorgeous brown haired fox, with a pair of 36 c, s and a cute round ass. Dressed in shorts and top she was a sight to make any girl lover's mouth water. DAMN This fox could have been in my bed if I had just kept my mouth shut. Throughout supper and through the evening Tam watched Emily becoming more horny as the two girls visited till bed time. At 10, Irene said I'm going to bed. Emily said, I will go now too, so I don't wake you later.

As they prepared for bed Irene stole covert glances at Emily changing. She too had been surprised at Emily's transformation. Damn what a luscious body, topped by a countenance like an Angel. Irene chided herself for her thoughts. She's my best friends baby. I wouldn't want her to think of Tam that way.

Goodnight Emily. Goodnight Aunt Irene. turning away from one another Irene was still awake when she heard Emily's breathing slow as though asleep. Irene followed soon. Several hours later she awoke. Emily was snuggling her back, spoon fashion. Her arm was thrown over Irene and her hand rested on Irenes breast. Oh god Irene swore to herself as she started lubricating. She had worn panties to bed because of modesty, they were now soaking wet as she became more aroused the longer Emily cuddled her.

Slipping her hand through the waistband of her panties she thought she could get herself off without disturbing Emily. Rubbing her clit with her middle finger she began working herself to orgasm.

Emily wide awake all the time was aware of the effect she was having on the older woman. Far from being innocent she had caught Irenes glances as she had been changing. Irenes breathing rate picked up and Emily could feel her racing heartbeat. Moving she covered Irene's hand with her own. Need a hand Aunt Irene she asked? Unable to stop Irene shook her head yes and surrendered her pussy to Emily who rolled her on her back and thrust two fingers into Irene. Oh god honey we shouldn't. Putting her mouth on Irene's she stifled her protest and continued fingerfucking Irenes engorged, gaping cunthole. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ah god honey, I'm cumming. Next door Tam was jolted awake by her Mother begging someone to fuck me oh god fuck me. whoever it was apparently obliged because Irene said oh god right there oh yes just a little more ugh ugh ugh I-I'm cummmming oh god fuck me Emmie.

Tamala had found her dildo and was furiously plunging it in and out of her cunt when she realized it was the 16 year old Emily that was bringing her Mom to orgasm after groaning orgasm.

Tam continued to fuck herself after it had gotten quiet next door. After 3 big ones she was about to settle in again when all hell broke loose next door

Irene had gotten a strapon about 8 inches long from a drawer. She hoped it wasn't too big. Emily didn't seem to think so, she was helping Irene strap this thing on. It was Emily's scream of rapture that had startled Tamala. Irene had buried the fake cockfull length into the young girl. Emily's cunt grasped the dildo like a fist. The massive cock deformed the mouth of her cunt in to a giant circle that moved in and out of her cunt with every stroke. Eeeee aaaah oooohh Aunt Irene, fuck me oh honey fuck me ugh ugh ugh. Phut phut phut Irene's flesh smacked Emily's. Oh oh I I I'm cuuumming fuck me hard oh fuck me hard. Irene complied fucking her withsuch enthusiasm that the headboard was hitting the wall, bap bap bap.

Tamala fucked her own cunt while she mentally kicked her self for not taking Emily to her bosom when she had the chance. Huh huh huh she intoned as she brought herself off to an imagined scene of her mom eating her cunt while she herself sucked Emily.

The following morning Irene had gone to work. When Tamala came into the kitchen Emily asked her, sleep well? Not till you shut up about 3 AM. Oh did we keep you awake? Damn right you did. Why didn't you join us? Well she is my Mom. I know but wouldn't you like to. Well what I would like to do is after breakfast take you to the bedroom and fuck you myself. It's a date.

Soon Tamala was between Emily's thighs rubbing her mound into the Teenagers sopping wet pussy. Oooooh ooooh ooooh Tamala, rub my pussy oh god fuck my cunt fuck me oh fuck me and tam continued to rub her bush over Emily's clit. Rolling as one they changed positions to bring emily on top of Tam, where she slid down to bring her mouthto Tam's wide open honey pot where she alternately swabbed Tam's pussy crack and teased her clit with her tongue. Uuugh uuugh uuugh uuugh Tam moaned as The younger girl brought her off with her mouth.

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