Let It Snow

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: On her way from work, trying to get out of the snowstorm, she "runs" into a coworker

She didn't know why, but she just couldn't get the song out of her head, although it was snowing quite heavily. It was typically a Christmas song, "Oh the weather outside is frightful, inside it's so delightful..." and she wished she was inside her apartment instead of trying to get to it in the mounting snowfall. Her Crown Vic swayed slightly as she applied too much gas and she worked to correct her fishtail, finally straightening out again as she neared the intersection and began to slow down. She made the right turn and began to pick up speed when she sideswiped the white Oldsmobile on the shoulder and slammed on her brakes sliding to a halt in front of it. Luckily, she had just missed the man next to it as her whole body shuddered and she regained her composure before getting out to make sure he was alright.

It turned out to be someone who worked with her and he told her it was alright and was she ok. "I'm fine, just a little shook up," she said as they huddled and looked at the damage. "It's just a scratch, no big deal," he said and told her that it had stalled and wouldn't start, so she offered him a lift home. He accepted, saying he had already called AAA and they climbed into her warm car. She started out and asked him for directions, "Just drive to your place and I'll get a cab from there, the weather is just getting worse and I don't want you out here," and she headed for home. They made small talk on the way and although she knew him, she hadn't really given him much thought, but he turned out to be a really nice guy. She pulled into her complex and found a parking spot near the front door to her building, "Come on in and use my phone," she said, "No sense in being cold waiting out here," and he followed her into the building.

She began to look at him as they waited for the elevator, he was a nice looking man, though soaking wet from the snow, and when the doors opened, they made the trip up to her apartment. "Steve, you're soaked," she said as she closed the front door, "You can't go out like that, you'll catch your death of a cold," and she saw his eyes, those pools of brown that seemed to reach out to her. "Let's get you warm and dry and then worry about getting you home," and she took his coat and hat and put them in the laundry room, noting that his other clothes were wet as well. "I'll be right back," she said as she headed off to her bedroom, returning with a pair of her flannel pajamas, "Go in and take a hot shower and put these on so I can dry your clothes. Remember, hot," she said as he headed for the bathroom.

After she heard the water running for a minute or so, she went in and collected his wet clothes from the floor and just before she left, she caught a glimpse of his nude form behind the shower curtain. The staem made it hard to see him, but she liked what she saw and she felt a flutter down deep as she slowly closed the bathroom door. She tossed his clothes into the dryer, emptying his pockets beforehand and set the timer. She made her way to the kitchen where she brewed a fresh pot of coffee and heated up some croissants. She heard the shower stop and then heard him call her name, "In the kitchen, have a seat in the living room," she called back and readied her snack and coffees. The pj's weren't an exact fit, he was a lot taller than her, but they sufficed as she sat the tray in front of him and he gladly took a mug of coffee and added sugar and cream.

"This is a nice place," he said as she noticed him looking around, but her eyes had fallen on his limp cock falling out of the snaps of the pj bottoms. She couldn't help it, her eyes were transfixed on it as he continued looking the room over, she just managed to avert her gaze as he came back to look at her. She felt her own temperature rising inside as the memory of his cock was etched in her brain. It had been awhile since she had been intimate and those thoughts were always with her, so she tried to justify her reaction. She watched him from the corner of her eye as he realized he was exposed and tried to put it away without drawing attention to it. She caught him in the act, on purpose, and their eyes met. She could see he was embarrassed, "Hey, we're adults," she said as he seemed to relax somewhat, though still embarrassed. She sat down on the sofa next to him, bringing her own mug of coffee with her and again they made small talk. She leaned forward to set her mug on the table and her hand grazed his knee and she felt the warmth of his body.

He looked into her blue eyes and smiled, sensing her warmth as well and then he moved a hand and vrushed her blonde hair back and held her face in his hand, "You are so beautiful," he said and she felt warm all over. She felt herself moving her face to meet his as their eyes locked and his hand framed her face. Their lips met and she felt the gentle pressure of his tomgue as she opened up to allow him inside her mouth. His fingers on her face now circled her neck as their kiss deepened and she felt giddy as they kissed. Her hand went around his shoulder and she pulled him to her as well, lost in the moment. As their kiss vroke he stared into her blue eyes, "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," and she smiled, "It's ok, I enjoyed it as well." He looked into her eyes and moved back for another kiss, this one lasting much longer than the first and she felt his hands on her back as he stroked it, bumping over her bra. She could feel her nipples swell as his hands carressed her back and his tongue explored her mouth.

His fully erect cock now stuck out from the pj's and she could feel it's heat as she worked her hands towards it, grasping it and hearing a slight moan vibrate into her mouth. She stroked on his cock as he kissed her and his hands found their way to her tits, thumbing her nipples through the bra and sweater. He pulled the sweater out of her slacks and she felt his soft hands as they moved upwards, carressing the exposed tops of her tits before moving the cups off of them and it felt like electricity as he touched her freed nipples. She was the one moaning now as he worked at her mounds of flesh and brought her nipples to the height of arousal. She popped the snaps on the pjs and his cock flopped into her hand as she worked the soft flesh up and down, feeling his balls as she made her way to the bottom of his shaft.

Their kiss was highly erotic now as their hands worked at each other's bodies and she just knew she had to have him in her mouth. She loved oral sex and couldn't wait to feel his hard cock in her mouth as she broke their kiss and moved her head towards his lap. He pulled her sweater up and her tits hung free as he grasped them and she flicked her tongue out to wet the head of his cock. She could taste his precum as she flicked her tongue and it only made her want more as she closed her lips around the head of his cock and began to inch downward. One of his hands made it's way under the waistband of her slacks and began to knead her soft ass flesh as his other hand switched from one excited nipple to the other and she worked to take his cock into her mouth.

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