The Cure

by Spiller

Copyright© 2002 by Spiller

Sex Story: In a last attempt to cure his wife's dreary attitude towards sex, a husband brings her to hypnotherapy at dr. Arthwell's clinic.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Hypnosis   Heterosexual   White Couple   .

This is adult fiction of erotic nature. If you are too young or just unlucky to live in an area where this is not permitted, then you should get off now. The copyright to this story belongs to Spiller.

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Chapter 1

Often through our twenty years of marriage I have bitterly regretted that I ever fell in love with my wife - and that my love/hate emotions towards her still contain that element of love. If not, I'd have moved out the moment the kids left home to fend for themselves.

You may have guessed, that our sex-life is the BIG problem. Strangely enough she has always loved sex if it's done on her conditions: She on her back with closed eyes, legs slightly spread, five or ten minutes of 'handwork' and then when she says 'umph' a vigorous fucking with me on top until she comes with a little muffled scream, and then for me hopefully to get finished within half a minute or so. Anything else, and I mean ANYthing, is absolutely 'no,no', because it is dirty, perverted, no NICE people do it, etc.

Lonnie was brought up by her very religious mother. Her father was killed when she was only a year and a half old, and I feel sure, that the old hag secretly was happy about that, as she could collect a handsome monthly pension, she had social status being an officer's widow and single mother, and she was relieved of the tedious business of sex.

In this atmosphere Lonnie was indoctrinated with a distaste towards anything sex-related. It was the burden of "fine women", and she'd have to endure but never enjoy. And if on rare occasions she'd feel lust she would have to do her best to hide it and ask God's forgiveness later.

When my 45th birthday was coming around I had more or less given up on her. I realised, that since she had lived 42 years and still adamantly refused to talk about our relationship, the chances of a change were minimal. For the last 6 months we hadn't had any sex at all, because I had grown sick and dead tired of her attitude, and as long as I didn't initiate any sex she was happy, and nothing would happen.

I decided to give it one last try before I left her, and I booked a session with dr. Winther, a well known local psychologist, to see if he could give me some advice. A marriage counsellor was completely out of the question as Lonnie wouldn't dream of going. I poured out all my thoughts to dr. Winther, and waited full of hope for him to turn up with some good advice, and it was atrue 'downer' when he said:

- Mr. Alcott. I'm sad to say there is not much hope that the situation can be changed. I might call in your wife for some talks, but her condition is so well rooted in her mind, that all you'd get out of it was a heavy bill and status quo. I have tried something similar a few times, and sad to admit: I have failed.

I'm sure he could read my disappointment on my face long before I reacted to his answer.

- The only possible solution would be to sort of bypass her upbringing. Hypnosis is a possibility, but that is not my line. Can I rely on your discretion?

- Of course. I wouldn't bite a helping hand, would I?

- You see, the problem is that I can get into serious trouble if I recommend some unqualified person to you. It's considered professionally unethical, and if I told you that dr. Arthwell might help you I should violate that rule. Dr. Arthwell is not a psychologist. He's a medical doctor with a special training in hypnosis, and I know that he has had some satisfactory results.

- I'd never tell anybody, if you told me so.

- OK, Mr. Alcott. I'm sorry I could not help you, and I shall not bill you for this short session. But please let me know, if you obtain results. You know, just to satisfy my curiosity.

- I shall, dr. Winther. And thank you for your understanding.

Chapter 2

I found dr. Arthwell in the yellow pages, and a week later I was scheduled for an interview in his clinic.

Well, Mr. - he looked down on his calendar - Mr. Alcott. What can I do for you?

- That is a question I ask myself. You see, I come here on the advice of one of your colleagues.

- Oh, I say. That doesn't happen too often. And on whose advice, if I may ask?

- Dr. Winther suggested, that you may help me.

And then I poured out my heart's trouble over the next five minutes, while dr. Arthwell was listening intensely.

- I see why dr. Winther has declined you. And why he thinks I can help you. By the way I'll have to make this a short summary of the possibilities, because my next patient is scheduled in 15 minutes.

- I'll listen.

In short he told me that dr. Winther was right. Lonnie's condition was so deep-rooted, that chances of therapy bringing her out of it were sparse. If she herself felt anger towards her mother and was unhappy about her present situation, help might be had from psychotherapy. But alas. Under the influence of hypnosis it might be possible to block out some of her inhibitions for certain periods of time, and then we might hope for her natural sexiness to take over. To that end I must be prepared for a period of turmoil as Lonnie might feel very much in doubt about herself, and when her transformation began she'd need all my support.

- There are a few risks to this procedure, and you'll have to consider them seriously.

- Yes?

- Hypnosis is not like an operation. We may have results spanning from a slightly bettered condition, to something you wished for, or even further to a behaviour you didn't expect and may not like.

- What do you mean?

- Your wife may shed more inhibitions than you imagine, or she may only shed a few. And she may shed just the amount you want.

- In plain English?

- She may get more horny, than you can handle.

- I'll take that risk.

- And the second problem is getting her here at all. Does she have a medical condition that troubles her and that might bring her here?

- She is a bit troubled by headaches that hit her at the most inconvenient times.

- OK. Next time she has one tell her that you have heard of me, and that I have helped a lot of people with hypnotherapy.

- That's a fine idea.

- And then be prepared for a rather steep bill. It takes time, and I'm running a risk doing unqualified therapy, and I have to calculate that risk into my prices.

- I don't wonder. Well, I can afford it, and if it helps it will be worth it. At least it's my last try at saving my marriage.

- OK, mr. Alcott. You call my office and book a session when you have convinced your wife, that she needs treatment.

Chapter 3

I left dr. Arthwell's office feeling much better and with a tinge of hope. And luck was following me, as Lonnie was struck by a severe headache right after supper that evening. This gave me the opportunity to bring up the subject of hypnotherapy. Her condition being that pills only brought her a minor relief from her pains, she was in a receptive mood and asked:

- Do you really think it helps?

- I don't know for sure, but I read an article somewhere, that after a few treatments a lot of people felt much better, and quite a few were cured.

- That sounds too good to be true.

- I'll see what I can find out, dear. You go to bed and let's see if a good night's sleep will make you better.

Friday when I got home from work a bit early, I told her that I'd found a doctor who might help her. I told her that dr. Arthwell was a medical doctor and that he only used hypnotherapy on rare cases.

- Did you talk to him?

- Yes. I told him that your headaches come and go randomly, and that we have not been able to trace the reason. It's not food or stress or anything like it.

- No, I really don't know what causes it.

- He didn't promise a complete cure, but he'd work on you a few times, and then he said, that maybe some of the modern painkillers might help you better.

- Well, I'll give it a thought. You didn't book a consultation, did you?

- Actually I did. I booked you for an appointment next Friday afternoon, but he told me I could cancel it, if I called Monday morning.

Over the weekend she had another headache, and the cancellation was not brought up again. I could hardly wait for Friday to come.

Chapter 4

- Hello, Ms. Alcott. And welcome. Your husband briefed me shortly on your problems with headache, but I'd rather you told me yourself.

- Well, yes. These bad headaches hit me right out of the blue. Sometimes not so bad, and at other times violently uncomfortable - and my painkillers only dull the pain, they can't make it disappear.

- And you can't see a pattern of some kind?

- Absolutely not. It can be a fine day, a bad day or just your run of the mill day. Morning, noon and night. What I have eaten has no influence. I'm really without a clue.

- Seems to me, you MAY have a mix of conditions, that sometimes work together, and sometimes don't. Before you leave, my nurse will measure your bloodpressure and take a few blood samples for further analysis. The tests are used for help with the diagnoses and for finding the right medication. For now I want to feel your neck and the top of your spine. Will you please go behind the screen and take off your coat and blouse and put on the white housecoat instead?

- Yes.

When she returned in the white coat dr. Arthwell placed her on a stool with her arms on the couch and her head resting on her hands. As he pulled the coat off her shoulders he could not help admiring what he saw. She might be quite an old girl, but her shape and muscletone were magnificent.

- Now, Ms. Alcott. I want you to relax as much as you are able to.

- Mmm. I shall.

From the other side of the couch he stretched out his hands to let his thumbs slide up and down the muscles supporting her spine and neck, softly at first but firmer and firmer as time went by.

- Ms. Alcot. You are both right and wrong about the stress-factor. You don't have any of the usual muscle infiltrations normally accompanying stress, but try to feel this. He applied a stronger and more pointed pressure on the side of her neck, and Lonnie responded with a surprised: - Ouch.

- You see. These small knots are the remnants of earlier infiltrations, and they are rather deep-set. The same way the reason for them may very well be set deep in your subconsious mind, as the reasons may be 5-10-15 years old.

- That sounds reasonable.

He lifted the housecoat back on her shoulders and told her to get dressed again. When she returned from behind the screen he was sitting behind his desk, and he offered her to sit down again.

- Ms. Alcott. I think my first analysis of your symptoms was right. Your condition is a combination of a medical and a psychological condition, or rather the remnants of a psychological condition. When I get the results of the bloodtests next week, I can give you a more precise medication. For today I'd like to bring you into a very light hypnotic trance so I can induce some relaxing procedures to last for the weekend. And then on Tuesday I want to see you again. And I want you to keep a record of your headaches until Tuesday at - say - three o'clock?

- Yes, dr. Arthwell, I'll keep a record all right, but I'm not sure I am that easy to hypnotise.

- Oh, never fear, Ms. Alcott. Please lay down on the couch, make yourself as comfortable as possible and then close your eyes. I'll be with you in a minute when I have put down this to your journal.

He sat down beside the couch and started the usual preliminaries of hypnosis. Actually she was quite easy, and soon he had her in the light trance. He had decided, that it was important to build up a trusting relationship with Ms. Alcott, so he stayed off the sex-business this first time. He induced a couple of code-words in her mind and then called her back.

She opened her eyes and looked at him questioningly.

- I think I can remember all you said. It was not at all that strange.

- No, of course not, Ms. Alcott. I'll tell you, what I have done. First of all I have given you two words. One, you do not need to know, that is just a small code-word to make it easier to hypnotise you next time.

- And the other?

- It is just the words "relax,dear".

- And what about them?

- For the days up till our next session, I want you to find half an hour around noon, where you will not be disturbed. On your way home I want you to buy one of these rectangular Japanese pillows. They are rather hard, and you place them under your neck. (He showed her where.) Then you close your eyes and when your breathing has become slow and relaxed you say: "Relax, dear" to yourself. You'll fall asleep immediately and then wake up half an hour later - very relaxed.

- Is that all?

- No, no. If you feel an oncoming headache you use the same procedure. If you can claim a room in your house as kind of a 'headache laboratory' it will make everything easier and better.

- That shouldn't be a problem. We have plenty of rooms.

- Good, Ms. Alcott. And then the last instruction before we are finished: Will you please tell your husband to call me late this afternoon? If we are going to have good results his co-operation is imperative, concerning peace and time for you to follow the cure. And I'd like to tell him myself how he is going to help you.

- I shall, dr. Arthwell. And thank you for now. It has been most encouraging, and you have given me a bit of hope that I can find a better way to live with my condition.

- Good bye, Ms. Alcott. And please stop at my nurse's office on your right hand when you leave here. She'll be ready to take the necessary tests.

Chapter 5

I called Dr. Arthwell late that afternoon, and he told me what had happened at Lonnie's consultation. Also the need to stall the sex-therapy till next week. He then sent a tape of the consultation to my office, which is why I know what happened.

Lonnie was quite enthusiastic when she came home with her Japanese pillow under her arm. She had ordered a new bed with a hard mattress and short legs, and when it was delivered around 5.30 it was put into the former nursery. By evening she had turned this room into her 'headache-workshop', and most likely she was happy to have a 'legal' place to bed down instead of our bedroom. And actually I was happy too.

By Tuesday she had only had one severe headache and two minor ones which were cured without medicine. So she left for Dr. Arthwell full of enthusiasm and in good spirits.

I didn't get any tape of the Tuesday session, but a call from his office to mine.

- Alcott speaking.

- This is Dr. Arthwell. Hello.

- Hello, Dr. Arthwell. How was today's session?

- Very well, indeed. I'm sure I have won your wife's trust, and not only is she going to get better headache-wise, but I have installed the first sexual block in her mind.

- Sounds interesting.

- Well, listen carefully, because it is important these first 5 or 6 weeks that you do not press your luck - and that you report back to me fuck by fuck.

- Sure, I'm listening - Oh, am I listening.

- Your wife has been conditioned with some movements. Whenever for the next week she feels a headache coming up she'll ask you for a massage of her forehead. And you'll follow her to her new bed. When she is stretched out on her back you'll wave your right hand in front of her eyes and then snap your fingers. Your sign that the conditioning is working, will be that she feels hot and sits up again to remove all her clothes. Then you will rub her forehead for a few minutes, and then you can freely play with her tits, her belly and her cunt. BUT DO NOT FUCK HER ! Not yet. And make sure that she doesn't orgasm - yet. You can touch her and masturbate yourself for all you want. When you are finished you just cover her up with the bedsheet and leave the room till she wakes up again and comes out into your livingroom. Are you sure you understand this?

- Yes, I'm definitely sure. And I shall be careful not to be carried away.

When I got home from the office Lonnie was there, doing household chores with a smile and humming as she did.

- You seem to be in a good mood. Did you have a nice session with Dr. Arthwell?

- Oh, yes. I think that man is a wizard. I got some new pills to try out, and then he told me to persuade you to help me in some situations.

- Well, if you tell me which, I may tell you 'yes' or 'no'.

- He thinks painkillers should only be the last resort. He wants you to massage my forehead if I feel a headache coming on. Could you do that for me?

- I really don't know. I wouldn't know how to do it, and I'm not sure I want to do it.

- Oh, please Peter. I'll show you how, and you should be such a great help to me.

So Lonnie taught me and I waited.

Chapter 6

Wednesday evening she told me she could feel a headache coming up, and would I please give her a massage?

Everything worked as planned. The fingersnapping worked perfectly, and for the first time in many years I saw her naked body by the light of the bedside lamp. Actually the years had been good to her body and she looked quite inviting lying there on her back. I nearly forgot to give her the massage first, but I definitely enjoyed her tits, her belly and her cunt ! And she did too. Just a minute of touching had her clit stand out, and she voluntarily spread her legs to give me access to her slit. A minute more and she was dripping wet! That resulted in my first satisfactory wank for years, where Lonni was the object of my fantasies and my reality. WOW. And thank you Dr. Arthwell ! !

Half an hour later she returned to our livingroom wearing her housecoat plus a smile on her face.

- Hi, again. So soon?

- Oh, yes. And thank you SO much for your help. You see, the headache didn't develop, thanks to your help, and I feel a whole lot better.

- Yes, you look like it. But it's also thanks to Dr. Arthwell.

- Oh, sure. Isn't he clever? He predicted all of this, you know.

- No, I don't know. Tell me.

- He said, that if you would help me with the massage I could avoid the headache. And the only price I'd pay was, that I'd feel hot all over. But then I should not feel bad about it. After all you ARE my husband.

- That's right.

- Well, thank you, anyway. And now I'm going to have a cool shower, and then I'm off to bed.

I'll come up later, dear.

I stayed in the livingroom for another hour contemplating this very positive turn of events. Then I had a shower too, and off to bed beside Lonnie who was splayed out on her back in a thin night-gown I had not seen for years.

That was pretty much the events of Friday and Sunday nights too plus a Saturday afternoon where I almost lost my head and was close to jumping her bones.

Chapter 7

Tuesday afternoon on the phone: - Hello, Mr. Alcott. And how are you proceeding?

- Things have improved considerably, I'll have to say.

- And this week will be even better. Ready for your instructions?

I was allowed to put my cock into her vagina for the next week. No hard fucking, though. Only slow movements. And right before I was ready to come I should pull out and sit in a chair beside the bed to watch a show.

- And be careful not to weigh her down with your body. She may snap out of her trance if she feels enclosed.

Lonnie was happy and active when I came home. We went to bed around half past ten, and I had given up any sex for that evening. But at 11 she woke me up.

- Peter. I'm so sorry to wake you up. Couldn't you be a dear and give me a massage?

- What? At this time of the night?

- I know, dear. And I feel so sorry for disturbing you. But it helps me so much.

I feigned reluctance, but of course I gave in, and we trotted of to the 'headache-laboratory'.

Same procedure - only this time, when she was dripping wet from my manipulating her clitoris, I climbed on the bed, and willingly she spread her legs. God, it was delicious to have my cock back in a hot, wet pussy. Actually I had been without for so long, that it only took me two minutes of heavenly slow fucking till I reached the point of return. I pulled out and sat down in the chair waiting.

Lonni shocked me when she started to groan, and her right hand moved down across her belly, through her black bush, and her middle finger separated her cuntlips to allow her to masturbate her clit, slowly and deliciously. I was watching in awe, and soon I was stroking my very stiff cock in tune with her masturbation, and we exploded simultaneously, four feet apart!

I covered her up, cleaned up in the bathroom, and returned to my bed. Not a word was mentioned next day, but for the whole week the pattern seemed to be for her to get a premonition of a headache late in the evening, and for three more nights I dipped my cock in her cunt which seemed to become more and more willing.

Waiting for Lonnies next step upwards wasn't that easy. But definitely my cock was feeling a lot better, just like Lonnie was, judging from the look on her face. She was smiling a lot more, she was a hell of a lot kinder around the house, and her headaches seemed to stay at the premonition-stage.

Next Tuesday, when I knew she was at Dr. Arthwell's, the personal phone on my desk rang.

- This is Dr. Arthwell. Can you give me a few minutes where we can talk freely?

I sent my secretary back to her own office and said: - Now, Dr. Arthwell, I'm all alone. What's the problem?

- I've found a so-called block in Lonnie's subconscious mind, and I need your help or your permission to handle the matter myself.

- I'm listening.

- Her resistance against admitting lust and realise that she's having a cock pleasuring her pussy is very strong. I will have to bring her back and forth between two levels of trance while she is slowly fucked to orgasm without her knowing.

- I see.

- So I want you to come to my office immediately to help me by fucking Lonnie.

- Dr. Arthwell, I can't very well leave my office now. In two or three hours maybe, but no sooner. Can't it wait?

- I'm afraid not. You see, I did not anticipate a block this size, so I'm having her in a trance right now, and it is imperative that she is fucked before I call her out of it. Otherwise we shall go back to a situation even worse than when we started, because I should have to remove all things done up till now.

- I'm terribly sorry, but it is absolutely impossible for me to leave now. Over the next two hours I have two very important negotiations which can be decisive to our company.

- That's too bad for you, Mr. Alcott.

- What did you think of, when you mentioned you could handle it yourself?

- It's something I really don't like, Mr. Alcott, but if you give me permission to be your substitute, Lonnie will never know, and this is strictly professional. You have no reason for jealousy.

My head was spinning. For sure I didn't want him to fuck Lonnie, but on the other hand I didn't want to miss my wet pussy again.

- Can you make her believe that she has been fucked by me, if she needs to know at all?

- Of course. She'll never know it was I who removed that block.

Reluctantly I gave him my permission, but without feeling too sure about it. I had a bit of a hard time concentrating at my meetings. Images of Dr.Arthwell fucking my wife kept forming to my inner eye, but fortunately I was able to end up the negotiations with an extremely favourable deal. In the afternoon my secretary brought coffee to my desk and I had time to consider what had happened in the morning. If Lonnie didn't know what had happened, it should be up to me to digest it. And strangely enough that went a lot faster than I should have imagined. Actually the idea itself was quite erotic, and I was very surprised to realise that I was getting a hardon at the thought.

By three Dr. Arthwell called me on the private line. He informed me, that everything had gone as planned. He told me, he had conditioned her to become horny at 10 o'clock this evening. When she heard our 'grandfather's clock' strike 10 she would go into a mild trance and invite me to go to bed. He wanted to be sure, that I knew she was still in a trance, and that I should not fuck her hard and vigorously. A slow and loving fuck would be the thing, and Lonnie would be conditioned to reach an orgasm very easily. I was allowed to come in her cunt and to enjoy how horny she could become.

- She has still got her inhibitions towards oral sex, so please do not try anything of the kind. And give me a call tomorrow morning and report to me. That is important at the present stage.

- And how did Lonnie react to your fucking her?

- As part of her treatment her reactions were very satisfactory. You have no reason for concern.

Chapter 8

Well. Ten o'clock had me on tenderhooks. Lonnie's eyes glazed over and she rose to ask me:

- Well, dear. Isn't it time to go to bed?

- Are you tired, dear?

- No, I shouldn't say that. But I'd like to get you to bed BEFORE we are too tired.

- You are making me curious.

- I would like ever so much to have you fill up a void for me.

- If I can I'll gladly do that for you. What do you have in mind?

- If we are too tired that fine cock of yours will not be up to its best, and that's what my little wet void wants, dear.

I almost had a heart attack. Never ever had she said anything remotely like it. My cock showed a lot of co-operation and stood at attention immediately.

- Oh, I see you are not too tired, dear. Let's go, shall we?

She took my hand, then she put her other arm round my waist, and led me upstairs. She pushed me down on the bed and proceeded to undress me. When I was naked she undressed with a hint of a stripteaseshow in her movements. God, she still had a beautiful body. She climbed on the bed and pressed her soft skin against mine and kissed me with passion. Heaven descended on our bed when she took my hand and led it down to her dark, furry triangle and whispered: - Feel how wet I am. I am so ready for you. Will you please make love to me? I need you right now.

Evidently she had no need for an extended foreplay, and slowly and lovingly I rolled over and lay down on top of her. Smiling she spread her slim thighs and raised her head to kiss me while she grabbed my cock and directed it to the entrance of her cunt.

- Give it to me now, she whispered.

She was so wet and hot. I slid all the way into her in one long mindshattering movement. She showered my cock with juice and began small rocking movements of her hips which made the tip of my cock push up and down on her cervix. I started a slow, deliberate movement in and out of her cunt. All the way out till only the head was buried between her lips, and then a long, slow slide till my pubic hairs were tickling her clitoris.

- Mmm. This is so wonderful. I love you so much Peter. Oh, my God it is so good.

I had never heard her use Gods name for anything but prayers, but I sure liked it.

- You are gorgeous, dear. I love to see your breasts move when I push into you.

Goddamn-it she smiled and said: - Then push again and see them jiggle!

- You are so pretty, and I love you, Lonnie.

- And your cock is so perfectly long that I'm going to come in a very short time.

By now she was breathing in short gasps and her thighs clasped firmly round my hips. She kept raising her ass from the mattress to meet my thrusts, and suddenly for the first time in our long marriage she let out a deep groan, which a little later turned into a yell: - Oh, my God. I'm coming. It's so wonderful to have your cock in me. I'm coming Peter, aaaarrrhhh, so wonderful, ooohhhh. Put it all the way into me, love. I'M COMING, I'M COMING.

Her cunt started contracting in a series of short and fast spasms, and I felt as if I poured my brain down my spine, out through my cock and into her dripping, contracting cunt. Her yelling had stopped, but she clasped her legs round my body to keep my cock buried in her, and her arms folded round me. She kissed me and made little cooing sounds deep in her throat, and in only three or four minutes she was sound asleep, and her legs fell down from my body, her arms were splayed out on the bedsheet, and her breathing became slow and regular.

That night, at 10.48 I couldn't very well have cared less, that Dr. Arthwell had fucked her earlier in the day. If that was what it took to transform her into the woman I had just made love to, it was OK with me !

Next morning I called dr. Arthwell to report. If he was not satisfied with my explanations he'd pose a few questions.

- Very well, Mr. Alcott. Up till now the treatment has been satisfactory, and it is up to you to continue. Remember, she is still under hypnosis when she seems to be so loving and ready to fuck. But you'd want her to be so without the hypnosis, wouldn't you?

- Of course Dr. Arthwell. It's a wonderful change, but it is not real, really.

- You are quite right. Now listen. It is important, that you make love to her every night till next Tuesday. Do you think you can live up to it, or do you want me to prescribe you some Viagra?

- I don't think I'll have any trouble.

- You don't think. But I ask you: Are you sure?

- Nobody can be.

- That is a very sensible remark. Shows that your sense of reality is working. I have better write out that prescription, just in case. I'll send it to your office today, so you can pick it up at any drugstore you want. And by the way: Keep your calendar free next Tuesday in case I need you. Lonnie is scheduled for 10 to ten-thirty.

- OK. I'll try to keep it open. And thank you, Dr. Arthwell.

- Goodbye, then.

Over the week Lonnie progressed by her own accord so I almost forgot that she was still under hypnosis. When the clock struck ten Monday night there was nothing demure about her. Her eyes glazed over all right, but she stood up, turned towards me and lifted up her skirt, showing that she was wearing no panties, and asked me:

- My dear, I think you have got a nice little gift for this nice little pussy, haven't you?

For a second I wondered how she could have prepared to shock me by wearing no panties. She was not hypnotised when she made that decision, or was she?

In our bedroom she proceeded showing off. A veritable stripshow was taking place, and she was vocal at that. Beyond imagination.

- I think I have better take off this shirt. I know how you like to see my tits juggle, don't you? Ohhh, no, that is when you fuck me you like to watch them, you naughty man. Off went the shirt. No bra ! (wondering again!) She stretched out her arms and moved her shoulders like a burlesque dancer and her beautiful tits with the upturned nipples jiggled right in front of my nose.

- I'm getting so hot under my skirt. Do you think you could help me taking it off? I think my little pussy needs a bit of air to cool off.

Of course I helped her - and that was it, shirt and skirt off and she was naked. She sat down on the bed and said: - Now I want to see you strip for me. Maybe you have something for me under all those clothes.

Really, I'm not that much of a dancer, and I know I should have looked ridiculous had I tried to put up a show. But I stripped all right and Lonnie let out a deep sigh when I pulled down my boxershorts and my cock slapped back and hit my stomach. She let herself fall back across the bed with her legs still on the floor and her ass close to the edge.

- Look, my love. Have you got a present for my little pussy?

- Certainly, my dear. Do you want it now, little pussy.

- Right inside me, and as fast as possible.

Unfortunately our bed is of the wrong hight. Kneeling my cock could not reach her pussy, and standing on my feet her cunt was way under my cock and the position was very strenuous. I gave up and proceeded to lift her legs and try to turn her the ninety degrees I needed. But again she shocked me:

- Oh, no. I want to lie like this. But I think the Japanese bed in the 'headache laboratory' is of the proper hight.

She rose, took my hand and led the way, wilfully jiggling her tits and ass obscenely. She immediately took up the same position, spread her legs wide to show her furry black bush and the pink, wet lips hidden in it.

- And now I want you to kneel and fuck me good and everlasting. My little void feels so wet and empty.

My cock was hard as steel, and it slipped easily into Lonnie. And the hight of the bed was perfect. My cock would slide along to top of her vagina, passing her G-spot and pushing its way against and past her cervix to hit bottom when it was buried to the hilt. After some minutes of this wonderful slow fucking Lonnie was breathing hard, and suddenly she opened her eyes again and looked at me.

- If you want to see my tits jiggle you'll have to fuck me a little harder, dear. And I shall love you for it.

Her smile and her eyes were igniting me something fierce, and for the next two minutes I was constantly accelerating speed or power. Her beautiful tits were jumping around on her ribcage, she had long passed the point of moaning. When I was getting close she was yelling out loud, her belly was contracting in orgasm after orgasm, and when I came myself - pumping hot sperm up her juicy cunt, she screamed: OOHHH, YESSS, YESSS, MY GOD, IT IS WONDERFUL. FILL UP MY VOID. DO IT. FILL ME. FUCK ME. I THINK I'M DYYYIIIIIINNNNGG.

After much kissing and fondling we returned to our bedroom where Lonnie just stretched out on her back and was sound asleep a few minutes later. So was I, and my last thoughts concerned themselves with what to expect from Tuesday.

Chapter 9

The expected call from Dr. Arthwell reached me by 3 in the afternoon. He didn't quite like my report of events these past seven days. He expressed some uncertainty as to the conditioning of Lonnie.

- Actually, mr. Alcott, I think she went a bit farther in her lovemaking than I had hypnotised her for.

- Well, I'm definitely not sorry, that she did.

- I can see that. But... eh... she IS showing a bit more initiative than expected. We shall see.

- Have you got any instructions for me before I go home?

- Yes I have. You see, we are nearing the point where we want Lonnie to take over by herself, but as you have expressed high interest in oral sex - especially that you want her to enjoy being licked out, I have chosen to nstruct her that way.

- And since you didn't call for my assistance I can assume that you "handled the problem yourself"? Like you did last week.

- Yes, I have to admit to that. I thought that since you didn't object last week you should not be offended by a much lesser invasion on your private territory.

- Well, you are partly right. Though I must say you should have called and asked for permission first.

- I should. Sorry. But these are the instructions. Lonnie revealed some distaste about her private parts; they were 'unclean' etc. For four days over the next week she'll have an urge to shower just before you return from your office - beginning today. She will have trimmed her bush slightly, and when you enter the door she will want to make love to you. You'll have to play it by ear from there on, but in some way or other she will express a lust for you to go down on her. And you do just that.

- Yes, I shall do that, Dr. Arthwell. But then I want to be present at your last consultation with Lonnie next Tuesday !

- Very well, Mr. Alcott. I'll call your office on Monday to hear your report and then we can arrange for your presence on Tuesday.

- All right. Good bye.

- Good bye, Mr. Alcott.

Chapter 10

I could hardly wait to get home from the office. But of course it should not do to arrive earlier than usual.

The house was wonderfully cool and felt empty just when I entered, but as I closed the door and fetched a cold coke in the fridge I heard Lonnie's voice from the bathroom:

- Is that you, dear?

- Yeah. Just came in.

- Please lock the doors, dear. I do not want to be disturbed. I'm on my way to the livingroom.

I locked the doors and entered the livingroom. God, what a sight that met me. Lonnie was half reclining in the sofa, dressed in an ultrathin negligee, one leg up on the sofa, the other on the floor, giving me a perfect view of her black pussy. Arthwell had been right. She evidently had trimmed her bush, and spread out like that she looked vulgar and horny, her cuntlips spread by her position so I could watch everything, even have a peek just a little millimetre into her pink vagina. And glistening it was.

- Welcome home, dear. Had a hard day?

- Well, a bit, love. But I get all awake again the way you look.

- That's lovely. She lifted up the negligee. Because I've got something here that has waiting for you to come home for the last hour.

- I can hardly wait to feel it round my cock. You look so inviting, more so than any other woman I can imagine.

- Then come over here. I want you to take a closer look. Do you notice any change?

- Oh, yes, I certainly do. You must have trimmed off some of your bush.

- Yes. When I took a shower I felt up myself, and I thought we might both like it with a bit less hair.

- You are delicious to look at.

- Are you sure I didn't cut off too much?

- Not at all. You might very well have taken off more, and I'd have loved it.

- I didn't dare go closer, but I have a pair of scissors here - be my guest and cut all to your heart's delight.

She handed me a pair I hadn't noticed before, but evidently she had put it on the low table to be ready. When she had handed me the scissors she turned in the sofa, slid down a little bit and lifted both feet up and spread her thighs as wide as they went. She sent me a lewd smile and with her left hand she grasped her abundant bush and shook it.

- Feel free, you lovely naughty man.

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