by Janice Kirtley

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Desc: Sex Story: Danny is a trucker, trying to get to Los Angeles on a deadline. Enroute, he meets Stephanie, stranded on a lonely deserted highway, in the pouring rain

Danny climbed up into the cab of his rig at dusk. He had been in the truck stop for a few hours, a little longer than he'd initially planned. That chatty waitress seemed to go on forever about this and that, and he was now behind schedule. He wouldn't be able to sleep as long once he stopped for rest on his way to Los Angeles. "Oh well," he thought out loud. "I'll just slap in some loud music to keep me awake longer, no problem."

He did the routine maintenance check of his truck while the engine idled, warming. He'd filled up with gas earlier, and now thought he would make it the rest of the way without stopping again. He listened as the weather forecast came on. Mild with showers and thunderstorms in the West, with heavy downpours.

"Shit," he muttered to himself. Now his trip would take even longer, since his visibility would be limited. In addition to that, there was a five-mile stretch of highway outside Tucson that was under construction. The last time he was through there a month or so ago, the crew had told him it would be six months before completion. Well he wasn't going to get caught sitting out there again waiting. He'd just get off at the exit before then, and head around it.

Danny released the air off his brakes, shifted into first, and lurched forward. He tolled down the window to the cab on his side, welcoming the mild night air that would help to keep him from getting sleepy at the wheel.

Danny had been trucking for nearly five years. He'd held numerous jobs before, but could never keep one. He had a foul temper, and somewhat of an attitude problem. He wasn't a bad fellow; he just didn't like people telling him what to do. One thing he couldn't stand was someone getting in his face. That had happened on more than one occasion, and he'd quit his job over it. So when Danny found the opportunity to learn to drive an 18-wheeler, he'd jumped on it. Now he was making coast-to-coast runs twice a month, and making killer money doing it. He had no commitments at home; therefore he could drive as much as he wanted.

He practically lived in his truck. Except for sitting and listening to chatty waitresses, and getting a room once in awhile to stretch his legs. He was perfectly happy with this life, and looked forward to each 'run'.

Danny was young, 28 years old, with blonde/brown hair to his shoulders, and brown eyes. He was of average height, and weight proportionate. Many females would stare, or do a double take when he walked by. He didn't pay much attention. He had a tight schedule to keep, and loved the bonuses when he was early or at least on time for his drop off.

Every now and then, if he were way ahead of schedule, he would make eyes at some pretty little thing in a truck stop, or rest area, and get her up in the sleeper part of his truck for a few hours of passion. After all, he WAS a man, wasn't he? He didn't particularly care for the company of a woman, but enjoyed what she offered him from time to time, and then was quickly on his way again.

He rolled slowly toward the exit ramp, out of the truck stop. He could almost hear distant rumbling of what sounded like thunder far off in the distance. He thought he saw faint lighting in the direction of which he was traveling. "This is gonna be a LONG night," he sighed.

He fell into the slow lane, determined not to fall below 70 mph until it got impossible to see. Maybe he could make up for some of the time lost listening to the waitress yakking. She was pretty enough, but she kept cracking her gum at the same time, making it irritating to listen to her. He kept looking at his watch and shifting in his seat, thinking maybe she'd take the hint, but she didn't. He finally had grabbed his hat, rose up out of his chair, and handed her the check, apologizing for his rudeness, but that he'd have to be on his way. She thanked him, told him to come back while looking him up and down, as he walked out the door.

He knew she wanted him. Maybe next time through, he'd get there a little earlier, and take her around back and bend her over. He chuckled to himself at the thought.

He was coming up on his exit to take to go around the Tucson construction. If he kept going at this pace, he would be on Los Angeles sometime the next evening, right on time. Then he'd rest for the night, and maybe find some trouble to get into before heading back.

He cruised down the deceleration lane, and turned west on highway 40. This would slow him down just a bit, but not too much, since the highway was pretty much deserted at this hour of the night.

The rain had started awhile back, but it wasn't storming yet. Just some faint heat lightning to light up the sky.

His eyes were starting to feel just a bit heavy. He gently slapped his face with his gloved hand then decided to put in a loud cd and sing along. That would help him. He reached under the passenger area, and picked up his cd case. Uprighting himself again, he spotted something on the side of the highway. He began to slow when he realized the 'something' was a female. "What in the world was a woman doing out in this weather, at this time of the night, all alone?" he thought to himself.

He pulled off the road onto the shoulder, and reached over to open the passenger door for her. She quickly climbed up inside, and slammed it. She was totally soaked to the skin. Looking at her, he decided she wasn't prepared for the weather, when she was caught out in it. She was wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and a thin white tee shirt. She had on no jacket, or raincoat. She was shivering. He also noticed not without amusement, that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her little puckered nipples were poking through.

Danny reached into the sleeper of his truck, and brought out a blanket for her. He helped her put it around her shoulders, and she sighed.

"Thanks so much," she said. "You're the first one to come along in an hour, and I was getting pretty cold."

"What are you doing out here all alone in the rain like this?" was Danny's question. She was pretty, with long dark hair, about his age. She was trying her best to comb it out of her face, but wasn't having much success.

"My car broke down about 5 miles back," she said. "I was leaving Tucson, and heading to Los Angeles, when something happened to it. I just decided to walk until I could find help, and then go back for it later."

"You need to get out of those wet clothes," said Danny. "You can go in the sleeper, take them off, and then wrap the blanket around yourself. I'll turn on the heater, and maybe we can find a dryer somewhere at the next truck stop."

She smiled gratefully at him, and climbed in the back. A minute later, she returned with the wet pile, and tossed them in the floor of the truck. Danny reached back behind his seat, and pulled her out a clean towel. "Here ya go," he said. "Maybe this will help too." She smiled as she towel-dried her hair as best as she could. She pulled a brush from her purse and began trying to detangle the mess.

He watched her, while she pulled her legs up under her, and crossed them.

"What's your name?" Danny asked her then. "Oh, I'm sorry," she replied. "I completely forgot to tell you. My name is Stephanie." Danny smiled at her, and told her his name. "Nice to meet you, Danny, and thank you so much for stopping. I was beginning to think there wasn't a human being around before you picked me up."

From what he could see in the dim light, she had great legs. Long and slender. The blanket covered most everything, but his imagination started to run away with him a little. He could pretty well see she had great tits under there. When she'd climbed into the truck, he could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Maybe it been a bit longer than he wanted since he'd last had some willing little thing in his sleeper.

She raised her arms over her head while still brushing her hair. He caught a glimpse of her breasts, just barely peeking out of the blanket trying to fall off of her.

He felt his cock twitch at that sight, and licked his lips with his tongue. It was hard to watch the road, AND her at the same time.

It was then that he saw the sign telling him a rest area was a mile ahead. He glanced at his watch, and saw that it was 1 a.m, nearly 5 hours since leaving the truck stop. He knew he wouldn't be able to drive the distance tonight, especially with her heady perfume making him drunk. He just HAD to have her.

He eased the rig off the highway onto the ramp leading to the rest area. He slowed, and geared down. Stephanie looked up in surprise. "Are we stopping already?" she asked him.

"Well Stephanie, I haven't slept in almost 24 hours, and I don't want to crash and kill us both. So I think I had better get a little rest, don't you think? Now that you're almost dry, maybe you could sleep too."

Stephanie glanced at the rear compartment of the truck. "But there's really only room for one," she surmised. "Well we can huddle up," said Danny. "I can keep you warm, and I promise you, I'm perfectly harmless."

She gave him a look that almost looked like disappointment. Maybe Danny was imagining it. She almost seemed a bit hurt when he said he was harmless. Could it be possible that this girl was entertaining the same sort of ideas that he was?

He pulled the rig around to the back of the rest area, which mysteriously was almost deserted. On a night like this, you would think they would be filled to capacity. His was only one of a sparse handful of trucks seeking shelter.

He left the running lights on, but killed the motor. It was warm in the cabin, and would remain that way, for the night was unseasonably mild. He turned to her, and blushed and turned away from him. "Do you need to use the facilities?" he asked her. "I have some spare clothes in the back, and you can slip them on if you want, although you're going to get wet again if you make a run for it. I'd be more than happy to help you dry off again."

He honestly didn't mean it to come out that way, but she gave him a sly smile, and a wink. "I think I'll be ok for now," said Stephanie. "Why don't you show me where I'll be taking my rest?"

She uncrossed her legs, and stepped past him and climbed onto his bed. It was a bachelor's bed, sheets all mussed, but she didn't care. It was warm, comfortable, and smelled masculine, like cologne.

When she settled into it, she propped her head on her hand and rose to her elbow. "Won't you join me?" she purred.

He didn't need to be asked twice. He watched her drop the blanket, climb into his bed, and now she was inviting him to join her. Suddenly, sleep didn't seem so important. Los Angeles didn't seem so important. His load didn't seem so important, at least not the one in the back of his trailer.

In an instant, he was down to his boxer's and lying beside her, just as lighting flashed outside the truck. Loud, rumbling thunder rocked the world outside. He put one arm around her, and pulled her close. She, in turn, wrapped her arms around his neck and urged his mouth down to hers.

This gal wasn't a bit shy, and he didn't care. Her hands caressed his bare back, then slipped down beneath his shorts to explore further. She gently squeezed his ass cheeks, drawing a moan of pleasure from his throat. He rocked his hips against her, feeling his cock enlarge to almost full size.

She drew his tongue as far in her mouth as it would go, and at the same time moving her hand around to feel of his manhood.

It had been so long since he'd been with a woman. Stephanie was so soft, and so fragrant, he knew he would have to pace himself, and take it slow, or it would all be over in an instant. He would please HER first, exhausting her before he would think of himself.

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