My Wife's Shocking Request

by Wolfie

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Desc: Sex Story: A dissatisfied wife seeks to date outside her marriage.

As a young Assistant Program Director for the Botanical Gardens in our city, I arranged to have a choral group from a Lutheran college sing on Christmas Eve. It was at that event when I first met my wife-to-be. Her beauty struck me. She was lead singer for the choir and had a lovely voice. We talked after the performance and she agreed to meet me for breakfast. We subsequently began a long-distance courtship, culminating in our marriage a year later. She finished her music degree at a major university in my city. At her request, we had withheld having sex until marriage. I learned that she was a virgin and followed her religious principles.

I thought we had a strong marriage until my wife told me she would like to begin dating others while still married to me. In shock, I asked her, "Why now?" She told me that she didn't feel desirable, that she felt like she'd missed out on a lot by marrying young, by having children; and she wondered if she would enjoy the freedom to do what she wanted. "I feel tied down and useless," she added.

Since she had stopped attending church, I encouraged her to join the choir and perhaps direct a choir, or substitute at our local schools. She declined stating that it wasn't enough of a change for her, or enough of a challenge.

I knew that the motivating factor was her best friend's recent divorce. My wife, Sheri, saw her best friend, Anita, shopping at expensive department stores, going out on dates with a variety of men, getting dressed up, being catered to and entertained at someone else's expense. Anita's divorce settlement also enabled her to live an upscale lifestyle. The rumor mill had it that she was sexually active, fucking on first dates and having affairs with several married co-workers.

This way of life must've been viewed as glamorous to a stay-at-home suburban mother of two, 7 and 4 years old. Sheri had seldom shopped for clothes, she did her own hair and even her eyeglasses were out of style. None of this had bothered her before Anita's divorce. She was the perfect wife.

This request to date others, of course, made me feel threatened; but I could see that she was determined—that anything I might say to dissuade her would only strengthen her resolve.

The next Saturday night, we got a baby sitter and I took my wife out on a date for a trial run. I fantasized that I was the other guy she'd soon be going out with.

In preparation for the date, she obtained a set of contact lenses, got a new cut and a different hairstyle that nicely framed her pixie face. I bought her some sexy underwear at Victoria's Secret, and she got Anita to help her pick out some hot clothes at a leather shop in the mall and at Nieman's. I made reservations at a very nice restaurant for 8:30 p.m. and afterwards at a hopping dance club. I rented a motel room for after the date. I also borrowed one of my father's Viagra pills to ensure a successful performance.

The evening was great!!! My wife was pretty, vivacious and witty. Her face just glowed with excitement and her lithe body quivered with sexual chemistry. I was so proud to be seen with her. The food was wonderful and the dance band played just the right music. "Why hadn't we done this before," I wondered.

When we got to the motel room, she wanted us first to shower together. I used the bar of soap to massage her 38 C breasts, her recently shaved pussy and her bottom. "Now, it's my turn," she said with a leering look. She began by massaging my balls with her soaped hand, and then gently rubbing my rising dick. She arched her feet to give me a deep, passionate kiss. By now, I had a raging hard on.

She then ordered me to turn around. She used the soapy washrag to completely wash my anal area. "Rinse it all off and face me," she said. After doing as she ordered, she took my dick deep into her mouth rolling her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft.

"Spread your legs apart," she commanded. When I did, she began to explore with her tongue my balls, and the area between them and my anus. She told me to turn around again and spread my legs further. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass and spread them apart. She stuck her tongue deep into the opening, retreating to the rim and flicking the sides. I'd never had this done to me before and I was ready to explode. "Do you like it?" she said. "Oh, yes," I whimpered. "I'm going to cum."

Sheri said, "Quick, turn around! Let me have it in my mouth." She grabbed the shaft and drove it deep into her throat. I could feel her tongue action and her throat spasms. I wondered to myself, "God, where did she learn to do this?" At that point I didn't care because I was in the midst of blowing my wad into her mouth and down her throat. "Jesus, that was awesome," I thought. She stood up and hugged me tightly, tipping her head back. I leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. It was loaded with cum and, at first, I was grossed out; but as she furiously moved her tongue in and out, I sucked on it desperately seeking to share my entire load.

We dried off, made some coffee and got into bed to drink it. I asked her how she'd become such a proficient "headmaster." She admitted that Anita had been giving her lessons with a dildo. She claimed to now be able to deep throat a 9 inch jell dildo. I asked her what other lessons Anita had been teaching her. She seemed reluctant to share any more so I pressed her for information. "Are you sure you want to know?" she asked. I reassured her, "If this is going to work out, you must be willing to share everything." I was getting hard again thinking about potential scenarios.

"Well," she said, "uh, you're sure you want to know?" "Yes, I do," I replied. "Well, she has been teaching me how to please a woman, and how to be pleased." I was shocked. "Do you mean, cunnilingus?" She blushed and said, "Uh hum, and she has taught me how to use various types of toys—dildos and vibrators."

She then asked me if I'd like to learn how to drive a woman crazy. "Sure," I said, but inside I was kinda hurt because I fancied myself a real pussy eater. "Here's how Anita first taught me. Bend your index finger and place your thumb next to it and look at it. Can you imagine the thumb and finger as labia folds and the knuckle as the clit?" "Yes," I replied. "Bend the thumb just a little to open the slit slightly to simulate an opened pussy." When I did this, she proceeded to demonstrate on my hand how to eat pussy. "Now, you try it on my pussy," she said.

I began the long evening of satisfying my wife in ways I had never known before. And, she did things to me that no one had ever done to me before. One thing the evening did was to loosen both of us up. Somehow, I was less intimidated by the thought of her with another man.

I decided to let her have a trial date, but I established several conditions. First, she was to go no further than a good night kiss. Second, she was to be home by midnight. Third, she was to tell me everything that happened on the date—what was said, how he acted, how she acted, etc. At this point, I noticed I got a little excited fantasizing about the event. The thought of my sweet wife being with another man really turned me on. Even with the restrictions I'd placed on her to prevent it, I secretly hoped she'd come home with a pussy full of cum. But, then again, I didn't. Oh, I wasn't sure what I really wanted at that point.

II. The Date

My husband, Jim, has been so understanding of my need to try dating outside of our marriage. I know it was a shock at first, but he seems to be more welcoming to the idea lately. He thinks it's because I envy Anita's freedom and want material possessions; but that's not it. Ever since Jim's promotion as Director of the Botanical Garden, we could afford anything I wanted. The truth is, Anita has awakened my sexual desire. For some time, we have been lovers, although we both consider ourselves to be straight. She, quite simply, is an insatiable nymphomaniac. She has taught me how to satisfy her needs and, in the process, has created the same needs in me. She has aroused passions in me that I never knew existed. My date with my husband only made me more aware of these needs—he didn't satisfy them. I now have a deep-rooted need to be fulfilled by a talented man who understands a woman's needs and knows how to satisfy them.

With her wide array of lovers, Anita recruited her most prized lover, Warren, to be my first date. Warren is an ex-football player who played for our local NFL team. He has gone on to own his own insurance agency and is very successful. He managed his salary from the NFL well, and with his insurance business, he is now a very wealthy man. He has never married, but did have a live-in girlfriend for several years. That relationship produced a daughter who is now 17 years old. His daughter lives with him and he remains close to his former lover.

I have never seriously dated anyone other than my husband, and have never had sex with another man—certainly not a black man. Warren was to be my first. Anita warned me that his penis was very large and that he has long lasting power. For days before, we conditioned my pussy with a ten-inch dildo that Anita said approximates his size. "Just in case," Anita joked.

Finally, Saturday night arrived. I hadn't told Jim who, specifically, I was dating. I just made general comments about his work and his status. Of course, being a huge fan of our NFL team, I knew he would recognize Warren the minute he met him. I wondered what his reaction would be.

At first Jim was shocked when he answered the door. Soon, however, I could tell he was delighted to be talking football with this former pro-bowl offensive lineman. The contrast between the two of them was quite pronounced. My husband is a six-foot man who weighs around 190 pounds. Warren was 6' 4" and was now a trim 280 pounds. There was not an ounce of fat on his body. Finally, Warren looked at his watch and said that we'd better get going. He stuck out his hand and my husband vigorously shook it and wished us to have a good evening.

Jim reminded me of our agreement and Warren agreed to honor it. I saw a momentary look of disappointment cross Jim's face. I kissed him goodbye and asked if he wanted me to call him when we got to where we were going. "No," he said, "I just want you to enjoy yourself." Then my husband told me he wanted a word with Warren in private so I stepped outside to wait by the car. I didn't know at the time what they talked about.

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