by Unholy Succubus

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, BiSexual, Rough, Light Bond, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A womans experience during a naughty party game

It was already dark when we got there that night. Some friends were having a small but intimate party with just four or five couples. It was to be a masked party and we were asked to make sure our hair was not visible and our faces atleast partially covered when we arrived. We had met most of the couples before and I thought most of them very attractive, the ones that were not, were atleast doable.

After all the others had arrived the hostess came into the living room carrying a silver tray containing wine glasses filled with a rich fragrant red. We all laughed and made idle conversation as we tried hard to figure out who was who. When we reached the bottom of our glasses we all realized that a single marble had been placed at the bottom of each glass. All of them were red with the exception of mine.

None of us thought anything about it. We flirted and continued conversing as we watched our hostess lighting the many candles that were placed through out the large sitting room. When she had finished, she turned off the rooms lights and walked over to me. I was a little more then confused as she took my hand and led me from the room.

We went upstairs into what I assumed was a guest room. It was devoid of any furnishings or decorations other then the somewhat strange bed that sat very low to the ground in the middle of the room. I noticed there were no blankets or pillows, it was simply covered in a black satin sheet.

This room had already been prepared as the sitting room downstairs a few moments earlier with lighted candles. As I turned to her to question the reason we had come in here she had shut the door and began moving towards me carrying a small tray. I must say at this point I was somewhat uneasy

"You picked the glass with the white marble. That means you get to be the pet of this little party."

She didn't give me the chance to decline or ask questions. She only gave me a brief run down of my rules during this little game. I was to say nothing At all during the entire time I was acting as pet. I was not to tell anyone what my true identity was. Those were my rules with only one exception. If I experienced any pain or anything became to much for me, I could call out a safety word.

Needless to say, my mouth dropped as she explained this to me but for some odd reason I stayed in the room. I knew I simply could walk right back down the stairs, but my interest was pricked.

She placed the Tray down on the bed and moved behind me. Being the inquisitive creature I am. I tried to make out what was on the tray but. in the candlelit. It wasn't very easy. She was unzipping my black cocktail dress, I just stood there letting her do it. Her nails gently ran over my skin as she pulled the dress off of me. Goosbumps covered me and I stepped out of first my dress and then my panties.

She turned me to face away from her and then slid off my mask and replaced it with a blindfold. Still, I did not put up any resistance, I was still to curious about what was to happen. I heard her remove something else from the tray. Sounded like chains or something metallic.

There was No way anyone was gonna spank or whip me!

She then lead me to the bed, and helped me get into what she thought was a proper position. I was simply laying on my back with my wrists cuffed in such a way that I could not get my hands any lower then my ears. My feet were left free. I was starting to think better of this and tell her to let me up so I can get dressed, but I heard her footsteps leaving the room

It felt like an eternity before I heard someone come back to the little room I was left in. I waited, nothing happened. A finger glided across my bare belly. I couldn't help but jump. I was expecting the hostess to come back. Well, I don't really know what I was expecting. There was a hand on my foot. I that point I figured it was more then one person

I suddenly felt extremely naked and self conscious and uncomfortable, but I could not deny my bodies response to the now several hands touching my body. Suddenly something cold was drizzled across my chest, my belly, my libia, my thighs. It was cold as it ran down my body and as it hit my secret inner fold it heated my flesh. I strained against the bonds that held my wrists as again goosebumps prickled all along my body.

The odor of Brandy filled the Air as a warm tongue snaked around a painfully hard nipple. Someone else's mouth closed around the other, teeth nipped my thigh and fingers slid through the cool liquid coating my belly. Over my shoulder I could hear the sound of kissing. I was undeniably wet at this point, and I tried my hardest to choke back the gasps of pleasure that fled from my lips Soft lips then began to work across my face and neck.

One of the hands touching my thighs pushed them apart. The tongues seemed to bath me from head to toe, lapping at the rich brandy that now tingled and burned my flesh in some places. I felt the warmth of two tongues as they probed and suckled at my clit. It was driving me insane. My mind tried helplessly to figure who was licking my pussy, was it a man or a woman. I bit my lip to hide my groan as the intense sensations rippled through me. The couple who were kissing somewhere beside me where now half on the bed, I felt her body bumping my shoulder as who ever the man was pumped into her ferociously. He was being rough with her. I could tell by her sounds she was enjoying it. Her hand found my breast and she squeezed and rubed my nipples. Her touch was getting rougher, She pinched and tugged on my nipple as she cried out with her pleasure.

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