by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: While attending a wedding I find out that my loving and dedicated wife is cheating on me.

In the summer of 1991 I had just gotten out of the army and returned home to Atlanta with the intention of getting my engineering degree at Georgia Tech. I had spent a year in school there before I went into the service and now all I wanted to do was get back to school and finish what I had started, so I enrolled in summer classes that June.

I had two goals that summer. The first was to get back into student mode as quickly as possible and the second was to get laid as often as possible. As it turned out I was only successful in meeting my first goal and that's because I met Wendy.

I noticed Wendy the first day of classes. She was in my Philosophy class and had taken the seat next to me. Wendy was tall, five feet eleven inches, with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. She told me she was from Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago and came to Tech to get away from the cold winters. I liked her right away and by Friday of that first week I had managed to get a date with her.

Wendy made it obvious that I wasn't going to get into her pants, at least not for quite some time. She told me that she was a virgin and was planning to remain one until she meet and fell in love with the right man.

I was torn. I wanted to get laid and it appeared that the only way I could do that was to find a girl who wasn't looking for her Prince Charming and was willing to have sex just for the fun of it. I also want to continue my relationship with Wendy, but I knew if I tried to do both Wendy would find out and I would lose her.

I surprised myself by giving up my quest to get laid and concentrated on building my relationship with Wendy. It took me three months to get Wendy to go to bed with me but it was worth it. It happened on a weekend near the end of September. We had gone out on our usual Friday night routine. Dinner at a fast food restaurant and then to a party at a friend's apartment. That evening I sensed that something was wrong. Wendy was very quiet and kept wandering away from me at the party. I was beginning to think that she was getting ready to break up with me.

At ten o'clock Wendy told me she wanted to go home. This just added to my worry because Wendy never wanted to go back to her dorm before midnight on a weekend. I asked her if she wasn't feeling well hoping that might be reason for her strange behavior. She said, "I'm fine, I just want to leave."

I felt a little better thinking it was just the party she wanted to leave. When we got to the car I asked her where she wanted to go and she said, "Weren't you listening? I said I want to go home. Take me back to the dorm."

There was an edge in her voice when she spoke that told me that I shouldn't ask any questions. On the ride back to her dorm Wendy didn't say another word. When we pulled up at her dorm I got out of the car and started around to open Wendy's door but she got out before I got to the door and started to walk to the dorm. I ran after her and fell in step next to her and we walked silently to the main entrance to the dorm. At the door, instead of letting me come in with her, Wendy turned to me and said good night. I tried to kiss her but she pulled back and said, "I'll talk to you tomorrow."

I walked back to my car feeling a little sick. I knew that when I talked to Wendy the next day she was going to tell me it was over. On the drive to my apartment I tried to figure out what could have gone wrong. Had I done something to upset her? I couldn't imagine what that might be. Or had Wendy met another guy and fallen in love with him. I was miserable. I thought Wendy was the woman I would spend the rest of my life with and now I was about to lose her.

When I got to my apartment I didn't even turn the lights on. I just sat in the dark and tried to make sense out Wendy's behavior. I had been sitting there about a half hour when I began to hear a noise in my head. I couldn't make the noise go away then I suddenly realized the noise was my phone ringing. I must have fallen asleep in the chair. I jumped up and banged my chin on a table as I tried to get to the phone and collapsed on the floor in pain. Before I could get up the answering machine picked up the phone. After my lame not at home message completed I heard Wendy's voice asking, "Jim, are you there? Please pick up the phone."

I got to the phone just as she hung up. I wondered if I should call her back. Was she calling to break up with me or was I worrying about nothing? I decided to call.

When she answered the phone she asked me where I was when she called. I told her about banging my chin and falling down, hoping that she would take sympathy on me and decide not to break up. She said, "I'm sorry I made you hurt yourself. The reason I called was to apologize for the way I was acting all evening. I had something on my mind, a decision I was trying to make and it seemed like the party and you were interfering with my ability to think clearly."

I was afraid of what was coming next. I said, "So have you made your decision?"

"Yes, but before I tell you I have to ask you something."

"Ask me anything."

"Do you really love me?"

"Yes. How could you ever doubt that?"

"I was sure you did but I just wanted to hear you say it. I've decided it's time."

"Time for what?"

"For us to make love. For you to come inside me and make me completely yours."

I was stunned. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding because of the bad news I expected and then my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding because of the good news I got. I asked Wendy if she was sure and she said, "I am sure. I have been thinking about this for more than a week. I want to do it tomorrow night. Now that I finally told you I just want to go to sleep. I love you and I am looking forward to tomorrow night."

I told her that I loved her too and we hung up. I was sitting there in the dark, my shin was throbbing in pain and I had an erection that wouldn't quit. I thought about relieving myself but decided to save it for Wendy.

Picking The Cherry

The next morning I told Randy, my roommate, that I wanted to have Wendy spend the night. Randy understood the situation and said that he would spend the night at his girlfriend's apartment to give me some privacy. That evening I picked Wendy up at seven and took her to a nice restaurant for dinner then we went to a local bar where they had dancing. We had a couple of drinks and danced a little then I asked Wendy if she was ready to go back to my apartment. She said, "I'm very ready."

When we got to the apartment I turned on my CD player, which I had loaded with five CDs of love songs before I picked Wendy up. Then I got the bottle of Champaign that I bought that afternoon out of the refrigerator and poured us each a glass. I made a toast to our love then I set the glasses aside and took Wendy in my arms. I had never been this excited while kissing Wendy before. I had kissed her breasts before and even had my hand in her pants several times but this time was different, because I knew that I was going to put my hard cock inside her for the first time. We kissed and fondled each other And I slowly removed her clothes. I had had her blouse opened and her bra unhooked before but I had never seen her in just her panties before. She was beautiful.

I took her hand and led her into the bedroom and then I quickly stripped off my clothes And joined her on the bed. While kissing her again I pushed my hand inside her panties and slipped my finger inside her. As I rubbed my finger on her clitoris, Wendy whispered, "I think you better do it now before I explode."

Wendy lifted her legs as I pulled her panties off then she spread them so that I could get between her thighs and penetrate her virgin pussy with my rock hard cock. I quickly put on a condom and positioned the head of my cock at the opening between Wendy's labia. Wendy was very tight and I had to proceed slowly so that I wouldn't hurt her but when I pushed my cock all of the way in Wendy let out a gasp of pain then she wrapped her arms around me and held me so tight that I couldn't move for a couple of minutes. When she relaxed her grip I began pumping my cock into her slowly and when she didn't seem to be suffering any more pain I picked up the pace and finally climaxed.

As I lay on top of her with my shrinking member still inside her I asked, "Are you all right? Did I hurt you too much?"

"I'm okay. It hurt a little at first but it started feeling betting toward the end."

When I pulled out of her Wendy marveled at the amount of my semen inside the condom. Wendy began to play with my limp cock and said, "I am going to the doctor this week to get birth control pills so that we don't have to use a condom. I want to feel your mess inside me."

We made love again that night before we went to sleep and we did it again in the morning as soon as we woke up. After that Wendy couldn't get enough of me. We were in love and hot for each other's bodies.

We got married right after graduation. I continued on to get my masters degree and Wendy started a career in office design with a firm in Atlanta.

We had a great marriage. Wendy was completely devoted to me. Our marriage was based on love and trust and worked like a well-oiled machine. We watched in dismay as the marriages of people we knew fell apart, usually because one of the couple cheated on the other. Wendy always got angry with the person who cheated and wouldn't allow us to associate with that person any longer. Wendy said that she believed in the sanctity of marriage and that there was never an excuse for cheating on your spouse. Wendy felt that if you love your spouse you don't cheat on them and if you don't love your spouse you should get a divorce before you start dating. To her, fidelity in a marriage was black and white. There were no gray areas. I knew that Wendy would never tolerate it if I cheated on her. There wouldn't be any second chances. She would leave me and that would be the end of it. I had no intention of cheating on Wendy because I agreed with her about the importance of fidelity in a marriage.

The Reunion

Last summer was the ten-year reunion for Wendy's high school class. Wendy's parents had moved from Oak Park to San Diego five years earlier so we hadn't been back to her hometown since our marriage. Wendy wanted to go to her reunion so I agreed to go back with her. Two days before we were to leave for the reunion my boss, Jason Kane, called me and said that we had a major problem on one of our projects and he needed me in Jacksonville right away.

Wendy was disappointed and was ready to cancel our reservations. I told her she should go and have fun. Wendy was reluctant to go without me. Since we got married we haven't been apart very often and Wendy always hated it when I had to go out of town on business. Now we would be apart for nearly a week. In the end Wendy decided to go to the reunion and we talked about her maybe flying down to Jacksonville after the reunion.

While I was in Jacksonville I called Wendy every night. On the third night there, Jason and I went out for drinks. After three martinis I was feeling no pain and when Jason suggested that we invite two attractive women that he had been talking to us to go to dinner, I agreed.

I don't remember much about the dinner or the conversation that night. I do remember that Jason left with one of the women around ten o'clock leaving me at the restaurant with the other. Her name was Susan. She was blonde, blue eyed and very sexy and for the first time since I had met Wendy I was thinking of having sex with another woman.

Susan invited me to her apartment and I accepted. On the way there in a taxi Susan was all over me. She was kissing me and hand her hand in my crotch squeezing my cock, which was getting quite hard. As we pulled up in front of her apartment building my cell phone rang. Susan got out of the car and I answered the phone as I paid the driver. It was Wendy on the phone. I told her that I couldn't talk, that I would call her back in fifteen minutes. Then I told the cabbie to wait for me and I got out and told Susan that something had come up and I had to leave. I didn't wait for a response. I got back into the taxi and told the driver to take me to my hotel. On the way to my hotel I thought about what almost happened. I had almost cheated on Wendy. I began to think about the timing of her phone call. It was as if Wendy was psychic and somehow knew that she needed to intercede to prevent me from doing something that could destroy our marriage.

When I got back to my room I called Wendy's hotel room. After about seven rings the voice message service picked up. They said that Wendy wasn't in but I could leave a message. I didn't bother to leave a message; I just called her cell phone instead. Wendy answered on the third ring. I asked her where she was and she said, "I'm in bed. I just turned the television off and was ready to go to sleep."

I said, "Why didn't you answer your room phone?"

"I never heard it ring."

I thought that a little odd, but didn't question it. Then I asked about the reunion. Wendy said, "It has been great but can I tell you about it tomorrow. I'm really tired now. It's amazing how much everyone has changed yet stayed the same."

I said, "We can talk about it tomorrow. I'm glad that you're having a good time. Are you going to be able to come down here?"

"I guess that depends on you."

"What do you mean?"

"I'd really like to stay here another couple of days and come home on Thursday. Would you mind?"

"If that's what you really want. I've had you to myself the last ten years; I guess I can let your friends have you for a few days. You have fun with and hopefully I will see you at home on Friday. I love you Bye."

Wendy said, "I love you too. Bye."

I listened for her to hand up and just before the line went dead I heard a car horn on the phone. It was loud and sounded like it was pretty close to Wendy. I didn't think anything of it as I set the phone down.

I went into the bathroom to take a couple of aspirin and brush my teeth. As I was brushing my teeth and looking at myself in the mirror I felt like something was wrong but I couldn't figure out what was bothering me. I guessed that it was because I'd had too much to drink but it didn't feel like that was the problem.

Because of the drinks I'd consumed I expected to fall asleep quickly but I didn't. As I lay in bed I began reviewing the events of the evening in my head. I thought about how close I had come to cheating on Wendy and how her call came just in time to stop me. Then I began to wonder why she didn't here the phone ring in her hotel room when the phone couldn't have been more than a couple of feet from her. Then there was the car horn I heard. I began to think that maybe Wendy wasn't in her room when I called her. Maybe she was actually here in Jacksonville. Maybe she flew down here to surprise me and saw me with Susan and she followed us and called me when we pulled up in front of Susan's apartment.

'Oh God.' If she saw me with Susan she must be really pissed at me. But she didn't sound upset with me on the phone.

After about an hour of torturing myself I finally fell asleep. In the morning I felt much better. I realized that Wendy wasn't in Jacksonville. She never would have let seeing me with another woman pass. She would have told me she saw me and I would be in deep shit. I knew now that she didn't answer the hotel phone, probably because something was wrong with it and it didn't ring in the room. And the car horn I heard was either on the television or here room was on the ground floor near the parking lot or the street.

I was glad to have that settled.

I managed to finish the job on Friday and Wendy was waiting for me with open arms when I arrived home Friday evening. She had prepared a nice dinner and as we ate she told me all about her reunion. She told me what all of her friends were doing which was interesting even though I didn't know any of them. After dinner Wendy put the dishes in the dishwasher and took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom.

Wendy kissed me and said, "I missed you." Then she kissed me again.

"I missed you too."

After a few minutes of very passionate kissing we got undressed and climbed on the bed. I was massaging her breasts and sucking on the nipples and Wendy was stroking my engorged cock when she suddenly asked, "When I called you the other night, what were you doing?"

"What night?" Did she know?

"You know. The night I called and you said that you were busy and would have to call me back. I called you at ten o'clock, which means it was eleven o'clock in Jacksonville. What were you doing at that hour that kept you from being able to talk to me?"

My first impulse was to answer her with a question, 'What are you talking about?' But I realized that if I asked a question it would appear that I was stalling for time while I was making up a lie. I said, "Jason and I were sitting in the bar. He was a bit drunk and it would have been very difficult to talk to you in front of him. I had to get him to go up to bed so that I could go back to my room to call you."

I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with a response so quickly that not only explained why I couldn't talk to her but also explained why it was another half hour before I was able to call her back.

Wendy said, "Is that the truth?"

"Of course it is."

"Then why have you gone limp?"

She was right. My cock had betrayed me. In my panic to come up with a good answer I had lost my erection. I said, "Your questions upset me. You make me feel as if you don't trust me. How am I supposed to stay aroused under these circumstances?"

"I'm sorry. I was just teasing you. Let me see if I can help you." Wendy took my semi hard cock into her mouth and brought it back to full erection. With my member at full attention I moved between Wendy's legs and entered her. We made love slowly and after we held each other and talked. I asked her if she had a nice hotel room and she said, It was great. I was on the fifteenth floor overlooking the pool. It was very quiet."

The Wedding

It has been a year since my trip to Jacksonville and Wendy never mentioned the phone call again. There was a side benefit of our time apart. It seemed to have improved our sex life. Our sex life prior to that had been good. We made love about twice a week, which wasn't bad after six years of marriage. After I came back from Jacksonville Our lovemaking increased to four times a week. I guessed that being apart for a week had resulted in an increase in our passion. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

A few months ago Wendy was asked to be in a wedding for one of her old high school friends this summer. Wendy was excited about being in the wedding and I promised that nothing would keep me from going to the wedding with her.

The wedding was five months ago in Oak Park. We flew up to Chicago on Friday and checked into the airport Hyatt. We relaxed at the hotel that afternoon then drove a rental car out to Oak Park for the rehearsal. After the rehearsal there was a dinner hosted by the parents of the groom. I had a good time meeting Wendy's friends. The bride and groom Barbara and George, Barbara's brother Dave and their parents.

The wedding was at noon on Saturday at a small church north of town. As I watched Wendy come down the isle in her pink bride's maid gown I thought she was the prettiest girl in the church, including the bride. It made me think back to our own wedding and gave me a feeling of pride that I had won the hand of this wonderful woman.

The reception was at the home of the bride's parents, which was about a half hour drive from the church. We had been at the reception about a half hour when Wendy asked me to make sure and take a lot of pictures. When she said that, I realized that I didn't have my camera. It was a brand new digital camera that I had purchased for this occasion I had it with me in the church but I didn't have it now. I ran out to the car but the camera wasn't there. I told Wendy that I had left the camera at the church and I would have to drive back and get it.

Wendy was a little angry with me. She said, "It's going to take you an hour to get there and back."

"Well I can't leave it there, I just bought it and it was quite expensive."

"You better leave now so you can get back in time to eat."

I said I was sorry and headed for the door.

I had driven about two blocks from the house when I remembered that I had given a ride to another couple from the church to the reception and I moved some things from the back seat of the car into the trunk to make room for I stopped the car and checked the trunk. There sitting on top of some clothes Wendy had brought to change into later was my camera. I slipped the camera into my suit jacket and headed back to the reception.

When I walked into the house. I asked someone if they knew where Wendy was and they said that they thought that the wedding party went off with the photographer to take some pictures. It looked to me as though all of the guests had arrived. The house was full and many more people were milling around in the back yard.

I decided to explore the house while I was waiting for Wendy. It was a large two-story house built in the shape of the letter L. I walked down a hallway off the kitchen and found three small bedrooms and at the end of the hall was a staircase. I went up the stairs to a landing in front of a closed door. I tried the door and it opened into a study. Straight ahead of me was a large roll top desk. To the right there were bookshelves and to the left was another door.

I went to the left and stopped in front of the door for a moment. I felt very strange about what I was doing. On one hand I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, I was just exploring this beautiful home but on the other hand I felt like a spy or a thief sneaking around, invading my host's privacy. I opened the door as slowly and I heard soft music in the distance. Ahead of me through the door was a short hallway that transitioned into some kind of loft, actually more like a catwalk. The catwalk was about three feet wide with railings on both sides. At the other end of the catwalk was a circular staircase like you might find in a lighthouse. The music I heard was coming from whatever room was below the catwalk.

I knew I should leave but my curiosity was too strong for common sense to overcome, so I moved out of the study into the hallway. I slowly made my way down the hallway until I reached the end of the wall. I looked to the left and could see that the catwalk overlook a bathroom and on the right it overlooked a large bedroom. I was about to step out onto the catwalk when I herd a voice form below. I got down on my hands and knees and stuck my head out past the wall and peeked down into the bedroom.

At first I couldn't see anyone but then a man came into view and jumped onto the bed and lay down on his back with his head on a pillow. It was Dave, the bride's brother and he was naked from the waist down and he was sporting an erection. I was debating on whether I should retreat to the study or stay and see what was going to happen when I faintly heard a woman's voice say, Is this what you wanted?" Just then something white flew into view and landed on Dave's chest. It was a woman's panties which Dave picked up and held up to his face. As he smelled the panties he said, "Hurry, I need to feel my cock inside you."

Then the woman I heard speaking stepped into view. From my vantage point all I could tell was that she was one of the bride's maids. I could only see the top of her head and that she was wearing a pink dress. As she walked over and stood at the foot of the bed looking at Dave I thought that she looked a little like Wendy but I knew that wasn't possible.

Then Dave said, "How long have we got?"

"We have about forty-five minutes. It'll take Jim an hour to get to the church and back and he left about fifteen minutes ago."

I thought, "Oh my God, it is Wendy. What the hell is she doing?'

I was frozen there. I felt sick to my stomach and I was breaking into a cold sweat. As I watched, Wendy lifted her pink gown up above her knees and climbed onto the bed and walked on her knees over to Dave. Then she lifted the dress higher and moved her left leg over so that she straddled him and then positioned herself directly over his engorged cock. Then she lifted her dress still higher and I watched in total agony as Wendy used her hand to guide Dave's cock between her labia and slowly lower herself onto it.

I screamed, "NO!" but the only sound was inside my head, as the word did not pass my lips.

Wendy let her dress drop, covering the area of their coupling, and she began moving up and down on his shaft, She said, "Oh God Dave, you feel so good inside me. I can't tell you how long I have been looking forward to having you inside me again."

I thought, 'Again?' then I almost vomited. I closed my eyes until the nausea passed then looked again at the scene below. My wife, the woman who believed that cheating on a spouse was one of the most immoral things anyone could do, was right below me fucking another man and apparently not for the first time. I wanted to go down there and confront them, but I couldn't move. I was being humiliated by what she was doing, but I knew confronting them and making a seen would just add to my humiliation, especially if I started shouting, which I knew I would, and drew the attention of other people at the wedding. There could be no graceful retreat from here if I confronted them so I decided to just leave.

I tried but I still couldn't move. So I continued to watch. There was a skylight in the ceiling, which let a good deal of light into the room so I decided to get a picture of Wendy's infidelity as evidence. I slipped the camera out of my suit pocket and began taking pictures. I wasn't worried about Wendy and Dave hearing me over the noise they were making. Finally Wendy had an orgasm and collapsed on top of Dave. I listened carefully for any conversation after Dave climax and noted that Wendy never said, "I love you" to Dave. That was something she always said to me after sex. I don't know why that mattered to me.

The only thing I heard Wendy say was, "I better get cleaned up before Jim gets back. Wendy got off the bed and went into the bathroom and I crawled backwards till I reached the study. I got up and closed the study door and headed back the way I had come.

In the kitchen several people were standing around one of the counters drinking and eating appetizers. As I walked by them one of the women asked, "Aren't you Wendy's husband?"

I didn't even look back as I answered "Not any more."

When I got to the car I leaned against the door and vomited. When my stomach was empty I got into the car and sat behind the wheel and cried. When I finally regained my composure a kind of calmness came over me. I decided I needed distance from Wendy so I could think. I started the car and drove back to the hotel. At the hotel I called Delta Airlines and asked when their next flight to Atlanta was leaving and if I could change my ticket to leave on that flight. They said the next flight was leaving in an hour and a half and that I could change my ticket for a $50 charge. I told them to book me on the flight and began packing my clothes. I put Wendy's return ticket on the dresser and I headed for the airport. By the time I returned the rental car and got to my gate the plane was boarding. Two and a half hours later I was driving home from the Atlanta airport. I had just got onto I85 north when my cell phone rang.

It was Wendy. When I answered she said, "Where are you and what's taking you so long? You should have been back here hours ago. The reception is over and people are leaving."

I didn't feel like talking yet so I just said, "I got sick so I went back to the hotel."

"Why didn't you call me? I've been worried about you."

"Not so much that it ruined your fun I hope." I hoped she heard the sarcasm in my voice.

"If you're not feeling well you better stay at the hotel the hotel and I'll can get a ride back later. Dave just said he would bring me back to hotel."

"Well, isn't that nice of Dave?"

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing. I guess I am still not feeling well."

"Listen, I know you have to go home tomorrow, but would you mind if I stayed here for a couple more days so I can visit with some friends."

I said, "Sure, stay as long as you want. As a matter of fact you don't ever need to come home." Then I hung up.

With in a minute my phone rang again but I didn't answer it. It stopped ringing then a minute later the phone went off again, this time indicating that I had a voice mail message. I keyed the phone to get the message. When the message began to play it was Wendy saying, "What did you mean when you said I don't ever need to come home? Are you mad at me about something? Call me."

I erased the message and put the phone away. I wondered how long it would take her to figure out I wasn't in Chicago anymore. Thinking that I was at the hotel not feeling well she wouldn't be in any hurry to get back, so it could be hours before she found out. Then I had a sudden image of her in bed with Dave while she thinks I am waiting for her at the hotel. I felt my anger building again.

When I got home I poured myself a large glass of bourbon and sat down to think about what I should do. The obvious answer was that we would probably get divorced. The finality of that scared me. I had never considered life without Wendy but now I was faced with that possibility. To avoid divorce I would have to forgive Wendy for what she had done and hope that she still loved me enough to want to stay with me. How could I even consider forgiving her?

My cell phone rang again and again I didn't answer it. I waited for the voice mail message. "Jim, where are you. I called the hotel and they said you weren't there. Please call me I am getting worried."

I thought, 'Fuck you.'

Then suddenly Wendy's words came back to me. "It feels so good to have you inside me again." When the hell did she previously have sex with him? It wasn't before we were married. She was a virgin when we met. Then I knew. It had to be last year when Wendy went to her high school reunion. That's why she wanted to stay there a few extra days back then and why she wants to stay a couple more days this time. "Fuck!"

About an hour later the phone in the kitchen rang. I waited until the answering machine picked up to see who was calling. It was Wendy. "Jim, are you there? I am getting scared please call me and let me know if you are all right. If I don't here from you soon I will have to call the police."

I didn't want the police involve in this so I grabbed the phone and said, "I'm here."

"Jim, what's going on? You're scaring the hell out of me. Why did you fly home without me? My friend Julie said that she asked you if you were my husband and you said 'Not any more.' What did you mean by that? If something is wrong we need to talk about it."

I thought, 'Holly shit. She still hasn't figured out that I know about her fucking Dave. I had about all I could take of her innocent act.

Wendy said, "Whatever you think I did wrong can be undone."

"Tell me this Wendy, can you unfuck Dave. And if you could, how many times would you have to unfuck him to make everything all right?"

There was silence on the phone for nearly a minute then Wendy said, "What are you talking about?"

I hung up without answering her.

I called Delta Airlines to check there schedule of flights from Chicago to Atlanta and from that was able to figure out that it was unlikely that Wendy would be able to get a flight back to Atlanta until the following morning, assuming that she would come home at all. That gave me at least until noon the next day to figure out what I was going to do.

I was having a great deal of difficulty thinking and I couldn't sleep so I went into the study to write a "Go to hell you cheating fucking slut whore' letter to Wendy. I turned on the computer and while it was booting up I decided I would write a nasty note telling Wendy how I felt about what she had done, then I would leave the note with the pictures on the kitchen table for her to find when she got home. When the computer was ready I downloaded the pictures from my camera and printed them. The first ten pictures were from inside the church during the wedding ceremony. As I looked at these pictures coming out of the printer it struck me that I had taken these pictures less than twelve hours earlier but now it seemed like wedding took place years ago.

The last five pictures were the ones I took of Wendy bouncing up and down on that dickhead's cock. The odd thing was that looking at the pictures you couldn't tell what Wendy and Dave were up too. The way Wendy's dress was spread over them it looked like she was just sitting on him. The only evidence of what they were really doing in the pictures was in my head. In fact if I hadn't seen Wendy guide Dave's cock into her pussy I wouldn't have know what was going on in these pictures. I had to put the pictures aside; they were just too painful to look at anymore.

I sat at the computer for ten minutes and couldn't think of anyway to put in words what I was feeling so I gave up and checked my e-mail instead. There were only three notes and only one of interest. That one was from Jason Kane asking me to call him on Sunday when I got home from Chicago.

As I closed my mailbox it occurred to me that I should look at Wendy's mailbox. I had her password because I used to check her e-mail for her but I hadn't done that for a couple of years.

When I attempted to login the password I had didn't work. I realized Wendy must have changed her password, but why? Was she trying to keep me from reading her mail? That made me more curious. I looked all over the desk for anywhere she might have written her password without success. Then I opened her briefcase and started searching through the contents. I found her address book and started looking through it. Under 'D' I found Dave Dickson. The entry had his address, phone number, and an e-mail address. In the 'P' section of the book I found a list of about fifteen eight-character groups that appeared to be passwords.

I started trying the passwords on Wendy's e-mail account and the seventh one worked. When her mailbox opened I looked in her incoming mail. There was one note from an id named Dicky and it was dated the week before. I opened that note. The heading said From David A. Dickson. The body of the note simply read, "Can't wait to see you on Friday. Love, Dave."

Then I went to Wendy's mail folders and found one named Dicky. When I opened it there were many notes either address to or from Dave's e-mail address. I started with the oldest note, which was dated last year around the time Wendy returned from her class reunion. It read, "Wendy, How'd things go when you got home? Was your husband at all suspicious? I hope you enjoyed our times together as much as I did. Love, Dave."

That next note was Wendy's response. Her note read, " I didn't give Jim a chance to be suspicious. Remember the night I called him and he said he was busy and would have to call me back? I started questioning him about what he was doing that night as thought I was suspicious of him. That put him on the defensive. I don't think he suspects anything. And yes, it was great being with you last week. If I had know it would feel so good to have you inside me I would have let you get in my pants back in high school. W."

Dave's next note read, "Reading your note made me think about last Sunday night. When we were parked in the high school parking lot and you sucked my cock and let me cum in your mouth, that was one of the most erotic things that ever happened to me. I had to jerk off while I thought about how wonderful your mouth felt on my cock. You are right. You should have let me have your cherry in high school. Write back soon. Love, Dave."

Another note from Dave read, "I can't stand the idea that I don't have you here to suck my cock for me. You do it so well. I also miss the smell and taste of your pussy. How about mailing me the panties you're wearing right now. I want to be able to smell your scent in them. Love, Dave

Wendy's response, "After I read your last note I played with myself until I had an orgasm. Then I soaked up my sex juices with the crotch of my panties, sealed them in a plastic bag and mailed them to you this morning. I hope you enjoy them. W."

Somehow these notes, while making me angry and upset were also getting me aroused. I couldn't believe that Wendy was writing so graphically about sex and that she would actually send Dave her panties. This was very disturbing but also very erotic.

Dave's next note read, "Got your panties in the mail today. Thanks to the plastic bag the panties were still damp. I held them up to my face while I jerked off. Thank you for sending them to me. Love, Dave."

The next several notes were more conversational. After going through several notes that had nothing of interest in them I found one from Dave that read, "It's been three months since we were together and I miss you. I had to jerk off while thinking about pounding my cock into your pussy. Do you still think about having sex with me and how do you handle it? I love you, Dave."

Wendy responded, "I often think about having you inside me and when I get aroused I have sex with Jim. I think about you quite often so my sex life with Jim is better than it's been in years. W."

Dave wrote, "Ouch, that hurts. I have nothing but my memories of you and my hand for relief and you tell me that when you think of me, you fuck your husband. Actually the thought of that makes me horny. When you fuck him do you pretend it's me you're fucking? Do you pretend that it's my big cock that is giving you pleasure instead of Jim's little pecker? Please tell me more. Your lover, Dave."

Wendy wrote back, "Dave, Having sex with you is great, but so is having sex with my husband. Thinking of the sex we had together makes me horny which makes me want sex more often than before but it's Jim that's inside me and I think only about him when I am having sex with him. And to be honest, Jim's cock is just slightly bigger than yours. You have to remember this thing between us is only sex. I love my husband. W."

Dave wrote back, "Why are you so cruel to me? All I want to do is love you and make love to you. Always, Dave."

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