Letter To Tommy

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Linda writes her brother who is now a priest, and talks about her lack of sexaul control, she tells him about her thing for toys, and boys, she tells him about how she is into gang-bangs and anal. It is nothing but a letter to a brother that tells all, and with Linda that means very, very dirty and filthy.

Part 1

Hi Tom,

I know I have not written to you or even called since you left for divinity school too get away from me. I have been keeping track through mom. I understand that you now pastor a big Church down in Austin TX. I know it has been a very long time but tonight I have to write you. I would call you but I have a feeling it would be a very long phone call (provided that you would talk to me that is). I want to tell you what I have been doing and what I have gotten myself mixed up in. I don't honestly know if I am asking for advice, or if I am trying to shock my big brother (Yea like I could do that right?) or if I am asking for help. Maybe I am just letting another human who knows me and that I can trust know what is going on with me. I bet you tell everyone "confession is good for the soul" I can't talk to mom about this, and I sure as hell can't tell my husband Ron. Did mom ever tell you I finely did find a man and I got married? I was 26; His name is Ron, (Ronald) he had an 8-year old son (Josh) when I married him. Ron was 30 at the time. He was married before and his wife died of a Kidney infection. Because of everything that we did when we were young I thought I would never love any one man. I always held up any boyfriend to my high sexual standards, most men could not handle my sleeping around. When I found Ron, I kept that part to myself.

Ron seem to draw me out and he replaced that deep need in me for sex with different men. He filled that space that you left vacant when you ran off. I never told him about us or about anyone else, I wanted to tell him later but by then it was too late and now as I look back I am so ashamed of all those nasty things I had done. If you were not my brother Oh well that is a different time and different story. Right now my problem is with Josh and of course it has to do with sex. He is now in his second year at UCLA. He is majoring in Psychology (on paper) in reality he is majoring in sex, girls, and sex and he has mastered it well. Before I go into detail I want you to know something and it the God's honest truth. For 11 years I have never cheated on Ron not one time, we have had the most wonderful life. And I include the sex in there. It is not as wild as we had, but at least it is the right kind. Everything was perfect until about 6 months ago. Now my life is all turned all up side down. I have had days when I felt like ending it all to get out of this cycle I am caught in.

A lot of this shit is because of Ron's fucking job. Hey, don't be shocked Tommy, I never stopped cussing and I have no idea how you could have. Anyway Ron has this high paying high profile Government job and I stay at home being the perfect little wife for him. He has one of those jobs where he can't talk to me about his specific work. Because of his job, my family is always under security watch for our safety. The Army came in and did a high dollar security thing at our house. Right now I put most of the blame on it them and the system as well as on Ron. Before I get into this letter too much I should tell that when it comes to sex I only got wilder when it came to making love. You know what I mean, I was hardly quite when we had sex and whenever I came I let the world know. Well with Ron he is an animal in bed (and anywhere else we can do it) he is hung (maybe an inch longer than you are) and you know me, I have to have sex all the time. I thought I would loose some of this desire, as I got older, now at 36 I seem to be hornier all the time. (Yea, yea, nothing has changed)

Part of this problem is because Ron had to fly back and fourth to Washington so much. I am left here at the house alone with Josh popping in and out from his classes. We wanted to save some money on his education and we live so close to campus that he still lives with us. Now when Ron is in town, we are at each other all the time and when he is gone well do you remember how you taught me what cucumbers were good for? Well I still love them except now I have about 2 dozen other rubber toys to choose from. To make this a little shorter, I masturbate allot. (Well I use to anyway) Ron loves for me to do it over the phone while he is at work or at his motel. It helps us get our "fix" anyway what I am trying to tell you is, our sex life is what I always thought was perfect. You know me better than anyone (or at least you did) for me to say it is perfect, I am saying a mouthful.

If the walls in our house could talk they would turn your face red. Oh I hope your not turning red now my dear brother. Remember how you called me a stark raving mad sex manic? Well Ron thinks so also. OK, Ok I did not sit down here to brag about my sex life, I sat down here to, oh fuck I don't know exactly why. Just hear (read) me out. You know as I sit here writing to you about all of this getting it out of my system so to speak, I think I'll burn this letter, that way I can start to think more clearly. It all started 6 months ago, something happened to me that has shaken me to my core. Ron was in Washington and of all the times he had to go it was on our anniversary. Because of the weather they closed the airport where he was to fly out from to get back home. We had tickets to the opera and dinner and we had planned a very wild and nasty night of sex. He did not want me to miss my Opera so he had me take our housekeeper with me. She has been with us almost 10 years now.

This was the very first anniversary that we have not spent together and it crushed me. After the show we went to dinner and we toasted the past 11 years. Jill drank way too much, I had two glasses of wine anyway Jill, and I took a cab home. When we got there and went inside I was surprised to find Josh and three of his friends watching some sort of football game in the den. (Normally he is not around) I felt light headed but not drunk, It was time for bed so I took an Ambian (it is a new sleeping pill the doctor gave me that day.) I always have trouble getting to sleep when Ron is not at home. Anyway about 11:30 I lost track of everything. I remember taking Jill to her room and I put her to bed. I remembered saying good night to Josh and I went to my bedroom. The next thing I remember was waking up. I felt sore, my body was covered in sperm, my jaw hurt, my butt hole hurt, and my pussy was sore as hell. I knew that I had been raped. Then it accord to me that maybe Ron did get home after all and he had already left for work, after all it was 10:30 in the morning. I went to check on Jill, and I found that she had already left to visit her mom. It was her day off and she must have gotten an early start since it is about a two-hour drive to go see her mother as she normally does.

I called Ron's office but they told me he was still stuck in DC. I hung up the phone and sat in shock and in horror. How in Gods name did I get like this, how did I get raped in my own house with everything all locked up? I remembered the security system, with tears in my eyes and sore all over I got my key to unlock it. Ron has our system hidden under lock and key so that if anything does happen, only he I and his security men know where to look and how to get into it. I wanted to see what I did after I got home. I knew that we had hidden cameras all over the house and that they all work on sensors. That means the system only records the rooms that have body heat and movement in them. I wanted to see how I was raped and by who. I unlocked the system and I discovered that the tape from 12:00 on was missing. However the tape for the first 12 hours was still in the machine. I played it back and I did see us enter the house. I saw

The boys watching TV and I watched my self walk around a bit talking with the boys and then I watched myself take the Ambian. Jill was sitting down drunk talking to the boys and in less than 5 minutes she passed out. Jill was real drunk and it looked like I needed Josh's help to get her to bed so we took Jill to her room. I undressed her down to her underwear. Josh stayed there with us watching until I noticed and ran him out of the room.

We walked out and I heard myself tell Josh I was going to get ready for bed myself. I watched myself walk down the hall to my bedroom. Once I was gone I then saw Josh go back into Jill's room. He went over to her bed, pulled back her covers, opened her legs and he started playing with her pussy, he worked her and rubbed until Jill in her drunken stupor was responding to his touch. I watched as he went down on her. I watched as her body responded to Josh and was bouncing up and down against his face. I could see him stroking his dick as he licked her. Jill was into the pleasure he was giving her, her eyes never opened but she moaned and let it be known that she was experiencing pleasure. Josh stopped eating her and moved between her legs. I could not believe my eyes; my 20-year-old stepson was fucking my housekeeper. I had two things surprise me, no, it was three things. First I was surprised that Jill as drunk as she appeared was in any position to get any pleasure what so ever. Second I was surprised that Josh was hung like a horse and Third, I was surprised at myself for standing there looking at the monitor not wanting to miss any detail of what took place. I caressed my nipples as I watched, I saw one of Josh's black friends come up to the open door of Jill's room and he said "Hey buddy can I have some of that when your done?" I was in shock and I was so fucking turned on I could hardly stop from touching myself. Just as I reached down to touch my clit, Josh climaxed in Jill, and he started to speak to the guy when the tape ended. At Midnight the system stops one tape and starts another. The tape that started at midnight was gone. In fact for the very first time that I ever knew of the machine was not recording anything right then. There was a flashing light "missing tape"

I was at my wits end trying to figure out what happen, I was pissed because the tape was gone and I would not know what happened next. I mean what happen to me who fucked me. I did not know what to think, I know that Ron and I are the only ones in the house that knew where the security system is and I was trying to figure out how could the tape have been taken. I sure as hell do not remember taking it out, then I tried to recall if I had even seen it in there, maybe Ron forgot to re-set that one and it was just missing. I went to the phone to call the police to report that I had been raped, but I just could not pick it up. I went and took a very long bath and shower, I put my robe on and sat in the den almost all day, well till about 2 anyway, that was when Josh returned from school. I looked at him and his shit-eating grin. I started to say something about what I had seen, but then I would have to tell him about the secret security system that he was not suppose to know about. I just figure I would wait and let his father deal with it. Josh bounced in and asked me if I would like to see his newest project (a documentary). He said he had been working on it all day and when he turns it in he should get an A+. He is an electronics wizard; I said sure (I was humoring him) he walked over to the VCR and put in the tape he brought in with him from school.

I expected some sort of documentary about school; I never in my life was so shocked. It started with rock and roll and an announcer said "The night in the life of one cock hungry lonely house wife." I was dumbfounded and stunned. Then the voice said "Staring that lover of any cock, Hard or Soft, that sucker of cocks, the slut who just can't get enough when her husband is gone, This cunt has no idea how to say the word "No". This bitch will suck you dry and will not stop; she is good to the very last drop. It is the one, the only Mrs. Linda Johnson." I was frozen in shock, I started to get up and turn it off but Josh quickly got up and told me that I better watch all of it, if I did not want dad to see the one that he made for him to watch. It was clear to me who took the missing tape from the system now. The movie showed me walking to my bedroom, I watched myself go into the bathroom and pee. I watched myself go over to my bed and with the light on and with the door wide open I laid on top of the covers. I started to caress myself and talking to Ron for not being with me on our anniversary. I watched as I worked my fingers and hands giving myself more and more pleasure. I looked at my self, I did not appear to be drunk, and I did not appear to be stoned. With tears in my eyes I was trying to recall anything, I could not. Why couldn't I remember any of this? I watched myself work my pussy to frenzy. I would get my fingers all wet with my juice and suck on them licking them clean. I had my legs wide apart and pulled back and I was really yelling out dirty things to myself like I was masturbating to a gang-bang fantasy or something.

You remember how I loved to get wild and loud when climax. Will if anything over the years I have gotten worse. The camera is on the ceiling and it looks down on the whole room it has one of those fish lens that sees everything. I looked over at the door and I could see a man standing there with his cock in his hand, he just stood there watching me. I reached under my pillow and pulled out my big fat long rubber dick. I watched as I slowly worked it into myself, and I watched as I lost myself to it. I was talking to my cock as I fucked myself. I kept telling it how much I loved it, I told my rubber cock how I could always count on it being there with me and not off working. I told it how I could not wait to suck it and how I needed to feel it in my ass after it made me come just one time. I called my cock different names as if different men were there fucking me one right after another.

I watched myself as the person stroking his long cock moved slowly up next to the bed. I watched as I kept fucking myself and turned my head to see him coming in next to the bed. I watched my eyes as I kept them glued to the hard cock in his hand. I watched as he moved onto the bed with me and he brought his cock up to my mouth where I attacked him. I assaulted his cock with my mouth and I watched as I climaxed doing it. I sat there watching this and I had two things going through my mind, first off was that Josh. I couldn't see his face but I saw his cock and it was lovely. The other thing going through my mind was while watching this, it was overpowering my shock and anger, and I was starting to watch what I did with interest and desire. However I was not about to give myself away and let Josh know I was interested.

I watched Josh reach down and take over my big black rubber cock that I was fucking myself with. He went a lot faster than I had been doing, the faster he went the crazier I became. Sitting there watching I could feel my dampness between my legs. I watched my self on the bed as I arched my back up as I was coming; I had one hell of a hard climax. It was all Josh could do to keep his balance the way I was bouncing up and down thrusting myself against the cock in his hand. I watched as he pulled it out, and then I could hear myself begging and moaning for more. Then I began to plead with him to eat me. I let go of his cock and using my hands I forced his face down between my legs. As his mouth found its goal, I saw another man walk into my bedroom. I laid there looking at him and I worked my nipples and tits while he came into the room and took his clothes off. I watched and heard myself as I begged him to let me suck his big black cock. Watching this as I sat there was beginning to take it's toll, I was getting so turned on by what I was watching I had to get some realize, yet I did not want Josh to be aware that watching this was effecting me at all. I started to flex my inner Kagel muscles and that gave me a little pleasure. Not as much as touching myself but enough to sort of take off the edge so to speak. I would have preferred to be licked and eaten or better yet just being fucked.

As I watched I told myself that I was drunk. I had to be drunk, there was no way on this earth I would have done anything like that ever. (Allow two men in my bedroom with Ron gone) The trouble was, I could tell that I was not drunk. Something was wrong I love sex way too much to do something like that and not remember anything at all about it. Now sex with my step-son would never happen (or anyone else for that matter) Hell I have been drunk many times I know what and how I act when I'm drunk, while I had been drinking earlier I could not understand why I was acting like a fucking slut. One thing that did stand out like a sore thumb was, I was extremely horny. I watched as Josh moved from between my legs and moved up to slide in his dick. My eyes were glued to the TV screen.

My mouth was dry and Josh had turned up the volume very high, I could hear my own breathing and I could hear how excited I was. I looked over at Josh who was also watching the TV screen. He had his hand in his lap massaging a very stiff Hard-On. Turning back to the screen I watched as Josh slid his cock into me. I heard myself moan with pleasure as he filled me and right then my body seem to respond to what I was watching and hearing. As Josh entered me he was not moving fast enough for me. I stared to work my hips fucking pushing and working myself closer to him. All the time this was going on, I had that lovely black cock in my hand and I made love to with my mouth. I watched as Josh fucked and fucked and fucked me. I could hear all the moans and all the nasty talk. The Black kid was telling me what a great hot mouth I had. Josh was calling me all kinds of filthy dirty names that seemed to excite me (if possible) more. He called me a nasty slut who can't get enough cock. He called me his sex toy; he called me his hot sloppy cunt that will never get enough cock.

I sat there watching as I worked myself into a frenzy fucking him hard. He came in me and pushed hard to get every last drop deep inside of me. I had another very hard long climax as he did that. He finely pulled out of me and the black kid moved into replace him. Josh in the mean time moved up on the bed and over to my head. I heard him tell me "Clean it bitch, clean off your cum." I opened my mouth and took his now half-limp dick in my mouth. I licked, sucked, and worked at his dick getting every last drop from it. There was no doubt about it in my mind at least, I was so fucking turned on, I would have licked his cock if he had just pulled it out of my asshole. Watching all this had an effect on me, I was now hot as hell and I ached to touch myself. However as bad as I wanted to, I knew I had to act as if I was mad. I sure as hell could not let this kid know I was at that point right then. I could not let him know I wanted to fuck the first man that I could get a hold of. I watched as two more men came in the room and they quickly got undressed. The black guy fucking me told the others to watch him fuck my ass. He had hold of my ankles way above my head. He said "Hold your toes baby, keep it wide open for daddy." By then I had cleaned off Josh and I grabbed for my toes. I held them and kept my legs straight. The guy pulled his cock out of my pussy and guided it to my butt hole.

Now Ron and I have been doing anal sex since day one, In fact there are times that I get some of my strongest climaxes from being fucked in my ass hole. I watched as he eased himself into me. I wanted to close my eyes and try and find a memory (any memory) of what his cock felt like. My problem was, I could not. Oh sure I could close my eyes and try, but what I could not do was find any memory of last night. I watched as he worked me slowly at first then faster and faster. I watched him climax and bury his cock deep inside of me. I was screaming out words of love and lust at him for taking me to that wonderful place of bliss. Of course the other boys were not exactly standing around just watching. They were masturbating while they waited their turns, they were all very vocal. They were telling him to "fuck the bitch," "Make her scream" "Rock her world" They also told him to hurry up, and not to be such a big hog of the nasty pig.

He shot his load into me and pulled out. The other black kid moved right in between my legs and asked me "which hole you want me to cram this big black fat cock in baby?" I raised my head and said "In my ass, put it in my ass." He did and I kept moaning and moaning and moaning. It was getting to be way too much for me sitting there watching this. I had flexed my Kagel muscles so much that I could feel a slight climax start to build as I sat there. I looked up at Josh and with a very dry throat said "Josh, would you be so kind as to go get me a cold beer from the bar?" He got up and as his back was turned to me, I very quickly changed positions on the couch pulling my right foot under me, this opened my crotch area, and I reached down and touched myself ever so fast on my swollen clit. I quickly took my robe and covered myself as Josh turned the corner of the bar.

He came back and as he handed me the beer bottle he said "Now make sure you have that empty before you start using it to fuck yourself with it Mom." I snapped back "That is any way to talk to your mother." Which brought back a fast reply. "You ain't my mother, your a fucking hot nasty cunt that can't get enough cock, you are my fuck bitch now so shut up and don't say another word, or the copies I made will be sent off to everyone including dad." I had tears swell up in my eyes, what did I ever do to Josh that he would do this to me?

I looked back at the TV and we were all moving around on the bed. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on. There was all kinds of talking going on at the same time so it was not easy to hear what everyone was saying to understand any kind of a sentence. I was getting ready to straddle Josh while he laid on his back, one of the black guys was moving up behind me. I realized that right then, right in front of my eyes, I was having one of my strongest fantasies that I had ever thought about, it was the one I daydreamed about the most as I masturbated and here I was actually going to do it. I watched myself as I moaned and went on and on how wonderful they both felt inside of me, Josh was in my pussy, and the black guy was in my ass. In front of me was a guy ready for me to suck his cock. I wanted to cry, for years and years, night after night I would dream of doing such a thing. I would be fucking Ron and visualizing this. I had even prayed to God to allow me to take three men at the same time. Why was I crying you ask? Here I did it and I could not remember any of it, not one little thing about doing it. I watched as I went nuts, crazy out of my mind with pleasure.

I was so focused on the TV I almost did not hear Josh speaking to me, then I finely heard him say, "Touch yourself mom, rub that hot dripping cunt of yours while you finish watching this." I looked at him and said "No, I won't do it, I don't know how you made this all up, but that isn't me and you can't show this to anyone with out letting everyone know it was you and your friends that raped me last night." Josh said "take a closer look mom look at the faces, tell me who do you see?" I took a long hard look, he was right, the faces were all blurry (except mine of course) and then I started to listen to the voices, the only one clear enough to make out was mine. Josh and his friend's voices all seemed to have some sort of reverb to them.

Josh said again, "Touch yourself mom, I want you to finger that hot cunt of yours, you know you are hot right now, you know you need to do it, rub yourself, finger yourself, if you don't I'll do it." At this time the tears of lust turned to tears of shame being told what to do by my stepson who was forcing me to do what he wanted me to do. I said "Just keep your hands off of me." I reached down and touched myself. My Vulva was open and wet, my clit was hard as a little rock, and I could smell myself because I was so turned on. The tape went on and I masked several climaxes as I sat and watched the video. I counted that Josh had fucked me three times, one black guy fucked me twice, the other white guy fucked me twice and the last black guy fucked me four times. When the boys had all had fucked me and were tired, they got up, dressed and left. I fell asleep on the bed where I woke up the next morning. (This morning)

Part 2

Josh turned off the TV right as I finished another held-in climax. He said "look, here is the deal mom, this tape is between you and me, I already made up 10 copies and they are all ready to be sent out. Make no mistake about it either Linda, I would love to send them all out right now, but as long as you do what I say I won't. Dad will never find out, the Pastor of yours will never find out and your stuck up old hags of friends will never know what kind of wicked nasty cock sucking cunt and slut that you are, do you understand me mamma dear?"

I sat there, still touching myself, I had my head hung down and I felt like I was going crazy, I felt trapped, and at the very same time excited. Josh was treating me the way I always fantasized about. (Being used as a simple sex toy.) I never dreamed I would end up being my own stepson's sex toy. Then he said "we'll start out with something rather simple, Go to Jill's room, get her maid uniform and put it on, and no underwear either. Then go your favorite dildo and come back here, when you get back, kneel down, stick you rubber cock in that cunt of yours then suck my cock, I'll be on the phone talking when you get back." I got up and went to Jill's room found her cute little French maid uniform that I love her to wear around the house, and put it on with out any bra or panty's. I then went to my room, got my big fat long black rubber cock, and returned to the den. Josh was on the phone all right, I knelt down in front of him, his pants were off, and he had his stiff dick in his hand. I reached under myself and put my black cock between my legs, I placed the base of it on the floor and slowly squatted down on it. I inserted my cock into myself and started to slowly rise up and down it is a heavy one so it slid out very easy. Of course being so turned on as I was did not help to keep in inside of me either. As I took Josh's hard cock into my mouth I started to make love to it. I almost froze as I heard him say "Oh I don't know where she is at right now dad. You know her she is always popping in and out of here, I just got home myself, If I know mom well enough I am sure she is doing exactly what she loves to do and most likely she can't get enough of it."

I had stopped sucking and started to pull away until I felt Josh's hand on the back of my head pulling me to him. He kept talking and he was saying things to really hurt me. He told his father how he was sure that I was the best person that he has ever known he told him how he felt so lucky that his dad married such a nice sweet lady, and not one of those skags he had dated. He said, "You know what dad, I would not be at all surprised me if right now if mom was on her knees in worshipping her God." I don't know what happen but something in me I just snapped. I really started to bounce up and down on my rubber cock to make it fuck me the way I love being fucked. I started to work Josh's cock real hard I wanted him to loose his concentration; I wanted his dad to know something was going on and he would get caught. Then he said "I would bet that what ever it is that she is doing right now that she is doing out of pure love for it.

There is something in mom that makes her just want to please others." Josh's breathing was very rapid and at times labored; it was hard for him to talk with out giving himself away. I heard him say in a strained sex voice "Oh..., how did you know? I mean yea, OK, OK dad. Yea I got a girl here with me, well if you must know she's sucking me off while I'm talking to you dad." I went nuts, I was heaving myself up and down on my dick, and I was yanking, sucking, and pulling My step son's cock.

Oh sure she'll be gone before mom gets home, no you don't know this girl, she is new, but maybe some day I'll introduce her to you and you can get your knob polished. Oh Mom, Yea oh don't worry, this sweet slut will be long gone before mom ever comes. But dad, this cunt gets turned on when I call her names, she wants me to call her that, sure, here, I'll let her tell you." I put the phone down to my mouth as I kept sucking and slurping. Letting his dad hear what I was doing to him. He took the phone back up to his mouth and said "Sorry dad, I can't get her to stop long enough to say high, maybe later. Oh Yea, this bitch gets off on being a nasty slut. I mean she gets off on being used as a sperm bank if you know what I mean. Oh I'm not sure dad, but I will make sure I tell mom you called, yea I'm sure your right, what ever mom is doing right now it is worth her time and effort. Yea, she never does anything half way." I was so fucking close to a climax myself that I wanted to scream out to Josh that I was coming. I wanted to rip his cock off and swallow it. Ron had to be able to hear the noise that I was making. "Sure dad, I'll tell her as soon as she comes. I mean comes in, bye." He hung up the phone and asked "are you close yet?" I started to shake and shudder into a very hard, very strong, and very long climax I heard Josh say "Bye the way slut, Dad said he loves you" I heard that and squatted down hard onto my rubber dick. When my ass cheeks hit the floor the cock was all the way inside of me and I swear inside of my Cervix. I felt lightheaded and I am sure I was about to pass out from this strong climax.

I had not realized it but Josh had climaxed also. I still had his dick in my mouth as it pulsed and began to go soft. He stood up and said "Tell you what mom, I'm going to call Jill at her parents home and tell her to spend the night, Dad is due in at midnight and he wants you to pick him up. In the mean time I think I'll have a little party over here and your going to be the cunt of the party. I guess I should say hit of the party." I sat there looking up at him as he pulled his pants back on. He said "Now listen close and understand what I am going to tell you mama. You no longer have a will, your will is my will. You will do what ever I say, when ever I say, and right now I am telling you that you will sexually please everyone that I invite over here today, you will do what ever you are told, do you understand?" I looked at him and said "Yes what ever you say, just please don't show that video to anyone and I'll do what ever you want." Then he said "The first thing I want is, you will address me as "Lover"." I said "Yes Lover." From this day forward I will address you by what you really are, I'll call you my cock hungry cunt. I'll introduce you to my friends as my step slut mom, my own private whore. Whenever I do introduce you to any one, you will tell them that you are very glad to meet them. Then you will always ask them if there is anything what so ever that you can do to them, or for them, to make them happy, Do you understand?"

Whenever dad is out of town you will plan to be with me and I'll be taking you with me to my frat parties. Since you are such a nasty slut, I'll let you fuck any man you want." I looked at him and said "but I don't want to screw other men Josh I mean Lover." Josh said "Oh yes you do bitch, you want to fuck any man, and every man that you can. You are a nasty fucking slut, and by the way, the only word you will use for fucking is "fucking" you can screw dad all you want, but you will fuck anyone I put you with. Do you understand or not?" I looked at him not knowing what to say. Then he broke the silence and said "Whenever I introduce you to any of my friends, or to any man what so ever. You have one job to do and one goal to accomplish, that goal and job is to make that man come. What I mean by introducing you is this, when I say "This is my step-mom her name is Linda," or I say to you, "this is my friend" Tom. That is your signal to get to work and make sure that he comes, it is that simple. Lets just say that will be my way of telling you who you will have sex with. Now if I introduce you to 3,4 or 5 of my friends at the same time well, you will do them all at the same time, you know mom remember all those times you had a dildo gang-bang with your self? Well now they are going to be real gangbangs, real men with real cocks. You won't have to dream and crave lots of cock any more.

I asked "How am I to do it? Do I suck them, or fuck them?" he said "look mom, I really don't care if you make them cum with your mouth, your hand, your cock hungry cunt or your asshole, but you must make them cum with-in 10 minutes of the introduction. So you see my dear mamma you do want cock and you will fuck as many men as you can while dear old dad is out of town. Don't you mom? I'm going to get you all the cock you could possibly want for the rest of your life. Wait I have another idea, you are always getting hit on aren't you mom?" I said "Oh I guess you could call it that, I get allot of compliments from men when I am out and about." Josh said "good, from now on when ever any man comes up to you and says he wants sex with you, in any way or manner, you will do it, you will have sex with him. What ever you are doing or where ever you are going you will stop doing it or going there and take time to have some kind of sex with the man or men. If I ever find out that you have turn down any man that wants sex with you, I will mail off the tapes."

I could not believe Josh; I did not want to believe that he could be so cruel, and so nasty. He was blackmailing me, me his stepmother to be a whore and a slut, his slut. Sure I got turned acting like or being a slut for my husband Ron, and yes and it did turn me on watching that video tape of myself fucking his friends and him last night, but what he was saying was wrong, I mean way wrong.

I guess he could see me thinking long and hard of what he just told me. He said "Look Linda, I know about the games you and dad play, did you forget that this house is recording everything night and day?" What he said made me recall all those times that Ron and I played around doing or nasty little sex games. We did things like I would dress real sluttish and go out to a bar, then he would comes in, pick me up and we go out to his car and he fucks me. Or we meet at a bar, I bring him home and we talk filthy and pretend I am a cheap whore or a slut that gives it away. Another one of our games was Ron breaking into my house, gagging me, tie me up and raping me then leaving me tied up until he comes in as my husband returning from a trip out of town.

Those are all games we played, but Josh, he was taking it a way past any kind of game. He continued "I have been watching you for years, you know those days you would fuck dad and then when he left for work you were not really satisfied and you wanted more? I have watched you time and time again pull out two or three of your rubber cocks and gang-bang yourself. You would lay there talking to them as if they where real men. I have watched you do some of the most filthy things a woman could do or even think of doing. So don't give me any shit or act like you don't want what I am giving you. I know you Linda, you know that one game you love so much of being tied up and raped in your bed, well there will be nights in the future that I will have a real stranger (to you) come in tie you up and rape you silly. The only thing is you won't know if it dad or someone that I had sent in to fuck you. I know you, and I know your nature, you will fuck whom ever I tell you to. You will fuck them like it will be the last cock you ever fuck in your whole life, now won't you mom?" I looked at him and I was trying to some how think of an answer that he wanted to hear. I figured I better tell him that he was right. I said "your right Lover, your right I am a filthy slut that can't get enough cock and I will love any man that wants to take the time to fuck me."

Part 3

Then Josh said "you know I have an idea, I'll bet you right now that your cunt is not just wet, but you are sloppy wet, I bet you cunt is open and ready for a cock." I asked "What happens if I win the bet?" He said "Well mom first off I know you can't win this bet, you are just a natural hot blooded bitch that can't get enough cock, you have been settling for those rubber cocks all your life. I can give you what you crave I can give you guy's that will fuck the shit out of you. However if I am wrong, (and I know that I am not) I'll give you the all videotapes and the master tape. You won't have to do anything that I just said and we can forget that last night and today ever happened. Do you want to make that bet mom?" I looked at him, well glared is more like the truth. While everything that he had said was true, I really did not want to be living out any of my fantasies with anyone but my husband. I said "But what if I am just a little bit wet from the left over sperm in me from last night? Of course this dick in me right now has me a little lubricated, I mean that doesn't prove that I am turned on by all this filthy talk." Josh said "Oh NO, your not a little bit wet you are sopping wet, I am betting that your clit is hard, your lips are swollen and your hole craves a real cock and I am also betting that your body wants to be fucked so bad your pussy is craving it. Do we have a bet or not? Or do you just want to go along with my original terms?"

I thought for a minute, sure I would agree with myself that what he said was a little true, and I could be a little turned on, but not as sloppy wet as he put it. I then said "But what if we do not agree? I mean you could say it is when it is not." Josh got a gleam in his eye and said "OK, how about this, we both know that when a normal woman has sex and it takes most women a while to get their motors started right? Sometimes their men come way before they do. Let's say that you are ready for a cock right now, and in my opinion you are. Let's add another little thing to this bet. If I think you and your pussy are ready, and you do not, the only way to make sure is for me to fuck you. I'll fuck you, and if I make you cum in less than two minutes you loose the bet. You are then my fucking slut and you do what you are told." I asked "Now if you fuck me hard enough and you can make me cum in those two minutes you win But if you do not make me cum, then I will win, Right?" Josh then said "I'll tell you what, I do you one better, I'll make you cum twice, if I do you make you cum twice, you do not fight me in any way about any of my terms, not one hint of ever saying "NO" is it a deal?"

I said "deal, but even if I am all turned on like you said, the key is making me climax right? I mean if you can't make me climax, I mean cum in two minutes, I win. And if I can make you cum before the two minute is up, then I win right?" Josh said "oh yes, but you won't win this bet, your a natural born slut. That slut is bottled up in that mind of yours and in that body of yours. The whore in you is screaming to come out, she wants to do everything I say."

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