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Lucy Moore sat in bed reading the file on the Jorgenson prosecution A Pretty woman of 43 she was a Prosecutor in the Attorney Generals Office. Widowed at 28 she had used her husbands insurance proceeds to get an education and to raise her son Troy. He was 18, she was as happy as a person could be professionally and as a Mother.

at 10 she turned off the light and prepared to go to sleep. Damn she said softly, there's a light on somewhere. Going into the hallway she could see the light coming through Troy's partially open door. Troy? she queried softly. Getting no reply she went into his room to turn off his bedside lamp. As she crossed the room she noticed that Troy who was lying uncovered had an enormous erection. Averting her eyes she went to the lamp and reaching for the switch, she took one more look around. Just so I don't trip on the way out she told herself. This time she took in the fact that with his shorts on there was still a good 4 inches of his cock protruding above Troy's waistband. Oh god she thought why did I look? She couldn't tear her eyes away now. She couldn't help feeling aroused as she watched him stir and moan in his sleep. She hurriedly turned off the light and headed for the door. As she left the room she looked back once more and Troy was bathed in moonlight streaming throughthe window. She stood at the door and thinking herself to be hidden in the shadows she reached inside her gown and caressed her right breast. Her other hand found its way to her pussy and she began to masturbate in the darkness.

I know what you are doing she heard him say as he pushed his shorts down and grabbed his cock. Stricken with shame she just stood there until he came to her side and led her back to the bed. Sitting beside her he put his arm around her and placed her hand on his hardness. Stunned Lucy began to cry and with a sob she bent down and taking him in her mouth began to suck his cock. Having taken this first step she put her heart into what she was doing. Hoping to get him off before things went any further she was determined to end this Illicit contact after one time. Troy however had other plans and twisting away he lay her on her back and began kissing her as he fingered her pussy. Stripped of any resistance she felt an orgasm begin in the pit of her stomach and spread to her navel in one direction and her knees in the other. Oh oh honey oh no we can't do this she moaned as another orgasm racked her body.

As he put his mouth on her pussy and raked her clit withhis tongue she abandoned any thought of having him stop. Oh Troy suck me she implored as he edeavoured to give her what she cried for. OOOh oooh oooh my god thatfeels so good. OOOhhh ooohhh--her moans subsided as he came over her and she guided his enormous cock to her cunt. Swabbing it up and down in her crack she moistened the tip of his cock and momentarily she was moving her self up and down to facilitate entry of this magnificent intruder. ooohhh god oh honey you're so big and so good she added oh Troy she cried. Fuck me oh god fuck me as he began to stroke within her. uuuggghhh she moaned as his swollen member stretched her pussy farther than it had ever been. ooohhh ooo uuughuuuggghhhooohhh as he continued to fuck her. Deeply enough now that the front of his thighs were slapping against the back of hers. Pulling her self wide open she trembled uncontrollably as he ravaged her burning hole. uya uya uya uya she articulated as she endured one orgasm after another. Fuck me --Fuckme honey oh oh oh god she moaned as she felt him spurt inside her. lying atop her they kissed and nuzzled in the after glow of their forbidden lust.

After a time she asked, what now? Why not more of the same was the reply? After moving to her room where the bed was larger she found herself being penetrated by Troy's oversized member once again. At 4AM they stopped long enough for Lucy to leave a message on her Supervisors answering machine that she had come down with something and was going to spend the day in bed. Throughout the day they alternated between sleeping and fucking.

That night she had taken him in her Ass and both were enjoying this variation. At one point he had told her "Mom" I love you. Oh honey she said please call me Lucy. OK, but how come? It just does'nt seem right for you to call me Mom while you are fucking my Ass.


Friday afternoon two of Troy's friends came home with him after school. Ross and Tamala had been his friends since 8th grade. Ross was a young Black kid, 18 tall he was and good looking. Tamala his cousin was the same age and as beautiful and intelligent as any girl in Troy's class. Honor students all they studied together on friday evenings and then usually went out later. Tonight however they stayed in and watched a movie.

At 8 Oclock Lucy told them she was retiring to her room and for them to stay as long as they liked. Troy asked her why don't you let Ross go with you? Lucy looked at Ross and after a moment she asked him, that OK with you Ross? Oh yes Maam he said. Hand in hand they went to Lucy's room where she turned to him and they kissed in a way that told Lucy this was no inexperienced youth. Gently and expertly he began to arouse her, carressing her through her clothing until she was on fire with passion for this Dark Skinned Adonis. Slowly and deliberately he removed her clothing while keeping her at a fever pitch with his caresses. Laying her on the bed he moved between her thighs and brought his mouth to her pussy. Oh god Ross oh oh that's so good as he expertly alternated between licking her crack and sucking her clitoris. ooohhh ooohhhooo ooo ooo oh god I'm cumming she cried oh god. coming forward Ross brought his cock to bear on the opening of her pussy. OOOh ooo h she moaned as he entered her. Just then Tamala lay down beside her and Troy began pushing cock his in to her Ghuuugh uugghh uuggh uuunnnggghhh Lucy grunted as Ross filled her cuntal cavity withhis 12 inch club. AAAggghhh Tamala groaned as Troy sunk his substantial cock into her pussy. aaaggghhh oooggghhh these two females crooned as both couples thrashed wildly in the bed. Fuck me honey Tamala Cried. Oh god fuck me Lucy implored. Ohgod fuck me. OOOhh ooohhh ooohhhthey continued tomoan as both women had prolonged orgasms.

The two guys now settled into a slower rythm fucking deeply into the two cunts that lay at their disposal. OOOhhh ooohhh god. fuck me Tamala cried as Troy drug his cock through her pussy. aaaghhh aaagghhh Lucy grunted as Ross plumbed to the bottom of her cunt causing her asshole to pooch out when he struck bottom. oooaaaggghhh aaaggghhh these women moaned in unison as they had another orgasm. ugh ugh ugh the two guys intoned as they shot their cum far up these two womens cunts.

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