Gift Cards

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young married couple exchange Christmas presents consisting of 52 gift cards. Each card a gift of love. The cards are drawn once a week. Over the years the gifts get more daring until the husband gives his wife a gift of a sexual challenge.

Flo and I have been together for nine years the last seven as husband and wife. Flo is a beautiful blonde, six feet tall and 135 pounds. She has been the love of my life since the instant I laid eyes on her in college. Neither of us had much sexual experience before we met but we learned how to give a great deal of pleasure to each other over the years.

The event that I am writing about had its genesis five years ago. At that time Flo and I were saving every penny we could get our hands on to buy a house. That year I told Flo that we would not be able to buy Christmas gifts for each other. On previous Christmases we were very extravagant in our gift giving. Flo was very disappointed, not because she wanted things, but because she really enjoyed giving me gifts. I also enjoyed giving her gifts. We kept reminding ourselves that our new house would be our gift.

Then one evening, just before Christmas, Flo was waiting for me at the door as I came home from work. She said that she got an idea, from a TV show she had watched that afternoon, on how we could give each other Christmas gifts without spending money. The idea was very simple. We would each write on individual cards 52 things we would do for our mate, like give a massage, or do a project around the house of you spouse's choosing, etc. Then we would put the gift cards in envelopes and place them in a box. We would then exchange the boxes on Christmas day. After that, once each week, starting in the new year, we would each draw out one envelope and whatever was on that card was our gift for that week. This would allow us to give each other a gift on Christmas that would last all year and wouldn't cost us anything.

At first I wasn't as excited about the idea as Flo was, but it was something that would make her happy if I went along with it. I thought it would be easy to knock off 52 gift ideas so that night I sat down with a stack of 3x5 cards and started. Three days later, on Christmas Eve I finished the last of the cards. I came up with the easy ones to think of, like giving her a foot massage or back rub, the first day. It helped when I decided that I didn't need 52 different gift ideas, that gifts like massages were good presents any time of year so I put a lot of those in. But I also put in things like: planting a flower garden, washing and waxing her car, cooking dinner for a week, cleaning up the kitchen for a week, doing the laundry, and so on. Every time I though of something original I could give her it made me feel good. I was beginning to like this idea more all of the time.

On Christmas day we exchanged our boxes and I realized that I had missed the boat a little. I had put Flo's envelopes in a shoebox and wrapped it in gift-wrap. Flo had found and old toy treasure chest at garage sale and had cleaned it up and painted it and put my envelopes inside. Flo didn't seem to mind that I didn't put much thought into the package but I felt bad. I should have done better.

Afterward we discussed how we should exchange our weekly gifts. We decided that we would each draw an envelope on Friday evening after dinner or before bed if we had been out for the evening. It would then be decided when the gift was to be delivered. One-day projects done on the weekend, gifts like massages would be given at the recipient's request. Gifts of a week in duration (like my cooking for a week) were to begin on Sunday and end the following Saturday. Then we started another Christmas tradition. We made love under the Christmas tree. It was slow and tender and for the first time Flo actually let my cock slip inside her mouth. It was only for a brief moment but it was great. Flo had kissed my cock before and she seemed to enjoy it when I performed oral sex on her but she would never admit it. I think she still though that oral sex was dirty and she wasn't supposed to like it. But I think she was slowly coming around.

As we started our gift drawings in January it became apparent to us that we would have to make a few adjustments in our plans. The first gift that Flo drew from the box was to have me plant a flower garden. As it was the first week in January, I couldn't plant the garden then, so we decided that if for some reason a gift could not be delivered during the week it was drawn the recipient would hold the gift card and collect it as soon as feasible. We made more adjustments as we went along. I found myself looking forward to Friday evenings when I got to draw for my gift.

That year was quite eventful for us. In April we moved into our new house, In June I got a promotion at work, which put me in a much higher salary grade and Flo having finished her masters program at the university got a teaching position that September. So as that Christmas approached we were in a much better financial position than the year before and would be able to buy Christmas gifts for each other again so we would no longer need the weekly gift box.

I had a great time buying gifts for Flo that year. I bought her albums she had wanted, clothes, some ski equipment and I even bought her some sexy lingerie. About a week before Christmas I saw an antique cookie tin from the late 1800s. I bought it for Flo with the idea that she would use it to decorate the house. When I got home with the tin the idea struck me to give it to her full of gift envelopes. I got my 3x5 cards again and started writing gift cards. This time it was easier to come up with ideas. Our experience over that last year helped and having money so that I could include gifts like a romantic weekend for two at the coast, or dinner out at the restaurant of her choice, and I threw in one that said Flo could send me to the store of her choice to buy her some sexy lingerie.

As we exchanged gifts on Christmas morning I couldn't wait for Flo to open my cookie tin. I don't know why, but I was more excited about giving her the tin full of weekly gifts than I was about any of the other gifts I bought. From the number of gifts under the tree it was obvious that we had overdone things this year. I had managed to keep Flo from opening the cookie tin till last. We she saw the old tin she loved it. Then when she opened it and saw the gift cards inside she started laughing and tears were also running down her cheeks. Then she looked at me and said, "I love you" as she pushed the last package under the tree over to me. Imagine my shock when I opened the package to find that same toy treasure chest filled with gift cards.

All at once the only gifts of any importance under that tree were the last two. We were both laughing and crying. And soon we were naked under the tree. During this session we spent a good ten minutes giving each other oral pleasure.

Later as we sat on the floor still naked and still in the glow of our passion we discussed our weekly gifts again. We decided that this year any gift card you drew from your box could be held until you wished to collect.

As the year went on I found that Flo had really opened up more with the gifts she gave me. Several of her gifts were sexual in nature. She had cards like I'll have sex with you in the kitchen, or we will have sex on the stairway. She even had one that said that she would have sex in the back seat of the car. When I drew these cards Flo indicated that she didn't want to talk about them. She asked that when I wanted to collect that I just show her the card. At first I thought that this meant that her heart wouldn't really be in this but I was wrong. She may not have wanted to discuss the gifts before hand but she sure enjoyed delivering them.

The most exciting gift she put in the box that year was a card that said that she would have sex with me as often and wherever I wanted for a whole weekend. I saved that one till she wanted to collect on the romantic weekend at the coast. When I told her I wanted the weekend of sex during our weekend at the coast she handed me her card for the sexy lingerie and a card for dinner at the restaurant of her choice. Combining all of these gifts into one weekend made for an extremely enjoyable getaway.

Needless to say we enjoyed our weekly gifts and our sex life kept getting hotter. As we began preparing for Christmas again we both knew that we would be having weekly gift boxes again. So this time we discussed them ahead of time. I suggested that we both put more sexually explicit gifts in the boxes this year and Flo agreed. But she said that from now on when we draw our gift we don't show each other what we drew. That way we don't know what we have to do until our mate comes to collect their gift. I agreed.

A couple of days later I was taking the trash out and as I pulled the trash bag out of one wastebasket a crushed up 3x5 card fell on the ground. I picked up the card and opened it up and read "You chose the time and place and I will perform oral sex on you till you climax in my mouth." The last couple of words were blurred making it appear that Flo's pen ran out of ink.

Later that evening I wrote a card for Flo that said, "I will perform oral sex on you until you have and orgasm. You pick the time and place." After I thought about that for a while I decided I liked that idea so much I put four more of the same gift in the box. My only worry about this was that Flo threw that oral sex card away because she changed her mind and not because her pen messed up the card.

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