Coming Upon Celeste

by Dante' Caligheri

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man comes across his lover in her bedroom and observes her pleasure herself. The sight he beholds is quite stimulating. He decides to help her along.

After I let myself in, I stealthily made my way into her bedroom, expecting to find her still sleeping. I looked to see Celeste reclining on her bed peacefully, lying on her side, presenting me with a delightful view of her superb ass. Although there were no lights on, the early morning sun was spreading out over her bed through the horizontal blinds. She hadn't realized that I was in the room with her yet, and as I took in the sight of the graceful curves of her shapely derriere, I felt a slight bulge forming in my pants.

I looked at her pretty mane of strawberry-blonde hair falling past her shoulders, and it appeared to me that she was lightly caressing her firm pert breasts. Suddenly, she turned over, and I feared that I would be discovered, but looked to see her lying flat on her back, eyes tightly closed. She brought both hands slowly across her flat belly as she delivered her hands to her erect nipples. I observed Celeste gently pinch each nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and she lightly moaned as she opened her legs a little wider. Upon hearing her moan, my cock rose to attention in my pants, urged on by the view I had of her moist swollen labia. I removed my shirt silently and put it on the floor.

She continued to tug and pull on her excited nipples, lightly purring something over and over, but I couldn't quite decipher what she was uttering. Her hands stopped teasing her perky nipples, and after taking each breast in her dainty hands, she very slowly moved her finger tips down her lithe body. She brought one

finger to her subtle sunken navel, and I watched as her other hand very gradually proceeded to her pubic mound, building up her anticipation, and rested there. She seemed to be savoring the softness of her curly strawberry-blonde pubic patch, and she was still lightly massaging her erect nipple with her other hand.

"Damn, she's hot," I thought to myself. I saw her legs part a bit wider, and it seemed to me that the glistening wet spot between her legs had increased. I noiselessly unfastened the button on my Dockers, and very slowly eased the zipper down, stepping out of my pants.

Just as I was stepping out of my pants, I looked in time to see her very slowly, very deliberately insinuate her middle finger along her slit, shiny with her abundant juices. I was expecting her to ease her

finger inside her tenacious pussy, but instead, she delighted me, bringing her finger to her soft lips and sucking it softly into her mouth, and began sexily purring that same sound she was making earlier.

It was still too low to hear correctly. She removed her finger from her tender lips very slowly, her lips seductively encircling her finger as she eased it from her lips, and spreading her legs a little

farther, making that sexy sound again. I looked directly between her legs, seeing her distended lips glistening with her sexual desire, and viewed her finger trailing its way to her moistened spot of hunger.

As her finger reached her enchanting wet pussy, she started to rhythmically slide her finger along the crevice of her dewy slit, avoiding any penetration for the time being. Celeste began to seductively

chant that word again, but I still couldn't recognize what it was, only that it had two syllables. I watched her add an additional finger to the one gliding along her swollen lips, then suddenly, she plunged two fingers

into her dripping pussy, and moaned dreamily. "Oooooooh," she purred in a heightened state of excitement, and she began to stroke her slick fingers in and out of her tight cunt. I witnessed her swollen pussy lips grasping at her fingers as she withdrew them, and I could feel my cock throbbing from the erotic sight I was witnessing. I could sense the sexy aroma of her erotic juices, and yearned to lick them from the junction of her thighs.

Celeste continued to thrust her two fingers faster in her devouring saturated quim, softly murmuring that sound again, and I witnessed her lovely breasts heaving on her chest, now draped with a soft sheen of sweat by her excitement.

'She's saying 'Dante''!' I exclaimed to myself, an enormous sense of pride welling up in my chest. 'Damn, no wonder I love that woman!', still beaming at my discovery of her 'mystery' term.

I withdrew from my reverie in time to see her bringing her fingers to her lips once more, this time noisily sucking and licking them while she moaned my name. After she'd cleaned them thoroughly, she immediately brought them back to her gleaming wet pussy, inserting her fingers in to the hilt. She withdrew her two fingers, and slowly, very tentatively, approached her throbbing clit, and she was breathing quite rapidly.

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