Dear Deanna

by Jerry

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Married, white couple meet a married, black couple at a restaurant. They end up at home where an evening of fun, friendship, and mostly sex unfolds. Foursome fucking at its best.

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I know it's been almost a week since I have written but I had no choice in the matter. I have been at sea on a mission that I can never tell anyone about, even you. This job has its advantages but sometimes, it really is the pits also. You are accustomed now to kissing me at the door in the morning as I go off to the base and not knowing whether I'll be home later that day or not for a month. I don't think I will ever get used to it and am glad I will be leaving government service next year.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our meeting Milly and Jim last week. We lucked out honey. What a wonderful night; I think you feel the same way too. At least while we were with them you sure LOOKED like you were enjoying yourself. And, no wonder what with Jim being such a great guy and being so good looking doesn't hurt either. Remember your saying how his eyes just drew you to him?

I know how we have enjoyed Sam and Greg those two times each but Jim was different somehow. Was it because his wife was with us? Being our first four-some, we had a lot of things happen that were new. I've always loved your openness and passion for new experiences and have never thought for a second that you might prefer one of our "friends" to me. I know what we share with them is physical and that our hearts belong only to each other.

I want to go back to that restaurant again soon. We can sit in the bar as we did before nursing our beers while waiting for our table to be called. God, that place was so busy! But, had it not been, we would never have met Milly and Jim at all. We had been waiting for, what, 45 minutes for our table? They came over to the bar to order a drink and we talked for a bit as I remember. I was impressed with both of them. Although Jim is almost coal black, he was so clean looking, obviously educated by the way he spoke and Milly was just a doll. I still think she is half white with that long, straight hair, cute button nose, and aristocratic cheekbones. I didn't mind her figure either as you probably guessed from my admiring glances at her full blouse. I guessed them to be about 45 to 50 as Jim's short hair showed a bit of gray and Milly had some cute crow's feet around the eyes.

I remember we had hardly introduced ourselves and began chatting when our table was finally called. They said they were planning on catching a movie but looked like they would be waiting for as long as we had for a table. I loved it when you whispered to me if I thought it would be OK to invite them to join us as we were going to have a 4-person table. So, we made introductions and invited them to join us and that way they could still catch their movie. I'm sure you remember what delightful smiles they had as they graciously accepted, Jim's brilliant white teeth making a flashing statement against his ebony face. The table to which we were shown was, as luck had it, back in a corner booth about as far from the bustle of the bar crowd as we could get.

While our drinks were being refreshed and the menus read, we found out Jim was with a consulting firm doing some work for the state while Milly had a career in accounting. You and she seemed to hit it off immediately what with your bean-counting background. Jim and I talked technical writing and computer stuff while we all enjoyed some peanuts supplied by the restaurant in large buckets. It was fun tossing the shells on the floor, sort of naughty since we could never get away with that at home. Somehow, I don't remember the context, but we found ourselves talking diagonal, you with Jim, me with Milly. As Jim was smiling at you telling something about our house, I felt your hand on my knee then felt it move up until it was cupping my crotch. You found my dick through my pants and gently, slowly rubbed him as he loves. Was that when you decided you wanted Jim? I slipped my hand down, squeezed yours then moved it over to your inner thigh.

Over our salads we discussed our new house and how much we enjoyed living in the country. They were in an apartment in town due to the temporary nature of Jim's job. By the time our steaks had arrived, we were feeling very comfortable with each other and they had accepted an invitation to come visit us sometime. Maybe three bites later, you suddenly just said, "Why don't you two come out tonight and have dessert and coffee?"

Jim, looking directly into your eyes said that Milly had really wanted to see that film and... "Oh, we can catch it tomorrow or next week," she interrupted. "Let's go, I'm dying to see that big house you two are talking about."

"It's settled then, isn't it great that we don't have kids to worry about anymore and have the house all to ourselves?" I commented. "At our age we have the luxury of enjoying ourselves and friends in peace and not have to be concerned with baby sitters or bedtimes. Tomorrow is Sunday so we are all off and you two are more than welcome to stay as long as you are enjoying yourselves." You giggled when I said that and Jim seemed to quickly divert his eyes from you to his plate. Were you two sending eye-messages for awhile before I said that? Looking back, I think maybe Milly and I were set up by you and Jim. I know YOU have had an un-realized desire to enjoy a black man for a long time and they think the ultimate pleasure is to make love with a white woman. Perhaps your wavelengths just meshed and there was a silent understanding between you that, if you play it all right, you could both realize your fantasies tonight. The constant, light, pressure from your hand on my cock sure had me thinking about our "after dinner dessert" whether it was with them or alone.

In the car on the way out to the house, you were quiet. What was going thorough your pretty head baby girl? Were you trying to imagine what Jim would look like without clothes? How his big, dark hands would feel caressing your soft, white skin? Or were you thinking how you could have Jim without having to let me do anything with Milly? You know I would have been happy to have had only Jim with us for a three-some don't you? But, I have to confess, I was having very exciting thoughts of seeing her hands on me and getting MY hands on those beautiful breasts she carried so proudly.

Boy, am I glad we had the house clean. It presented so well and the 30 minute tour just had them saying ahhhh, and Ooooo at every turn. I excused myself to go to the kitchen to put on coffee and while there found a nice dessert in the freezer for later. In about five minutes, Milly came in asking if she could help. That left you and Jim alone upstairs. What did you do up there? I asked Milly to get out the sugar/cream and cups and put them on a tray. She had to get up on her toes to reach the sugar bowl giving me a chance to admire her legs and ass as she stretched. I guessed her to be maybe an inch taller than you while Jim was a good 6ft, 2. Milly caught me looking at her with great interest, smiled and handed me the sugar bowl in such a way that her hand covered mine. We didn't move and the warmth of her hand traveled up my arm as I looked down at liquid pools of black eyes. We did not speak and the moment was suddenly over as we heard you and Jim come down the stairs.

I looked at you and you smiled and told Milly that she would have to take another look at my office as it is there that we have our certificates, etc. and there was one or two she might like to read. You came over to me and kissed me on the cheek then quickly whispered, "I really want Jim honey... is it OK?" When you did that, you pressed your hips into me and I could feel the heat radiating from you and caught just a hint of your sex scent over your perfume. From long experience, I knew your pussy had lubed and that you were aroused. Did Jim kiss you upstairs, touch your breasts through your blouse? Perhaps it was only your fantasy and his closeness that had excited your pussy so much. I caught your eyes and gave a silent nod and smile that told you Jim was yours in any way you wanted him tonight. My smile told you I knew you loved me now and, no matter how good the sex was tonight, that you would love only me tomorrow.

Since the night was beginning to get chilly, I started a fire in the fireplace then put on some CDs to play over the house intercom system. Jim and I took off our sport coats and I turned the lights down to just a glow. Sitting on the sofa, your hand in mine, we talked to them and they us about small things while all four watched the dancing flames take the room chill away. When you got up to refresh the coffee pot, Jim went with you to help leaving Milly and me alone. I stood, walked over to the fire and put another piece of cedar on that would give off that wonderful aroma. When I raised back up, Milly was standing beside me and asked if I liked the song that was playing. I said I certainly did, that it was a great slow dance song. Without speaking, she raised her arms and took a step towards me. I took her in my arms firmly to guide her in the dance. There was little room between the sofas what with our large coffee table but I really did not want to move much anyway. Her body was compliant and she seemed to just flow into me. Those breasts felt like twin mountain peaks against my chest and I was suddenly embarrassed to feel my dick getting hard. He pressed against her belly and I just instinctively started to draw back. Milly would not let me though and moved closer, her hips undulating against me. She raised up a little and whispered, "Don't be embarrassed because you find me attractive and your body shows it, mine is showing it also, you just can't tell as easily." I squeezed her hand and back a little and relaxed.

About half way through the dance, I noticed you and Jim come back into the den. Jim moved the table to a side wall, took you in his arms and began dancing. I know you are nervous about dancing honey but I could tell he was not interested in waltzing you all over the floor. You two just rocked and swayed without even moving your feet. My dick began jerking and growing harder as I watched you in Jim's arms. I caught your eye for a second and you sort of rolled yours at me as if to say, "This is going to be one heck of a night." I smiled back and pursed my lips, blowing you a sweet kiss. I didn't know whether you were so mesmerized by Jim's body against yours or because you had decided it was all right for me to be with Milly, but you smiled back dreamily then closed your eyes. Did you move your hips against him suggestively right then knowing I was watching or was it just a response to feeling his hard cock against your belly? Whichever, I saw you grind yourself into Jim and then saw his response as he bent then raised your chin and kissed you. I moved Milly around so she could see Jim kissing you, your hips bucking against him. I wanted there to be no misunderstandings on anyone's part. Milly kissed me on the neck first then brushing her lips over my face continued the kiss on my lips. I returned her gentle kiss without passion at first then, as she seemed to want to linger, I brushed my tongue across her bottom lip and felt her mouth open instantly to take my tongue deep into her. Our tongues explored each other's mouths and found them warm, wet, and full of the promise of wonderful things to come.

The room was warming quickly both from the fire as well as our body temperatures. I maneuvered Milly over closer to you and Jim and said, "The music is piped into the upstairs bedroom also and there is a lot more room up there to dance." I knew the three of you saw through that instantly as we were not taking up any room in the den since we were embracing and kissing more than dancing. "Sounds good," said Jim. "OK," replied Milly. And you just leaned over, still in Jim's arms, and kissed me on the lips and asked me to make sure the downstairs was locked and the screen was put in front of the fire.

You led the way upstairs holding Jim's hand while Milly followed him and I got to admire her beautiful ass as I followed it up turning off the downstairs lights as I went. You quickly turned on the two, small lights at the Jacuzzi tub ends and pulled the bathroom door almost closed. Our only room light then was so subtle that Jim almost disappeared but I knew you would make sure he was kept very close to you. We embraced again and kissed then, it was funny, remember, how Jim gathered us all three into his strong arms in a group hug that lasted long minutes. No one spoke until Milly finally said softly, "This is so nice, I feel so at home with the two of you." Jim agreed in a low voice that barely masked his excitement. He reached over and unbuttoned the top two buttons of Milly's blouse. I felt challenged and did the same with yours. Then, you took Jim's hand and put it to your breast and had him unbutton you the rest of the way. I watched for a second and took Milly's blouse off her. It was just so nice how, as if on cue, you and Milly stepped into our arms, reached back and undid your bras. Then you both loosened our shirts and took them off. We were all four topless. I reached up to stroke Milly's breasts, her dark nipples were hard and large. Jim did the same with your beautiful, soft breasts. I noted that all of us were breathing very hard. My hands trembled a little and, as much as I was enjoying looking at Milly, I found myself watching Jim's hands on you more, their coal-blackness in such contrast to your creamy whiteness. I was not at all surprised when I saw you reach down and unzip Jim's fly. I watched your hand disappear and stay inside his pants. What was your first thought when you felt his cock honey? Was it wonder or excitement or awe or a little fear?

I swear I could tell the difference in your's and Milly's sex scents. Both were fantastic and, I knew your cunt must just be soaking your panties. I hoped Milly was doing the same in hers. I took her in my arms again and reached down to gather handfuls of her dress bringing it up and up and up until it was gathered about her waist. I felt the silky fabric of her panties covering her firm ass then reached down, under the hem to relish the pudding-like softness of her skin. She backed away a bit from me and I thought I might have moved too fast but she just took my hands and brought them around to her belly then pushed them down. Oh sweetie, what pleasure to slide my hands down into her cunt slipping two fingers past her swollen lips into a heated pool of woman wetness. We stood that way for long moments, her head on my chest, her breathing coming in labored gasps as my fingers found her clit first flicking over it then down and in to bring out more moisture.

I took a second to find you. You and Jim had moved to the bed, or at least you were sitting on the edge, your dress and panties off now. Jim was also nude and standing before you, between your opened legs. Your hands were on his large, hard cock, stroking it and feeling his balls. Jim's eyes were closed as he just soaked up your attentions to his manhood. Then, just as Milly's legs seemed to be getting weak, I watched Jim's beautiful cock disappear in your mouth. I knew from long experience just how it felt to have your lips and tongue and mouth engulf my hard cock. You kept a hand on him guiding him and then used your other to pull his hips into you; showing him you wanted him to fuck your hot mouth.

I tried to keep an eye on you as I gently pushed Milly backwards and onto the bed. Her feet were still on the carpet and she pushed up her hips to assist me in sliding her skirt and panties off. I don't know if it was a breeze from the fan opening the bathroom door some more, or just my eyes getting more accustomed to the semi-darkness but as I looked over at you and Jim again, I could see the wetness of your mouth on his big cock. It reflected the light making his dick look chromed and he had increased his thrusting speed. His hands were behind your head, his hips bucking into you. He seemed very careful not to go too deep and choke you.

I knelt between Milly's legs, opened them wide and slowly kissed my way up from her knee to her cunt lips. Her musky scent drew me to her demanding I taste the nectar of her sex as it flowed from her inner secrets. I reached behind her knees and drew up her legs forcing them back almost to her breasts. She arched her hips up, her body asking for my mouth. As I took long, slow licks from her anal rose up, past her sex mouth to her hard button, I felt a shudder pass through her. I did this several times then concentrated on her clit making my tongue flick over it faster and harder.

Jim was gasping, his hips moving fast now. I saw him suddenly stop and try to withdraw. I think he wanted to fuck you, shoot his cum in your cunt but you held him tight with your hands on his ass. Understanding what you wanted, Jim began again to fuck your sweet mouth. Almost at the same instant, Jim and Milly climaxed with loud moans, Milly almost screaming. I reached across the bed to touch your back and you reached behind and took my hand holding it hard as Jim emptied his big, black balls into your mouth.

As they both came down from that mountain top, Jim turned and sat on the bed beside you at the head. I let Milly's legs down and allowed her to rest. That gave you the opportunity to lay on your back and for me to come up over you and kiss you. Oh honey, how wonderful that you saved Jim's sperm knowing I would come to taste it in your mouth. I love you for that. There was so much and it was so creamy, like hot pudding with a sweet, slightly metallic taste that I would just have to call manly. I swirled my tongue all over yours then kissed just your lips as you swallowed the smooth whiteness taking it deep inside you.

I was very hard and you were so very excited. I patted the pillow at the center of the bed head and you backed up to it. With Jim and Milly watching us intently, I came over you, covering you with my body, feeling your beautiful legs open for me. My dick slipped into you so easily. I think you came with my second stroke but I wanted to hold off, to make you cum many times before I emptied my swollen balls in you.

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