Wake up

by Morgan Wishes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two lovers share a morning orgasm.

His Turn

The sensation of something running over my chest and down my side, it then starts down my thigh making me uncontrollably twitch. The feeling then stops and starts back up my leg and soon reaches my balls, that is when the fogs starts to ease from my head just a little. I feel a couple of points of heat slowly working towards my quickly hardening shaft. I still am not totally aware of what is happening but I know what it is doing to me. Next I feel something touch the head of my prick and begin running along the top, that is enough to bring my fully awake and fully erect. I don't open my eyes just yet, I want to lay here and enjoy the sensation. I feel warm fingers wrap themselves around my hard member and sensually squeeze me. I feel your tongue gently touching my nipples making them almost uncomfortably hard and extra sensitive.

I then open my eyes just a little, I don't know if you know that I am awake yet. I see your head just above my chest; I can't make out all the details because the only light is the streetlight shining in the window and through the curtains. I see your blond hair pulled up on top of your head, your profile is silhouetted against the lighter sheets. Your tongue darts out to lightly touch my nipples; my body is now tingling with arousal.

Your hands are still caressing my cock, slowly moving up and down my shaft, your touch is so light like you are trying not to wake me yet. The warm tongue makes its way down my stomach pausing at my bellybutton. My body flinches again, this would normally tickle but being aroused it just sends waves of sensations from my groin to my head. I see your sexy eyes shine in the light, you see me looking at you. Your head comes up just a little so I can see your smile, you are delighted at my arousal, and you want to make me crazy with passion.

You now are not so delicate in your touches or licks, you stroke my hard member a little firmer, and you nip the flesh just a little. Your tongue caresses my balls and all the skin around them; my hips arch a little to increase the contact with my flesh. After teasing me for what seemed like an eternity you pick your head up and look at me, you whisper "Are you ready"

I moan something that sounds like a yes and you begin to take me in your mouth, your tongue sends shivers along my spine and I try to push myself into your mouth. You will have none of this you are going to work at your own pace, it will be quite a while before I can cum. You lick my shaft up and down paying close attention to the head, which you firmly tongue. You know how to touch every part of my body.

While you work me with your mouth your hand is busy fondling my balls, you run your hand down to the crack of my ass just barely touching my hole. This make me as hard as I can get and I run my fingers along your neck and cheek. I feel the side of your mouth swell as you roll my cock around in your mouth. Now you work your hand up to my shaft so you can stroke it while you suck my swollen head. My hips move up and down in a rhythm that you have started, I feel the sensation of my impending cum. You also no this and you slow the pace down and position yourself between my legs.

You remove your mouth and start kissing my thighs and hips, you never let up on your stroking and caressing of my well lubricated cock. You now start to lick the sensitive spot between my balls and my asshole; you just run your tongue back and forth. From your position between my legs you look up at me all I see is your eyes looking around my hard cock which you are running your hand up and down. Oh how I love this sight.

You take me again in your mouth with a little more purpose, making little slurping noises while lay back and moan. I am so close now that I can feel my balls tightening, but I also feel your fingers working their way towards my asshole. They are still a little wet and you run a finger around my hole just teasing it with a fingertip. I am so close that I can't help but buck my hips like I am fucking you, you keep going teasing my ass and sucking my head. Its going to erupt soon and you take me are far in your mouth as you can and suck as I explode.

My hips stop in mid thrust as I moan and grunt. I feel the juices coming all the way up my balls and out my head. My toes clench and my legs stiffen and lock, as you keep sucking everything out of me. I look down and you are staring at me, watching my face as I cum, enjoying every second. My hips sink into the bed and my legs feel numb. My body is coming down from the incredible orgasm as you lay back in bed with me.

Her Turn

I lay back in the bed, I am turned on my side waiting for him to put his arms around me. I was enjoying the satisfied feeling of waking him up with a blow job, I have never been able to really say why I feel that way. The control, or the ability to make him cum in a minute if I wanted to, or just the way he feels when I hold his cock in my hand or mouth. You didn't put your arms around me; I feel your hands running up and down my back, very firmly caressing my skin. I felt like shivering but I fought to control it.

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