Meeting With Her Master

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman meets with her online master for the first time in real time.

Suzanne nervously squirmed in the car seat as she sat at the stoplight, she couldn't believe that her online master was really here and had summoned her to his room. His instructions had been explicit, no underwear at all and the shortness of her blue skirt had made it ride up her thighs, exposing a lot of flesh and even her pussy at times as she drove. She could just imagine the truck drivers getting their eyes full of her pussy as she concentrated on driving, no doubt her master's plan. The breeze through the open car window billowed the fabric of her blouse and the constant rubbing of the material had her bare nipples hard as rocks. He had been her online master for awhile, making her do things she would never have done without his ownership of her, the times of masturbating at the mall and the times she had taken the belt to her own ass. She wondered how it would be to finally be under his firm control in real time as she turned into the motel parking lot. She avoided the stares of the staff as she headed for his room, just imagining that they thought she was such a slut, and she searched for his room and nervously knocked on the door. "It's open," she heard and she turned the knob and stepped into the darkened room, closing the door behind her, "Lock it," he said and she complied and then turned and kept her eyes downcast as she felt his eyes surveying her. "Have you complied slut? Lift your skirt so that I can see if you have," and she threw her purse onto the chair as she grasped the hem of her skirt and slowly inched it up until her pussy came into view and then held it waist high until she heard his approval, "Very good slut, I have taught you well to obey me," and she let the skirt slide back down.

"Take all of your clothes off and stand for inspection, my slut," and she worked at the buttons on her blouse as he sat at the end of the bed, watching her comply with his orders. She threw her blouse on top of her purse and unzipped her skirt and slid it down to her ankles and stepped out of it as she threw it on top of her blouse and stood there in just her shoes as her master gazed at his property. Her eyes were still down, but she could see him get up and approach her as he stood before her now and she felt his hands explore her chest. He pinched and kneaded her hard nipples, making her wince, but also making her very wet as he played with her. His knee pushed her legs apart as he pushed a hand between her legs and rode her thigh up to its apex and lightly stroked her neatly trimmed pubic hair before her spread her pussy lips and dragged a finger down her length, making her grow weak in the knees, his other hand still working her charged nipples as she fought back the urge to touch him. She closed her eyes to avoid making contact with his, not wanting to displease him as he positioned a finger on her clit and began to rub it, knowing that she would become jelly in his hands. He inserted another finger inside of her and she clenched her pussy to grasp it, milking it and trying to pull it inside. Moans escaped her lips as she fought hard to be strong and hold out her pleasure, knowing his would need to come first, "You are awfully wet slut, did you masturbate before you got here?" he asked and she felt his hand removed and heard him sucking on his finger, "No Master, I save myself for only you," and he smiled as he began to walk around her and she felt his hands exploring her firm ass cheeks and dipping between her cheeks as she opened up to accommodate his inspection of her. His hand lightly pushed the small of her back and she bent forward, exposing her crotch to his inspection as he ran fingers over it and she shivered as he paused at her ass hole and dipped slightly before returning to her wet pussy.

"Grab your ankles slut," he ordered and she did as he said, wrapping her fingers around her ankles as his first slap rang out and she bit her lip to contain her yelp. He rubbed her heated ass cheek and then a slap fell on the other one and the rubbing was repeated as she gripped her ankles tightly, not wanting to cause him any disappointment as the slaps rang out. She lost count at 15 and concentrated on offering her tight ass cheeks to his hand, thankful that he had not used his belt. Finally, he allowed her to stand up and she felt the burning in her ass as he soothed it with his hands, her pain intense now as the previously stretched flesh contracted and the capillaries refilled with blood. He stood before her and his hand lifted her head by the chin as he stared into her eyes, "It was for your own good my slut," and she looked back into his eyes, "I know my Master. May I honor your cock Master? Please, I beg of you, let your miserable slut honor her Master's beautiful cock," and he smiled, "Yes, slut, do," and she unbuckled his pants and slid them down to his ankles and then knelt and removed his shoes and then took his pants off. She stared at the bulge in his shorts and imagined the wonderful cock that lay beneath, waiting for her hungry mouth as she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and tugged them gently down and off his ankles as well and then she wrapped her fingers around his pulsing cock and stroked it, looking up to see his eyes close at her tender touch. "I love your cock Master and I want to honor it. Will you honor me by cumming in my mouth, my Master?" and she watched as he opened his eyes and looked down at her anxious face, "You must swallow it my slut and not miss a drop," he said as she felt herself getting excited at the thought of his cum in her mouth, "I will Master, all of it," and she moved her mouth towards it as she opened her lips and felt it twitch as it passed between them. She could feel her cheeks hollow as she sucked him in and felt his hot cock on her tongue; her hand found his balls and gently massaged them.

Her recent spanking was all but forgotten as she sucked him in deeply and felt his head tickle her entrance to her throat, "Play with your clit slut, get yourself excited," and she pushed a hand between her legs as her fingers opened her lips and found her swollen clit and began to massage it, causing her to moan around his hard cock. Her mouth knew no boundaries as her masters cock was sucked into her throat at the urging of her own hands and her clit dripped from the excitement that she brought about, "Cum my slut, give your wanton orgasm to your Master," he said and that was all it took as she groaned and his cock sank into her throat and her moans reverberated around it as she shook with her orgasm. As her own orgasm began to diminish, she worked harder to bring about her master's as her mouth welcomed his rock hard cock and she stroked his balls and then she took her mouth off of him for an instant, "Cum in my mouth Master, honor me, let me swallow your hot, thick cum, please..." She begged just before she plunged his erect cock back into her mouth and sucked it like she had never sucked a cock before, her eyes looking up to his, pleading with him. His cum shot out and the first jets went directly into her throat and then she pulled back, wanting to taste it on her tongue as she hungrily slurped her master's cock, so content that he had allowed her to honor it with her mouth. His fingers twined in her hair as he pumped load after load of jism into her sweet mouth and she swallowed every last drop, as promised. She looked up at him as she swirled her tongue around his deflating shaft, "You are a good cock sucker slut, I like how you honor my cock," and she smiled, knowing she had pleased her master. "Frank?" and she froze as the bathroom door opened and in walked another man. She reached for something to cover herself and her master slapped her outstretched ass cheek, "What are you doing slut?" he asked and she felt so embarrassed and humiliated to be naked in front of this stranger, "This is my friend and he will be serviced by my slut as well, tell him!!" and she dropped her head slightly as she turned in his direction, "Yes, I will service your every need Frank, just as my Master has said," and she could feel herself blush at her own nakedness.

"Wow Jeff, she is hot, just like you said. Will she really do anything you tell her to?" and she could feel her master's friends eyes as they burned into her flesh, "Within reason Frank. She will let you have any or all of her three holes, her tits, whatever I deem appropriate," and she could see that her master's friend was awe struck. "Slut, show Frank your ass, let him see the tight little hole that you keep for me," and she hesitated for a moment and then when she saw her master's stare, she rose and turned to face her master and then bent forward and once again grabbed her ankles, sliding her legs apart, so that her ass was in plain view to his friend, "Go ahead Frank, check it out," and she felt his hand on her ass cheeks, still slightly red from her earlier spanking as he worked down to her tight hole and began to work his finger inside and she tried to remain relaxed, though this was not what she wanted at all. But, after all, he was her master and she had to obey him, so she tried to make the best of it, his finger now buried up to his knuckle as he slowly began to pull it out and then push it back in, his thumb now working at her wet pussy. "Ok Frank, that's enough. Her ass is for me only," and Frank reluctantly withdrew his finger, much to Suzanne's delight. "My little slut loves to suck cock Frank, why don't you get yours out and let her show you," and he jerked his pants and shorts down as she looked to her master and he motioned for her to suck his friend. His cock was nowhere near as nice as her master's and she did as instructed, but she wanted her master again. Frank's cock moved in and out of her mouth and she could tell that he wouldn't last too long by the way his hips were jerking, but then she felt her master's hand on the small of her back and his cock pressing against her wet pussy as she nuzzled back to capture him fully. "Tell her when you are about to cum Frank, my slut only swallows my cum, but I will let you cum on her tits," and she was so glad to hear him say that, he truly did love his slut.

Frank yelled out in short order that he was about to cum and she pulled him from her mouth as he swelled and his hot jism erupted onto her tits, one rope landing on her neck as she jacked him off, all the while, her master filled her wet pussy with his wonderful cock. Frank fell back on the bed, spent, as her master continued to fill her tight pussy with his beautiful cock and she moaned at the pleasures he was causing and then she came as well, her pussy clenching her master's cock, not wanting to let go, making him cum also as she felt his second load of cum fill her depths. Suzanne was in heaven, feeling the warmth of her master's cum as it shot into her, this is what she loved, to please him. Her master withdrew and she immediately spun around to clean off his cock, tasting their combined orgasms as she worked to capture every drop and then she saw his friend passed out on the bed as her master held out his hand and led her to the shower. She bathed him and then herself and when she was done, she knelt in the shower and laid her head against his thigh, "Thank you Master," and she felt him caress her face as she saw his cock growing once more and turned to take him in her mouth.

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