Adventures of Bat Girl and Ball Girl

by Clydesdale

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Desc: Sex Story: New baseball player carries his own bat, and his latest conquest includes a tag-team of two hot girls.

Bat Girl is 5'8" with blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and great blowjob lips.

She measures 36C, 26, 32, while Ball Girl measures 40 DD, 28, 38.

Ball Girl has raven black hair, deep brown eyes, and an big, firm ass to die for.

These girls work for the Norwich Navigators, a double A baseball farm league team for the New York Yankees.

They have been known to find the hottest baseball players and tag-team them until they are done with them.

During Spring Training this past season, the girls went crazy over this new player who was transferred from Florida.

Bat Girl tells Ball Girl his story:

Bat Girl: "Do you see that hot guy over there?!"

Ball Girl: "Yeah, he is awesome! Look at his tight ass and big, strong arms. I bet he could make me cum real hard."

Bat Girl: "Wait 'til he turns around."

Ball Girl: Jaw drops. "I've never seen a protective cup that big!"

Bat Girl: "He's from the Florida Marlins, and he got booted 'cause he was caught with the Manager's wife AND daughter."

Ball Girl: "What?! Tell me more."

Bat Girl: "Well I heard his cock is as big as the fat end of a baseball bat.

The coach caught him standing in the locker room with his daughter 69ing the stud and trying to get his huge cockhead into her mouth,

while the coach's wife had both hands, one on top of the other trying, to grip and stroke his long shaft, but her fingers and thumbs couldn't fully reach around his huge shaft."

Ball Girl: "Holy shit. You're making me wet, and I'm fingering myself now. When are WE going to tag-team the fuck out of this STUD."

Bat Girl: "Hold on, WE just started Spring Training assessment of ALL the hot players.

You can't just go for Filet Steak without trying the Sirloin first."

Ball Girl: "You're right. We need to work ourselves up that hunk of fuckmeat."

Bat Girl: "Guess what his name is. Rick "the Dick" Long...and then some, I'm thinking.

His teammates used to say he carried his own bat, literally."

Ball Girl: "So who are we going to get to warm up for Rick "the Dick"?"

Bat GIrl: "Well, I'll let you pick, since you're so horny and wet right now."

Ball Girl: "How about two guys then? I want that black guy and that really tanned guy too."

Bat Girl: "Leon and Mitch, eh? Well at least Leroy has a 10-incher for starters, but Mitch looks like he's only about 8 inches, but wider."

Ball Girl: "OK, so right after practice and in the usual place, right?"

Bat Girl: "Sure."

The next day at Spring Training:

Ball Girl: "That Mitch has me walking bowl-legged. He can really fuck!"

Bat Girl: "Yeah, Leroy was scraping my tonsils so much, my jaw hurts like a motherfucker!"

Ball Girl: "Well, are we ready for Rick tonight?"

Bat Girl: "I don't know if my mouth is ready, but my wet pussy is ready to be used by a jackhammer."

Ball Girl: "I can't wait until he takes me from behind and uses both my pussy and ass as fuckholes."

Bat Girl: "OK, but we're going to need more KY Jelly to get Rick's fucking tool in our asses."

Ball Girl: "That's for sure."

After practice that day:

Ball Girl: "I want to go into the locker room and see Rick in the shower."

Bat Girl: "OK, but you better sneak in the way I showed you or coach will kill you."

Ball Girl: After sneaking in to look at Rick and returning to Bat Girl with a full report.

"Oh my God! He is hung like a stallion. I don't think he is gonna fit in either of our asses,

and we better get started lubing up our pussies to fit that monster cockhead of his."

Bat Girl: Holding a brand new black baseball bat.

"Here, see if you can fit the fat end in your pussy.

Then you'll know that you're ready for Rick.

I just want to deepthroat him as far as I can.

I just hope I don't break my jaw."

Ball Girl: "You will. When I'm done with the bat, do you want it too?"

Bat Girl: "No. Well, maybe if I lick your pussy juice off of it, I will be hornier."

Ball Girl: After cumming three times trying to shove the fat of the black bat into her sloppy pussy.

"Here you go. I need to take a break."

Bat Girl: "Well at least you got the end of the bat in for a little bit. Maybe your pussy is ready for his huge cockhead."

Ball Girl: "OK, I'll go get him and bring him back here to let him see you trying to fit that bat into your clean-shaved pussy. He'll go nuts!"

Bat Girl: "Take your time. This thing might rip me in two."

Ball Girl: After 30 minutes returning with Rick "the Dick".

"So Rick, are you as big as everyone says you are?"

Rick: "You want some of my big old horsecock, don't ya? It looks like your friend wants some of it too since he is already warming up in the batter's circle. I guess she's on deck then."

Bat Girl: "Pull down his pants! I almost got this bat head into my slit."

Ball Girl: "Get ready. Drumroll please."

She takes both hands and tugs his shorts off in one hard yank.

Bat Girl: Starting to cum real hard now. "I told you was as big as this bat. And he's not even fully hard yet."

Rick: "I see you girls are in Spring Training too. Do you think you both can take my horsedick?"

Ball Girl: "Me first, me first!"

Rick: "OK, what's your name little girl?"

Ball Girl: "I'm the Ball Girl, but you can call me the Butt, cause I want that huge thing in my ass something fierce.

She's the Bat Girl, but you can call her Lips, cause she's gonna deepthroat you until she gags."

Rick: "Ok Butt, get your ass over here, so I can suck your cunt and finger your ass.

Lips, I KNOW you're gonna gag, so get your fucklips over here too."

Bat Girl: "Oh yeah, we'll see about that."

Grabbing his dick with both hands, Lips can't reach to get her hands around fully to touch together.

"Holy shit, this thing is bigger than that bat!"

Ball Girl: "OK, I want you to 69 me while standing. I know you've done this one before."

Rick: "You sluts know what a man wants, don't ya?"

Ball Girl:

After climbing Rick to get her pussy all wet, she tries to reach to get Rick's cockhead into her mouth.

"Come on Lips, time to share."

Bat Girl: "I need to exercise my jaw first anyways."

Rick: Laughs. "I told you you're gonna gag."

Telling Ball Girl: "Damn bitch, your cunt is sloppy!

I gonna work your big ass though." Sticking two fingers up her ass.

Ball Girl:

"Your fucking huge. I can't get your cockhead all in my mouth. Your turn Bat Girl, I mean Lips."

Bat Girl: "All right. I'll show you how it's done."

Taking the monstrosity in both hands again, she makes an O out of her blowjob lips.

Lips can only get the cockhead in her mouth, going no further.

Rick: "Is that the best you can do Lips."

Using one of his big hands, he pushes her head onto his raging cock.

She takes in another few inches. Laughing.

"You're gonna gag alright."

Ball Girl: "I'm ready for your fucktool now. Get me down."

After Rick sets her on the floor.

"Holy shit, she's gonna gag. I can't believe Lips got that much of your monster into her mouth."

Bat Girl:

Finally gagging. Pulls her head off of Rick's horsecock.

"I thought I was gonna pass out.

You want this thing, you can have it, but I want my pussy licked too."


Lays on the floor.

"Ok shorty you can climb aboard the fuck train, and you tight bitch, I'll suck your cunt for ya real good."

Ball Girl: "How come it looks bigger? It's like a fucking Sears Tower."

She has to use both hands to grab hold and angle his cock to from above his bellybutton down towards her sloppy pussy. She rubs his cockhead up and down her soaked slit.

Bat Girl:

After sitting on his face.

"Holy shit, his tongue is big too!"

Ball Girl: "I can't fit it into my pussy yet. Where's the KY? Oh, here it is."

Using the entire tube on his cock, she kneads the jelly up and down his entire shaft using both hands.

Bat Girl: "I'm cumming! His tongue feels awesome. Let me help you take him into your pussy."

Jumping into action, she also tries to grab a hold of his cock with both hands.

"What the fuck, now I can't grip him. You used too much KY. How are you gonna get him in you now?"

Ball Girl:

"You just watch me."

Like she's sliding into third base, she scissors her legs apart and jams his cockhead into her gaping cunt.

Bat Girl: "I can't believe you just did that. He could've ripped you into two."

Ball Girl: "Oh fuck, he's so huge! My cunt's on fire."

Rick: "You bitches ain't seen nothing yet."

Using his entire 6' 4" frame he picks up Ball Girl and lifts her like a a big-screen TV with each arm under her legs and carries her over to the wall to set her ass on the countertop.

Ball Girl: "You're gonna fuck the shit out of me, aren't ya?"

Rick: Grunting, he shoves as much of his gigantic member as he can into her soaked cunt.

Ball Girl:

Now impaled on his horsecock, with only a few inches still outside her fuckhole.

"I can't take anymore of it, you're scraping my bellybutton."

Bat Girl: "Damn, I can't imagine what that feels like."

Rick: "You will when I'm done with your whore friend here."

Ball Girl:

After a 10-minute pounding.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming in quarts. He's unbelievable. Harder! Faster!"

Rick: "I knew you bitches couldn't get enough of my horsemeat. Turn around bitch, it's time for doggy-style."

After another 15-minute of jackhammering.

"Let's see if your ass is ready, slut."

Talking to Bat Girl: "Bitch, where's the KY? I want you to lube that big ass for me."

Bat Girl: "OK, fuckstud."

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