In Control

by Morgan Wishes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Shopping at the mall, he meets and interesting woman.

The stores were jammed and I was trying to finish some shopping and get out of the mall. I was standing in the toy isle trying to figure out which Barbie my daughter would like and that my ex-wife wasn't already buying her. While I was standing there with two boxes in my hand when I caught someone out of the corner of my eye, I turned my head and was immediately drawn to her. She was a very pretty woman; she needed little makeup to attract attention to her face, it was naturally pretty. She wore a black skirt that came up to mid thigh; her legs were amazing, even without stocking they looked like smooth as silk wrapped around her taught muscles. She had on a suede jacket over a blouse opened just a few buttons showing the top of her chest and just a hint of the swell of her breasts.

As I reached her eyes again I saw her eyes looking right into mine, I was caught, and I didn't see any sign of her being annoyed by my looking at her. She had a very open expression on her face and it looked like there was a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. Then she passed, it took me a couple of seconds to put my thoughts back in place and remember what I was doing here. I finished my purchase and left the store, a few glances around showed no sign of the vision I had seen earlier.

I walked into the mall and went through my mental list, mom, dad, sister, couple of friends, I still had a long way to go. I looked for a directory trying to find a picture store, I was sure a nice picture for my sister's new house would be a good idea.

I was looking at the directory trying to orient myself when she walked down other side of the walkway, her brown eyes looking right at me again. She made no attempt to turn her head away from my gaze, she just walked past me. I looked at the directory again then looked the way she had walked, I caught a glimpse of her jacket and her swaying hips as she walked. I could feel myself hold my breath as I watched her walk. I wanted to follow her to get a better view of her fluid movements but I didn't know what to say to her.

Damn, it takes me just too long to think, I have not been in a position like this for so long. My divorce was only five months old, and I haven't approached a woman on my own since before I was married. I needed help. I guess it was just going to take time but missing a chance to talk to such a pretty woman was tough.

I had picked out a picture and I was watching the girl behind the counter process my credit card when I saw her just outside the store looking a picture through the glass. She had take off her coat and had it over an arm, her waive black hair fell over her shoulders and down the front of her blouse which seemed to be open one more button exposing just a little more of the cleavage. She was biting her lip as she looked at the picture, when she looked up our eyes were locked again. I smiled at her and she returned the smile, next to her striking eyes her smile was her next best feature, beautiful teeth framed by her full lips giving a genuine smile. Then she gave a little laugh, I didn't understand...

"Sir can you sign the receipt."

I looked at the girl behind the counter, she gave me a look like it wasn't the first time she had asked for my signature. I gave her an apologetic grin and signed, as I handed her the receipt I looked to the front of the store where she had stood. This can't be real, I am sure that the groan escaped my mouth as I tried to get my print and get out of the store. I knew when I did get out of the store she would be nowhere to be seen, and I was right. Well it would be a fun game to pursue while I finished my shopping, so I would play along.

I shopped for another hour and didn't see her again, I figured the game was up and I had just about had it with the crowds so I was finishing in the last store when I saw her again. She was looking at me from the second level; she really didn't make eye contact this time she disappeared quickly. I was disappointed because I was hoping to make contact with her at some point, with the game over I decided that shopping was no longer any fun and I headed for the exit.

I walked towards the rows of cars, behind me I hear the sound of heals on the concrete sidewalk I don't think any mans ears don't perk up at that sound. I think everybody envisions a great pair of legs in some high heals when they hear that sound. I turn my head slightly to peak at where the sound is coming from and I see the great pair of legs are attached to her. I stop walking and turn around, she is walking right towards me not taking her eyes off me. She stops in front of me and looks at me for just a second or two, just enough for me to catch a drift of the sweet perfume that she has on, every sense I have is tuned into this lovely woman.

"Are you finished so soon?" she asks with a small smile on her face.

"Not quite but I have my hands full." My mind is scrambling for the right words.

She looks at me almost waiting for me to say something but I am too slow. "Would you like to get a drink and talk for a bit?" She bites her bottom lip just a little making her already full lips look just that much more inviting.

"That sounds like a great idea. I just need to put these in my car and we can go to the restaurant in the mall." I nod my head towards my car and start walking. I am expecting her to wait for me but she starts to follow.

"You know it's real crowded there this around this time, I know another place. We can take you car and go there."

My pace slows just a little bit as I think about what she said. There was no question that she is in charge, she didn't ask me if we could take my car she almost told me what we were going to do. This was going to be very interesting. "That's fine with me, my car is over there." I put all my bags in the trunk and I finally have a free hand. "My name is Craig." I put out my hand.

Her eyes seem to shine as another killer smile lit up her face. "I'm Pattie"

Her hand is so soft and firm just like I had imagined her skin to feel, she holds my hand for a second and it slips out of mine her fingers trailing down mine. I can feel a little stirring on my pants already; I seem to have little control of things at this point.

We make small talk as she directs me on where to go, her voice matches her personality very assured and confident she seems to have things in her life well organized just the way she wants. I find myself lost in her words and appearance I glance at her as much as I can and still keep my car on the road. I finally am aware that there is not bar where we are going, then we reach a condo complex.

She must be reading my confused expression. "My place is the most quiet and least crowed place to be able to talk and have a drink." She says this as she points me to a parking spot. We walk towards her unit; she smiles and opens the door. I follow her in like a puppy dog, watching her ass sway in her skirt mesmerized by her movements, every part of her body moving together like a wave rolling along the sea.

She asks me if there is anything in particular that I would like to drink. "Just make two of whatever you would like."

She smiles and walks towards the kitchen. "Have any seat and I will be right back."

I let out a huge breath as I sit on the couch, I am going to have to relax and keep on my toes with this one she is going to be a lot to handle and I am to new at being single. She comes back into the room with two glasses and sits at the end of the couch holding out one glass for me. "Hope that its OK." She crosses her legs and drapes her arm over the top to the couch so she is facing me. The twist of her body has pulled her blouse open just a little more, the smooth slope of her right breast is revealed to me making me long to test the smoothness of her skin.

I need a drink to relax myself just a little, it's a smooth strong whiskey that I sip out of the glass. She seems to be waiting my reaction but I just smile and tell her that its very good as it melts its way into my stomach.

"So Craig, how long have you been divorced?" Pattie asks.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by her anymore. "About five months now, I guess its that obvious." I said. "What's your situation like? I am not as good at picking things out as you are."

"I just read people well it, comes with my job, you do much better when you can pick up on the signals people give out. Back to my situation, I got out of a long-term relationship a while ago and I haven't really had the time to develop anything with my work schedule. I have had to take things into my own hand too much lately without a steady man around."

I had to take another sip of the whiskey to think about what she had just said, she admitted to masturbating. I had never know any woman who talked about masturbating, my ex-wife didn't even touch herself when we had sex. It was incredibly exciting to hear her say those words, and the pictures in my head were making me stiffen just a little more.

"I do hope that you aren't offended." She said with a toying smile. "I am certain that recently being divorced you have had to do a little of the same."

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