Susan, an interlude with Don

by the Troubador

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Desc: Sex Story: Susan unexpectedly meets her online sweetheart while away from home and family.

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This story has no intrinsic value, it is just a chance meeting of two on-line lovers.


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Susan pulled her knees up a little further, which had what she usually would call an odd benefit. It thrust her bottom further behind her. The deep sensations pulsed through her and she felt another chill run completely through her body. Don was whispering in her ear, telling her what a good cook she was. She remembered him discussing cooking once in an email a year, maybe a year and a half ago. It was amazing how well she remembered what he had written in all those letters.

Don shifted his hips again and she caught her breath. He seemed to know just when and how to do the little things; if this could be called a little thing. She would have to think about that. His being in her bed was impossible. Something neither of them had expected, or even wanted, but here he was.

No one knew where she was. Well, they knew in a way. The trip she and her friends had made had been fun, almost too much fun for her. That first evening she had gone back to her room early, ostensibly to call her husband, Tommy, but really just to rest.

Of course she had carried her new laptop along. She had told Tommy she hoped to be able to do some planning on the project Tommy and she were planning. The truth was she wanted to be able to email Don. A whole week plus without contact sounded so 'difficult'. When she booted up and pulled his latest message down to her laptop while sitting in her hotel room it seemed so naughty of her to 'bring him here with her' alone into her hotel room. A little frizzon of excitement rippled up her spine.

Opening the email, she was shocked! He was here in England! Not only in England, but here! In this hotel!

Susan almost bolted off the bed! Why hadn't he told her? Why was he here? They agreed their... She stopped, what could she call it? Another shiver pulsed her body as she admitted it was love. Not the same love she gave Tommy, not one excluding any other! But they had tacitly agreed it would stay 'lovers apart'! Why was he here?

Suddenly feeling foolish, she sat down to read the rest of the message. He wasn't here to see her, he didn't know she was in this town. And this was across the country from her home. The sudden tears caught her totally by surprise. Why did she feel so devastated! They knew they would never meet, and they both loved their spouses deeply. A basis of their long friendship/love was that no harm could ever come to Tommy or his wife Patricia.

x x x x x x

Don moved his hand down from her breast, flicking her nipple as he did so and she gasped. He splayed his fingers, cupping her tummy. Another pulse of pleasure shot through her body.

In that first message Don told her he was staying here, having come to England unexpectedly. And then he really shocked her. In the last paragraph he told her he had seen her. He didn't know it was her of course, but he had seen a woman that fit her description. The woman had been almost exactly how he had imagined her to be. The shoulder length dark hair, the friendly cheerful face, and the beautiful brown eyes. She even looked so cuddly he wanted to give her a hug where she stood.

He said he had almost approached her and asked if she was SusanSunshine. He'd even tried to peek at her elbow, looking for a long scar! But what actually knocked the wind out of her, the woman he had seen was in the room next to his! He wrote one of his little scenarios. He imagined tapping on the door connecting their rooms, identifying himself as the Troubador. And in his imagination she had fallen into his arms.

The hips behind her flexed again and the pleasure exploded deep inside her again. She moaned and they flexed again.

She couldn't believe how forward she had been. She had picked up her telephone without thinking of what she was doing and dialed his room. A very pleasant baritone voice answered and she asked why the Troubador hadn't said hello to Susan. She thought Americans were friendlier, especially to old friends.

Don had gasped and started firing questions, but she just hung up the phone.

And sat...

and waited...

Twenty minutes went by and she began wondering at her boldness. Did he understand what she was trying to tell him? Did he understand but decided not to make contact? She thought he was clever, but maybe not enough to see the hint she was giving. And then there had been a light tapping on the door between her room and the next.

Then she had been in deathly fear!

Maybe it wasn't him. And if it was, how well did she really know him? She stood staring at the connecting door a moment, then stepped to the hall door quickly and opened it. That would give her an escape if she felt she was in danger. Suddenly she wondered, 'Why hadn't she seen him if he had seen her?' A man with a full beard was distinctive, someone easily spotted in a crowd.

After hesitating a moment or so longer, she tapped back on her side of the door and then turned the handle and pulled the door open. She stood there looking at a closed door on his side of the doorframe feeling really foolish. Then that door had been yanked open and Don was standing there.

There was no doubt who it was once she saw him. She had suspected the description she sent had been colored to make him seem more attractive than he was. She had already discounted that. After all, she was attracted to him because of his wit and insight. Besides, she was too mature to be really swayed by pretty boys and male hunks.

To Susan's surprise the man she saw was better than the picture she held in her mind. He had written of having grown a small belly. The belly was there, but only a fool would point to it as blemish. Even on first sight she had considered it cuddly. The broad barrel chest and shoulders were there, and they were impressive to someone posturing for preeminence. His forehead was very much higher than a young man's was, and his beard was indeed white. He told her once that when younger his beard was a sandy red. If so the color was all gone, just as he had written.

But most in evident was the twinkling good humor in his eyes, and a contagious friendly grin he was flashing at her. The next moment she found herself falling into his arms.

The thick bone filling her channel slowly withdrew and then reversed back into her depths. Behind her Don began a slow, steady fuck and her world dissolved again into soft pastel lights. She seemed to float again. Whispering in her ear Don told her she had marinated his meat inside her long enough. Pushing back into her his slow pace began increasing. Her guts knotted again, and she was unexpectedly climbing again to orgasm.

She flashed again back to that first embrace.

Don had caught her in his arms, and lifted her against him. Her arms tight around his neck, he had straightened and she found her legs wrapped around him. She didn't know the woman clinging lovingly to this man, she was much too brazen.

She hadn't acted like this when she was a hormone crazed teenager. Passionate always, she had kept an almost prim exterior. Except for some easily forgotten childish fumbling the only men she had given herself to were Tommy and that Randy. Tommy was her love, hers forever and would remain so. Randy was something she could remember, and keep as a fantasy and memory; she would never acknowledge it had happened.

But something was there between Don and herself. It would never get between her first love, but she now realized a woman could have two deep loves. Only a man like Don with the same deep ties to another could make it work.

Don had carried her to his bed, and laying her out had quickly stripped her of every scrap of her clothes. She would have to remember to retrieve them from the floor of his room where he had wildly strewn them.

In his stories Don always wrote of long, slow build-ups of mutual passion. In that first coupling he had sensed she was as hungry for him as he for her, and the first 'touching' they experienced was his mouth covering her sex. His arms scooped her legs over his shoulders and then slipped upward along her sides to cup her firm breasts. He had told her; her tits were perfect fits to his palms just as he had expected. As he sucked and licked up and down her slit he flattened his palms and ran them over her nipples. They had been small stones before he touched them, and they had ached in the most delightful way once he began rolling them under his hands.

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