by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, First, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young woman eager to try sex finally connects with a not so experienced guy for their mutual first time.

Maddie was 21 and still a virgin, it wasn't that there was something wrong with her, she just hadn't met the right guy yet and so she had waited. She had cum many times at her own hands, but had never been deflowered as yet, that was until she met Jeff, a friend of a friend. Rumor had it that he was still a virgin also and he was a year older than her, so she thought she would be pretty safe hanging out with him. They had dates and did a little kissing and once, in his car outside of her place, they had even petted pretty heavy, but she had broke it off as she felt herself getting just a little too aroused at his hand's movements. She had rushed inside and masturbated to help her get over the hump of his manipulations, it had been glorious, she had cum so hard and she had been so close to him getting her off that it scared her. Maddie and Jeff became the talk of the group, they seemed inseparable, they began to go out all the time and their petting got heavier, although he had no more experience than she did and he seemed rough at times, nonetheless she would have to masturbate after each time to quench her burning desires. Then came the night of her girlfriend's party and her and Jeff had drank so much and her girlfriend tried to get them to spend the night, but Maddie wouldn't hear of it as she told Jeff to take her home. They pulled up at her house, miraculously making it in their condition and she didn't know why, but she asked him in. They made another drink and sat on the sofa as she turned the television on and flipped through the channels, a movie on Showtime caught her eye and she stopped and put the remote down as they both sat and watched this couple feeling each other up on the screen. Maddie could feel herself getting wet immediately and noticed that his arm, which had been draped around her shoulder, was now low enough that his fingers were teasing her nipple and she closed her eyes and let the feeling take over, depositing her own hand in his lap as she felt his hard cock through his jeans.

They turned to each other and kissed, only it did not feel like the previous kisses and his hand went to her tits as he unbuttoned her blouse and she felt his warm hand on the meat of her tit exposed above the cups of her bra. Maddie felt a sudden flash of heat rush through her as his hand pushed the cup of her bra down and he cupped her tit in his hand and her erect nipple pressed against his palm. They both were breathing heavy as he exposed both of her tits and both of his hands covered them and he kind of roughly groped them, she jumped, "I'm sorry, I never felt real tits naked before," and she smiled and said it was alright as he went back to work on her exposed tits, a little easier this time. She fumbled at his pants, wishing she had some experience at this, but more so, that he had more, as she finally got his pants open and felt the outline of his cock against his shorts as she stroked it. Maddie was nervous now, she had never had her hands on a real cock and it scared her a little, but she ventured her hand into his shorts and felt the heat of his cock as she gripped it. She began to stroke it up and down like her girlfriends had told her, "Hey Maddie, easy baby, need to relax your grip a little, it hurts," and she apologized and did as he said, feeling his cock glide between her fingers as she stroked it now and then she felt something slick on her hand and as she rubbed the head, the slick stuff made her strokes that much easier and she heard him begin to moan. She was beginning to moan herself as he bent his head and took a hard nipple into his mouth and sucked, it felt wonderful. She could feel his cock getting harder and begin to twitch a little as she stroked it, "I want to see it cum Jeff," and he lay back as she got down near his cock and pumped it, his moans getting louder. She had never seen one cum before, her girlfriends had described it, but she wanted to see it and she pumped it faster as she found that made him groan more. The very first spurt hit her in the eye and she jerked her head back as he continued to shoot his cum onto her exposed tits and she let go of his cock as his cum went everywhere, on her blouse, in her hair and all over her chest and the sofa. "Why did you let go Maddie?" he asked as she tried to wipe the slimy stuff from her face, "It got me in the eye damnit!" and he laughed and she felt so stupid, "It's ok Maddie, there's plenty more where that came from," and she watched as he stroked his own cock and got it hard once more and then he turned her so that she was half laying on the sofa and began to work at her own jeans, "No, Jeff wait, I don't know if I want to do this," but he had her jeans down over her hips before she even finished the sentence and his hand dove at the waistband of her panties, gliding to her moist crotch.

She jumped as his hand found her clit and all protests stopped as he rubbed her hard little nub and she began to melt inside, no one but her had ever touched it before and she liked how it felt to have someone else touching it. She had gotten too far now to stop as her pussy screamed for release and she felt the sofa rock as he climbed between her legs and rubbed his hard cock against her entrance before inserting the head. Maddie grimaced from the pain, only fingers had been inside so far, and his cock was fatter than a finger as she tried to back away from him, but he roughly held her shoulder as he pushed himself into her. "No!!! Jeff it hurts!!!!" she screamed, but he was not interested as his cock slid on in and she fought back the tears from the pain when he tore through her hymen. When he had inserted it all, he stopped and she saw the contented look on his face at her pussy surrounding his cock and then he began to withdraw, making the pain return and then he thrust back, not gentle at all, as she screamed out. "Oh damn Maddie, you feel so fucking great!!!" he screamed as he started stabbing her faster and faster and she could actually feel his cock growing inside of her and then his cum shot into her and he stopped pushing and left his cock deep in her as he came. He moaned like an animal as he came and it scared her. Maddie lay there spellbound, as he grunted and she felt the last of his cum shoot into her, 'So, this is what sex is all about?' she thought to h

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