Clothing Optional

by Dinghy5(Jo)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: An exhibitionist and voyeur shows and sees far more than she bargained for. It is a wonderful, wet experience.

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Clothing optional? Who do they think they're kidding? It was a nudie camp, plain and simple. The official name was "Summer Sun Camp (Clothing Optional)."

From the moment I heard about it I knew I had to go. In mid-life I had discovered I had a latent propensity toward voyeurism and exhibitionism. My girlfriend, and sometimes lover, Lisa, agreed to go with me. We each plunked down $2000 for a week and sailed away. The two grand included everything but booze that would be charged to the credit card number we provided.

The camp wasn't a camp at all, but rather a very posh, small private hotel-type resort on a secluded island just off the Coast of Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean. All rooms were one-bedroom suites. The facilities consisted of two long, low, two-story hotel buildings, one on either side of an Olympic sized swimming pool. In all, there were only about 60 guest rooms. At the South end of the pool was a small building with a bar, cabanas and toilet facilities. Beyond the bar was the beach. At the other end of the pool was a large building with the restaurants, shops, casino and lobby area.

We arrived in mid-afternoon and were told there would be a get acquainted "clothing optional" manager's cocktail party around the pool at four PM. The main dining room, which was also "clothing optional", would be open at seven. In answer to my question, the host told me that almost everybody would be nude all week, even at the get acquainted party. He said that some of the regulars never wore any clothes except upon arrival and departure.

Unfortunately, we didn't take him at his word and I wore shorts and a halter-top. Lisa had shorts but she opted for a calypso style blouse, tied at the midriff without any buttons, to show off her 38 DD breasts. We showed up exactly at four only to find that he was right, the few people there were wearing hats, shoes and almost nothing else. Most were completely nude but almost every body had something on their head. Lisa and were in immediate agreement and started back to our room to get more into the swing of things.

We went around a decorative hedge that divided the hotel from the pool area and ran headlong into a huge, 50ish, man, wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots, urinating in the bushes. He turned slightly toward us, smiled and nodded a friendly 'hello.' The golden water continued to squirt from the end of his penis. We were within ten feet of him and, with his hand, he carefully aimed the stream away from us.

As long as I have been around I have never looked directly at a man while he was peeing. I found it highly erotic. I wanted to take it in my hand and aim it at something. While we watched, the stream slowly waned and eventually stopped, with just a few drops dribbling out of the end. I looked at Lisa and her eyes were glued to his water hose, her mouth open.

"Sorry to have startled you ladies, I hope I haven't offended you." He had a distinctive western accent. "You're new here aren't you?" He shook a few more drops from that beautiful instrument and said, "I'm John Williams but everybody calls me Tex." He started to offer his hand, (the one he had been steering with) then thought better of it and said, "I'm on my way to the party. Will I see you ladies there?"

"Yes, we will be back in a few minutes when we are dressed or rather undressed more appropriately," I giggled. I had to pull Lisa away; she was still gaping at his equipment. He smiled at us and waived as we went around the corner of the building, out of sight.

Back in our room, Lisa was very excited. "Did you see the size of his cock? I thought I was going to cum in my panties when I saw him peeing. God, I wanted him to pee on my hands or feet." She was rubbing herself in such a way I thought we might not make it back to the party.

She took off her shorts and tried to untie her blouse but she was so flustered she only knotted it tighter. "Can you help me with this?"

I tried to undo it after I took my clothes off, but looking down on those big, soft breasts, the moment it came open, I buried my face in them. The nipples were big and hard. I suckled for a moment before she raised my head and looked deep into my eyes.

I kissed her as she cupped my sensitive breasts. My hands were caressing the skin of her shoulders and I could feel the urgency in her warm, soft hands against my breasts, lightly kneading my growing nipples with her thumb.

We kissed again and I slipped my hands between her legs. She moaned softly when my hand touched her bare upper thigh. I stroked her soft skin with the tips of my fingers. Her quick intake of breath told me she was enjoying this, so I let my fingers probe deeper into her slit.

I felt her shudder as I again took her nipple into my mouth. I could feel the wetness between my own legs growing. My hand was fondling her shaven paradise. She shuddered again as my hand stroked the soft folds of her pussy lips, I was still sucking on her right nipple.

She pulled me away from her breast and leaned over to kiss me. Our mouths meet with the hunger of lust that had been building since we arrived at this arena of carnal delights. The wetness between my legs was oozing down my thighs. We continue to kiss, breast to breast, our hands all over each other. We both knew it was time to move to the bedroom.

We rolled into bed, reveling in the feeling of naked skin against naked skin. I could feel her wetness on my leg as we rolled together on my sheets. Her smiling face hovered above me. She whispered, "I want you," and lowered her mouth to mine in another tender kiss. The longer we kissed, the bigger my needs were until I was on the verge of an orgasm.

Lisa reached between my legs and found my wetness. I opened my legs more for her and almost came from her touch. Her skillful fingers heightened my arousal, caressing me as only she could. I felt my back arch as a moan escaped my lips. My ecstasy was continuing to build as she kissed her way down my body. I opened my legs as wide as I could when I felt her kisses descend from my belly towards my pulsing womanhood. Her mouth descended on my pussy and her lips began sucking at my little knot of pleasure.

The softness of Lisa's lips against my labia sent an electric shock through my body. It was all I could do to keep from screaming, "Oh, my God!" My climax was so complete that it left me week and gasping for breath.

After a joyful eternity, Lisa released her suction hold on my clitoris, grabbed my hips and rolled us into the 69 position. I moved to her directions immediately, wanting, needing my mouth on her while her fingers pushed inside me. I felt her hands again on my hips and saw her succulent pussy opening for me. I instinctively backed into her mouth, only to have her drive her fingers further into me as I dove into her wetness. Our moans were harmonious as we launched into each other, licking and sucking and fingering away with abandon, her hands clenched to my hips, pulling me towards her.

I heard her call my name as my own second orgasm was but a moment away. Her cum filled my mouth as I climaxed with her. Our cumming together only drove her to finger me harder which only made me cum more as we cried out together. I felt her last push into me as she tried to extend her own climax. When it was over, we collapsed in a heap on my bed.

Lisa was gasping for breath when she said, to "Oh my God, I fantasized that Tex peed on me just as I was about to cum."

I didn't tell her that I was dreaming something along those same lines. "Lets get back to the party before all the booze is gone." I was really thinking, "Before Tex finds someone else and leaves."

We both did a quick wash up to get rid of the aroma of pussy, put on hats and set out to meet the rest of the guests, completely nude except for our sandals and hats.

Lisa giggled, "I'm so horny, I hope there's not anything running down my legs."

I couldn't tell her I felt the same way. Just thinking about going out to the party nude made my pussy wet again.

Back at the party, more people had arrived. I tried to count heads but the sea of bare flesh was too much for me, but I think there were perhaps 60 or 70 people there.

Because of my swinging lifestyle, I had often seen people naked, both men and women, but never more than one or two at a time. One of my fetishes was bare skin. I loved to see it, touch it, feel it, caress it and even put it in my mouth. There was more than enough here to satisfy all of my urges.

A couple of things stood out in my mind. The first was that the women outnumbered the men almost two to one. The second was the ages of the people there. The women ran the gamut from the young hot bodies in their 20s, to the far more mature seniors in their '60s, while the men were almost all bracketed between their early 40s through late '50s. The only exceptions were a young couple, perhaps lovers or honeymooners, two very gay men in their 30s and the resort staff, all male.

Lisa wandered away and was soon in a deep conversation with a handsome man that I took to be in his early 40s.

I spotted Tex, alone, looking over the ocean of breasts, buttocks, pussys and penises. From his vantage point over the heads of the rest of the crowd, (6ft 4in) he must have had a good view of the area. He spotted me right away and waved me over.

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