Jasmine Kay and Me

by Christine D'Angelo

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lesbian threesome

One night my car broke down, and as I stood by the road wondering what to do, a large late model BMW pulled up. It had black windows so I couldn't see who was driving. The passenger door opened and out got a tall, leggy, dyed redhead. She introduced herself as Jasmine but I was to call her Jas. I told her my name was Chrissy. I looked her up and down and she looked good, in her early 40's but she'd really kept in shape.

Under the dyed hair she had quite a pretty face with just a touch of make-up, and the expensive looking Armani jacket over a white silk blouse, and a nice pair of tits, the long buttoned slit skirt showed a glimpse of her long tanned legs with a nice firm ass to go with them. As I was admiring Jas' body, the other car door opened and another woman got out. She was the opposite to Jas in looks, she was short and dumpy looking, short mousy hair, late 20's. A check shirt was almost bursting with a huge pair of boobs and a denim miniskirt almost covered her fat ass and chunky thighs. She was introduced as Kay. They offered to take me into the nearest town to get someone out to the car. I locked up my heap and got into the plush limo. Kay took the wheel and Jas got in the back with me.

Now I've often fantasized about having sex with two women at once and have been sexually active since high school, but I've never had the chance, so I wasn't prepared for it when Jas started to come on to me. She started asking me all kinds of personal questions like did I have a man, did I like sex, what was my favorite position, did I like toys. As she spoke to me she ran her fingers lightly over the back of my hand. Then came the killer question, had I ever been fucked by another woman. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say, then I realised that they were a butch/femme couple. I must be innocent or stupid or both!

I asked Jas why she was asking me such personal questions, and Kay just laughed and said she knew I liked girls because she saw the way I had stared at Jas's body. I sat there in confused silence, Jas was still holding my hand but now her skirt had slipped open and her bare thigh was pressed against my leg, I looked down and could see a triangle of white panty.

I couldn't believe what was happening to me, the talk of sex and Jas's lovely perfumed body against mine, I was actually getting aroused, I could feel that tingle between my legs, I knew I was getting horny. A few minutes later, Kay pulled the car off the road and down a dirt track and behind an old abandoned building. The place was dark and deserted. Jas looked me straight in the eye and said, we can stay here for a little while and have some fun or we can go on to the next town and drop me off, it was all up to me, stay or go!

I sat there knowing I wanted Jas badly but also feeling so vulnerable, who knew what they could do to me. My lust got the better of me, it overruled my head, I looked at Jas then at Kay and said, I think I'll stay for a while. They both smiled at me and Jas said good girl we knew you'd say yes, we're so glad you did. As I sat there not knowing what to expect, Kay got in the back with us and locked all the doors. The car was huge inside but with Kay's bulky figure it got a bit tight on that back seat.

Jas made the first move, she stroked my cheek and then lightly kissed me on the mouth,I responded and kissed her back. I felt her tongue slip inside my mouth, her kiss getting more passionate, her hand lightly brushed the front of my blouse and then she pressed her palm against my nipple, as she caressed my breasts my nipples hardened and stiffened. Her mouth was pressed hard against mine as she pulled at the buttons of my blouse and slid her hand inside my bra. Her fingers delicately played with my nipples. Jas pulled her mouth from mine and began to kiss my breasts, lifting them up so that she could suck and lick them. Now her hand caressed the inside of my thigh, moving higher and higher towards my pussy, I shamelessly spread my legs wide. I turned my head to the side to see that Kay had virtually stripped naked, her huge tits only inches from my face. God they were beautiful, huge and firm with big pink nipples jutting out. I slid my head towards ther huge boobs and Kay pulled my face into her cleavage, it was heaven.

By now, Jas had got her hand inside my knickers and was busily fingering my wet pussy, with all four fingers jammed in tight and her thumb working in circles around my throbbing clit, her mouth sucking hard on my tits I groaned out loud into Kay's boobs, Oh God that's so good, oh yes fuck me, make me cum. As I moaned and groaned, Jas worked her hand harder, in and out, stretching my cunt open with each thrust. I was close to cumming, I knew Jas must be horny and I could see Kay was, the smell of hot pussy was thick in the car, it was paradise. I could feel myself cumming, the familiar tingle in my crotch rising up through my belly, spreading all through my body. I raised my my bum up and thrust my pussy hard onto Jas's hand. I knew my orgasm was near, I groaned again Oh yes,yes yes I'm cumming, fuck me Jas fuck me.

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