Extern Weekend

by Spiller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: A prim and proper teacher/housewife has her world turned over during a weekend of supplementary education.

This story is of adult nature. If you are too young, too prudish or just plain unlucky to live in a place where people feel offended by erotic literature, you should stop reading now.

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It's Sunday night, 1 am.

I just fucked my poor husband silly for two solid hours, and right now he's sleeping like a log, while I'm sitting here, totally confused and at all doubts about myself.

I really thought I had life laid out: Job, family, my future and myself. And then, suddenly, I really don't know.

A few words about myself: I'm Gerd, 42 years old, quite a successful teacher, married for 20 years to Claus, who is now 45, two children who have both left home to study in Copenhagen. I'm fairly good looking, though nothing spectacular, whereas Claus is a very handsome man, and I'd say that I really love him. For all these years he has been a kind, considerate and generous husband and father, as well as a skilled lover who almost every time manages to give me the most delicious orgasms when we make love. He always convinced me, that he finds me pretty in spite of my small tits and skinny frame. Of course our marriage has had its ups and downs like everybody else's, but those were only tiny ripples on a smooth surface. I was always immune to the advances I received from other men, though I have to admit they have not been that many.

And here I am. Came home four hours ago from a weekend of supplementary education, which our school board had ordered (and paid for) where I spent two wonderful nights doing things I had never even dreamed about, and that secret knowledge made me so horny again, the moment I saw Claus, that I practically raped him and fucked him raw. What the... has come into my head? And my body?

It all started Friday at noon. School closed early and we were all bussed to a rather posh hotel. By three o'clock we had been dealt our rooms and met for afternoon coffee and the first lectures, which by the way were very interesting and inspiring. After a delicious dinner another hour was scheduled for a lecture which was more entertaining than really educational, and then the rest of the evening was for 'socialising'. Through dinner and the last lecture I had been sitting with a colleague of many years, a man I have always admired for being such an excellent teacher. Ten years older than me he is, but his mind is so open and young that our youngest teachers seem old-fashioned and stale compared to him. The kids love him, and his classes invariably score the highest grades. At the same time he is always a pillar of calm, spreads a feeling of security around himself - and never have I heard another teacher ask him for help and not get it. Those are the reasons for my admiration - and definitely not his looks or his macho charm. Peter is only a few inches taller than me, he weighs about 10 kilos too much, and actually the only really charming thing about him are his eyes, changing between blue and green and with many wrinkles of laughter around them.

The 'socialising' was not really that posh. A nice lounge, a CD-player and a dancefloor, a waiter at the bar - and the rest was up to ourselves. Peter had asked me for the first dance during dinner, but it seemed he was in no real hurry when we adjourned in the lounge. He fetched us some drinks and snacks, and we sat in the sofa talking shop, laughing a little at some of the younger colleagues who were already smooching on the dancefloor - people we knew were all married, but not to each other.

"Seems like a few of them are rather in a hurry to take advantage of the opportunity," Peter laughed.

"Perhaps they don't have that many opportunities," I said. "Better make use of them, if that's your wish."

"OK", he said with a smile, "and as that is my wish I'd better ask you: Shall we dance?"

His elegant advance was so unexpected, that I blushed a little, and without a word I got up and said:"OK, let's dance."

And so we did. Peter is an excellent dancer, guiding you around without letting you feel you are guided, and then for a few seconds he takes a firm hold of you, just to let you know who is in command. We had danced a few when a slow one came up. I always loved the slow dances, and this was no exception. I leaned a little into Peter and felt his arms around me and actually enjoyed it. Just before the dance finished he gave me the first chock of the evening. With his deep and firm voice he said:

"I think you should go to the restroom and take off your bra and panties so we can enjoy the next slow dance better." At that point he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me a little off him so he could look me firmly into my eyes. Like a little nitwit I felt time had stopped, and a little later the music did too.

"Thanks for the dance," he said. "It was lovely, apart from a few impediments."

He took my arm and we walked back to 'our' sofa and sat down. My stomach was in turmoil because of the unexpected and rather rude advance he had made on me - and also, I had to admit, the chock of it made me tinkle all over. If you had asked me 2 hours ago how I would have reacted to such rude words I should have laughed and said: - I think I'd refrain from slapping him, but I'd definitely go my way. And now I was just sitting in the sofa continuing our talk while my subconscious mind was figuring out if I should go to the restrooms or not !

I'm not going to put numbers on all the times it happened during these days, but this was the first time I did something which is still inexplicable to myself: After a while I went to the restroom and discarded my bra and my panties, put them in my purse and returned to the sofa, Peter and the colleagues.

A few others had joined us at the table and talk was flowing, the course, our school, being away from home etc. Peter fetched us some wine from the bar, and when a slow tune came up on the CD-player he asked me: "Would you care to dance this one with me?"

"Of course, Peter."

On the floor I had halfway expected him to feel me up to see if I had complied with his proposal, but nothing of the kind happened. On the contrary he maintained a small distance which only added to my excitement. Why the... did he want me to take off my underwear if he wasn't going to feel it? Well, I think the sly bastard knew how to whet my appetite, for when he finally brushed the back of his hand against my small tits it was more like an electric chock. His right hand slid down to rest on my hip while he maintained a light pressure on my right breast, and suddenly I was painfully aware of my naked pussy, and I felt the air blowing up upon it every time Peter swirled me around and my skirt flared out.

"It's very delicious to touch your breast," he whispered into my ear, "and it's lovely to know that your pussy is bare if I should feel like touching it."

I could feel my cheeks blush as if I was a young girl, and for a short while I rested my forehead on his shoulder. Suddenly he lifted his left arm and pushed my hip to make me turn round and round while he was walking slowly forward, and his right hand stayed down where it was, trailing from my hip across my belly, round to my arse and with every turn he lowered that hand, and with the last turn he quickly put a slight pressure on my pussy as it passed his hand.

"Feels like you are gifted with an abundant bush," he whispered into my ear, "I really like that. So many girls shave today, and it just makes them look like babies." He followed this up with a quick jab of his tongue. At that moment the slow tune stopped, and thank goodness he held my arm like an old-fashioned gentleman, because I was quite dizzy as we walked back to the sofa.

People were telling jokes as we sat down, but honestly I didn't get many of the points. I just laughed a little when the others did, while my head was reeling with questions, the most important of them being: - Why all of a sudden did my pussy get so wet? And when I looked down on my white shirt I could see my nipples as easily as I could feel them poke against the soft silk. I started to get up because I wanted to get out into the cool air and get my head sorted out, but the cheeky guy said out loud: "Would you please bring a gin and tonic for me too?" I didn't want to give long explanations in the presence of my colleagues, so I did the easy thing and went to the bar. Just as I returned with the drinks a new slow tune started, and Peter got up and said: "Can I have this one too?"

"Yes, of course you can, but then it's the last one. It's past midnight, and I don't want to be too tired tomorrow."

"Fine with me."

He put his arms round me, and held my body rather close to his, and I was excitingly aware of my nakedness under my shirt and skirt. For the first time he put his hand on my arse with a purpose. He squeezed my buttocks rather hard and pressed my pelvis close to his, or rather he let me feel his stiff cock against my belly. And then he brought up his hand so he could take my right nipple between his fingers and pinch and twist it, hard, but not too hard. He had his right hand on my shoulderblades and he pressed my head close to his and said in his deep voice:

"I want you to say goodnight when we finish this dance. Go to your room and leave your door unlocked. I'll come up to you in ten minutes so as not to make any of them suspicious. And I want you to keep your clothes on, just as you are now. Got it?"

"Yes, I got it, but what makes you so sure I'll leave my door unlocked?"

"If you don't, I shall have to knock on it and make a terrible noise, shan't I? I think it's more discrete if you leave it as I told you."

He leaned into my ear, blew a small breath of hot air into it and whispered:

"God, you are a lovely woman. I look forward to hold you in my arms again."

As the tune ended he followed me back to the table. I didn't sit down, though. I bid goodnight to the other colleagues and excused myself for being tired and in need of the rest. Peter sat down at his usual place and joined in with the conversation.

Fortunately I was alone in the lift going up to my room. I'm not sure I could have carried on a chit-chat with all the emotions churning in my head and my belly. My pussy felt heavy, engorged and wet, and my nipples were still trying to drill their way through my shirt. In the room I told myself that I could still lock the door if I decided so in the next ten minutes, but as I dropped down on top of my bed I knew all too well, that I was not going to do it. I sneaked my right hand under my skirt to feel my pussy - just to check if it was really as wet as I thought. And it sure was ! And the lips were fat and pouty with blood, so much so that my finger almost plopped in between them when I wanted to feel the wetness. A touch to my clit sent a wave of lust through my thin body and I pulled out again. I touched my thighs on the inside, and even though they are so slim that they never touch each other, they were both damp with my juices.

For a short second I contemplated frigging myself off so I might have a chance to be a bit more cool when Peter would arrive, but I chose not to - I had a notion that an orgasm now would not calm me down, but most likely have the opposite effect.

- Hi, old bitch, you may as well relax and live this out. It's going to be a first and last, and now you have a chance to feel how it is to make love to someone else. Admit it, old girl, you have often wondered how it might be, haven't you? - and yes, I often have. I closed my eyes and relaxed as much as I could, drifting off in a series of very erotic dreams, and when I heard my door silently open, close again, and the lock being turned, I stayed on my back with my eyes closed.

Peter did not say anything as he entered. I could hear him walk from the door, but I kept my eyes closed. I heard him walk up to the bed, stand there for a little while, probably enjoying the sight I thought, and then he walked round to the other side. I heard him take off his coat and his shoes, and suddenly the bed gave in to his heavy body lying down beside me. At first he did not touch me at all, and I felt my nipples stiffening further, as if they were crying out to be touched. And that was exactly what he did.

"Your nipples just told me, that you are not sleeping."

With that he moved his hand over and around my tits a few times before he grabbed both of my nipples with his fingers and pinched them. My body gave an involuntary jerk of lust, and then he moved his right hand down my body till it was resting on my flat stomach, just above my bush. Further down he moved it to feel that bush through my dress. Thank goodness he did not start out with kisses or some faked romance, I should not have been able to handle that. This was about sex. Sex and nothing but.

"I'm really looking forward to play with that forest of love you've got here." He pressed his hand against my pubes. "Like I told you at the bar: I really love a hairy pussy and not those shaved baby imitations."

He leaned over and kissed my eyelids.

"Hey, are you going to keep those eyes closed for the next many hours? Why don't you open them and then lift up your skirt to show me what you have got there?" His voice was so deep and soft.

Well, that's what I did! Apparently I was not able to make decisions of my own. Up till now I had just done what he told me to do, and it thrilled me that also this time I did it. I grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it up almost to my waist, lifting my hips first to get the skirt out from under my arse, and secondly to present my black, curly pussy to him. And as far as I know, he was only the third person to see it (in a sexual context, that is).

"Beautiful, beautiful," he whispered, almost as if it was to himself rather than to me. His fingers combed through my curls many times before he said:

"And now unbutton your shirt to show me if your tits are as lovely as I think they are."

And again I did what he wanted. What I wanted. My shaking fingers opened button after button and I pulled the shirt out of my skirt and then I opened it while I looked into his eyes. He smiled, and then he looked down on my tits, and I did the same. Did he see what I saw? Two small, very pointed hills topped by dark brown aureoles and nipples that seemed too long on those small tits. And stiff the nipples were !

"Perfect. Just perfect," he whispered again. "God how I'm going to play with those."

His body was still not touching mine, and suddenly he let one finger slip down to my pussy - well, it felt more like a cunt right now! All wet and slippery. He was only touching me with that one finger. He started sliding it up and down along my wet clit. Really, he was masturbating me, and I was on fire being touched by only one finger.

"I'm going to make you come very soon, but only if you use your fingers to pinch and twist your beautiful nipples while I do it!"

I looked down my body. What a sight ! Here I was on a foreign bed in a foreign room with a foreign man, skirt around my waist, shirt open and a finger working painfully slow on my tingling clit, and of course I lifted my hands to my tits and began to squeeze and twist them, sending electric chocks down through my body directly into my clit. Peter increased the speed of his frigging, and in record time I felt my orgasm coming up.

"Oh, my God, I coming already," I panted. "Oh, God it's wonderful. I'm COMING - I'M COMMMMMMING."

The muscles in my belly started contracting, my thighs were shaking violently and I was humping my cunt on his finger. With a loud scream I felt the powerful orgasm almost as if molten lead was poured out all over me. The cramps were so violent, that my legs tightened up and bent in hips and knees so I was almost in a fetal position, right there on my back, shaking and crying.

"Oh, my God, you horny bastard! It's wonderful, God, I'm still coming."

When I folded up like a jack-knife his hand was pushed away from my cunt, and now he placed over my mouth and said:

"Hey, lovely. Better be a little more quiet or we'll have all the horny guys lining op to have a piece of the cake."

It took me nearly a minute before I was able to relax and let my legs fall back on the bed. Little beads of sweat had formed between my tits and on my forehead, and my whole body was hot as hell.

"Phew, that was lovely," I whispered. "Will you please get me a towel to wipe my forehead and chest?"

"I'll do better than that," he said.

With that he leaned over, and that was the first time I felt his body against mine, and slowly he started licking the sweat off my forehead and a little later his tongue cleaned up my chest. His hand moved up on my belly again, and I felt his fingers tugging at my abundant bush while his tongue started licking my tits, even though there was no sweat on them. Feeling his clothes rub against my naked legs and chest was a strange new sensation, and the way he was tugging and pulling at my bush was something new, too. He sure was right when he said he loved a real bush instead of the trimmed or shaven ones. I felt the heat building in me again, and images of what might be hidden in those trousers began to form in my mind.

"Am I the only one who is going naked tonight?"

"Oh, no, Gerd. If you promise, that you'll stay just as you are right now, and then play with your bush in the meantime, I'll take a few minutes to undress."

"I couldn't play with myself while you watch. I have never done anything like that."

"Well, Gerd, there is a first for everything. Are you going to do it, or do I keep my clothes on?"

"I'll try if I can do it."

He got off the bed, and my mind was in turmoil while I tried to let my fingers comb through my curls. I was a bit surprised when I found that it was highly erotic to do so and have Peter watch it. He started a slow striptease beside the bed while I got more and more into playing with my curls.

"Take a good hold of it and pull upwards to show me your clit," he said hoarsely.

I did just that, and to my delight felt the sheath slowly pull away from the head of my clit to let a breath of cool air sweep over the sensitive little pearl. I could not resist to do it again, and slowly I tugged and relaxed my grip to make it feel as if I was pulling the foreskin back and forth on a small cock.

- Oh, my God, I thought. - Claus would get a fit if he saw me now. The mere thought of it sent a new thrill through my body, and I concentrated on watching Peter shed his clothes. His chest was naked now, and he started opening his trousers. Sure, his chest showed those extra kilos he was carrying. No ribs to be seen, but on the other hand he looked extraordinarily smooth for a fifty year old. When his trousers fell to the floor and I could see his cock I was in for yet another surprise. He had a belly, all right, but actually the overall impression of his body was quite favourable. He looked soft and warm, and when I looked at his cock my cunt started twisting again. Only halfway erected it was not that long, but I had never imagined something that fat. For a while I stopped tugging at my bush, just to savour the look he was giving me.

"What's the matter, do you like what you're seeing? I didn't tell you you could stop playing with your curls."

I resumed the delicious tugging, but he broke in again.

"Oh, no. You stopped, and now you'll have to do it one better. Pull up hard, and use your index finger of your left hand to touch your clit."

I looked into his eyes, not believing my own ears.

"Do it. And NOW !"

Of course I did, and my finger sent little electric jolts all through my body. I felt my cunt begin to drip again, and I imagined it was opening up more and more, just to prepare itself for that fat cock. But I knew very well that this was what it always did when I get really horny. Claus sometimes teases me saying that we skinny girls have the widest cunts, and sometimes when I get really wild he almost can't feel anything when he is fucking me, and I have to put my legs together and tighten up the muscles of my thighs and belly for him to get the right friction.

- Well, old girl, I thought, there'll be no need to tighten up with that fat cock. And suddenly I heard myself say words, I should never have believed:

"Come on, Peter. Are you going to fuck me with that nice cock or are you only putting it on display?" I felt my cheeks turn dark red, but at the same time my thighs fell even further apart.

"Oh, no, I'm not. I really want to get it inside you right now."

Quickly he joined me on the bed and got ready between my legs.

"It's not all that hard yet, but I'll get it in you now, and then you will feel something I bet you haven't felt before."

He grabbed his cock with his right hand and with a tight grip around it he held it stiff enough to push the first half of it inside me. God it felt lovely. He was stretching my cunt like it hadn't been before, and with a bit of coaxing he slowly worked it all the way in and then he stopped moving at all.

"Now, be very quiet and don't move. This you have to feel."

I was already very much aware, that his soft body felt very comfortable on top of mine. Sometimes with Claus the skin on my protruding hipbones get sore, and it is more hurt than pleasure - but not with this guy! And then a jolt flashed through me coming from my cunt. Peter was lying dead still, but his cock had started to grow ! Not so much in length, but definitely in thickness ! There was a constant pressure on the walls of my vagina from his growing cock. When he put that half limp cock into me I was filled more than ever, and now he was growing ! It was the wildest ever! My cunt started twitching all by itself.

"Quiet. I told you not to move !"

"But I can't help it. This is so wild it is doing it all by itself," I whispered hoarsely.

"Just enjoy it. It's not finished growing yet."

Right out of the blue it hit me. With no warning, no moving, no clit-touching, no banging, I started on the longest orgasm ! My cunt was spasming, my body was twitching and my belly was rippling. Normally I should have jack-knifed, just as I did when he diddled me, but his heavy body weighed me down, and all I could do was coming and coming and coming around that fat pole. My cunt luxuriated on squeezing it again and again and all it did was growing. And all I did was coming ! I could feel my juices squishing around in the bottom of my cunt. That fat cock had me plugged so well that it could not even seep out.

I was coming down from the peak, and that fucker was looking at my face. When he saw my features start to relax he just moved three or four times in me, pulling my lips out and stuffing them in, and that set me off again.

"Oh, my God," I panted. "It's starting again."

Just before I started screaming he clamped his hand on my mouth and pushed in a few more times. I was yelling my muffled insanity into his hand and my cunt was so much enjoying finally to squeeze a cock in orgasm. Always it has felt more like opening up into a big empty dancehall when I was coming on Claus' average cock, but now I was really feeling my cramps.

"My God, Peter. It's out of this world. Move again - I'm coming down and I don't want this to ever end."

He complied, and now he set up a determined slow rhythm, pushing his wondercock all to the bottom on each stroke. My juices were squishing and bubbling out around his cock when he hit bottom. And I hit the peak again.

"You are one hot cunt," he gasped into my ear. "You are milking me now, and I'll spurt into you in a minute or less."

"Oh, yes. Fill me up. I want to feel you spurt into me. What can I do to make you come faster?"

"You don't need to do anything right now. Just squeeze my cock with your cunt and feel what is happening. OHHHH. I'M COMING, IT'S RIGHT NOW - FEEL IT. GOD, IT'S LIKE HEAVEN."

With a grunt he started coming. His cock twitched and became even fatter, nearly splitting me, and I felt my womb fill up with sperm as he convulsed on top of me and tried to push himself up through my whole body and out of my throat. Plugged like never before his sperm could not get out, it just kept pumping up into my cunt and I felt my belly stretch a little. I bit his hand to get it away from my mouth. This I had to yell out, and I didn't care a shit if all the world could hear me. It must have been my tenth or twelfth orgasm, and it was the strongest yet. My thighs were shaking, my belly contracting to no avail, my toes curled, my lips snarled away from my teeth, and my head was thrashing wildly from side to side while I yelled.

Slowly I felt it dying out. First I stopped yelling, then I stopped spasming. I felt his magnificent cock start to dwindle in me, and suddenly a gush of sperm and juice pressed its way out all around his cock, making us both wet all over down there. I felt it spread out on our thighs and run softly down my crack, past my arsehole and down to soak the bedsheets.

I was in Heaven ! Hot and sweaty all over my body, drenched in our juices and with a lovely piece of meat filling me up and giving me something to contract my cunt around. God how I enjoyed feeling so filled up even if I had just had my most heavenly orgasm. I started to feel his weight on me, but on the other hand I didn't want this to end.

"Come, let's turn over, BUT DON'T PULL OUT OF ME YET !"

Peter grabbed my hips and in one roll he was on his back with me on top, and only an inch of him ever left me. I straightened up to sit right on his cock. I felt it go softer in me, so I couldn't move very much, but still he was filling me out to my hearts delight. And now my juices were flowing freely down his cock and his balls. I looked into his eyes. He was smiling at me, and just as I was going to say something he said:

"That was great. You sure are a hot number, Gerd."

"You're not half bad yourself," I laughed. "I don't think - no, I know, that I have never ever come that much."

"And now you wonder if I can go another round?"

"You bastard. Do you read my mind like an open book?"

No, but I can feel your cunt is opening up at the bottom of it. That is usually a sign of that lust."

"Oh, yes, it is. I can't help it, but I sure want to feel your cock grow in me again. What can I do to make you grow again?"

"You sure you can do it?"

"I'd love to give it a try," I smiled.

"I have a feeling you are too much of a prim and proper small town teacher."

I felt my cheeks turn red again. I'm afraid he was right on that one too.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, a really raunchy and slutty bitch might do it quickly, but I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see if it will grow of it's own free will."

"Oh, yeah. Trying the world's oldest trick, aren't you? Give her a dare, and she can't resist trying?"

"Yes, that was the general idea."

"Well, like a dumb blonde I'll take the bait. Give me a hint and I'll try, because I really want to feel that fat cock grow inside of me again."

"Mmm. And this time it will feel even better, because I'm nearly as limp as I go. But you are getting in the right direction. Talk to me, tell me how nasty you are, and you might do the trick, dear."

So, that was what he wanted? And what did I want?

"I want to feel your cock grow fat again."

"That's up to you. Why do you want that?"

"Because you filled me up like never before."

"I can believe that."

"I'm going to squeeze you a little with my cunt. But I think I must be carefull not to press it out of me."

"Yes, you do have quite a cunt there, and it's very wet too."

I brought my hands up to squeeze my small tits, and a little later I took my nipples between thumb and forefinger to pinch and twist them. Immediately I felt that familiar tingle in my clit.

"My cunt is so wet because you made me come so many times. But that only made me want to come a lot more. Do you think you're man enough to fuck it for real?"

I could hardly beleive my own ears, but I must be on the right track, because I could feel his cock starting to grow. The feeling was divine, and the pictures on my inner screen were even more divine. I was exciting myself beyond belief talking dirty.

"I've got these small tits that you promised to play with, but it seems I shall have to do it all myself."

"If you will leave them alone for a minute and play with your clit instead I shall enjoy them."

I let my hands fall away from them, and I blushed again as I touched my clit with my right forefinger.

"Use your other hand to spread those lips a little more while you masturbate for me," he groaned, and his cock grew yet a little bit thicker.

I was never a girl to masturbate much, and I had never done it with someone to watch, but the growing pressure in my cunt put the lust in me, and soon I was moving my fingers with abandon. At the same time I felt his big hands cup my tits, and then he pinched my nipples hard while he pulled at them.

"Oh, that's great. My tits love what you are doing," I panted.

"I can feel that. Your nipples are very hard and big now. I think they need a little more."

And more they got ! He pinched and pulled at them real hard. It hurt like Hell, but the pain went directly down to my clit which I was rubbing.

"Eeeaawwww," I yelled. "That hurt!"

"But you liked it, you little bitch. I could feel your cunt tremble when I did it."

"Yessss, I'm getting really horny again, now. Oh, your fat cock is filling me up again. I can feel it pressing the sides of my cunt."

I moved a few centimetres up and down on him, and now his cock was nearly as fat as before, and still growing.

"You know," I panted, "that growing cock is making me crazy. There are no lips to hold apart now. My clit is all bared and my cunt is split open. Have you got more in it?"

"Just a little bit more, just a little bit. You enjoy being stretched, don't you?

"No, I'm crazy for it ! God, I never thought I could go that mad just having a cock splitting me. It feels as if my whole body is filled with just cock, cock, cock !"

Suddenly he slapped me very hard on my arse. A loud whack, and a stinging pain.

"Start moving that cunt," he snarled. "I want to feel it moving on my stiff cock."

He slapped me very hard again on the other cheek.

"Ouch," I cried, but I remained dead still on him. Those two first smacks stirred feelings in me I didn't know I had, and I wanted him to smack me again. And he did ! Two more hard ones on each buttock did the trick. My whole behind was burning with a stinging pain and my face was red with the humiliation of his punishment. And at the same time my cunt was quivering with excitement. I moved up and slammed my cunt down into his bush just three or four times. My cunt was so stretched that my clitoris was bared completely, and the scratching of his wiry curls on it's sensitive tip sent me over the hill.

"Ooooohhhh, my God," I yelled. I felt my cunt clamp down on his meat like a vice. "

"Fill me, you nasty fucker, more, more, moreeeeee."

Was that really me yelling? Sweat was pouring down between my little tits and my whole belly and my cunt was spasming all the time. And even then I just felt like a glutton: I wanted more, more, more of everything, more cock, more sperm, more slapping of my arse, I don't know, just more, more and more.

I pulled off him and felt the vacuum as my cunt refused to let go of his fat cock. I turned round and grabbed the footrest of the bed, standing on my knees and presenting him with my dripping cunt.

"Fuck me, I want to be fucked like a bitch."

"Not 'like' one. You are one," Peter snarled.

He got up and moved in position behind me. Then he dealt me four very hard smacks on my arse. They stung like Hell and just made me feel even better.

"If you really are that crazy to be fucked I don't understand why you are such a lazy cow that you haven't put it in yet!"

My legs were shaking and little starlike lights were flashing on the inside of my eyelids. I reached down and pushed his cock at the opening of my cunt. In one long push he forced his cock inside me, and at the same time he pushed his thumb into my arse. What was happening to me? I came very violently in just two seconds. Then he pulled out his thumb, grabbed my skinny hips and started fucking me for real. Hard, fast and fat. His balls slapping against my clit, his hand now and then giving my arse yet another smack. The next five minutes were a blur of mindblowing orgasms, pain, crying and yelling, degradation of being fucked like an animal, overpowering joy of being fucked like an animal.

Suddenly I felt him go stiff behind me. With a deep grunt he started spurting into my cunt. I was hit by a gutwrenching orgasm again, and when I felt him stop his movements I just collapsed, head down, arse in the air, cramping all over and tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Oh, my God. I'm totally fucked out."

I felt Peter get off the bed. Then he took me in his arms and lifted me off the bed, turned round and very gently he laid me down with my head on the pillow. Automatically I curled up with my knees to my tits as if I just wanted to hide from the world. Then I felt Peter lie down again beside me. His hand slowly caressed my hair and my shoulders.

"Hey, girl. That was so great. Why do you hide?"

"I think I'm a bit ashamed of myself."

"No need to be. You were great. And you are still a lovely, little creature."

"But I never was like that before."

"Well, wasn't it about time, then?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure, at least."

"Well. Better make up your mind, 'cause I count on you for tomorrow night, too."

"Don't feel too sure!"

"I won't. But I think you'll want to."

"Mmmmm. God, I'm so tired and fucked out. My whole body is aching."

"Then I'd better let you have a good nights sleep. Don't you think I should sneak out while the others are asleep? You don't want me to run into a couple of colleagues in the morning, do you?"

"Oh, my God no."

Peter kissed my cheeks and shoulders, and then I felt him get up. I heard him dress, and quietly he opened and closed the door. And I fell into a heavy sleep, even as I was wondering what tomorrow might bring.


I woke up Saturday morning, painfully aware that my body was covered in dried up sweat, dried up sperm and dried up juices of my own. The smells seeping up to my nose from under the covers immediately brought back images of last night, and if that was not enough to make me horny again, the stretched feeling from between my legs did the rest. I could not help sliding my hand down to touch my cunt, and in a few moments it was dripping again. With all of my willpower applied I just managed to remove it again and get out of bed. In the shower I cleaned off the traces of our fucking, but the images in my mind could never be washed out, and I knew right from the start of that day that I would be looking forward to Saturday night fever.

At the breakfast table I sat between two women from our class-team. Suffice it to say that the two of us looked quite fucked out in spite of showers and make-up, while I think I saw a trace of envy in the eyes of Joanna.

The morning lectures were OK, though I had a little bit of trouble concentrating. But that was nothing compared to the afternoon. At lunch Peter manoeuvred himself close to me at the banquet table.

"When you've finished lunch I want you to go to the ladies room and remove your panties. I want to know, that you are bare. And you have to flash me at least once, that I'm convinced you did it." And off he was.

Silly little me of course complied. When we got to the afternoon coffe-break my pussy was dripping and my head was reeling. I sat down in one of the big armchairs, and of course Peter sat down opposite me. He looked questioningly at me, and my cheeks were burning as I uncrossed my legs, spreading them slightly to show him I was panty-less. At the same time I was painfully aware that my nipples hardened to give me in. Linda had not seen me flash my pussy, but her eyes on my breasts and the little knowing smile on her lips showed me, that she was fully aware of my state.

"Damn," I thought. I hadn't planned on anybody knowing, but then I suddenly remembered that Linda had the room next to mine, and probably there was no way she could have avoided to hear my screaming last night, that is unless she had been to some guy's room instead of her own. Which might very well be, and might very well not be. I was soon to find out, because she sat down next to me when we returned to the lecture hall. In the middle of the first lecture she leaned over and whispered into my ear:

"Sounded like some fuck you got yourself last night".

I blushed like a teen-ager and whispered back: "Oh, no. Did you hear that?"

"Sure did. Not all of it, though. I was in some other room getting a lousy lay for 10 minutes, and then I came back to my own just to hear you yell like a wolverine in heat."

"No use denying, eh?"

"Definitely not. Going at it tonight, too?"


"Aw, come on. We're in the same boat, love. Only you seem to drive a liner and I got a kayak. Going to tell me who it is?"

"No way. Or you might try to score him tonight."

"From what I heard, you're dead right."

"Go and find another lay." I could hardly believe the language I was using.

"I will, but this profession of ours is lousy where that's concerned. We are always 3 girls to each real man!"

"Do you think that's why I never did anything like it before?"

"Guess that's right. Well. If you feel like sharing, just give three knocks on the wall, and I'll be there, you lucky bitch!"

The afternoon passed uneventful. When the last lesson ended at half past five I was dead tired and ready for a little rest before the big dinner at eight. And then suddenly Peter sneaked up behind me in the hall.

"It was nice to know your pussy was bare all afternoon. Go and have a shower and a rest, but leave your door open from around twenty to eight. Have a nice rest, you delicious you!" And off he was.

In my room I quickly shed what little clothes I was wearing, I had a shower, and in fact I was so tired, that I wasn't even tempted to do a little autosex. I just managed to set my alarm to twenty to eight, and I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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