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Incest Sex Story: Forced to fuck my sis-in-law

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Cheating   Incest   InLaws   .

The first time Joe saw Erika was when his brother introduced her as his girlfriend. Joe was instantly attracted to her hot tight body, but it was his brother's girl, she was off limits. Besides that, Joe was in love with his own girlfriend, so he put any thoughts of a sexual nature aside.

As time went on, Erika married Joe's brother, Joe married his girlfriend, everyone was happy. They meet often, dinners, family functions, joint vacations. Joe's wife became Erika's best friend. As Joe got to know her, he was more and more attracted to her, but she was so sweet and good-hearted that Joe knew for a fact that she wasn't the type of girl that would fuck, just to fuck. Joe wasn't either. Imagine the guilt. Now more than ever Joe realized that it could never happen. Even when he tried to fantasize fucking her, he could never create a believeable senario.

Once, while they were all on vacation together, he caught a glimpse of her changing out of her bathing suit, Joe was transfixed, paralysed watching Erika expose her petite firm breasts, then turning around to remove her bikini bottom, revealing her tight ass, as she bent down he saw for the first time the sweet pussy he tried to imagine so many times. Joe was shivering, almost orgasmic. He knew if she caught him, she would never trust him again. Suddenly Joe heard his brother coming out of the bathroom, it was time to stop, so he quickly ran into the other room.

Joe now had a visual picture of her naked body, but still could not create a viable fantasy. But damn!, he wanted to fuck her! Yet, with time, Joe blocked it out of his mind.

Six months later, Erika called to ask Joe's wife if she could take her to a jewelry store to pickup a gift for her husband's birthday. His wife wasn't home, so Joe offered to go. They arrived at the store just before closing time. As the clerk was ringing up the purchase, two masked robbers entered carrying guns.

"everybody freeze, this is a hold up!", they yelled, as they pointed their guns at the clerk. "Oh my god Joe!" said Erika as one of the gunmen came towards them.

"You two, get in the back room!" he screamed, as he escorted them into a small rear office. Joe clutched on to Erika assuring her everything would be alright, if they just do everything they asked. Once in the office, the gunman began to tie Joe's hands and feet. As he got to Erika he said, "My Oh my, ain't you a pretty thing", as he rubbed his gun in between her breasts and down to her pussy. Joe pleaded, "come on man, leave her alone!". "Shut the fuck up!", he replied as he hit Joe on the head with the butt of his gun. "Joe!", screamed Erika, as Joe fell back with his head all bloody. "please! don't hurt him!", she begged. "Do as I say and I won't". "Now take off your fuckin clothes, bitch!"

"NO!!!", screamed Joe, as he lay there helpless, "don't do it!". " Don't worry", replied the robber, "I'm not gonna fuck your girlfriend, I don't want a rape charge hanging over me. I just wanna see your girl's lucious pussy." , "But if she don't get naked, it's gonna be a world of pain for you, boy!". "It's ok Joe, it's not worth it, I don't want him to hurt you", said Erika, as she began removing her clothes. "wow wee!, now that's a fine piece of ass!", exclaimed the gunman, "She must be a great fuck, am I right?", Joe didn't reply. "Am I right?", repeated the man as he held the gun to Joe's head. "I wouldn't know, she's not my girlfriend, she's my brother's wife". replied Joe.

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