To Inherit a Factory

by Spiller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, White Couple, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young Danish composer inherits his father's Italian factory and is in for a big surprise.

Chapter 1

When Arthur Olsen and his beautiful wife were killed in an auto crash, quite a few people were sad but nobody was surprised. Arthur could best be described as a 'bon vivant' who had shown great skill and fortune, building and expanding a margarine factory. He was a very wealthy man. His love for pretty women and fast cars was well known, so only a few were surprised that he was killed in a crash.

A few days after the funeral his two sons were called to the family lawyer's office for the reading of the will. Jonathan, the older of the two, was an efficient businessman, and after his education was finished, he had worked in the family business. Jonas, the younger of the two, had inherited his mother's talent for music, and at the age of 25 he was now an educated but not very well known composer.

Apart from all the legal mumble jumble and the conditions should his wife have survived him, the will boiled down to:

"To my son Jonathan I leave my factory on the following conditions: 25% of the profits - but never less than 100.000 dollars a year - shall be given to Jonas, and future changes in the structure of the business can only be made if the two can agree. To my son Jonas I leave my Morgan sportscar and my small factory in Italy on the condition that he maintains it as the social experiment it is. The present manager, Signora Mandelli, can be reached at Via Regia Mirabile..." The amount of cash in my different bankaccounts will be about 600.000 dollars which are to be divided equally between the two."

As Jonas and Jonathan had always been good friends, but never really close, they just accepted what they had been given, although the 'small factory in Italy' was a bit of a mystery to them. They knew that their father now and then had gone to Italy to sort out 'things', but he had never revealed the nature of this business.

Three weeks later Jonas packed his favourite keyboard into the Morgan, and on a bright Saturday morning he drove up in front of an old building in Via Regia Mirabile. There were many names on the list inside the front door, but Signora Mandelli's was not there. For a short moment he was afraid his father had made a joke on him, but when he asked for Signora Mandelli at the baker's on the corner, he was told that she had moved out one week ago and that she was now living at 'the factory'. The kind baker told him to look for the big, red building by the lake at the end of the road.

Jonas braked hard when he caught sight of the building. It was huge! 4 stories high, close to 60 meters long, built on the rocks right on the shore with a magnificent view of the lake and the Alps in the distance. It was meticulously maintained and bore no trace of industrial activities. The enormous windows towards the lake was the only evidence of the factory's age and nature.

He started the Morgan again and drove down to the lake. An open gate in the fence allowed him to drive into the yard in front of the building. Well kept lawns and flowerbeds bordered the narrow gravel road up to the front door, and as he brought the Morgan to a halt at the huge front door he could not help himself: He honked the strong horn of the small car.

A minute or two later the door opened, and two women ran down the stairs and shouted: Hi, Arthur. Oh, Arthur, you are back?

When Jonas pulled off the black leather helmet he had found in the Morgan, the women looked very disappointed at first, and with a suspicious stare at him asked: "and who are you then?"

"Good morning, ladies. I'm Arthur's son, and I seem to have inherited this place. Can you tell me where I can find Signora Mirandelli?"

The oldest of the two, an extremely pretty woman, who looked to be somewhere in her late thirties (but he always found it difficult to estimate the age of those Mediterranean women) stepped forward and said: "I'm Signora Mirandelli. And why are you here and not Arthur?"

"My father was killed in an accident 3 weeks ago, and he has left me this factory."

She turned round and said something in Italian to the younger woman, who then disappeared into the building. When Mirandelli turned back to him he saw the beginning of tears in her beautiful black eyes.

"You must be Jonas, then. Arthur has told us a lot about you."

It was only at that moment that Jonas started to wonder that they called his father by his first name.

"How much has he told you about this place?"

"Not a thing. All I know is, that he went here often, but he never told any of us about the place. So kindly explain to me what all this is about."

Jonas got out of the powerful little car, and he was in for another surprise. Mirandelli put her left arm round his shoulder, kissed him on his cheek and guided him towards the front door.

"I'm terribly sorry about your father. We all loved him very much, but we didn't know anything about his death. So we are just as anxious to know better as you are."

They had reached the big door, and once inside she said: "Let's go to my office and have a little talk to clear things out, and then we'll have to meet all the others."

Her small but beautiful office was on the ground floor with an exquisite view of the lake through the huge old-fashioned factorywindow.

"So you own this factory now? And you don't know anything about it?"

"No. My father's will only said something about a 'social experiment' and that he hoped I'd keep it up as such."

"We sure hope so too!"

She looked Jonas into his eyes as if she was probing to find an answer to that question.

"I'd love to, if only I knew what it is all about."

"Well, to tell it the short way: Your very dear father has lent us this factory. He started out in the traditional way hiring workers and producing margarine. After a few years he realised that unmarried mothers were having a very hard time in Italy. That's when he changed everything and why we all love him so much." Once again Jonas noticed Signora Mirandelli's eyes getting wet and shiny, and she was having a hard time not to cry.

"You know, signora, it warms my heart to see that you are so sorry that my father is dead. I loved him very much myself, and I am still in grief over it. Tell me more about this place - maybe I can put you at ease as far as the factory's future is concerned."

"Well, again to put it shortly: This factory can only hire unmarried mothers. The buildings were still Arthur's, but he resigned from taking out any profits from the production. They were all supposed to be used for the benefit of the mothers and their children. He built about 25 nice apartments on the top floor, started a day-care centre on the third floor, and then he left it to us all to cooperate, elect our own leaders and run the factory as a commune."

"Wow, the old guy always had a streak of a socialist in him, but when it came to business he was just as tough as any other guy. I'm happy to hear this."

"Today we are all having a wonderful life here. The production is running smoothly, we have very, very low 'sick days off', the girls are respected in town, and we all have a fairly high income, though we spend a lot of money keeping the place up to the standard we all want to live in."

"I noticed that, coming in here. Not much of a factory to look at."

"That's the way we want it. And about once a month Arthur would come down here to give good advice and to liven up the place."

"Yes, you can tell me that. He was always the one for a good party and a fine woman. All his life."

"Mmmm. That's one of the other reasons we loved him so much. When he arrived the 'girls' were close to fighting for a chance to be with him, because he was so much fun and such a wonderful lover."

"I am not sure I can live up to that reputation - I really don't know that side of his life very well - but I'd sure be willing to give it a try."

"And what about the factory. Would you be willing to give it a try? We all know, that the buildings are yours, but we hope you are not going to sell them."

"You know, I don't think I will. I'm a composer, not a businessman. I'm secured a fair income for the next many years. On the other hand this place could bring me a lot of inspiration for my work. Do you have an apartment where I can stay when I'm down here?"

Mirandelli jumped up and impulsively dragged him to the windows.

"Look down there. That place looking like a boathouse - with the balcony built so it reaches out over the lake? That's Arthur's house. Maybe we should call it Jonas' house from now on?"

"Why not uphold the name to keep the memory of him alive?"

"Oohh. That memory will live for a long time anyway."

"All right, signora. Will you be my interpreter? My Italian is almost non existing, but I hope to learn it quickly. I have an announcement to make. At what time will you be able to get all the women together so I can make a speech to them?"

"I'm sure I can guess what's going on in the factory right now. Angela has told the others that Arthur has died, and right now they are probably not producing any margarine at all. They will be sorry to have lost Arthur and they'll be scared that they'll loose their good life."

"Well, lady. Let's go and put that fear to death."

"You really mean it? You're going to let us continue?"

"Yes, I sure am. Why kill a good thing to make it a factory like thousands others."

Mirandelli turned round. She was one big smile. She threw her arms round Jonas and kissed him enthusiastically. She made small quick jumps of joy which made her beautiful breasts jiggle in the most inticing way. Then she grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the office. She was almost running out into the hall. There she pressed a button, and suddenly a loud ringing sounded through the whole building.

"Come. This way."

She dragged him to the lift and a minute later they were on the first floor. They stepped into a brightly coloured factory hall with all the familiar machines. About 40 young women were gathered there, and a few were still coming in through various doors.

Mirandelli raised her hand and all talking stopped. She said something in Italian out of which Jonas could only understand his own name and that of Arthur's. She turned to him and said:

"And now it's your turn. I haven't revealed anything yet."

Jonas braced himself for the unusual situation. He was definitely not used to make speeches.

"Ladies", he started.

"I bring you the sad news, that my father Arthur Olsen has been killed together with my mother, in a car crash."

Mirandelli translated. Jonas studied the faces of some of the women, and it was clear to him, that they already knew, and that they were genuinely sorry and a bit scared.

"First of all I want to put you at ease concerning your future: I'm not going to change anything !"

When Mirandelli finished her translation a loud roar of appreciation - hurrahs, yeeows, thank God's, etc. broke out. The women were hugging each other, clapping their hands, and a few came up to Jonas to shake his hands.

He raised his hands, and again everything went dead quiet.

"I'm going to stay for a while in Arthur's house so I can get to know you better. I don't speak any Italian, but I hope a few of you can help me and give me some lessons. Any of you speak English?"

5 or 6 hands were raised, and Mirandelli said to him in a low voice:

"And I'd love to bee your teacher too. Unless you think I'm too old, that is."

"I couldn't wish for a more exciting and beautiful teacher. And you're not that much older than I am."

He raised his hands again.

"I hope there will be time to arrange for a dinner party tonight. I want you all to come and to bring your children too. Let's make this evening a party in the memory of Arthur and in the hopes we all have for the future."

Again a loud roar broke out. The women were dancing, clapping their hands, waving to him and blowing him kisses with their fingers.

Mirandelli said a few words in Italian, and they all started getting back to their different workstations. On the way a few of them made short comments to Mirandelli and smiled suggestively to her.

"What was all that about?"

"Well, I told them to get to work and that I'd get you settled in at Arthur's house. And then I'd need a few of them to help me set up the party for tonight."

"And what were those other comments?"

Mirandelli turned red in her face and said: "Well, actually they told me not to wear you out. They wanted you to be ready for tonight's party."

Now it was Jonas' turn to get the red cheeks. He was beginning to get the gist of what his dear father had been doing down here, and to tell you the truth it was no surprise to him and he sure looked forward to keep up everything in his spirit.

"You can leave your car here, if you want, but you can also take the backroad which is used by the lorries who pick up our produce."

"Then you'll have to show me. Jump in."

She directed him back to the baker's corner, down another road, and this time they approached the factory from the other end. Jonas could see a few lorries loading goods, and then she directed him down another gravel path which led to Arthur's house. He picked up his keyboard and the suitcase and followed Mirandelli who had unlocked the front door.

Never in his life had Jonas seen such a beautiful room. The hall was built of shiny and very old, dark timber and boards, and it opened into a huge single room. The blue light from the lake was the first you noticed, and then he looked around to absorb the wonderful furniture which filled the room. Age old antiques and the most avant-garde Italian designs in steel, glass and slate. In one end of the room was a small kitchen, and in the other the only door of the room. Jonas figured it was the bedroom door. He put down his keyboard and said:

"I guess it's the bedroom down there. That's where I put my suitcase?"

"Yes it is."

He started going down there, but Mirandelli intercepted him:

"I hope you knew your father well."

"Oh, well... Yes I think so."

"Just so that his bedroom isn't going to surprise you."

"Well, I know that he was always a horny bastard, and his taste for women was fine. I never understood why my mother put up with his escapades, but apparently she loved him very much."

"Just like we do down here. Then I can let you in without getting embarrassed."

She opened the door and stood aside. The bedroom was Sybaritic. A huge circular bed took up the centre of the room. Mirrors were everywhere, even in the ceiling. Pillows, blankets, chairs and carpets were spread all over, and a few Japanese erotic pictures left nothing to the imagination. Jonas dropped his suitcase on the bed and asked:

"The bathroom?"

"It's right in here." The door opened into a marble bathroom with 3 showers, a huge whirlpool, benches of different kinds, plus a door to a toilet plus bidet.

"God, I could use a whirlpool right now. I've been driving all night, and I'm stiff and dirty. Could you kindly show me how to work that thing?" He pointed to the control panel on the wall which looked more like an airplane cockpit than the simple pool they had had in their house in Copenhagen.

Mirandelli blushed again and said:

"Well, I could. But you see from the position of that panel, that I'd have to join you in the bath to reach it. And I feel a little bit apprehensive about you being 10 or 11 years younger than I am."

"Signora Mirandelli, I..."

"Better call me Sarah, she smiled.

"You are one very beautiful woman, Sarah, and I can't tell how I look forward to have a bath with you."

"All right. This whirlpool takes 15 minutes to fill up. Why don't you go to the terrace, and I'll bring us a couple of drinks while it does."

The sliding doors opened to a terrace built of exquisite dark cedar wood. It had a magnificent view and at the same time it was very sheltered. Nobody could watch what was going on there, there was a roof covering half of the terrace creating shade and shelter at the same time. Once again the furniture was suggestive of things going on there, only this time a bit more subtle than in the bedroom. But the chairs, benches, tables of different sizes were all there. Jonas slumped down in a very comfortable armchair and waited for Sarah to bring the drinks.

When she finally came out onto the terrace with a little tray in her hands, she had changed her clothes for an extremely beautiful housecoat made of creamy white silk which clung to her perfect body. Jonas felt the bloodpressure rising in his whole body.

"My, you ARE a perfect vision."

Sarah blushed a little, made a small movement with her head which made her long, black hair swing around her head and then settle like a black cat, resting on her shoulder.

"I bring you Arthur's favourite for this time of the day: A dry white wine with sparkling water. Good for the thirst and not too strong."

"I love that drink too. And I bet you were his favourite 'dish'."

"I wouldn't say that, but Arthur was my favourite man."

"Come and sit in my lap." Jonas patted his thighs.

"This is still so incredible to me. You have to tell me a little bit more. For instance I get the impression that daddy bedded quite a few of you girls, didn't he?"

She nodded and smiled.

"Now, I want you to be honest with me. I hope he didn't put any pressure on you, or that you would have to... you know, in order to be able to run the factory your way. I neither would or could take advantage of you or the other women."

"Oh, no, no." She shook her head and smiled.

"We were all very, very fond of Arthur, like I told you before. He was such a kind and funloving man, and I guess half of the girls were in love with him ! In Italy, you know, it's not that easy to find a good man who would accept that his girlfriend or wife had a child with another man. And a lot of the girls here don't want a boyfriend at all. They are doing fine on their own, living a sheltered and rich life and they only have to answer to themselves. The only disadvantage is that at times the supply of hormones here tend to rise out of proportion. And then Arthur came: Handsome, funny, horny and wild !" Her smile was genuinely sweet and erotic.

"And now you are curious if I'm the kind of man my father was?"

"And I'm not the only one ! Actually I was asked to seduce you today and report back to the other girls what kind of a man you are !" With that she raised her glass, winked at Jonas, and they drank half a glass. She leaned over and placed her glass on the small table, then she took Jonas' and placed beside it. Her arms raised and she threw them around his neck. He saw the tips of her enticing breasts raise with the movement, and then she started kissing him. She had such a sweet smell and taste. Her lips were soft and shiny, and while he truly enjoyed her kiss he let his right hand move up to cup that lovely tit. It was firm and not too big. Jonas could feel her hard nipple through the thin silk. When he slipped his hand into her housecoat he could really enjoy the firmness of her tit. Warm, smooth, very firm and with very big nipples.

Jonas could feel her pulse going up. Then she lowered her arms, pushed him a little away from her and said with a smile:

"I thought we were going to have a bath, weren't we?"

She got up from his lap, pulled at his hand to get him out of the chair, and at the same time she opened the belt of her housecoat, letting it fall open to reveal her beautiful lightbrown body. Small, pert breasts, a flat tight belly and a delicious, trimmed jet-black bush.

In the bathroom she proceeded undressing Jonas, and when he was stark naked she finally shed her housecoat. Together they immersed in the swirling water. Jonas relaxed for a short moment with closed eyes. The long night's driving was coming to him now, but on the other hand the strong jets of warm water relaxed his muscles and he felt halfway tired and halfway he lusted for Sarah's beautiful body.

"Stand up, Jonas. I want to soap that lovely, slim body you've got."

When he was standing she soaped his whole body using her hands. Soft and delightful they were, and when she started washing his cock and balls his cock rose to the occasion and paid her a compliment she couldn't overlook.

"Oh, my. You are certainly not as strong and broad as your father, but in this department you live up to my highest expectations. I think your cock is both longer and wider than your father's."

"I can't answer to that, 'cause I have never seen his - at least not in this condition," Jonas said.

"But you sure can make it grow. Now, let me wash you a little so I can feel your beautiful body in my hands."

Of course he paid special attention to her pert breasts and her trimmed cunt. It was a delight to feel her up with his hands full of soap. When he had finished washing her he slowly lowered her into his lap with her back to him, and she elegantly obliged by impaling herself on his strong and fat cock. He had his arms round her and was cupping her breasts. When he pinched both her nipples at the same time she let out a deep sigh.

"Oh, this is lovely. My breasts love what you are doing to them. And my cunt certainly also enjoys to be filled like this."

Jonas stretched out one hand and played with some of the controls on the side of the whirlpool. A few of them served to change the direction and power of the jets, and quickly he directed the nearest to hit Sarah right on her clit. His own balls were bouncing around in the jet, and pretty soon Sarah was screaming out her first orgasm. The feeling of her vagina spasming round his fat cock was out of this world and he was close to coming himself.

"God, this was lovely," she smiled to him.

"Yes it was. This pool sure has a lot of possibilities. - But now I want to go into the bedroom and make love to you on that big bed. Come, Sarah."

They dried off in a hurry, and a few minutes later Jonas was exploring her beautiful body with his hands and mouth. Her cunt tasted divine. It was cleaned and fresh, but the plentiful juices running out of her had an exciting musky smell and taste. Jonas felt his cock grow even a little bit thicker and he groaned:

"I have to get it into you now, Sarah. Spread your legs for me."

With a smile she lifted her bent legs and spread them as wide as she could.

"Give me that fat cock and fill me up," she groaned. She reached down and guided him into her hot cunt, and Jonas felt the heat build up in him. He started pounding her slender body hard and fast. Her tits were quivering, and after a couple of minutes she withdrew her lips from her teeth and snarled at him.

"Oh, this is fantastic," she panted.

"Sarah, you are so lovely. I would love it if I could fuck you forever and ever."

Suddenly he felt her cunt begin to spasm again, while Sarah was grunting an starting to yell.

"I'm coming, Jonas. I'm coming. God, you are a damn good fuck. Yeeeaaaahhhhh. Oh, it's great. I'm coming and coming."

The contractions in her silky cunt together with her crying and swearing sent Jonas over the hill. With a roar he pressed his cock the last few millimetres into her cunt and started spewing gush after gush of hot sperm into her.

For a while they cuddled up with his cock still in Sarah's silky cunt. Slowly his cock dwindled and slipped out of her, and with the quiet of the bedroom, all the things he had experienced this lovely morning, plus the hard driving all night, he suddenly felt so dead tired that he knew he was going to fall asleep.

"Sarah, I'm so tired, I just want to go to sleep."

"Come, you lovely man, rest your head between my breasts. When you have fallen asleep I shall leave you so I can make arrangements for the party tonight."

"Oh, yes. I had forgotten about that."

He lifted his head and looked into her beautiful brown eyes:

"And you are going to make another kind of report to the 'girls'?"

Her face turned purple and she closed her eyes for a short moment.

"Yes. I shall have to because I promised it."

"And what are you going to tell them?"

"Actually I'd rather tell them that you are a lousy lay. That way I might have a chance to keep you to myself." She smiled to him and gave him a long, soft kiss.

"But I'm afraid I'll have to tell the truth, and then they'll be swarming all over you tonight."

Jonas smiled lovingly to her. He put his head to rest between the pert, yet resilient breasts, and two minutes later he was far gone into the arms of Morphemes. When he was far gone Sarah lifted his head down to the pillow, slipped her right leg out from under him. She pressed a soft kiss on his forehead and got out of bed. She then proceeded to tidy up in the bathroom and the terrace, humming quietly to herself, whereupon she dressed and quietly left 'Arthur's house'.

Chapter 2

Jonas did not wake up until late in the afternoon. For a short while he was really confused as to why and where he was. Images of beautiful Sarah lingered on the inside of his eyelids, and he was very reluctant to open them. The lovely smell of her warm skin still lingered on the bedsheets, and when he lifted the blanket a lovely warm, musky breeze hit his nostrils. And woke him up.

What a lovely mistress she had been. Supple, lucious, hot and wet. Her lovemaking by far exeded anything he had tried up till then.

Then he remembered the plans for the evening. The party, to celebrate that he was not going to change anything on the factory. The women waiting to welcome him. God in heaven, he had NEVER been exposed to so direct advances from such a bunch of pretty, young women.

"Do they really plan to sleep with me?" he thought. "How are they going to tell me about it, and most of all: How are they going to share, if it's really their plan to fuck me by the numbers?"

Jonas felt his cock stir under the blanket. "If this is a dream, don't ever wake me up", he muttered to himself. On the other hand: If it turned out to be real, which was the case up till now, his respect for old Arthur soared sky-high. "I knew you were a horny bastard," he mumbled, "but this beats anything." He felt a deep gratitude towards his dead father. "You were a lot of fun when you were alive" he said, as if his father could still hear him, "and now you have given me the good life: A profession I love, a handsome income and then this heaven on earth. How ever did you get this idea?"

He got up and went to the bathroom to have a shower and get dressed. Towels were laid out, and when he returned to the bedroom and found his suitcase empty, he looked in the closets where everything was laid out or hung up. It was not until he was dressed that he found the note stuck to one of the mirrors in the bedroom:


WILL COME AND ASSIST YOU. Sarah. PS. Thanks for a lovely morning."

Although he had already dressed, his curiosity made him press the button, and then he walked through the vast livingroom and out on the terrace. He was still admiring the view, when he heard the door open and close, and a very pretty woman of about 30 came out on the terrace and said:

"Hello, I'm Joannah. I'm supposed to help you get ready for the party and to tell you what will be going on there."

"Hi, Joannah. And I'm Jonas."

"I know that", she laughed. "Sarah has told us about you, and I'm very happy to be of help to you."

Jonas looked at her again. Joannah was just as beautiful as Sarah. A little taller, her body a little fuller, and then the most amazing thing: Though her hair was jet black and her skin a wonderful, dark colour like fine olive oil, her eyes were sparkling blue. There were smiles in those blue eyes and on her delicately curved lips.

"I had hoped you would call a little earlier so I could have helped you with your shower and the dressing" she said with an inviting smile. "But I guess I'll have to make do with serving you a drink, or something."

Jonas smiled back at her and said: "I think I could do with a drink and also with a little of that 'something'."

"What kind of a drink would you like?"

"I'm not really sure. Something not too strong. Maybe a gin and tonic if you have got it."

"I sure have. Funny, but that was the late afternoon drink that Arthur preferred too. The son is not that different from the father, I guess."

"Well, I don't know about that. But I loved him a lot, and of course on many points it was my boyhood aspiration to be like him."

"Just a second. I'll bring you a gin and tonic and 'something'." With a smile she disappeared into the livingroom.

When Jonas heard the tinkling of ice-cubes against glass he turned round. His jaw dropped for a second at the vision in the open door. Joannah had shed all her clothes and she was so beautiful and erotic that Jonas was silenced completely.

"One gin and tonic and 'something' coming up" she laughed.

"You could have brought me a glass of water dressed like that, and I should have taken it for a double gin and tonic. - God, you are beautiful."

"Thank you, kind sir."

She came out on the terrace, placed the little tray on one of the tables and took his gin and tonic in one hand and a glass of wine for herself in the other. Then she walked up very close to Jonas and said:

"Why don't you sit down on that bench, and I shall serve you your drink."

Jonas complied, and Joannah went up to him, sat down in his lap and lifted his glass to his lips. He could not help but put his arms around her slender waist, and then she pored a slug into his mouth. A small drop was spilled, and she leaned forward and removed it with her pink tongue.

"Don't tell me that this is the way Arthur wanted his drinks served" he laughed.

"No, this is my idea of how I'd love to serve it to you."

"Can't say I'm against it. The finest way ever for me."

"You might get more comfortable if you supported yourself on my breasts".

Jonas looked into her blue, blue eyes, the same colour as the big lake. They were full of laughter, flirting and good will. He slipped his left hand up to her breasts. Even in this bent position they didn't have the slightest sag. The dark brown nipples were upturned and quite prominent. Jonas felt his cock growing against her well shaped behind. She twisted a little against his cock and said:

"Oh, no, Jonas. Thank you for the compliment, but I have strict orders not to be selfish, and there is nothing I can do for that part of you. At least not now. Later, my friend."

She kissed him again, fed him from the glass, and then she got up, took her own glass and sat down in the armchair a few meters from Jonas. Apparently she was very comfortable with her nudity, for there were no small attempts to hide it. She moved exactly as she would have done when dressed. He got the impression that she was totally aware of her own beauty.

"I'm supposed to tell you what is going on tonight. We have made a decision not to give you too much of a chock on your first night here. So the party will be just an ordinary one some fine food, which they are already preparing in the cantina, some good wine and a little bit of dancing. All the kids will be there - but never fear, they are usually very well behaved and are used to these big parties. At the moment we are 59 women working here, and all of them are coming except two: One is ill and one is going to her mother's funeral. So well be 57 women 65 children of different ages, plus you as the only male."

"Some strange party, I have to say."

"Oh, yes. But we are used to them. You are the only man who is allowed on the grounds - we have made a decision on that, and even though our parties may feel a little bit stale, it's for the better of the whole factory, that the rules are so."

"I'm very surprised - but pleasantly surprised - to have such a beautiful woman serve me my drink naked. I haven't really been able to find out what is going on. For sure I hope that you do not feel an obligation to do such things."

"Oh, my God, NO. As Sarah probably has told you, we were all very, very fond of your father. He was such a generous, humorous and randy sort of man. And charming! His death is a blow to us, but we are all so happy, that you are not going to change anything here, and we are most certainly willing to see if you are a man like your father."

"OK. I'll see if I can adjust to this. Should be easy, given what has happened up till now. At least I'm very willing to try. And if we get along I'd like very much to stay down here for longer periods of time. You see, I'm a composer, and I could hardly find a better place on earth than right here."

"MMmmm. It is a lovely place. Originally it's a boathouse, but we had it rebuilt for Arthur about ten years ago so we could party with him in private when he was here."

"Sure. This is a very private place. And I can tell you, that you are very welcome here if you feel like partying with me."

She smiled at Jonas.

"I shouldn't mind that right now, but I'll have to contain myself. Orders, you know."

She got up from the chair and stood in front of him in all her naked splendour. "Do you want another drink before I leave?"

"No, thank you."

"Well, then I'll go and get dressed, and we'll meet at the party. Please be ready at 7 and there will be a little committee to pick you up. Dinner is a bit early because of the children so they can get to bed in proper time."

Joannah bent over and kissed him and allowed another nice feel of those beautiful breasts, and then she left.

Jonas found his keyboard close to the kitchen table and carried it out on the terrace. With his headphones plugged in he spent the waitingtime practising, and he was so lost in it that he didn't notice he had company until two women stepped in front of him and waved their hands in front of his face.

"If you don't mind we'd like to escort you to your welcoming party."

Both women were smiling at him, holding out their arms with elbows bent. Jonas quickly turned off the keyboard and rose. With a pretty, dark-haired beauty on each of his arms he just followed them. Across the little stretch of gravel path, into the lobby he'd seen before, and then the lift carried them to the flat roof of the factory.

Long tables were laid out, women and children were milling around, and he was greeted by a lot of: "Buena serrate", "Hi," "Good evening and welcome" etc. He squeezed the arms of his escorts and then disentangled himself. He had spotted Sarah a few meters away, and quickly he made his way to her side. He put his arms around her and kissed her which brought out spontaneous applause from the crowd, and then he smiled at her:

"Would you care to be my lady for dinner?"

He was rewarded with a warm smile from beautiful Sarah, and even though she was probably his senior by 12 years or more, he could not help feeling quite aroused by her.

"Gladly, Sir. Gina will ring the bell in a minute or so, and dinner will be served."

An hour and a half later they were more or less through the main course. Joannah had been right. The kids were without exception very well behaved. Another interesting thing was the way everybody took turns serving, removing plates, fetching new courses etc. Then Sarah leaned close to his ear and said:

"This is about the time when you are supposed to say a few words to us all. If you don't mind I'll give a small announcement they have been waiting for with anxiety, and then I'll introduce you - and I'll translate like I did this morning."

"What's your announcement."

"We have made a research about the possibility of introducing a new ecological product, and it seems we are not only going to be first, but our sales may very well double in a year or two."

"That's interesting!"

"Normally I'd give this kind of information on our monthly plenums, but they are all so anxious to know, and the next meeting is three months ahead."

Sarah rang a little bell and got up to make her speech, which of course was in Italian. A lot of cheering followed her words, and then Jonas heard his name mentioned, and she turned to him and motioned him to stand up. The whole crowd quieted and with Sarah translating he said:

"Ladies. This day has been most exciting for me. Arriving this morning I had no idea what I was going to find, but I can tell you I'm very impressed. It seems to me that you are running a very fine business here, and I have not intentions whatsoever of interrupting that."

Applause again.

"Rumours may have spread, but let me tell you: By profession I'm a composer, and I have found 'Arthur's house' to be a wonderful place for me to work in, so I hope you don't mind that I'm going to spend a bit more time here than my father did."

Once again applause.

"And speaking of my father: I can tell you, that I have every intention of living up to his reputation." He could not help turning his head towards Sarah and smile to her. This was not allowed to pass unnoticed and was followed by a lot of laughter, which made Sarah blush in the cutest way.

"I mentioned this morning that I'd like very much to learn Italian. I sincerely hope that a couple of you will take time to teach me a lesson each afternoon. I leave it to Sarah to set up a schedule. And finally: Let the party continue. I can't get to you all, but I'll make an effort to dance with as many of you as I can. Grazie tutti."

For the rest of the dinner quite a few of the women came round and hugged him from behind as he was sitting in his chair. And the dancing was quite a wild affair with all the hinted proposals and a lot of voluptuous bodies pressed into his.

When the party was getting close to an end he danced with Sarah again.

"I do not know what you have been used to, but if I might wish I'd love for you and Joannah to join me for a night-cap."

"Well, if you are set on living up to your father's reputation, I'll invite two girls more for that night-cap, because usually we'd go four or five to join him."

"That sounds very exciting. But to me it would be wonderful to feel just your beautiful, naked body against mine once more."

"You will, you will. And thank you for the compliment, young man."

When the dance finished Jonas looked around. Quite a lot of the women had disappeared, and all the kids were gone. A few women danced the next dance with each other, but at 11 o'clock the party was over. Jonas got up to go home and spotted Sarah and Joannah close to the lift. He went over there.

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