Robotic Dick-Milking Machine

by faceless_individual

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Desc: Sci-fi Sex Story: "I need to test some equipment that I have designed." Emily said as she lubricated his large semi-erect organ with petroleum jelly, admiring its veined shaft and bulbous head. "It's a device that draws semen from a male using a robotic milking action. We have chosen you because the device is a bit too large for the average consumer, but I think it will fit your 'endowment' quite nicely

Robotic Dick Milking Machine Illustration


The year is 2068. Biological weapons of modern times have been designed with the specific purpose of causing mass sterilization among human males. Although none of these weapons has been detonated, the threat is very, very real, and a plan for contingency is imperative.

Not wanting to take any chances, the government has contracted with a roboticist specializing in reproductive efficiency named Emily Simms to create methods of maximizing ejaculatory productivity in human males.

In the event of a disaster, this technology could be used on males unaffected by the sterilization to continue creating enough healthy sperm to allow society to perpetuate itself. Dr. Simms was given half a year and a substantial government grant to complete here task. Our story begins at the end of those first six months...

Dr. Emily Simms had just completed the final assembly of the prototype for her robotic penis milking machine and was taking a moment to reflect on the six months of planning and hard work that it had taken to get to this point. Penis milking had been an obsession of hers since her late teenage years. She loved the idea of a helpless victim forced to orgasm repeatedly as many times as she wished. She often found that she was able to bring herself climax just from the sight of such a session.

"It's a little big, don't you think?" Sarah, her lab assistant asked with a touch of concern in her voice. Sarah had seen many penises in her 24 years, some of them quite large, but never one that could fill the double-walled cylinder that was on the workbench in front of her.

The robotic milker was a menacing-looking contraption that was a full 15 inches in length with a diameter of five inches at its base. It was basically a large glass cylinder with a doughnut-shaped motor at the base and a smaller cylinder at the top for semen collection. Inside the large cylinder there was a bellows made of connected black inflatable rubber rings that formed what Dr. Simms referred to as the "suction sleeve". The sleeve was slipped over the shaft of the male organ and as the rings that formed the sleeve were inflated and deflated they would move back and forth along the length of the penis. The inner diameter of the suction sleeve was tightened on the upstroke and loosened for the reciprocating downstroke, creating a "milking" effect. A black rubber suction cup was fitted to the head of the penis and connected to the semen collection chamber. During the extraction, a vacuum pump was used to make sure that all of the ejaculate was drawn out of the suction cup and into the collection chamber.

"I suppose you're right," replied Emily, "I was limited by the size of the parts that I could find, most of them were available from equine breeding supply houses.

"So what we need to find is someone and willing to have his dick sucked by a machine that looks powerful enough to pull a tree out of the ground and who just happens to be hung like a horse." Sarah replied.

Distracted and fiddling with the electrical connections of the device Emily agreed with her assistant, "He'll need to be at least 10 inches or the head won't reach the collection cup. The machine will still work, of course, but when he ejaculates, it will squirt everywhere and run down the inside of the walls of the glass cylinder. If enough semen spills into the motor it could potentially damage the electronics."

"Ten inches!" Sarah exclaimed. "Who do we know that has a ten-inch cock?"

"I do." Came a deep voice from the shadows of Emily's Laboratory. As he stepped forward with a mop in one hand and a bucket in the other, Emily and Sarah could see that it was Connor, the janitor.

"Damn, Connor, you scared the shit of me just then!" Sarah exclaimed. "I though you didn't come in on Thursdays?"

"It's Friday, ma'am." Connor replied with a smile.

"So," Emily interrupted "are you telling the truth?"

"About the day of the week?" Connor asked, "Why would I lie about..."

"No, no, not about that," Emily replied, "About the size of your...penis. Is it really 10 inches?"

"Almost 11 when it's really hard and about eight soft." Connor said matter-of-factly. "Damn thing is a curse if you ask me. Every woman I've tried to fuck says it's too painful for them to take all the way inside. I usually end-up settling for a hand-job, which is just about the only way the women I've been with can gratify me without hurting themselves."

"I see." Emily replied. "Do you mind if we, I mean, would it to us?"

"If you really want me to," Connor said glancing around the lab to make sure no one else was there to see. He placed the bucket on the floor and rested the mop against a large bank of computer equipment. He unzipped the fly of his coveralls and fished out the biggest cock that either Sarah or Emily had either laid eyes on. It was a big flesh-colored hose bulging veins throughout its length and a shiny pink head at the end. He let go of it and the two lab technicians watched his dick swing between his legs like the trunk of and elephant. "There you go." Connor announced. "Like I said, it gets bigger when it's hard."

"I'm sure it does." Sarah snickered. She was fascinated by the huge phallus that was hanging between Connor's legs. She was also intrigued by the fact that in a situation that would have caused most men to be as stiff as a flagpole, Connor's penis was, as far as she could tell, completely flaccid. "Can you make it get erect for us?" She asked. "I want to see if you're really telling us the truth."

"Well, that's not as easy as you might think." replied Connor. "Because I'm so big, it takes a significant amount stimulation for me to get a full erection. It took my girlfriend and her little sister blowing me at the same time nearly 15 minutes to get it fully hard."

Emily turned to Sarah "I'm going to go upstairs to get a tape measure." she announced."I want him fully hard by the time I get back, understand?" She said in a commanding tone.

"But how am I supposed to..." Sarah pleaded

"Think of something!" Emily snapped. "Why don't you show him those big tits of yours?" Although Emily was had very well-endowed breast herself, they were no match for her lab partners huge knockers. Sarah had always been envious of Emily's endowments and although she did not know for sure, she estimated that they must have been a DDD cup at least.

"Yes ma'am." Sarah replied.

Emily walked up a flight of stars and out of the door that led to the supply room.

"Well, you showed me yours, I guess the least I can do is to show you mine." Sarah removed her white lab coat and through the thin material of her tight knit blouse Connor could see that her breasts were gigantic. Sarah smiled as she noticed Connor's big hose pulsed once, and then again, causing the head to bulge and the shaft to thicken slightly. "You like these?" She asked as she squeezed the big mounds in her shirt together, creating a deep valley of cleavage in the v-neck of her blouse.

"Uh...yeah." Connor replied. "I guess you could say that I'm a breast man."

"Really?" Sarah asked with a big grin. "Then I guess you wouldn't mind if I did this..." She crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her blouse and with one deliberate and smooth motion, pulled it over her head and tossed it on the floor. She now wore only a black lace bra that barely concealed her massive breasts, a short bright red leather mini-skirt and knee-length black leather boots.

Connor couldn't help the fact that his cock was beginning to stiffen and instead of pointing at the lab floor, it was now about one-third of its full hardness and climbing steadily.

Sarah walked over to him and asked for permission to touch the magnificent specimen that was beginning to swell obscenely from between his legs. "I've never seen one so big you mind if I...I mean, can I touch it?"

"Sure," Connor replied, "on one condition."

"What's that" Sarah asked.

"Take your bra off first". He commanded.

"I really don't think I should..." Sarah teased.

"Have it your way..." Connor said and began to stuff his big semi-erect dick back into his coveralls.

"Wait, OK, OK. Here, I'll do it." Sarah asked as she reached behind her and undid the clasps of her bra. As she bent her arms to reach the middle of her back her breasts were thrust forward, causing Connor's big penis to pulse and thicken a bit more.

The cups of the garment fell away and her massive tits bounced free. They were the most perfectly shaped breasts that Connor had ever seen, although very large, they had a very natural shape and rested proudly on her chest. Seeing her naked boobs caused his organ to swell again. By now he was more than halfway to full hardness, and Sarah was just getting started. "Most guys are a little overwhelmed by them," She announced "but you seem to be handling it quite well..." she smiled her stare transfixed on his cock.

"Now can I touch it?" She asked shyly.

"Be my guest." Connor replied.

Sarah slid her thin fingers around the bulbous head that was now quite large. "It's just that I've never seen big..." The half-naked woman slid her fingers of her left hand all the way down the length of the thickening shaft until she reached the base. She tightened the grip with her left hand and began massaging the head with her right. A single droplet of clear fluid had formed at the tip which she squeezed and smeared over the head with her fingertips.

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