Susanne in Africa

by Toesman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: MWC in Africa discovers blk house man as substitute husband for the submissive wife, her pregnancies as she completely gives herself to her new husband.

It was in 1993 that I first happened to meet and talk with Susanne and Klaus Beidermeir. I was working on my first assignment as a trade representative in the American Embassy, but of course, as you now know, that was only my cover story. I was just out of my primary intensive training course with the Company. I had been 'lent' to the American Embassy, and I was tasked to gather as much information as I could about several different areas of life in Uganda. In particular, since I was more black than white (I tended to resemble my father, more than my mother's family) I was seconded to the security attache in the Embassy, with the specific instructions to determine what, if any truth, there was to the rumors that there was a white slavery ring operating out of Uganda, with the implicit-if not the explicit-concurrence or even permission of Amin's government ministers. Of course, the Embassy believed that under Idi Amin, Uganda was totally corrupt and run by a close-knit circle of his Black cronies. While working in my cover role, I was to meet with all the white expatriates working for the black-owned companies, and use such meetings to ingratiate myself with all these people. From that start, it was hoped that I would get some information from these "Expats" (as they were generally known) on the existence of any white slavery ring, particularly those dealing in European, British (or Scottish), and even, as the Embassy had heard, American women kidnaped in Europe, or even in America.

From the first moment that I met the Beidermeir's, I was struck by them. Susanne and Klaus were from Germany, where Klaus had graduated early from advanced university studies with a degree in chemical engineering. Let me describe them for you, so that we will have the same overview of how this whole episode played out. First of all, Susanne was stunningly beautiful. Then at age 28, she was in her prime of Germanic womanhood, with honey-blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'4", 125 lbs. with nice full breasts, a trim flat tummy and a lovely, although somewhat plump, derriere. Interestingly enough, from my standpoint, I (who always liked for his women to be and appear somewhat showy, even a little bit 'slutty', wearing lots of jewelry & of course, always bright finger & toe nail polish at all times), Susanne did not appear showy in that sense at first. Of course, she did-at least on every occasion that I saw her-have her finger & toe nails painted, with bright reds polish colors. She, however, seemed demure, even a bit shy.

Klaus was actually three years younger then his wife and rather immature. In many ways, he reminded me of a typical brainy "nerd". Neither of them had ever been abroad and Uganda was their first assignment. Klaus had been recruited by an Indian-owned sugar mill as a chemical plant engineer. Shortly after their arrival, the plants were taken over by part of a Ugandan nationalization proceeding, and the owners kicked out of Uganda.

After they arrived, they were given all the accouterments of country for white expats: a bungalow on the compound of the main plant, complete with a house servant/cook, a gardener and a night security guard. Apparently the compound had six similar bungalows all set in large lots. At the time, all but two were unoccupied. Both felt strange to have domestics, something entirely unknown to average families in the Germany.

This then is their story, as I pieced it together, from first one eye witness and another, finally talking at some length with Susanne, just before she and Klaus left to go back to home. At first Susanne wanted to help with the housework, only to be reminded by Dr. Bointoo, their black, English-educated medical doctor that this was inappropriate for whites. They had met this physician over some minor injury Klaus suffered at work and they had come to trust and rely on his advice. Klaus had his job to keep him occupied during the day, but Susanne was bored.

Shopping was reduced to a few dukas which carried the essentials, TV was almost non-existent and there were no other friends in the vicinity. So she would sleep in, then dress very casually (most often in sleeveless blouses, short-shorts, & open sandals) not knowing that her charms were often on display, and very much noticed by her male staff. No sooner did her house servant notice her lack of self-confidence he began to take command of the household... at first of course towards the gardener and the night watchman. She came to deal with him whenever anything needed to be done. About that time, the Indian owners of the plant were expelled, and the company was integrated into a nationalized government agency, with governmental appointed cronies to run the plants throughout the country. Klaus was now given the responsibility as a plant engineer for several mills by his new bosses and was expected to travel frequently.

Klaus had been called into Kampala for a meeting with Mr. Maronae, the General Manager, and Mr. Carothen, the Operations Manager of the company, both of course Black. Both men were middle aged. Mr. Maronae was an imposingly large if not to say a fat man, while Mr. Carothen was rather a short man, with an oversized head, short powerful arms and legs. Both men had appeared very friendly, and outgoing to him, and had inquired how he and his wife liked their life in Uganda. Klaus said, truthfully, that he enjoyed the challenge; the mill had been in a terrible state when he first arrived but downtime was gradually reduced and production figures were up. How would Klaus like to become Chief Engineer in charge of all mills? His salary would be significantly increased and he would share in productivity gains through annual profit sharing. Of course, it meant traveling and spending time at the other locations, especially at first, until he had things running smoothly. Klaus had asked if he could have a few days to consider their offer and to consult his wife. Two days later he had informed Mr. Maronae that he would be glad to accept the company's offer and that he would do everything to justify their trust in him.

At about this same time, however, Nauroo, their house servant, was becoming noticeably more self-assured and cocky (pun intended). Their "friend", Doctor Bointoo, had taken Klaus to a local Hotel bar one afternoon and over some beers had explained to him the African custom and the dangers facing unguarded attractive females. Klaus was horrified when the doctor explained that in such situations it would be better for her to be given a surrogate husband... as he put it... better the devil you know then those you don't. When Klaus confessed that he felt unable to confront his wife with such a prospect, the doctor offered to come out to the house some afternoon and talk to Susanne. Klaus and Susanne had by this point in time recognized all too well that Africans were very promiscuous, and forward in their approach to women. I supposed from my conversations, and from my own observations, that both Susanne and Klaus would certainly have realized that African men and women considered it to be a normal practice to share their sexual partners.

That is exactly the scenario conjured up by the "good" doctor when he explained the dangers to Klaus... That night, Klaus lay awake next to his beautiful wife, for the first time actually seeing in his mind's eye, her lovely white body, legs wide spread, beneath some rutting African male thrusting into her. Klaus had coveted the job from the beginning, now that the old owners were gone and the mill had become part of a governmental bureaucracy with managers who did not knew as much as he did, it seemed to offer him even greater prospects.

Klaus in retrospect seems to have been especially naive in these matters. Also he seemed to have been so involved in his work that he was oblivious to anything else. As you will see later on, Susanne was not quite as naive and did recognize the effect she had on the men around her. As a matter of fact, in talking with her long after the facts set out here, I believe she even secretly enjoyed their attention and maybe felt that these "games" relieved her boredom.

That same afternoon that he was offered his new top-level job, he had his conversation with the Dr. Bointoo. He asked if such a substitute husband was a pro forma matter, something for appearance to outsiders at best? The doctor was quite emphatic in scoffing at that idea. Her surrogate husband would certainly want to consummate the union. Klaus sat silent, his greed for advancement getting the better of him. Would it be so bad, he thought. After all, many women all over the world had affairs and an African male might use her body, but surely would be unlikely to steal her heart from him. How would we locate someone suitable, anyway? he asked. Generally, it is easiest and most convenient for the house servant to be offered the role, the doctor answered. He's around her all day long already and it is a small step for him to move into the house with her.

"Actually," Dr. Bointoo continued, "I have found that a woman will soon look forward and enjoy being bedded by another male once she knows that the arrangement finds the approval of her husband. And just consider the alternatives. "Either you both can leave the country and give up the job that promises you a career, income and status. What will you do back home? Or you can send her home; for a while she'll write you until she finds someone else. Or you leave her in the care of one man whom you know and who will keep her content and safe whilst you pursue your career." "Yes, I imagine you are right, there seems to be no other way," Klaus conceded. "But you will promise to help me explain it all to her? I am sure it will not be easy to convince her."

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