Katia and Cay

by Kryptoknight

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, FemaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman loses someone important and learns to move on with the help of a neighbor. They find they both work for a secret organization known as the NSPA. The NSPA wants to recruit Katia's little sister what will they do...

Chapter 1: The first meeting

It was her first visit back home since the accident; she was nervous and a bit afraid. She pulled into the driveway of the old country house and got out of the car. "Hey sweetie, it has been so long. I missed you." Her mother was a small woman and it was always a shock when people found out that she was her daughter. "I missed you too mom. I am glad to see you are doing well."

"Well Katia I can't complain, now come one your brother and sister are waiting for you." Katia was the oldest she stood at 6'0 she was slender and muscular she had blue eyes and black hair. Her mother however was 5'8 and what some would call toothpick thin but the one thing they did share was their hair and eyes Katia looked a lot like her mother. Her sister was smaller than their mother, she also had the dark hair and blue eyes the two were often confused. Her brother on the other hand was just as tall as their mom but he had blonde hair and blue eyes. "Hey kids." That was an unfair statement considering Kari was 14 and Taylor was 11. "Hey old lady."

"Now that is no way to talk to our mother. And besides she is only 34." It was a well-known fact that Katia was not Kayla's biological daughter. Katia and Kayla had met when Katia was 15 and had become friends and when her parents were killed in a plane crash Kayla petitioned the courts for custody, and Katia agreed that, that was indeed where she wanted to be.

"How are you holding up?" Kayla asked as she walked into the room with the cookies she had baked. "Eh, I am ok mom but I don't really want to talk about it I came here to get away from it all." Katia said avoiding the subject.

"Hey Kat can you help me beat Bowser, you are the only one in the house that can do it." Taylor asked.

"On which game?"

"Umm Mario 9 for the Virtual Nintendo."

"Yeah I can try but I haven't beaten that one yet. I will help you only if you go out to the car and get my stuff. And don't drop anything." She said as she started up the game system.

"Jesus Kat what do you have in here?" Taylor asked as he lugged the big bag into the house.

"Umm what color is the suitcase?" Kat asked. "It is dark blue."

"Ah that would be my swords and my knives and the sharpener." She answered as she attacked the animated enemy. "Oh yes that reminds me Hun I wanted to introduce you to Cay."

"Oh why is that."

"She is a sword smith and she lives down the street. She just moved in and it would be nice for you two to meet."

"Oh ok sure mom I will go say hi later. Ok?"

"Ok sweetie." Just after the conversation had finished Taylor walked into the room. "Did ya beat him?"

"Yes I did here." She handed him the headset and other apparel and walked over to see her sister. "Hey Kari how are you."

"Oh I am ok I just have to finish a project for school so I am working on it."

"Why you aren't back in school for 3 weeks."

"Yes I know but still I want to get it done."

"Ok." She kissed her sister's head and walked off. "Hey mom I am going to go meet this Cay person ok."

"Ok sweetie her house is the blue one down the street."

"Ok mom."

She took the 5 minute walk over to Cay's house, she walked up to the garage that was open, She looked around and saw all sorts of blades. She became transfixed on one of them and didn't notice the young woman walking into the garage.

"May I help you?" Cay said calmly.

"Huh." Katia jumped. "Oh hi sorry I am one of your neighbors I thought I would come over and say hi."

"Oh Hi I am Cay, nice to meet you."

"Hi I am Katia." She stared at the woman. She was a bit shorter than her, she had black hair and green eyes. "Do you collect swords?"

"Yes a little, I still have to hang my collection up back home."

"Really? Do you ever use them?"

"Oh no, I have no skill in that area."

"Really, well you know I could teach you."

"Oh a sales pitch?"

"No I just don't like to see swords that just hang there never really get their worth appreciated."

"Well why don't you come see my collection before you decide anything." Katia said without thinking. "Ok let me grab my keys." Cay said "Sure." Katia stood there and looked at that sword that had caught her eye. 'What about this makes it so perfect? It is rather ordinary but what is it.' She walked out of the house and around to Katia. "Ok ready to go."

They walked down to Katia's house and walked in. "Hi mom I brought Cay." Was all Katia said as she led Cay into her room to show her, her swords. "Ok ignore the mess I just got into town." Cay laughed a little. "Ok."

"I was wondering if you could identify a few of them for me they are quite beautiful but I don't know who made them and I thought you might know. Since you are in the Biz."

"Sure I am not sure how helpful I will be but we will see." She pulled the first sword out of the suitcase and unwrapped the padding from around it. "This is one of the ones I can't identify." She handed her a simple sword with a vine design etched into the blade. "This one is nice but I don't know who made it I am sorry." She placed the sword on a hanging device on the wall. "That is ok I am sure I will find out eventually." She pulled several other swords out of the bag and showed them to her guest. "This is another one I can't place." She pulled out a sword with an ornate design etched into the beginning of the blade close to the handle. As the sword came clearly into vision Cay gasped. "What?"

"This is... This is one of mine. I did this."

"Really. It is a good sword."

"Thank you." She remembered making that sword she remembered everything about it until a woman came and bought it. But Katia wasn't the woman so how did she get a hold of it. It wasn't uncommon that people resold swords but this looked very well cared for it still even had the casing and tag with it. "How did you come across this?"

"Oh My. Um my lover bought it for me a long time ago." The tears were fought back but barely. "Oh. Sorry to have intruded."

"Oh it is fine." Katia left one sword in the bag knowing who made it and what importance it was. "These are really nice swords Katia, you should think about my offer."

"I already have, when do you want to start?"

"How about after you two eat dinner?" Kayla said as she peeked into the room. "Oh really I shouldn't stay for dinner."

"Nonsense I knew she would bring you over so I made enough for all of us."

"Is she in the habit of bringing strange women home?"

"Yes." Was all Kayla said as she walked off. "You are?" Cay looked at Katia in a new light. 'Could she really be?' "Umm yes I suppose I should tell you before we begin that I am a lesbian." 'Holy shit she is.' "Well then I should tell you that I am too." He lips began to form a provocative smile. "Well I promise not to grope you if you promise the same."

"Who says you will get close enough." They were flirting and Katia wouldn't let it go past that not so soon. "Well you haven't fought with me yet." Cay smiled amazed at how comfortable she was with this woman already. "And you haven't seen my trophy case yet." Cay shot back playfully. "Is the contest to so who is meaner over yet because dinner is ready." Kayla was smiling as she walked back into the room to coral the two women to the table.

Close to two hours later the two women were standing on a mat. "You lied, you know more than you let on." Cay said as they begun to fight. "Well I am not as good as I would like to be." Katia grinned at Cay as she prepared to strike. Katia moved in on Cay and she swung her practice weapon at her. The move was fast and well planned but it wasn't enough to catch Cay off guard. "Nice move Katia, but not fast enough." Cay said teasingly as she countered the move. They fought this way for several hours, until it became dark. "I think I might have met someone to challenge me." Cay said as they walked into the house. "Really well then I will endeavor to challenge you." Katia smiled as she followed her into the house. "So do you want to make this final or do you just want to play every now and then?"

"Well depends on what you mean by final." Katia was cautious, she wasn't ready for any kind of relationship at the moment and her fear was that was what she wanted. "Well usually I have my students live with me for the duration of their training. Most people can't stand longer than a month."


"Because I am hell on wheels." She paused and smiled at Katia. "Mainly because my hours of training are hell and I like to run exercises late at night and early in the morning."

"Well that makes sense I think. But umm couldn't we make an exception since I live right down the street?"

"No it is that way or no way." Katia thought about it for a few minutes. "Cay I really want to train with you but I am not ready for this."

"Tell you what you should think about it for a while then get back to me. Take a while and let the idea sink in."

"Ok but I don't think that."

"Don't think about it right now." Cay interrupted. "Ok. I should get going."

"Yes you should. Meet me here in two days time."

"Ok I will." Katia took one last look around and left.

Chapter 2: New beginnings

"Well what do you think mom, I mean it sounds like a good deal but I am not sure I am ready for anything like this." Katia said as they sat at the dinner table.

"Christ Katia you would think she asked you to marry her. She just wants you to train with nothing more." Kayla sat there eyeing her daughter.

"You are right mom I think I will do it."

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