Katia and Cay

by Kryptoknight

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, FemaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman loses someone important and learns to move on with the help of a neighbor. They find they both work for a secret organization known as the NSPA. The NSPA wants to recruit Katia's little sister what will they do...

Chapter 1: The first meeting

It was her first visit back home since the accident; she was nervous and a bit afraid. She pulled into the driveway of the old country house and got out of the car. "Hey sweetie, it has been so long. I missed you." Her mother was a small woman and it was always a shock when people found out that she was her daughter. "I missed you too mom. I am glad to see you are doing well."

"Well Katia I can't complain, now come one your brother and sister are waiting for you." Katia was the oldest she stood at 6'0 she was slender and muscular she had blue eyes and black hair. Her mother however was 5'8 and what some would call toothpick thin but the one thing they did share was their hair and eyes Katia looked a lot like her mother. Her sister was smaller than their mother, she also had the dark hair and blue eyes the two were often confused. Her brother on the other hand was just as tall as their mom but he had blonde hair and blue eyes. "Hey kids." That was an unfair statement considering Kari was 14 and Taylor was 11. "Hey old lady."

"Now that is no way to talk to our mother. And besides she is only 34." It was a well-known fact that Katia was not Kayla's biological daughter. Katia and Kayla had met when Katia was 15 and had become friends and when her parents were killed in a plane crash Kayla petitioned the courts for custody, and Katia agreed that, that was indeed where she wanted to be.

"How are you holding up?" Kayla asked as she walked into the room with the cookies she had baked. "Eh, I am ok mom but I don't really want to talk about it I came here to get away from it all." Katia said avoiding the subject.

"Hey Kat can you help me beat Bowser, you are the only one in the house that can do it." Taylor asked.

"On which game?"

"Umm Mario 9 for the Virtual Nintendo."

"Yeah I can try but I haven't beaten that one yet. I will help you only if you go out to the car and get my stuff. And don't drop anything." She said as she started up the game system.

"Jesus Kat what do you have in here?" Taylor asked as he lugged the big bag into the house.

"Umm what color is the suitcase?" Kat asked. "It is dark blue."

"Ah that would be my swords and my knives and the sharpener." She answered as she attacked the animated enemy. "Oh yes that reminds me Hun I wanted to introduce you to Cay."

"Oh why is that."

"She is a sword smith and she lives down the street. She just moved in and it would be nice for you two to meet."

"Oh ok sure mom I will go say hi later. Ok?"

"Ok sweetie." Just after the conversation had finished Taylor walked into the room. "Did ya beat him?"

"Yes I did here." She handed him the headset and other apparel and walked over to see her sister. "Hey Kari how are you."

"Oh I am ok I just have to finish a project for school so I am working on it."

"Why you aren't back in school for 3 weeks."

"Yes I know but still I want to get it done."

"Ok." She kissed her sister's head and walked off. "Hey mom I am going to go meet this Cay person ok."

"Ok sweetie her house is the blue one down the street."

"Ok mom."

She took the 5 minute walk over to Cay's house, she walked up to the garage that was open, She looked around and saw all sorts of blades. She became transfixed on one of them and didn't notice the young woman walking into the garage.

"May I help you?" Cay said calmly.

"Huh." Katia jumped. "Oh hi sorry I am one of your neighbors I thought I would come over and say hi."

"Oh Hi I am Cay, nice to meet you."

"Hi I am Katia." She stared at the woman. She was a bit shorter than her, she had black hair and green eyes. "Do you collect swords?"

"Yes a little, I still have to hang my collection up back home."

"Really? Do you ever use them?"

"Oh no, I have no skill in that area."

"Really, well you know I could teach you."

"Oh a sales pitch?"

"No I just don't like to see swords that just hang there never really get their worth appreciated."

"Well why don't you come see my collection before you decide anything." Katia said without thinking. "Ok let me grab my keys." Cay said "Sure." Katia stood there and looked at that sword that had caught her eye. 'What about this makes it so perfect? It is rather ordinary but what is it.' She walked out of the house and around to Katia. "Ok ready to go."

They walked down to Katia's house and walked in. "Hi mom I brought Cay." Was all Katia said as she led Cay into her room to show her, her swords. "Ok ignore the mess I just got into town." Cay laughed a little. "Ok."

"I was wondering if you could identify a few of them for me they are quite beautiful but I don't know who made them and I thought you might know. Since you are in the Biz."

"Sure I am not sure how helpful I will be but we will see." She pulled the first sword out of the suitcase and unwrapped the padding from around it. "This is one of the ones I can't identify." She handed her a simple sword with a vine design etched into the blade. "This one is nice but I don't know who made it I am sorry." She placed the sword on a hanging device on the wall. "That is ok I am sure I will find out eventually." She pulled several other swords out of the bag and showed them to her guest. "This is another one I can't place." She pulled out a sword with an ornate design etched into the beginning of the blade close to the handle. As the sword came clearly into vision Cay gasped. "What?"

"This is... This is one of mine. I did this."

"Really. It is a good sword."

"Thank you." She remembered making that sword she remembered everything about it until a woman came and bought it. But Katia wasn't the woman so how did she get a hold of it. It wasn't uncommon that people resold swords but this looked very well cared for it still even had the casing and tag with it. "How did you come across this?"

"Oh My. Um my lover bought it for me a long time ago." The tears were fought back but barely. "Oh. Sorry to have intruded."

"Oh it is fine." Katia left one sword in the bag knowing who made it and what importance it was. "These are really nice swords Katia, you should think about my offer."

"I already have, when do you want to start?"

"How about after you two eat dinner?" Kayla said as she peeked into the room. "Oh really I shouldn't stay for dinner."

"Nonsense I knew she would bring you over so I made enough for all of us."

"Is she in the habit of bringing strange women home?"

"Yes." Was all Kayla said as she walked off. "You are?" Cay looked at Katia in a new light. 'Could she really be?' "Umm yes I suppose I should tell you before we begin that I am a lesbian." 'Holy shit she is.' "Well then I should tell you that I am too." He lips began to form a provocative smile. "Well I promise not to grope you if you promise the same."

"Who says you will get close enough." They were flirting and Katia wouldn't let it go past that not so soon. "Well you haven't fought with me yet." Cay smiled amazed at how comfortable she was with this woman already. "And you haven't seen my trophy case yet." Cay shot back playfully. "Is the contest to so who is meaner over yet because dinner is ready." Kayla was smiling as she walked back into the room to coral the two women to the table.

Close to two hours later the two women were standing on a mat. "You lied, you know more than you let on." Cay said as they begun to fight. "Well I am not as good as I would like to be." Katia grinned at Cay as she prepared to strike. Katia moved in on Cay and she swung her practice weapon at her. The move was fast and well planned but it wasn't enough to catch Cay off guard. "Nice move Katia, but not fast enough." Cay said teasingly as she countered the move. They fought this way for several hours, until it became dark. "I think I might have met someone to challenge me." Cay said as they walked into the house. "Really well then I will endeavor to challenge you." Katia smiled as she followed her into the house. "So do you want to make this final or do you just want to play every now and then?"

"Well depends on what you mean by final." Katia was cautious, she wasn't ready for any kind of relationship at the moment and her fear was that was what she wanted. "Well usually I have my students live with me for the duration of their training. Most people can't stand longer than a month."


"Because I am hell on wheels." She paused and smiled at Katia. "Mainly because my hours of training are hell and I like to run exercises late at night and early in the morning."

"Well that makes sense I think. But umm couldn't we make an exception since I live right down the street?"

"No it is that way or no way." Katia thought about it for a few minutes. "Cay I really want to train with you but I am not ready for this."

"Tell you what you should think about it for a while then get back to me. Take a while and let the idea sink in."

"Ok but I don't think that."

"Don't think about it right now." Cay interrupted. "Ok. I should get going."

"Yes you should. Meet me here in two days time."

"Ok I will." Katia took one last look around and left.

Chapter 2: New beginnings

"Well what do you think mom, I mean it sounds like a good deal but I am not sure I am ready for anything like this." Katia said as they sat at the dinner table.

"Christ Katia you would think she asked you to marry her. She just wants you to train with nothing more." Kayla sat there eyeing her daughter.

"You are right mom I think I will do it."

She walked over to the house more sure of herself this time she knew that her mother had been right. 'It isn't like she asked me to marry her or anything.' She walked up the driveway and was met by a smiling face. "Hi, what did you decide?"

"I'll do it."

"Great." Cay threw a bag at her and looked a lot more serious. "Fill this bag with clothes nothing else, this is the only bag you will need for clothes." Katia was a little shocked, but she took the bag. It looked like it was an old military bag so it was rather large. "Ok what about my swords?"

"If you can get someone other than you to bring them then you can have them."

"Ok" Katia began walking home to pack. "Katia I expect you back and ready to begin in an hour."

"Yes ma'am." Katia picked up the pace knowing that it would take her beating another bowser to get her swords there. She got home and ran into her room. She began throwing clothes she thought would be helpful for training and sleep clothes into the bag. "Hey Kat what are you doing?" Taylor asked as he walked into the room. "I am packing to go train. Speaking of put those swords in that suitcase for me then I need you to take them over to Cay's."

"Oh no you don't get off that easy. $20 and I will do it."

"What you don't want me to beat bowser?"

"Nope Mario 10 just came out and all I need is $20 to get it."

"Ok fine." She handed him 2 20-dollar bills. "Umm you gave me 2."

"Yes I did but I expect you to behave yourself and not check Cay out. That and I want you to do a little spy work for me."

"Ah ok I can do that. You want me to check out the scene don't ya?"

"Kind of I will explain later."

Half an hour later she was packed and ready to go. "Ok now Taylor it is very important that you don't get caught. I want you to go check everything out look at the training equipment everything. You still have that mini camera I bought you right?"

"Yes I do and you want me to take a video of it all."

" Exactly, you have 20 minutes to get it all done."

15 minutes later Taylor walked into the house with a note. "Dang she is good."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that she knew I had the mini camera on me. She let me see some places but not others and she gave me this note to give to you."

"Ok let's look at the video." They sat down and quickly went through the video, while Katia read the note.


I am glad you decided to have your brother check up on me. I knew that you would or at least I hoped you would. I would have been very disappointed if you hadn't. Because of that I want you here as soon as your brother gets back and you read this note.

By the way this note has a timing device on it. You are not the only one that knows her technology.

2:03... 2:02... 2:01

Hurry up you don't have much time. Oh and wear something nice.


"Oh shit I've got to get going."

"What why?"

"Here read this I gotta go." Katia changed into her suit on the way out the door.

"Taylor how much time is left on the timer?" She said over her satellite phone.

"30 seconds."

"Shit ok thanks."

She was at the driveway when the clock hit 5 seconds.

"Hurry Katia don't want to be late now do you?" Cay said from the garage.

Katia sprinted up the driveway and stood next to her.

"1... 0. You made it I am impressed." Cay said standing in a black dress.

"I might not be able to stand much longer looking at your beautiful form." Katia said slightly winded.

"You are a flirt."

"Yes. Yes I am."

"That won't get you anywhere with me. Not on a training basis anyway."

"So why are we going out?" The sky was filled with twilight colors as the sun said it's final goodbyes to the sky around it. "Because you did the right thing by having your brother take a look around. For all you know I was planning on torturing you all night."

"Maybe but for all you know I am a glutton for pain."

"Come on Cay can't we take my bike it will be a great ride." Katia said. "I am in a dress that will ride up."

"Maybe but it will be fine come on please."

"Alright fine."

The got onto Katia's motorcycle and rode off to the restaurant they were going to.

"Cay it is nice to see you." An older man said from the corner. "It is nice to see you to Harry. Harry this is Katia, my latest student."

"Oh well you are in for a hell of a ride then kid."

"Nice to meet you sir, and I am sure that I will handle myself adequately."

"Wow Cay you already got this one with manners."

"Yeah well that is one less thing I have to worry about." Katia nodded to the older man as they sat down at a table. "I am impressed with you so far. You are respectful, courteous, kind, and over all perfect lover material." Cay grinned at Katia looking for a smile or a laugh. "Yes well I am not on the market, but thank you."

"Boy Cay I think that is the nicest way I have heard anyone tell someone they are not interested." The waitress said. "Perhaps but I'll let you in on a secret." Katia said calmly. "I am listening." The waitress smiled. "I didn't say I wasn't interested, I said that I am not currently on the market." Cay blushed a bright shade of crimson. They ate dinner and Katia realized quickly that this was a test. Random people would come up and attempt to aggravate her into a fight. She avoided them all with courtesy and kindness. They walked out Cay was comfortable that Katia handled herself well and that she wouldn't lose her temper and use what Cay taught her against others.

"You did well in there Katia I am impressed." Cay said calmly not letting her voice to slip to show that she was actually proud of her.

"Thank you, I did my best." Katia breathed a sigh of relief that perhaps she had passed this test.

"Lets go get some rest. It is going to be a long day tomorrow." Cay said as she got onto the back of the bike. She looked like a dream to Katia; her short dress rode up her long legs that were straddling the bike opening her to her companion. Katia fought hard with herself not to take advantage of the scene in front of her.

"Ok, lets do that." Katia joined Cay on the bike and they left for home.

They pulled into the driveway and Katia turned the bike off. Cay looked at Katia and smiled. "Katia."

"Yes Cay?"

"Fuck me."


"You heard me I want you to take me to bed and fuck me." Katia was dumbstruck. "I. I can't do that Cay."

"Oh but don't you want to?"

"You are a beautiful woman but I am not ready for that kind of thing and I am here to learn not to have an affair."

"Very good."

"Huh? You mean that was a test?"

"Yes I cannot work with a person who would do that especially on the first night, but I had to test it because of how much you flirt."

"Sorry flirting is my defense mechanism. If I get nervous or scared I flirt."

"You were nervous tonight?"

"Of course I didn't know what to expect"


The next morning both women were up and jogging by 6:00 Katia was up at 4:30 and Cay at 5:00. When Cay got back to the house she found Katia in the shower. Cay walked into the bathroom and stood there waiting to see how long it took her to notice.

"Hey Cay you want to hand me a towel please." Katia said a few minutes later.

"How did you know I was in here?" Cay said as she handed her a towel.

"Simple I heard the door open and the rush of cold air from the hall."

1 month later.

"Are you sure you aren't tired of me yet?" Cay said smiling as they sparred like they always did in the mornings. "Yes I am sure as a matter of fact I wanted to talk to you about something." Katia knocked down and pined Cay knocking her sword lose.


"We need to talk about our relationship, we both have been edging around this since the start if week 2."

"I think I know what you are talking about and I want you to know that it can't happen. I want it to but I don't date students."

"Cay just give it a chance. Please. If it turns out like hell then you can hate me and try to beat me in sparring." Katia smiled at the woman underneath her. "Fine."

2 months later.

The two women came in from their date wrapped in each other's arms. Katia was holding on to Cay kissing her already wanting to devour the woman she had fallen in love with. "Katia slow down love. I love you and I want this to last." Cay said as she took her lovers hands and led her to the bedroom. Katia slowly undressed Cay kissing each part of flesh that was exposed as she undressed her lover. She ran her hands down Cay's firm stomach to her slacks. Cay moaned as Katia unbuttoned her slacks and began to slowly pull them off of her lover. The only thing that was left on Cay was her bra and panties. Katia could see the desire building in Cay as she was being undressed. Katia ran her hand across Cay's most sacred center over the panties. Cay arched up to meet Katia's touch. "Katia Let me feel close to you." With that Cay moved to Katia and began removing her clothes in the same fashion as Katia had done with her.

As soon as both women were nude Katia again took gentle control. She was lying in between Cay's thighs feeling her lover become more excited as she kissed her. Her lips traveled from Cay's lips to her neck gently biting and kissing her as her hands were intertwined in her lover's hair. Katia moved down to her lover's breasts, taking a nipple into her mouth gently circling it with her tongue until Cay moaned in delight. She kissed her way over to the other side and repeated the act. She moved her kisses lower onto her stomach she explored until she thought she had covered every inch of Cay's firm stomach. As she placed her kisses lower moving toward Cay's center Katia felt Cay tense a bit as her body moved across the sensitive flesh. Katia bent to taste Cay's most intimate regions. She gently ran her tongue across the flesh causing it to throb more. She stroked Cay's clit with her tongue slowly wanting to draw her lover's pleasure out as long as she could. She wanted her to feel everything. Cay grabbed Katia's head pushing her face into her more. Katia slowly moved away from the place that had been bringing Cay such pleasure. "What is it that you want baby?" Katia asked. "More, Please baby I need more." Cay responded breathlessly.

Katia gently placed a finger at Cay's entrance looking into her lover's eyes she gently pushed it in. Cay gasped at the sensation of being entered by her lover. Katia then placed another finger into Cay sliding the two easily into her lover. Slowly she began to setup a rhythm. Soon they were moving together in movements that looked almost like an intricate dance. Cay's soft moans were heard through out the room.

"Katia." Her name was spoken with such desire and pleasure that she almost came herself. Cay's moans became louder and more insistent as she came closer to her climax. Finally in one last moan she came. "I love you Katia." Was all that was said when she reached her climax. Katia continued to please her lover through her climax until she began to calm.

Cay took Katia by surprise and began to kiss her and hold her, slowly moving towards her center. She eased her fingers into her lover and began to move slowly taking her time pleasing the woman she had fallen for not so long ago. They made love for several hours before they both fell asleep.

Chapter 3: Young dreams

1 Month later

"Happy birthday Taylor." Cay and Katia said together as they handed him a rather large box.

"What is it? Oh come on tell me please what is it." Taylor asked impatiently as he opened the gift given to him.

"No just open it." Katia said.

Taylor ripped open the wrapping paper and opened the box to find a set of 8 swords made by Katia and Cay.

"You made me swords. But mom said I wasn't allowed to have any."

"Yes we did and we talked to mom and she said you could have them as long as you were trained how to use them properly and safely."

Taylor looked up at Kayla and smiled. "Thanks mom."

"Don't thank me yet you haven't begun training." Kayla said as she walked out with dinner in her hands.

"Go get packed you will be staying with us for a month during the summer. You may bring your swords and you will need something nice to wear." Cay said smiling at Katia remembering the times they went out while she was still being trained. "Oh and you have 20 minutes to get packed and everything over to my house." Cay added. They all smiled and Kari just sighed she didn't understand the whole family's obsession with the blades. Kari walked out of the house and looked up at the stars. "That is where I will be someday. I will be up there exploring those stars and no one can stop me." The stars themselves only heard Kari's words. At that moment she saw a shooting star and made her wish.

"Kari. Kari where are you." Came Cay's voice as she walked outside. "Oh um I am right here looking at the stars." Kari sighed. "What is wrong?"

"Nothing it is just a foolish childhood dream."

"Childhood dreams are rarely foolish and they often hold what is truly wanted."

"I... No never mind you wouldn't understand."

"No of course not if you don't tell me I will never understand and I may not if you do but give me a chance."

"I want to be up there." Kari paused and gazed up at the stars. "I want to explore and learn."

"Then do it."

"But everyone else in the family is into swords or computers."

"So what makes you think that they wouldn't understand?"

"They just wouldn't besides I have no way to do that anyway. You have to know people to do that anymore." Cay looked around carefully and rolled up her sleeves. "You do know someone but you have to keep that quiet." Kari looked at the woman's arm that showed the marking of the NSPA. "YOU ARE AN ASTRONAUT?" Kari whispered loudly. "No, no but sh be quiet my father is. I was a part of the program for a while when I was a teenager but when I fell in love with a sword smith I left. What are your grades like?"

"Oh they are good I have a 3.9 GPA."

"Good keep those up for a few more years and I will talk to my father."

"You would do that for me?"

"Sure little sister."

"Does Katia know?"

"I don't think so hun."

"Ok I am ready" Taylor hollered as he rushed out the door towards Cay's house. "Good Taylor go put your stuff in Katia's old room and come on back we won't start tonight."

"Um but where is Katia going to sleep?" Just as he said that Katia walked out the door and over to her lover where she kissed her. "With Cay of course."

"Oh yeah I guess you would huh."

"Yep" Taylor ran all the way to Cay's house and entered his code to get in. He put all his things where they belonged and ran back.

Chapter 4: Lessons learned

"Humph. Dang Cay how come you always beat me?" Taylor said as he hit the mat.

"Because you aren't focusing enough, try again." Cay said as she took her stance.

Taylor swung at her and landed the blow knocking Cay back a foot. "Good now continue the attack." He swung towards her chest and missed as he spun back to try the move again Cay tripped him with her sword and he landed on the mat face first again.

"That was better but you still lack focus, go practice your focus and meet us here for dinner." Cay said as she noticed Katia walk into the house worried.

"What's wrong lover?" Cay said as she approached Katia.

"Oh um nothing I just have to go out of town for a while nothing to bad." Katia said as she went upstairs and packed her things.

"Is everything ok?" Cay asked looking into her lover's eyes for some clue of what was going on.

"Oh yes sweetie it is fine. Oh yes here is the mail." She handed a stack of letter's to Cay and continued to pack.

Cay went through them finding a simple unmarked letter to her she opened it quickly knowing who it was from.

"Look's like I have to go out of town to for a convention. Where do you need to go?" Cay asked blankly.

"Nevada." She said plainly.

"Oh that is great dear me too we can go together."

"Um no well uh yeah I guess but we won't get to spend a lot of time together I have to take care of something's for my biological siblings."

"Oh that is fine hun I am sure the convention will be very active and that will take all my time."

They both left leaving Taylor jogging around the property.

They arrived in Nevada shortly there after. They went their separate ways and promised to meet for dinner.

"What was so important you had to pull me?" Cay said angrily

"Actually we were worried about who you are with." The woman said calmly

"Who Katia? She is a harmless computer programmer." Cay replied

"No not Katia, we are assigning you a new partner your previous one was a double agent. We need to know what you told him."

"I told him nothing that I was told and he was not. So the only things he knew are what you told him."

Not to far away Katia was having another discussion.

"What did ya need Jack?" Katia said calmly.

"I have been monitoring the things you asked me too."

"Yes we know but we think it is time we brought up your rating. I want you to start working with a partner she is a well trained fighter and she has experience in the space program."

"But Jack how am I going to keep this from Cay? Won't it seem odd that I now have a new best friend that comes over everyday?"

"Yes well that is something you will have to deal with. Come with me."

"Please enter your authorization code." A computer chirped at them

"Terson, Katia Authorization Code Eight Two Blue Alpha Seven."

"Terson, Katia recognized Welcome Lieutenant."

Cay thought she saw Katia go into the complex but she was gone before she could tell for sure.

"Please enter your authorization code." The computer chirped at her.

"Computer who was the last person to enter the complex?"

"That information is not available. Please enter your authorization code."

"Adams, Cay authorization code Yellow Two Four Beta Green"

"Adams, Cay recognized Welcome Lieutenant."

Cay walked into a room and sat down waiting to meet her new partner trying to figure out how she could hide it from Katia.

"Lieutenant I believe you have met Lieutenant Adams?" The General said as he walked in with Katia.

"Adams, Cay. It can't be CAY."

"Katia. What are you doing here I never."

"Cay I have been a part of the NSPA for a while now I was part of their experimental program just after my parents died. What about you?"

"I have been an unofficial member all my life I was made official at about the same time."

"So I take it Admiral Jacob Adams is your father." Katia said smiling.

"Yes he is." She paused and looked over at the general. "I take it she is my new partner sir?"

"Yes Lieutenant she is."

"What is the mission?" They both asked.

"You both need to take a student and train her for us. I need her to have the computer skills and the weapons expertise of both of you."

"Her, you want a female?" Cay asked

"Yes I have a candidate in mind and I know that at first there maybe a problem but I think it will be ok."

"Who?" Both women asked

"Kari Terrill."

"WHAT my sister?"

"Yes Katia she will be perfect she wants in the NSPA anyway and this will be perfect."

"I don't want her in that much danger."

"You don't have a choice anymore Lieutenant. I know this will be hard at first but she has a lot of potential. Oh and Katia I want you to teach her how to fly everything you can."

"Do what you must to get her to go along with you ladies... Dismissed."

Both women left a little amazed at their shared secret. They went to dinner and talked about what was best for Kari and Cay convinced Katia to give Kari the choice.

Chapter 5: Dreams Realized

They got home and slept first thing then; they continued Taylor's training like usual.

"Hey Kari, can we talk." Cay said as she sat down with Kari outside.

"Um sure, I am just lost in those dreams I talked to you about. I don't think they will ever happen." Kari said sadly.

"Well that is what I wanted to talk to you about. Remember that mark on my shoulder. Well I am still technically a member of The National Space Protection Agency. They have been watching you. They want you to join and I am supposed to train you how to fly and Katia is supposed to train you about computers."

"REALLY." Her youthful joy obvious.

"Yes, I take it you are interested." Cay said laughing.

"Oh yes."

"Katia is going to be difficult about it at first, but she will be ok."

"YOU TALKED TO KATIA! Wait what is this about her teaching me about computers."

Katia walked over in full uniform. "I am NSPA too hun, I was never allowed to tell you until now."

"Does mom know, is she NSPA too?"

"Yes she does and No she isn't. Remember all those times I had to go off for the summer and mom didn't care. Well this is why."

The uniform looked much like a marine uniform but the patches were different.

She began sputtering Russian phrases at Cay.

"Um we need to go, think about our offer and I will see you in a couple of days. Remember you cannot talk to anyone about this. Not even mom." Cay said as she took Katia's hand

"What did you say?" Kari asked.

"You don't want to know kiddo." Cay said as she pulled Katia.

"Yes I do." Kari replied.

She says it again almost growling it this time.

Cay responds in Russian as well.

"Come on guys tell me."

"Go look it up on the Russian dictionary I gave you." Katia says as she pulls Cay into the house.

"Ok... Hey wait I do not know how to spell it..." Kari stomps her feet as she reenters the house.

"Mom Katia said something in Russian and wouldn't tell me what it means."

"Well what did she say?"

Kari repeated the phrase, and Kayla blushed. She wrote down the way to spell it. "Here go look it up in the Russian Dictionary Katia gave you."

"I cannot believe you said that in front of your sister." Cay said as she kissed Katia.

"Said what?" Katia said proudly standing in uniform.

"That you wanted to make love to me right there."

"Oh that, she won't understand it because she won't know how to spell it."


Cay took the rank off of Katia's uniform, and put on the rank of Ensign.

"Ensign." Katia smiled and just looked at her.

"Yes, How may I help you? You are just a civilian after all." Katia said slyly.

Cay ran into their room and put on her uniform


Katia snapped to Attention. "Yes Ma'am. Awaiting Orders Ma'am."

"So you want a promotion Ensign?"

"Yes Ma'am" Her Russian Accent returning even though it has been years since she has been to Russia.

"Oh I do love a Russian Accent. If you really want your promotion you will do everything I say."

"Yes Ma'am." She stands firmly at attention.

"Forward March." Cay orders, she marches her into their bedroom.

"Disrobe Ensign."

"Yes Ma'am" Katia slowly unbuttons her uniform jacket, and lets it slide off of her shoulders. Then her shirt, and shoes, socks, and slacks. She stands in only her underwear and bra.

"Continue Ensign."

"I cannot comply Lieutenant, I am unable to remove these items myself."

Cay grins at her, and then removes what is left of Katia's clothes.

"Lie Down." The command is issued with lust and desire.

"Yes Lieutenant." She lies down and watches as Cay straps her to the bed.

"Now Ensign you will tell me everything about your actions in the battle at CIT Central."

This information was not classified so Katia could tell her and not get into trouble.

"No I can't it is classified."


"Ok I will tell you" She gave a detailed description of what happened

"Good Ensign, you have shown loyalty. Now lets see how well you follow orders under pressure." Cay said with a smile.

"Yes Lieutenant." She laid unmoving waiting for her orders.

"You will not move or speak or do anything but breathe without permission from me. Do you understand ensign... You may reply but that is the last you may speak."

"Yes Ma'am." She lay incredibly still not wanting to anger the lieutenant

Cay tested Katia's will by biting her on the neck, if she made a noise she would be punished if she was silent she would be rewarded. Katia gasped a little but no noise was made. She would be rewarded. Cay moved down Katia's body, kissing, licking, and nipping parts here and there until she got to Katia's pussy. Cay darted her tongue in and out of it for a moment still testing Katia's reactions. Cay put a finger just inside of Katia that broke her she made a small noise and would be punished.

"I told you that you may not speak without my permission and you broke that command ensign, you will be punished." Cay pushed two fingers all the way into Katia but did not move them, she places feather light kisses all over Katia's body keeping her tense and wanting. Katia thought about begging and pleading but she had to speak and she wasn't allowed to do that. She looked into Cay's eyes. Katia's eyes were filled with pleading desire it was enough for Cay. She filled Katia with her fingers and began making love to her she pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. When she could tell Katia was close she kissed her and told her she loved her, the last words Katia heard before she came were those of Cay's love.

Chapter 6: Training

Training began early every morning Kari was pulled out of her morning classes and her schedule rearranged for her training. She was close to graduating anyway she had taken so many credit hours during summers that she would graduate almost 2 years early. So training didn't affect her that much.

When Cay began training things were rough. Kari was in good enough physical shape but she didn't have the endurance they wanted. She began training hard for small periods that increased as the days went on. Until in a couple of months she was going through the entire workout with Katia and Cay. Soon enough Kari had overcome her hatred for computers and had learned enough to be sent to the main training facility in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Part of the Norad complex the training facility was known only by a select few. The NSPA's highest-ranking officials knew where it was. All of the members of the NSPA knew of its existence but not where it was.

Katia fought it but in the end she knew that Kari would have to go to the training facility to test on the material that she had learned in such a short time. Usually trainee's went through a 3 month course. Where they learned flight, computers, locks, safes. radios, and what to do if they are caught. Kari learned all of this in a little over 6 weeks. Her biggest test had yet to come.

Chapter 7

She woke her breath ragged her body covered in a light sheen of sweat. She saw the first rays of morning peaking through the window. As she slowly started to gain her bearings she realized she was in the bed she had come to call her own.

"Good morning sleepy head." Cay called from the bathroom.

Another nightmare, what was Katia going to do. This is the sixth time in so many nights. What was going on, maybe she was just under too much stress. The dreams are so vivid the memories coming back to haunt her, why now?

"What time is it?" Katia said still a bit shook up.

"5:45 another nightmare sweetie?"


":Oh baby I wish I could fix it." Cay cuddles next to Katia showing her love.

The phone rang, Katia picked it up and answered it.


"12 Alpha pi 87." The voice said over the phone.

"34 Red 92" Katia replied.

"Hello Katia." It was Jack one of the men they worked with in the NSPA

"Hello Jack, What can I do for you?"

"I need you and Cay to report to the base" After this simple request the phone went dead.

"We need to get ready to leave we need to be in Nevada in 3 hours."

"What time is our flight?"

"We have one hour to get ready and get to the airport." Katia said as she opened the closet and pulled out her always pressed uniform. The uniforms resembled Marine uniforms to keep the NSPA still a secret.

"Ok" Was all Cay said as she took her not so perfect uniform out of her side of the closet.

"Cay what am I going to do with you."

"I don't know Iron my uniform." Cay said with a grin.

"Here." Katia threw Cay another uniform from out of her side of the closet.

"This won't fit me Katia you are taller than I am."

"Oh just put it on Cay."

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