Dragon's Breath

by Blackzilla

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Interracial, Black Male, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young asian woman tells the story of her first sexually encounter to her co-workers. Sharing her story hepls her heal from the pain of being raped by a black man.

I was sitting down enjoying my lunch today with a bunch of the girls from work. We were talking about the normal topics like we usually talk about. Denise always likes to talk about sex or she finds a way to turn the conversation into some type of sex story. I usually don't like to get myself involved in their sexual discussions. So as the topic turned to sex, I kindly excused myself like I always do. I don't like to engage in sexual conversations because of my lack of experiences. The one experience I did have was horrible. I knew the girls at work would tease me after I would leave the table but I didn't care. I knew most of them were phony with me anyway. They were only nice to me because my Father sat on the board of directors at the company. My father was a wonderful man who adopted me from China when I was just a little girl. I was only 4 years old when I came to America. I don't have any memories of my real parents or of China, nor do I have a desire to go and search for my biological parents. As I was getting up I heard Denise say,

"There she goes again, every time we talk about sex she runs away."

I knew she didn't like me, which was fine. I didn't like her anyway. But, I was getting a little sick of her comments. What really ticked me off was the laughter of the other girls at the table. I don't know what possessed me but I turned around and said,

"I'm not running away from the conversation, its just that I don't like to talk about such things."

Denise then replied sarcastically, " Yeah right... its ok, you've probably never been with a man... you're probably still a virgin."

All the girls started laughing out loud. I was a little embarrassed, because they weren't laughing with me, they were laughing at me. Even though my feelings were hurt, I smiled and sat back down at the table.

"Look I'm not a virgin... You ladies love talking about sex... you guys wanna hear about one of my sexual adventures."

"Ooooohhh... Little miss goodie goodie, is going to tell us a story... well lets hear It.," said Denise.

All the other girls smiled and sat up. Their eyes light up... I sat down and smiled and motioned them into a tighter group.

Then I said, "Are you sure you guys want me to tell you one of my stories?"

"Hell yeah, tell us, yeah tell us..." they all responded.

Well... if they wanted to her a sex story, I hope they where prepared for this one.

"Ok Guys here we go... don't interrupt me or I'll leave something out ok."

I took a deep breath and then I began telling my story.

When I was senior in high school I tried out for the cheer leading team.

"You were a cheerleader?" one of the girls said shockingly.

"Yes... come on... don't interrupt ok."

Denise hushed all the girls and gave them a glaring look, which meant for them to shut up.

Well, anyway... I made the team, which really shocked a lot of people, including myself. It was the first time in my life that I was ever really part of a team. There was this one guy on the team who I had a huge crush on. His name was Drake. He was huge, he was about 6ft tall with giant muscles and he was really good looking and he was Black. Drake played offense and defense for the team. He played fullback on offense. But he was feared throughout the county for his defensive play. He was the middle linebacker, which I was told one had to be the meanest and toughest guys on the team play that spot. Drake was all state two years in a row. Only the teachers called him by his given name. Everyone else called him Dragon. He was given that name because of the way he would destroy opposing running backs. People would say he hit people with great fury.

When I said that he was black, there eyes lit up even wider and I could see a few of them stirring around in there seats.

All the other girls on the team loved Drake; he was one of the most popular boys in the whole school. One day while I was at my locker he walked up to me and we spoke for the first time. He came up behind me and said,

"Hey sexy, I heard you made the cheer leading team... Congratulations!"

I was shocked. I was shocked because I didn't even think he knew I existed. What really got to me was what he said. It was the first time anyone had ever called me sexy. I wore glasses back then and I dressed very conservatively. I was smiling from ear to ear. He smiled back and as quickly as he appeared he disappeared. Drake was not only the best athlete in the entire school he was also very smart. He wasn't a dumb jock. He was in high honor roll classes.

We had our home games on Friday nights and after every game, if the team won there was a big party. During that week every time I would pass Drake in the school hallway he would smile at me. I swear I could feel my knees buckling every time we passed each other. Some of my girlfriends would tease me after he would pass cause they knew how he made me feel. Boys never smiled at me or made eyes at me before. All these feelings were very new to me and I loved it. Deep down I knew that there was no way in hell Drake would ever ask me out. Half the girls in school were drooling over him. I knew he could have anyone he wanted.

Well... we won the game that Friday night. Everyone was excited and jumping up and down. The players were running off the field smiling and screaming like crazy. We were doing our victory cheers and stuff. Everyone was talking about going to the big keg party that they were going to have at Josh's house. My friend Ashton asked me if I was going to go to the party. I told her I didn't think so. I had never been to a keg party.

While I was talking to Ashton, she smiled and winked her eye. When I turned around Drake was standing behind me smiling.

"Hey Mia... are you coming to the party tonight."

I thought I had gone to heaven. I didn't even know he knew my name. I was speechless and didn't know what to say.

"Oh umm... I would go, but I wasn't invited."

I was so nervous; it was the only thing I could think of. Drake started laughing.

"Girl you're part of the team, you don't need an invitation... but if you need an invitation... I'm inviting you personally"

I didn't know what to say. Covered in dirt, mud, and sweat, Drake looked goooodddd. He just looked massive in his football uniform.

"So... Ill see yeah there," he said smiling.

"Oh... yeah." And as soon as I said that he took off for the locker room.

I called home and asked my mother if it was ok If I hung out with some of the girls after the game. She was actually excited because I rarely went out. My mother had been trying to get me to go out for a long time. She told me to have fun and to call her if I needed a ride home.

I was going to change out of my cheer leading uniform when one of the other cheerleaders asked me if I was going to the party. I told her that I was gonna go. She then told me that cheerleaders have to wear their uniforms to the parties after the game. She said it was tradition.

I got a ride with some of the other girls to the party. When we got to Josh's house it seemed like the party was well under way. Josh was Jewish and his parents where loaded. Josh's house was more like an estate. His father was a CEO of some large computer software company. His parents where divorced and his father traveled a lot. Josh basically lived in that giant house by himself with the maid and butler. He paid them off to keep quiet about the parties. Josh's house was spectacular. One of the girls told me that the house had 14 bedrooms. When we pulled into driveway, which looked like a parking lot, I was stunned. There were two houses on the property. The main house was three stories tall. The guesthouse, which was just off to the right was bigger then my own house.

There were kids everywhere, drinking and smoking cigarettes. The music sounded like thunder coming from the house. I was excited, all the popular kids where there. I never thought I would ever be part of anything like this. As soon as I entered the house I could smell marijuana.

After about five minutes, the girls I got a ride with from the game drifted off into their cliques. There must have been a hundred people in that house. The music was fast and so was the pace of the party. Then I heard a lot of noise and the sound of girls screaming. Then I heard what I thought was water splashing. I was curious. I walked through the door, and once again I was amazed. Josh had an indoor swimming pool. There were at least another forty kids in the pool.

I saw Drake in the pool picking up girls and throwing them around. When he noticed me by the door he quickly stopped what he was doing and came out of the pool. I could feel my knees shaking as he walked over to me.

"What's up girl... I knew you'd make it... did you bring a suit?"

"Um... no... I... I didn't know Josh had a pool." I replied.

It seemed like whenever I opened my mouth around Drake I would stutter. Then he said,

"This is some house... If I ever make it to the pros I'm going to buy a house just like this one."

With every word that came out of his mouth he got closer to me. Before I knew it I was staring up at his muscular chest. His body was a work of art. His black skin complemented and accentuated his physique. We started talking but is was very difficult to hear what he was saying. The whole scene was like a zoo. Drake gently reached for my hand, and then he whispered in my ear.

"Come on... lets go somewhere quiet."

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