Ten Years Late

by Last Caress

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: My wish for what the future will be.

This story is for the girl I never had. However, since it is set in a few years from now it just might happen. So to Katie, I hope for the best, maybe foolishly. I wish I had told you all those years ago of the youthful passion I had for you, but now I have probably lost my chance. Maybe in 2006.

Jim R.

I was listening to the radio as I pulled into the parking lot. Since it was my high school reunion, I was listening to a station playing songs from the early to mid nineties. I had come a long way since high school. I now lived in San Diego as an account rep. I had a beach house and a Porsche to match. I was now parking my rented Porsche. Mine stayed in California, I rented one from a Chicago dealership. I looked at my old school and remembered how much I wanted to leave this town all those years ago. Now, I was glad to be back. It gave me the chance to show those assholes that I had done better than they had. I still found it hard to believe that they picked me least likely to succeed.

I stepped out of the car and looked around immediately to see if I recognized any faces. A few. Then my old friend Tom showed up. He was looking good and had a his wife on his arm. He had collaborated with his father in the family business of construction contracting. The three of us walked in and caught up as we moved to the commons area, memories flooded back to us as we remembered good times and many a lunches here. We checked in and I headed to the bar for a drink. Tom had stopped drinking for his wife. We said that we might meet up later.

As I got to the bar, I found a few of the people I despised in school drinking beers and talking. These guys were on the football team and managed to get all the hot, smart woman in school to become drooling idiots around them. They picked on me because I was a guy who sang, acted and played music instead of sports. Now things had changed. All of them were in as good of shape as Dom DeLuise. A few of them had their wives with them looking bored as they relived football glories. I was completely the opposite. I had spent the better part of the past ten years working out and staying fit. I had a good tan from days on the beach. The clothes for me made the man.

As I ordered a Gin and Tonic, they guys huddled around looked at me like I was a wuss, despite the fact I was drinking hard stuff than they were. Some of their wives looked over at me in surprise that I had shown up. I recognized most of them as being women from high school. They suddenly crowded around me and became a giggly as they were high school. I quickly came to the realization that I was now the hot stud driving the women crazy. As we caught up, we heard that dinner was now being served. I found the food to be a typical Chicago style buffet. Lots of fat and artery cloggers. I settled on my normal light food and made my way to my table. We ate and talked. I found out that the alumni committee had placed all the people who came alone at the same table. Halfway through the meal, the vacant seat next to me was filled by someone who still could fill me with electricity after all this time, Katie.

I had held a torch for her in high school. She was smart and athletic. Damn, she was even more beautiful now. We continued to talk and then the dance music came on. I asked Katie to dance. My heart nearly skipped a beat as she said yes. A few fast numbers and we were thinking of sitting down. Then a slow number came on and held Katie back from leaving the dance floor. I held her closer to me as we talked and danced.

"So, how long have you been single?" I asked.

"How did you know?"

"Your left ring finger. It has a very distinct tan line."

"4 months. I got my divorce finalization notice in the mail the same day I got my reunion invitation."

"Sounds like a sign to me. It wasn't bad marriage, was it? I mean, are you over it?"

"Well, we got married because I got pregnant and then I miscarried and we stayed together for a few years. It just wasn't the same though. What about you?"

"Oh, I came close a few times, but they eventually broke my heart and left me."

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