Blind Neighbor

by Ray1031

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: His 23 year old blind neighbor drops by for coffee and asks for help with a small problem - virginity

Copyright to the author: October 19, 2001

It was a comfortable June morning when I carried my morning coffee out onto the deck just before dawn. I was dressed only in my jockeys and a T-shirt, but that was okay. Even though I lived in the center of a small town my back yard and deck afforded a natural privacy. The deck was built into an 'L' in the houses construction, hiding it from the street and the neighbor's house.

It had become my habit to arise and sit on the deck for the sunrises. I had the perfect view and with the weather clear they were always glorious.

I was sitting comfortably and taking my second sip of coffee when my neighbor, or rather her daughter, came around the corner of the house with a cheery "Good Morning, Dobie."

Yup, that's me, Dobie Gillis; no relation. My father simply had a rather strange sense of humor and had the birth certificate already filled out before my mother woke up. I was a breach birth and they had to knock my mother out.

"Morning, Filly. Up early aren't you?" I didn't change my position or try to hide myself. You see, Filly is blind, she has been since a car accident when she was nine, a family picnic that had ended tragically. Her father and younger brother were killed in the same accident, leaving Filly, her two older brothers and her mother to carry on. Filly was now 23 and her brothers had both moved on and out. Her Mother still worked two jobs but I think it was habit as much as anything else. Lord knows she didn't need to... Filly had won the Lottery two years ago and was getting about $150,000 a year - after taxes. But Mama was also 'old school' and wouldn't touch the 'children's money'.

"No. I'm just out a little early. Usually at this time I'm doing my morning exercises. I heard your door and thought I would come over to steal a cup of coffee from you, we're out again." She was walking around the corner of the deck with only her head and shoulders visible so far, thanks to my home being built into the side of a low hill, the deck was actually just under five feet up from the ground.

"There's coffee in the pot and nothing's been changed inside. Think you can get it or do you want some help?"

"If nothing's changed, I remember where it all is and I can get it fine. Floors are all clear? I'd hate to trip over anything."

"Might be a chair out at the table but everything else is where it belongs. Why don't you bring out the pot, save us some extra trips."

"I'll do that, but I need to use your bathroom first if that's okay."

"Help yourself. I 'think' the seat is down, but be sure and check first. This is a guy's house."

I had turned to the horizon, and the first bands of orange and pink as she climbed the steps to the deck.

"Growing up with two older brothers I'm used to that hazard, Thank you. I will most definately check first, though as I like my butt dry at this time of day." I hadn't been looking as she came onto the porch, but the grin was obvious in her voice as she walked past me into the house.

I continued to enjoy the sunrise, as the bands of color began turning to yellows and golds, announcing the nearing of dawn itself. Just as the first small curve of the sun peaked over the horizon the door opened and I turned to see Filly carrying a cup and the coffee pot from the house. I think my mouth fell open.

At twenty-three, she was a beautiful woman with naturally curly auburn hair hanging to just over her shoulders. Her green eyes, that hardly seemed sightless at all, dominated her high-cheekboned face. Her long neck leading my eyes to her fit curvaceous body and long slim legs. Her body and Legs made all the more obvious now by her attire, or rather lack of it. Wearing only a pair of skimpy white bikini panties and a body hugging muscle T-shirt she stepped around me and placed the coffee pot on the small patio table beside me.

In her disconcerting way she seemed to look directly into my eyes as she said "Close your mouth, Dobie. My swimsuit covers less." I closed my mouth, but shook my head with a grin.

"Maybe, but your suit bottom covers the top of your ass crack, your panties don't. And, although you don't need the support, the swim suit top keeps them big breasts of yours from bouncing all over the place as you move."

She bounced in place a few times, causing her breasts to jiggle enticingly, up down, apart and together again. Her nipples appeared to be stiffening. "Why, I don't have any idea what you could mean sir. I feel I should be offended; or embarrased at the very least."

"Stop that and sit down. The sun's coming up." She sat and turned her face towards the sunrise as I once again turned to watch.

I was just in time. I've found that there is the barest moment on some mornings when the world seems to hold it's breath as the sun rises; Birds, crickets, and other noise makers are silent; The wind stills and even the trees seem to shiver slightly in anticipation. Then it happens. The sun comes above the horizon and the leaves seem to turn in place trying to catch the first rays, Birds and other animals will raise their heads. The smaller new branch tips of the trees and bushes seem themselves to rise up to meet it.

It lasts only an instant or two and you have to be watching to see it, but the moment seems almost reverant and never fails to move me.

After appreciating the moment I slowly released my breath... I hadn't known I was holding it. Turning to Filly I said,"Okay. Suns up and the show's over. You can start jiggling again if you want."

She turned towards me. "Oh you!" and stuck out her tongue. Paused for a moment and said, "It got real quiet this morning. Was it one of the special ones?"


"I almost wish you hadn't told me about them. I was too young when I lost my sight so I never noticed such things. Now, I can't see it to appreciate it."

A single tear was forming at the corner of her eye. To change the subject I said, "Okay. What do you want this morning?"

She sat pensively for a long moment before responding. "I have this problem I need your help with."

"I'll do whatever I can, of course, what's the problem?"


"You are still a virgin then. Why come to me? I'm 14 years older than you are."

"Which is partly why by itself, your maturity and experience. I trust you more than any other man I know. Besides, I am in love with you." I was stunned for a long moment by her statement. Wondering if it was some strange combination of her 'need' and simple comfort in my company. She didn't really know that many men.

But, then I remembered some advice once given me: If a woman feels strongly enough to say she loves you, then she loves you, no matter where it comes from. Living next door for five years, I had long been in lust with this woman and simply, at her unexpected words, realized that I loved her as well.

I stood and leaned over the table. Taking her chin in my hand, I kissed her. Her mouth opened and her tongue came out to play as her arms went around my neck squeezing hard. She was obviously hungry but the kiss stayed gentle, tentative and exploring.

Breaking the kiss, I guided her into the house and to my bedroom seating her on the bed. As soon as her butt hit the bed she crossed her arms at the waist, peeled the shirt off and dropped it to the floor. She rolled backwards onto her back and her panties soon followed the shirt. In brief moments, I too was naked.

She started to sit, but I placed a hand between her breasts and held her down, leaning over her for another kiss, this one less gentle as she pulled me firmly to her, her breathing becoming heavy as it puffed against my cheek. When it was done, I caught her upper lip between my teeth and licked it. I then kissed and licked the tip of her nose eliciting a giggle before moving on. I was going to kiss her eyelids, but found her eyes wide open and so moved on to her eyebrows instead.

My trip moved from there to her temples, earlobes, jaw line and throat. Slowly travelling south to her breasts lying almost flat against her chest. The areolas were now puffy and of a richer color than when first exposed. Her nipples pointed skyward, rigid and almost quivering with her quick breaths. I paused there on my southward journey, exploring and admiring every inch of them with my lips, teeth and tongue. Sucking hard at the areolas and nipples, I switched constantly so neither received more attention than the other.

Her breathing, deep and excited before was becoming more shallow and ragged as the journey continued. Her hands were sometimes on my head, sometimes at her sides or over her eyes. Taking her arms I guided then straight out above her head; her hands grasped the bedspread beneath my pillow.

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