Holy Glory

by DiscipleN

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lain Jaylin, fearless adventurer, fends off a frustrated and forelorn PhD as they search for a lust god - I mean, LOST god. (or do I?)

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Lain Jaylin was hot. Moisture issued from her body like rain clouds crossing their threshold of accumulation. In many situations this would be Lain's preferred state, but over the last week, the sweltering jungle heat and daylong treks into the mountains of Indonesia had left her shapely body in a state near exhaustion. Only the quest remained to push her beyond physical limits, where spiritual necessity overcame fresh obstacles barring her from making the discovery of a lifetime.

Physical pleasure would have to wait until later.

Professor Alan Ratchet studied his hand drawn map. It was collection of lines he had pieced together from ancient carvings placed in primitive burial sites. If his theory was correct, a civilization once arose on the massive island, comparable to the African empires which existed before their exploitation by western cultures. Seeking to answer the questions, where these advanced Indonesians existed and why they vanished without a trace was the Professor's quest. He smiled at Lain, briefly reassuring before blushing uncomfortably.

"It seems I've made another, small miscalculation." He laughed haltingly.

Lain sighed and shook her head. The little man standing before her might be the most brilliant archaeologist of his time, but he couldn't tell the difference between four inches and nine. The privileged, Wisconsonian shrank visibly at her displeasure.

"Are we even on the right mountain?" She asked, knowingly.

"Of course we are, my dear. It seems I was orienting on true north but took my compass readings on magnetic north."

Lain wasn't sure of the details, but the professor's explanation could easily be reduced to, He fucked up. They were probably lost, and no doubt soon razor clawed, jungle denizens would leap out of the trees and devour them. The only bright possibility in her thoughts was the hope that the professor would be ripped up alive and eaten first, allowing her the brief enjoyment of watching it happen.

"Then we'd best find a stream and start following it downhill. Eventually we'll reach a village or town." She replied. The professor was supposed to be the technical expert on this expedition while she rode shotgun. More often, she ended up acting as den mother to the brilliant but nervous and bony man. She wasn't about to let his absent mindedness endanger her life or those of the bearers they had hired. Unfortunately the bearers had been left behind at their base camp since this was suppose to be a simple surveying excursion. Out of habit she examined her ex-soviet, automatic rifle and cleared the chamber as she switched magazines to test the mechanism. Lain re-secured the weapon on her shoulder and took the lead. It was already mid-afternoon, and they did not have much time before darkness would halt their retreat.

"I'm sure we can pick up the correct trail again before tomorrow." The professor called behind her. "Mathematically, we can be no more than five degrees off course." Perhaps we only need to rest. Possibly, we could get to know one another better?

"Professor, you paid me good money to ensure the safety of your expedition. You also promised me a medal from the Royal Geographic Society when we found one of the ancient dwellings. As to your other offers, to which I am quite undisposed, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the bearers are much better lovers than men from modern civilization. Their cocks are rugged from swinging in the open air, natural and uncircumcised. They breathe heat into my ear as they enter my body, and they shout in the language of elemental rapture as they fill me with their organic seed. You and your scientific, chemical enhanced existence could never measure up to Nature's purity."

Lain now guessed that the professor had made no mistake in their position, and that he was simply a grown child trying to become a man. She decided he wasn't even worth her contempt. Although, how he managed to find the energy to become aroused in the first place was a more interesting mystery, one that would have to wait. They needed to move quickly before night locked them in. "Let's go professor. We've no time for your disgusting chit chat. Now, tell me. Which way is base camp?"

"No, I've got to have you!" The older man suddenly shouted and he rushed her like a scrawny berserker.

Lain might have laughed if she hadn't been so tired. Nor did she bother with the gun in her hands. She simply stepped aside and let the fool fling himself at empty air.

"Aiiieee!!" He cried and crashed into the underbrush that had squatted behind her. He vanished into it's thorny depths.

Lain was just beginning to laugh when she realized that the professor's cries had died with an unexpected echo.

"Professor?" She inquired loudly.

The shrubbery remained silent.

"Oh, cripes." Lain muttered. She poked the thick branches with her gun's muzzle.


"All right, Professor. If this is some game you're playing, you'll soon regret it." Lain brushed a swath of branches to one side and peered through.

A black hole in the ground stared back.

Suddenly, Lain felt an incredible surge of coolness wash through her. The sweat on her brow turned clammy and her fingers and toes trembled cold. Her breath shortened. The path down was solid lava rock carved with foot and hand holds.

Lain didn't question it's existence. Her mission became plain. She stood up at once and examined the plants nearby. In only a few minutes she had discovered the thick trees whose bark was rich with flammable sap. She fashioned several torches, which took the greater amount of time, but well before sunset she had completed the task and hurled one of the flaming shafts below. It fell for a ten count before landing as a small spark in the vast depth.

She could only hope that she had not hit the professor, although she guessed it would not be the last time he would hit on her. After tying a collection of torches to her belt, she began her decent.

The journey was tiring only in that she had to feel for each successive step. The carvers had not been too regular in their placement. Once, her hand slipped from the shallow, worn indent in the wall, but her feet sustained her until she could catch hold of the next grip. All in all it was more tedious than dangerous.

The torch lay to her right as she stepped upon a thickly dusted floor. One stretch of earth nearby had been cleared of dust, and she saw smatterings of dark liquid staining it's surface. The professor was not to be seen.

Lain peered down the tunnel at the base of the vertical tube, but her torch cast as much light into her eyes as is did into the depths.

"What? Ohhhh, my head. That light. It hurts my eyes. Am I dead?" Sadly echoing out of the tunnel, Lain heard the professor's voice. Then she heard him stumble.

"Professor, don't move. I'll be right there." She clung to the medic pouch on her hip. She moved swiftly and found him trying to crawl further away.

"It's important. The modern tribes here do not... OW!"

"Sit still. I've got to clean your forehead. It's bleeding all over you." Lain daubed it with mercurichrome, grinning at his pained winces.

"It burns."

"Tell me about it. Twenty minutes ago you were were burning from something else."

"I-I don't know what came over me. Suddenly, I just had to..." His voice petered away.

"Yeah, yeah. Horny old goat. There. At least you're alive to be horny. All that dust must have softened your fall. With luck it softened your ardor as well. At least you're clean again. Here, swallow this tablet. It'll ease your pain. She handed him her canteen to wash it down.

"We have to see more!" He burst out after quickly gulping the pill.

"Of course professor, but you just sit right here. That sleeping tablet is strong enough to knock you out for hours."

"NO! I have to see what's down there."

"Silly. You couldn't see anything before I brought the torches."

"...but I could have sworn I smelled something..." The professor was plainly upset that she had tricked him. The drug caught up swiftly over his drained state. He moved slower and slower until his eyes rolled under closed lids.

Lain was tired enough to join him, but she decided to afford herself the luxury of at least looking a little further.

The tunnel was a simple lava tube, unadorned, and most likely they led to nothing at all. Perhaps it had been an ancient storage area. The splendidly cool air must have been perfect for preserving food from the sweltering jungle, no creature but man could access it's depth. After carefully negotiating more of the underground passage, she determined her torches lasted about an hour till they barely glowed.

As the light sputtered, she grabbed a fresh torch to catch it's flickering flame. The light around her grew strong again.

She found herself at the opening of a wide cavern. Stone walls curved around like the welcome of a subterranean shaman. Intricate carvings lined them playfully as if children had come to worship at the temple of a festive god. Large game animals and dogs and hunting cats leaped as the light cast its flicker across the cavern. Men and women frolicked in multitudinous sexual delights.

Cocks and cunts, mouths licking, sucking, drooling. Hands rubbing, massaging, penetrating. Bodies bent backwards and fore, over and under, fucking, dancing, embracing. Cum spewed out of every orifice, but the eyes, oh the eyes, every one was filled with love.

Lain's eyes grew wide, sparking renewed interest from her tired loins. She turned again to look, and there, standing in the middle of the ancient hollow, the god greeted her.

Had it not been there a moment before? Or did it's stone body simply meld with the dark walls behind it? The statue gazed at her with obvious lust. It's arms reached out in an odd embrace where it's hands cupped from below. The head was proud and strong. It's face beamed with glory.

Upon first consideration, Lain felt the statue, at nearly eight feet tall, was far too short for a god. She stepped closer and noticed that it was standing on its knees. How strange, she thought, that a god would kneel before it's subjects.

The other peculiar feature of this god was that she could not determine its sex. Neither man nor woman, but perhaps both at once, it's broad chest was equaled by it's broad hips. Although it clearly had nipples, erect and beautifully carved, the chest was cleverly designed to appear both soft and sturdy. As for genitalia, it had none.

Only a wide, circular hole had been carved between it's powerful stone thighs. However, it lacked any vaginal decoration to be a woman's opening. Perhaps a little too curious and not cautious enough, Lain reached into the hole only to find that the statue was hollow. Lain suspected it had been built for some ceremonial purpose, outside the limits of one gender.

She walked around to it's back and saw at once what that purpose had been. Men and women would climb into the god and offer their cocks and cunts to the worshipers who sought the god's favor.

Stunned by the beauty of this lost culture's sexuality, Lain backed away from the stone god in true reverence. To fuck god, to know a god who could enjoy the pleasures of the earth. Here was a religion where Lain could find, if not true belief, much spiritual comfort.

She held the torch aloft to catch the entirety of it's figure. Bold and welcoming it's features were not all that dissimilar to the native bearers who had given her great pleasures in calmer moments of the expedition.

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