Making Mother My Mare

by Tanstaafl

Tags: Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, FemaleDom, Light Bond,

Desc: Incest Story: Kathy discovers her Mother's attraction to being a pony girl and decides to act on it.

© 11-2001

If under 18, or if it not legal for you to read this where you are, you should skip this and go find something else to read. This is my first attempt at writing a story after many years of lurking, and I would love to get any comments (but not flames) on my efforts.

"Kathy! Dinner time!"

I looked up from my reading and acknowledged my mother's call.

"Coming Mom". I walked slowly into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Ever since my Dad died, my Mom had moved in with me, and taken over the upkeep of the house. I was 22 years old and divorced, and had discovered that I really liked women better than men. I also was into bondage and was definitely a 'top'. I stood about 5'8" tall and weighed about 118 lbs., all nicely distributed on my lanky frame. My mom was still very good looking at 42, shorter than I was at 5'3", and was more "Rubenesque" in stature. She knew of my lesbianism, but ignored it as she hoped it was just a "phase" I was going through. I dated a few women, but was not going with anyone at the time. Mom had not gone out since dad's death, but I hoped she would soon start to socialize again.

"Kathy, are you going out tonight?" mom asked.

"Yeah, I think I'll head down to the Hippo and see if there's any action there", I replied. "Why, you want to go with me?"

Mom blushed a deep red and quickly answered "You know I don't go for that lifestyle"

"Mom, you've got to get out and meet some new people, and get back in touch with your old friends. Dad's been gone for over a year and you're too good looking to stay holed up in this house any longer. Come on, woman. Get a life!" I teased.

"Yeah, right. I don't think I want to enter the dating game again. I guess I'll just enjoy my computer and surfing the web. At least I can't get any STD's from it!"

"Yeah, but you might catch a virus" I giggled. "I'll see you when I get home, or in the morning if I get lucky"

"Be careful, darling. I worry about you."

As I parked my car in the driveway later that night, I noticed my mother's light was still on. It was unusual for her to stay up this late.

I let myself into the house and walked down the hall towards the bedrooms.

Mom's door was ajar, and I glanced in as I passed it. Mom was still on her computer. and I realized to my shock, that she was staring at a PonyGirl web page, and her hand was busy between her legs, furiously rubbing her pussy.

I watched in fascinated silence, as I couldn't believe that my staid mom could be looking at these images. I wondered if she associated with the ponies or the trainers. I knew that I had a yen for some forms of B&D, and saw my self as a dominant. I silently returned to the living room and called a greeting to mom before going back down the hall. When I looked in this time, mom was nervously shutting down her computer, a red glow showing on the back of her neck. "Up kinda late, aren't you" I said.

"My God, I lost track of time. I was looking at the news on the web and didn't realize how late it was. Did you have a good time tonight?"

Yeah' but I'm really tired. I'm going to hit that sack." I was turned on by the fact that my mother had been pleasuring her self, and wanted to get to my bedroom and do the same. "Good night Mom"

Over the next several days I pondered the events of that night. I still wondered if Mom saw herself as a pony, or as a Mistress. I went into her room one afternoon while she was out, and booted her computer and brought up her browser's history to see what else she had been looking at. It soon became clear that mom leaned to sites that attracted subs more than Doms. I started visualizing mom as my pony. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to make her mine. The only questions left were 'How' and 'When'. I slowly gathered the pony equipment I would need and looked for the right time to make my move. My opportunity came sooner than I expected. Mom had gone out with an old neighbor of hers and came home more than a little inebriated. She was noisy and left her clothes all over the living room. I saw a chance to act.

The next morning, I stood in the living room surveying the mess and yelled for Mom to get in there right away. She came stumbling out of her bedroom pulling her robe on as she walked. "What's the matter, Kathy?" she asked. "Why the ruckus?"

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