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Desc: Sex Story: Husband's surprise early arrival nets a surprise he didn't expect. His young wife burried between her neighbors legs.

I live in a suburban area outside a large metropolitan area in the southwest. My wife, Josie and I were high school sweethearts and married a year after graduation. I was 8 months her junior at 18 when we married against both our parents wishes. We both headed to college just up the road and commuted from her parent's house were we lived the first year of marriage.

As school ended that first year, my patience did as well as the living arrangements got unbearable. I dropped out of school in order to support my wife and I and to get our own place. My wife went on to graduate with a degree in Architecture and I had worked smartly in a consulting firm and continued my education at night. I had done well and by 27 had earned a VP position. We had no children as we had focused on the diamond chocker and the pilot license. She was into sparkles and I was into big boy toys.

We decided to add an office for Josie adjacent to the garage so she could have more control over her daily routine. She stayed very busy with 4 workouts a week at the gym, the office and various community involvements that were designed as much for marketing her business as her charitable nature. She was able to build a solid practice that managed a six-figure income while working an average of 25 hours a week. My job was fulfilling though it took me away from home often and for days at a time. I didn't complain too much as the trips often allowed me to explore various areas of the U.S as well as Western Europe and the Pacific Rim.

After 12 years of marriage our routine had become pretty predictable and I was comfortable in our complacent approach to the 30 something world we had recently entered. A Range Rover and BMW occupied the garage of our modified farmhouse on 2 acres of wooded bliss. Josie was never what I would consider a sexually focused girl. She occasionally complied with my over imaginative libido and did share the bed with a couple of female friends early in our marriage. Never with me present and never was it fulfilling to her. She was eager to go along with my wishes back then. The last few years were more about social and financial ascension and sex was off the radar. We had sex as a utilitarian necessity and not as a form of pleasure. I had begun thinking about sex outside our marriage. It would be so easy out of town. I was a relatively attractive guy and I was confident I could still attract a willing young woman to accompany me for an evening. Even if I couldn't, I could buy a woman for the night. I had never done that and it would be an experience and no guilt. I fought with myself and my valor always won out. I would just continue to pleasure myself and hope Josie would come out of this sexual Dark Age.

Early into this past fall season, I was on a 3-day trip to Newark N.J. I was scheduled to meet with the executive staff of a major computer solution consultancy. Upon my arrival at their corporate headquarters I was informed by the receptionist that the CFO had a health concern emerge that morning and that the meetings had been canceled and there was some question as to whether the company in fact would close for the day. She expressed the appropriate apologies from the committee and I made my way out into the crisp autumn air. "Thank goodness this trip was on their dime", I thought. I called the airlines and could not get a return flight until the next afternoon. I would still be back home a day early and I had plenty of work to do so that was fine with me.

That night in my hotel, I again fought the desire to go to the bar and see what was available. I was particularly horny and an old fantasy crept into my psyche. Who would know if I brought a man back to my room? The thought of sucking another man's cock had been a fantasy I had often employed during my self-satisfaction. It would never happen though. It was far better left as a fantasy and with that I decided to lock the door, jack off and get some sleep.

My flight arrived a little ahead of schedule and by 8:30 I was driving the short drive to our little paradise. The lights on the freeway seem much brighter when the air gets crisp and with the sunroof open the air washed the cabin smell from my nose and I felt refreshed and ready to see Josie. Perhaps she would be in a playful mood? I didn't hold out much hope but I was anxious to see her anyway. As I turned down the drive I could see the lights in the office were on and Josie was still working. She often worked in the late evening hours to free up more of her time during the day. I pulled into the garage and grabbed my bag, went into the house and changed into jeans and a t-shirt and grabbed a beer before heading out to say hi.

She had worked hard to create a garden environment around her office and the path leading to the French doors of her space was a virtual walk through the woods. About one hundred feet from her door I could here voices and assumed it was a client then remembered there were no cars in the drive. I slowed my pace as I got closer and clearly heard conversation liberally laced with laughter. I came to a complete stop and leaned against an old oak we had managed to spare during construction. It was no more than 20 feet from the doors. I clearly heard talk not at all consistent with design. I was sure I heard the word cock and more laughter. I moved to the south facing side of the office and was surprised that the blind and window was partially open and more surprised to see Josh and Katie Debark. A young couple that had lived in the neighborhood about a year.

The Debarks had been married about 6 years. First for him second for her. Katie was a classic California blonde with a thin but curvy 5' 6' frame and rather smallish breasts for her size. Her face was cute and I had always thought she had a great quirky personality. Frankly I had thought what a nice piece of ass ole Josh had. Josh. Quintessential surfer turned yuppie. Perfect 6' body with nice arms. He was the beauty shop guy with the latest cut but equally up to the task when using a chainsaw around their two-acre lot. She had a 13-year-old daughter, Courtney, a high school mistake, and they had another daughter Lilly, together. It appears that by her age they didn't have much choice but to marry as their youngest was 6 as well. He was 30 and she 29. We didn't know them real well but Josie had agreed to watch Lilly after school on occasion. Lilly would stop by her office straight off the bus and just hang out in the office while Josie worked. Around 5:30 or 6:00 she would walk the 1/4-mile to her house. A couple of times, after daylight savings kicked in I drove her home.

They all were equipped with mugs with what looked to be margaritas. As I looked the room over from my obscured spot, I noticed the blender on the floor in the corner with a bag of ice, mix and a bottle of tequila. Lime slices lay at the ready on a torn open grocery bag. Katie was dancing around the subject of the size of her man's cock, although clumsily. " It's about like a can of corn." They all howled with laughter. Katie reached over to Josh sitting cross-legged on the floor and rubbed his prick through his Dockers and said, "You should see it Josie, it is magnificent." As she rubbed, the rise in the cotton Khaki was clear evidence that what Katie was saying was true. It was hard to be completely sure but Josh appeared to be well above average. Josie just continued to laugh and almost ignored what Katie had said but she was focused on his crotch. "Let me show it to Josie, Josh." "Well we need to see if that is OK with Ms. Becker" Josh lamented. Josie gave no response. Katie kept on, "She wants to see it, pull it out!" She dug for the zipper and Josh locked his eyes on Josie with a slight smile. Josie looked uncomfortable but it was clear my wife, who had been painfully disinterested in sex for years, was now very interested. She was not going to stop this at this point. His cock sprang free with a slapping sound in Katie's hand. It was something to see. It was at least 2 inches longer than my 7 inches and considerably thicker. "Have you ever seen a dick this big?" Katie was clearly proud although at this point embarrassingly drunk. "Watch this". She dropped her head into his lap and took the head of his tool into her mouth. She looked up at Josie and continued to bob her head over the first 3 inches of his shaft. Josh said nothing and slowly closed his eyes as she worked on his cock. Josie had a look on her face I had not seen for years. Her mouth was dry and her skin pale. She had begun pulling her arms forward to push her tits together and as she moved them back and forth her tits heaved and sank as her breathing became more visible. Katie was now sucking more and more of Josh's dick into her mouth and she began to grown and growl as her spit dripped from the sides of her lips onto his pants. Josh reached down and pulled her head off his dick and began to unbutton his trousers and push then over his feet one at a time. His glare never left Josie's eyes and she never broke his stare. "You should taste his cock, Josie. I wouldn't mind. You should feel how big it is." Katie was rubbing her crotch and the cotton pants she was wearing were now soaked with her juice. She slid them off revealing a white cotton thong that had worked it's way into her labia crack and she was dripping wet. She quickly pulled them down around her knees and I could see her well-trimmed pussy was red and engorged. "Are you OK with this?" Josh was concerned that Josie had not made any comment or movement during this encounter. Josie just nodded slightly. "I am enjoying the show." She said weakly.

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