Librarian's Hot Moves

by DiscipleN

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Humor, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Alice, the bookmobile, and every-which-way adds up to the true meaning of public service.

Copyright (c) 2001, All rights reserved.

Alice Pierpoint gazed up at the jet trails in the air. The air-show had dazzled her, and the sun had baked her skin. Even the flush of excitement in her face was masked by her now bright red skin. Her noticeable cleavage had suffered the same fate because of her low cut tank top. A couple men in the bleacher's behind her tried unsuccessfully to determine just how deep the burn reached.

"Why did I have to forget my sun screen?" She regretted aloud after noticing her pink arms. The show was over and she looked forward to soaking in a oily bath for the night. Even then she would be in a world of hurt the next day, trying to keep up with the bookmobile's schedule.

The crowd attempting to file their way off of the cordoned runway was bustling with anxious families and other spectators. A man to her right kept bumping into her and patting her soft fanny. She knew it was no accident, but she suffered the indiscretion and refused to give the man any attention. After a few more obvious grabs and familiar squeezes, the man looked at her and said.

"Gosh, I thought you were my daughter!"

"Well I'm not. So stop touching me."

"I'm sorry, her boyfriend must have taken her with him. I thought she was following me. I sure feel silly. Can I make it up to you?"

Alice looked again at the man. He was about forty and had a visible paunch, but his eyes were sharp and he did have an earnest smile.

"I guess it was just a mistake." She realized he was carrying a beach shoulder bag and the she asked. "Well, if you have some sun lotion I would like that very much."

The man's eyes and grin widened. "Sure thing." He produced a suitable brand from the bag and opened it. "Here let me." He offered. Then he poured some on to his hand and began to rub her shoulders.

"Ahhh." All the bumping had really inflamed her skin, and the soothing cream melted in and immediately relaxed her. She even began to feel an erotic response, but when his large groping hand went down the front of her top and grabbed one of her loose tits she yelped and turned away.

"That's enough!" She cried defiantly.

"Okay, okay. I guess got carried away." His daring smile was ever present.

"Just go away."

"Listen doll, that's the last favor I'll do for you. You just need a good fuck." His eyes sharpened.

"Go to hell."

"Why, there's nothing more frigid there." His wide grin returned and he laughed. Then he disappeared into the crowd.

When Alice finally reached her car she started the motor with an angry roar and fought her way though the clot of traffic until she returned home. Still fuming from the sluggish roadways and the pervert, she slammed the front door closed and pouted in her bedroom. After she cooled. Her skin again made its condition known, and she moved to the adjoining room to draw her bath.

She peeled the few cotton garments off her body noticing a few things about her body she hadn't given much thought before. Her shapely tits curved in a way she had always liked. Her well rounded hips with its soft thatch of light red pubic hair must be quite a charm for some men.

"Men!" she thought bitterly. "that's all they saw in a woman, her sex." Someday she would find a nice man who appreciated all her qualities. She was soon to turn 27 years old and for the first time she doubted her prince charming was headed in her direction.

She stepped into the tub still staring at the graceful mound between her legs.

"It's just a c-cunt." She forced herself to say the naughty word. She was an enlightened woman, she believed, because she knew all sorts of words adults used and wanted to be sure she was not seen as a simple minded woman. It was a source of pride for her to have broken free of her parents strict taboos against anything sexual. She again saw the man in the crowd smiling at her. In defiance she touched her hand to her cunt.

"See, it's all mine, and I can do what I want with it!" She said brazenly. A few times before she had masturbated, but the experience felt strange and scary. Was it really supposed to feel that way? She started the experiment again. For some reason her gently rubbing fingers seemed to know exactly just what to do today. Her pelvis offered a better angle for her hand to penetrate the many folds of her vulva.

"Oh, my." she responded verbally and stared at her hand as it quickened its motions. "Oooo, Aaahhh." It felt wonderful. She still saw the older man's face. She could almost feel his hand against her, but it was her free hand that caressed her soft tits. Passion built up inside her cunt and her hand worked faster and faster to relieve it. At one point she pulled on her breast roughly, producing a sharp pain in her flesh as she stretched her burned skin. At once, her body convulsed, and waves of pure delight shot through her.

"Oohhh, Uunnnggh! Arrrggh, AAAAHHHH!!" She cried out from her wonderful, first orgasm.

She lay in the tub long past her bedtime. Then she rinsed, drained the tub, put a medicinal cream on her abused skin, and went to bed.

The next day was as hectic as she had expected. Her assigned route took her to every part of the city. Her first stop was a small nursery school. Ever-loving Child Care was a large, converted house. It's backyard was filled with a plethora of toys and jungle gyms. Dozens of children played on them.

The two caretakers, a dark haired woman with a touch of gray, and a young blonde had selected the day's reading material and had given her a box of returned books. She was placing the books back on the shelf when she realized one of them was not the library's. She was scandalized. It's title was 'Dark Lesbian Nights'.

At first she wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to throw it in the trash, but her sense of loyalty to books and the first amendment overcame her revulsion. She believed people were entitled to read what they liked no matter how stupid.

She hesitantly stepped down from the bookmobile and entered the house. The two women were oddly, not with the children, and she had not seen them in the yard. She might have just left the book on a table, but she didn't want a child to find it. After peeking into the rooms on the first floor she climbed the set of stairs where, according to a sign, children were not allowed. Probably for their safety she thought. At the top of the stairs she thought she could hear the women's voices down the hall behind one of the doors. She paused outside just before knocking.

"Amanda, did you see what little Jimmy Barns did this morning?"

"No, darling. What?"

"He reached up my dress and pulled on my panties."

"Hah, the silly thing. Doesn't he know that only I am allowed that privilege? Is that why you dragged me up here and ate my pussy? Are the poor dears driving you out of control again, Mary?"

"That and when Shelly Meyers took off her dress because she had spilled soda on it. I saw you staring for several moments before you told her to put it back on."

"Well you know our rules. We don't get involved with our clients, but if they happen to get into their own straights, ours is not to condemn."

Alice was shocked to her marrow. She rapped sharply on the door, ready to condemn their private words with a burst of disgust, but she promptly lost her nerve at their reply.

"Whoever you are, you must go back downstairs, dear child. We'll be out in a few minutes."

"S-sorry, but one of the books you gave me wasn't the library's. I'll j-just put on the floor next to the door and go. B-bye." Alice stuttered nervously. As she hurried away she could have sworn she heard them say:

"Oh, darn. Another delicious fish fails to take the bait." Then laughter.

Alice drove away to her next location. She was having trouble concentrating on the map. Those women back there. Could they have actually been having sex together? The thought was unimaginable. She knew what it took to have sex. She had read about penises, c-cocks, she reminded herself, in the self-help books in the library. Alice knew what the word lesbian meant, but she had never taken it very seriously before. She decided nervously to look up more information about it when she finished her rounds and returned to the library.

She pulled up to a rickety, old, gray house. She knew this neighborhood wasn't very nice, but in the back of her mind she believed the bookmobile was a spiritual service to the poor people here. Books, and everything about them, comprised her religious center. She always felt safe in the van.

Children and also grown-ups waited in a line for the chance to borrow or return books. She smiled at each as they entered her temple and made their selections. The operation ran smoothly until the last young girl had shyly taken her freshly stamped card and jumped off the van step delighted. Then two older boys crowded in the doorway and leered at her.

"Hey, momma. You got some books for us?"

"Uh, sure, but only one person at a time." Alice replied as uncertainty uttered a veiled warning.

"See, I told you she was someth'n." One boy looked for approval from the other. They were a pair of black youths in their late teens. The larger boy grunted back.

"Do you have your library cards?" Alice tried to assert herself.

"Me first." The youth said to his smaller companion. He mounted the steps and his buddy slowly closed the door.

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