All Tied Up

by Dinghy5(Jo)

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Things you can do to and with a hostage.

He was a handsome man, a little older than me, perhaps 35 or so, but very athletic looking, with big strong arms, a thick neck, a tiny waist and buns. I couldn't help but to wonder what he was thinking about, blindfolded, nude and flat on his back with his hands and feet tied spread eagle to the king-sized bed. Well, whatever it was, it wasn't sex. His penis was limp as a wet handkerchief, just hanging there, off to one side a little. Then, I wondered if I might be able get him interested in something to take his mind off of his predicament.

I put my hand on his stomach and slid it down to his cock. With a start he said, "Who are you and what do you want with me?"

"We are kidnappers and we want your company to give us some money. My friend is contacting them right now."

It was a very nice cock but there was absolutely no response to my caresses. The skin of his stomach was silky-smooth but his dick was still soft as it ever was. "You won't get any money out of them. I am very small peanuts, I am just the bookkeeper."

Did we make a mistake? "I don't believe you, you are the big cheese. I saw you coming out of the presidents office."

"Yes, but I was only there for a meeting. The big boss is Rex Wilson, my name is Tom Reid"

OH, shit, now what? He moaned a little when I gave his still limp pecker a hard squeeze. All I could do was to wait for Lucile to get back.

Damn! She's been gone for almost three hours. What in the hell has happened to her? I never should have hooked up such a kook but she was my ex-sister in law, and an old school friend and said it was quick, easy money. And since my husband died, I needed money, a lot of money!

He was wiggling around in the bed something fierce. "Lady, I've got to go to the toilet"

"What do you want me to do? I'm not going to untie you."

"Well if you don't do something I am going to wet the bed."

"OK, hold on." I went into the bathroom and got a basin from the cabinet and took it back to him. "Roll over a little and go in this."

"I can't see, how can I do it?"

"I'll help you. I'll loosen the rope on your right leg a little and you can roll over on your side."

He did and I held his dick while he peed into the basin. There was something erotic about the feeling of his cock as the urine squirted out. I think he felt it too because it began to get a little bigger. When he finished I took the basin back into the bathroom and emptied it. As an after thought, I wet a washcloth under the water tap and went back to wipe him off.

Again he jumped when I touched him. "Wh - what are you doing? God damn that's cold!"

"Just cleaning you up a little. Why don't you have any hair on your body? Is it some sort of disease?"

"No, I use to swim competitively and we used a depilatory to take off the hair. I still do it because it makes me feel cleaner. Don't you shave your - ah - privates?"

"No, I only trim but I like the look of your hairless cock and balls. Maybe I will try it someday, it does look neater and cleaner."

My hands fondling and caressing had his full attention now. He was almost erect and looked like he was enjoying what I was doing.

I was getting into it too, my pussy was tingling. "I'll bet your wife or girlfriend likes the look and feel of that."

"Ha, my ex didn't like it enough to keep from divorcing me and taking everything I had. She even gets half of my paycheck. I can't afford a girlfriend. That's why what you're doing feels so good."

It must have felt very good; there was a glistening of precum on the end. On a whim, I dipped my head and licked at this treasure, something I hadn't seen or tasted in a long time. "MMM, you taste pretty good."

He was flopping around like a fish out of water. "Oh God, don't tease me, I haven't had sex with another person for over a year."

"Well, neither have I, not since my husband died. Hold still and let me nurse on your penis. I like to do that, don't you?"

He tried to hold still but he couldn't. In just a couple of minutes he was fucking my mouth like a trip hammer and I loved it. I was able to loosen my shorts and pull them and my panties down to expose my very wet pussy. With one hand I was holding his cock to keep him from sticking his dick all the way down my throat and with the other I was fingering myself, rapidly approaching climax.

He stiffened and shouted, "OH, my God, I'm going to cum!" and he did, buckets and buckets of soft, white, gooey, delicious cum. It was all over my face, his cock, his balls, the bed and everywhere. There was even some in my hair.

I didn't care; I was so close that it only went to heighten my own orgasm, which followed moments later. I felt it running out of me and down my leg, but I kept rubbing until I was so sensitive that I could barely move.

"What's happening?" I had forgotten about him and the fact he was blindfolded. I realized I was still jacking his dick up and down.

"Just take it easy mister. I'll clean you up."

"I know that this isn't the best time for this but I want to thank you. Will you tell me your name?"

"I shouldn't, but since we had sex together, you can call me Jo, and I'll call you Tom."

"Did you cum too?"

"Yeah, I guess I should thank you too."

"I wish I was the one who made you cum. I love to make a woman have a climax with my tongue. There is nothing as good as the taste of pussy."

"Keep that shit up and you may get your wish. Right now, I need to clean us both up before my partner gets back."

The old farmhouse belonged to Lucile's family who had abandoned it years ago. It was run down and the only furniture was in this bedroom. At least the water was still on but I knew there was no electricity. I went about my duties and had every thing shipshape in a few minutes. That was everything but his cock, which was still fairly hard.

Every time I wiped it, he smiled. "I wish I could see what you look like."

"Not on your life, I don't want you to be able to identify me when we let you go."

"They won't pay any ransom for me, and I don't have any money, so what are you going to do? You might as well let me go. If you do, I wont make any trouble."

He had me; I didn't know what was going on except we fucked up. "Just shut up and let me think."

He interrupted my thoughts when he said, "You know, you could sit on my face and let me eat your pussy while you are thinking. I haven't tasted a woman for a long time. My wife use to say it was by far my best talent. Besides, I know you would like it and I couldn't identify you from the taste."

I must say it was appealing. I hadn't had sex with anything but a vibrator or my finger in almost three years. "I may take you up on that, but I have a knife, if you try anything funny, I'll cut your balls off." I didn't have a knife but he didn't have to know that.

I took off my shorts and panties and crawled up on the bed. I straddled his stomach and started to inch foreword.

He shivered a little and said, "God you are going to let me do it. You must be pretty bothered, I can feel the wetness from your cunt on my chest.'

"Just shut up and eat." I slid up far enough so that my pussy was completely covering his mouth. I looked down at him and wanted to remove the blindfold and look into his eyes but I didn't. His tongue, slipping in and out of my pussy, felt wonderful but his arms, tied to the top of the bed, was uncomfortable for me but I didn't dare untie him.

Damn it felt good. I had hold of the headboard and was rocking back and forth on his mouth. Now and then he gave a little grunt and I wondered if he was having trouble breathing but I really didn't care.

"Oh, God, I'm going to cum."


"Oh, yes, that's it! Keep doing that! Oh, god here I cum. Oh now, now, now, Oh!"

I was so spent that it was all I could do to slide backwards a little, just enough to free his mouth.

He said, "You taste very good. I wish we could do that properly without me tied up like this. Your pussy juice is all over my face and my cock is hard as a rock."

He was right! I turned and looked only to see that it was waving proudly in the air, stiff and swollen. I slid backward a little more and, by rising up, was able to slip it easily into my wet pussy. I wanted to lean forward and kiss him but I had to remember why he was here and, besides, that portion of his face I could see was slick with my pussy juice.

Although he was tied hand and foot, he was able to bounce me up and down, his long cock plunging in and out of me. It felt almost as good as his tongue had earlier. I was surprised at his stamina. We must have been fucking for at least 10 minutes before I felt a new orgasm coming over me. I could feel it building deep inside me and I tried to delay it to make him cum at the same time but soon I had to satisfy my own urges. I leaned forward and let his hard dick rub against my clitoris with every stroke.

I was just beginning my third climax of the day when he grunted, "Oh god, I am going to cum again."

And he did. I could feel each pulse of his warm jitsm as it shot into me. That was all I needed to push my buttons and soon I was caught up in the same exhilaration he was. The sensation of orgasm once again washed through my body. The experience was so complete I was left weak and gasping for breath. I collapsed on top of him and could feel his warm breath on my ear. I snuggled tight against him, closed my eyes and basked in the warm afterglow of coatis.

I was almost asleep, so it startled me a little when he said, "You smell good. I wish I could see what you look like. I would really like to hold you in my arms and kiss you. I don't think I ever enjoyed sex as much as this." I just held on to him and put my head back down on his chest.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!" It was Lucile and she was really pissed.

I leaped off the far side of the bed, wearing only my blouse, his cum running down my legs. His cock was still sticking straight up and was shiny with my pussy juice. "I - er -- we - it's not what you think - er -- what ever it looks like."


"We were just passing time. I was lonely and seeing him nude made me horny so I took advantage of the situation. Don't you think he has a beautiful cock?"

For the first time, Lucile looked at him. "Yeah, it is beautiful but smells like pussy in here. Just what did you two do and how long have you been at it?"

Lucile wasn't looking at me now; she seemed mesmerized by his stiff, hard, cock. I watched as her hand absentmindedly went down and began to rub her own crotch.

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