Pizza Delivery

by Ray1031

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: She gives the older man a present for her 18th birthday.

Copyright, May 2001,

I pulled into the lot and parked behind the building. I still had twenty minutes before I had to punch in, so I thought I'd relax for a few minutes, listen to a few tunes and have a final cigarette. I was 38 years old, and I'd taken a part time job delivering pizza's in the evenings to bring in some extra cash and help get some bills off my back. The base pay check stunk, but the tips weren't bad at all. It was a small town and there were only three pizza houses to start with. Then last month the local Domino's was shut down and our place seemed to get the lion's share of their business. On a weekday night, I would usually pull down at least $60.00 in tips, then weekends usually brought in $110.00 plus, all for the same five to six hour shift. This was a Friday night, I knew we'd be busy. It was late January in Michigan, and I also knew that half the drivers would refuse to deliver off the main roads - there'd been a fresh snowfall last night. More deliveries for me and my $400.00, ratty, 10-year old Ford Ranger Pick-up. It looked nasty, but it was 100% reliable. Besides, at 26-Miles Per Gallon it was excellent for delivery work.

As I was finishing my cigarette, and getting ready to head in, Rebecca came out the back door. Yesterday had been her 18th birthday, and I had yet to wish her a happy one. I had a small gift on the seat beside me for her. I knew she wasn't leaving since she wasn't wearing her coat. As she crossed the drive to her car, I saw her looking around. She looked steadily at my truck for a few seconds, then started pulling her shirt tail from her pants. I had put out my cigarette and had my hand on her gift as I opened the truck door. The dome light didn't come on... it worked, but with the delivery work, I'd taped over the door button. There was no street light behind the store, but there was a three-quarter moon and the night was cloudless.

As I was getting out of my truck, I saw Becca pull her shirt over her head and almost fell on my ass because of the sight before me I didn't watch where I was putting my foot. When she'd stripped off her shirt, her breasts came into plain view. I knew it wasn't an accident, just as I knew this show was for my benefit. As I'd pulled into the lot, I'd clearly seen her through the front window, taking an order at the counter. I know she saw my truck pull in, and she had looked directly at it as she'd crossed to her car. Besides, Becca always wore a T-shirt under her work shirts, and this was the first time, in the four months I'd worked here that I'd ever known her to be at work without a bra.

I let the truck door close quietly and walked around the intervening cars. As I watched, she stepped to the curb and scooped two small handfuls of snow, rubbing it into her chest and breasts, all without looking my way. As I started to walk up behind her I asked myself just what the hell I thought I was doing. At 5'4, Becca weighed about 125lb. But, she had no fat. At 34-23-34, she was on the Varsity track team at school and had set a few school records. While her hands had been over her head, her breasts had stood proud, but when she'd lowered her arms, they had sagged back, sloping gently down and away to her nipples.

I couldn't believe I didn't have sense enough to ignore the show and simply go into the store. I mean, she wasn't really the most attractive woman I'd known, she was simply pretty. Her mousy brown hair was over her shoulders, and straight. She wore it in a simple pony-tail at work, and she looked better that way than when it was down. It seemed to add character to her face. Being 18, she had an acne problem, her nose was too big, her lips too thin, her eyebrows were too heavy and kind of wild, and she had a mustache. The mustache was not really surprising as she was of Polish-Italian extraction and her mother's mustache was better than mine (met her when I delivered them a pizza a few months ago). But Becca had the most soulful brown eyes, she'd trapped me in them a few times since I'd started working there. Top that off with the highest tightest butt I'd ever come across in sprayed on pants, and I wouldn't care if the town's entire police department was surrounding me with guns drawn... If this show was for me, I wanted it.

"Quite a show you've got going there, Becca. Do I need to buy a ticket?"

She jumped at the first sound of my voice, then turned to face me with her hands over her breasts, but no other signs of modesty or surprise. She didn't blush, she didn't look back over her shoulder or crouch away at all. She was standing proud, simply holding her breasts covered. "Damn you, Ray. Make a little noise will you. You scared the shit out of me."

"Sorry, I didn't think I was being quiet." I reached out and took her right wrist, gently pulling her hand away from her chest and placed her gift, a 6-inch stuffed Teddy Bear holding a rose, in it. We were looking into each others eyes as I did it. "Happy Birthday, dear. I hope it was a happy one." I still hadn't looked down.

She looked at the bear in her hand and smiled. "Thank you. I like this better than the crap my family got me." I still had a light hold on her wrist, and as she looked down and then back up I took her other wrist and pulled it away as well. When she was looking into my face again, I made a show of spreading her arms wide and leaning back to look down at her chest. They were beautiful.

Not the firmest, and they were heavier at the bottom than the top, as I'd already noted, they sagged some and formed a gentle slope from top to tip. There were four or five hairs in the valley between her breasts and six or eight surrounding each aureole. The aureole themselves were over an inch across and elongated. The nipples were standing proud from the cold snow and were narrow, just over a quarter inch long, with a single drop of water suspended from the left one. "Changing shirts?"

"Yeah, Sally's not coming in so I'm going to help driving for a couple of hours. I don't want to wear the manager's shirt for that."

"Besides, you saw me drive in, and for some reason you wanted to give me a show."

"Whatever do you mean?"

"Let's see," ticking points off on my fingers. "You always wear a bra, tonight you're not. You never go outside in the cold without your coat, tonight you did. You always wear a T-shirt, and you pulled both shirts off - not just one. AND, you ALWAYS change your shirts in the bathroom, tonight you didn't. Besides, I know you saw me pull in. Teasing an old man?"

"No, not teasing." She set the stuffed bear on her car and cupped both hands under her breasts, "What do you think?"

"I think they make me want to play," I said. "I think they make me want to say the hell with work, let's throw you into my truck and go find a bed. I think I'd better get the fuck away from you, before I do just that." Just then I heard the back door of the store open. With me between her and the door, she was completely hidden from view, but her arms still slid across her breasts as she tried to get narrower behind me.

"Rebecca, Randy wants to know what's taking so long," called out Nancy from the door.

"We'll be right in," I called back over my shoulder. "Tell him the dirty old man is giving her a birthday gift"

"Okay, No problem, Ray" When the door had closed again Becca dropped her arms, placing one on each of my elbows, letting out the breath she'd held since the door first opened. I felt her hands trembling slightly on my arms. Though outspoken, she was really a shy young woman. What she was doing was extremely daring for her. Her eyes were shining a thanks up into mine. Reaching out I gently pinched both nipples, "Becca, you shouldn't be making such promises as this to a dirty old man. Especially since you've made it plain, in the past, that I can't have what this promises. Hell, we never have the time alone together anyway."

"I am closing manager tonight, and you are closing driver. I've always flirted and joked with you, just as you have with me, and I've always loved it. I've held you away only because I wasn't 18. A month before you hired in, another man, in his 20's was fired and had to leave town, because Nancy gave him her cherry. I didn't want the same to happen to you... I like having you around."

"I remember hearing a little about that. Nancy's what 15, 16?"

"Fifteen. She was tired of being the only virgin in the group, so she went after him. Someone talked. Though they both denied it, he lost his job and her mother was hunting for him with a gun. Sammy finally had to skip town - at least for a while. BUT, I'm legal now, it's MY idea, and as far as I'm concerned, you're not going to give me my real gift until the doors are locked tonight. Then, we've got the whole store to ourselves. The local cops were in a while ago and I told them we were staying late tonight for extra cleaning and tomorrow's prep. We both open tomorrow as well."

"Sounds good, but we'd better get inside. I still haven't clocked in yet, and there are probably deliveries up."

"Yeah, and though this whole thing has me a hot, I am starting to get chilled. Do I get a kiss?"

"Later. If I start kissing you now, we'll be here another ten minutes, minimum." So saying, I turned my back on her and walked to the door and inside. I was walking on air, and I couldn't wait to get at the rest of her.

Two minutes later, I was on clock and carrying a car-top sign out to my truck when Becca came in wearing her replacement shirts. I could also tell, by the way things didn't move, that she'd pulled on a bra. Five minutes later, my change bank in my pocket and three deliveries balanced on one arm, I was out on my first run.

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