Realizing She Wanted to Swap

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Orgy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Keily's a sexy young woman in her early 20's who's often fantasized about fucking some other man besides her husband. She and her girlfriend Sandy talk about sharing their husbands and Keily bring their ideas into reality.

Chapter 1: Doing Something About her Fantasy

Keily had been married 3 or 4 years when she found herself beginning to wonder what it would be like to fuck someone other than her husband. She'd never thought about doing something like that several years earlier but when she started venturing onto the Internet websites that featured adult erotic stories, she suddenly found herself wondering what it would be like for her, Keily, to have a hot lusty swap session between her, her husband and another couple.

Keily was sort of short at only 5' tall, but she had a sexy rounded figure that her husband loved and she was a very sexy and sensually intense woman. Keily was in her early 20s but she and her husband had already had three children. Even though she'd gone through three pregnancies, Keily had a body that was made to play. Her pretty reddish brown hair framed her face prettily and her 38C breasts were eye-catching to say the least. She almost laughed at times when she noticed how men's eyes seemed to lock on to her tits whenever they were near her. She loved being a mother and wife but Keily found something missing in her life and began to search for what that missing element might be. When she started reading erotic stories online, Keily found herself getting so aroused and so horny that her pussy would be wet and she would actually have to slip her hand down inside her panties and finger herself while she was sitting at the computer reading.

Only a few months earlier, Sandy, one of Keily's closest girlfriends, had confided with her that her husband, Bill, wanted to fuck Keily. He'd made some comment to the Sandy about "wanting to do Keily" and so she'd agreed to approach Keily and ask what she thought about her husband's proposition. Keily remembered when she'd been in high school and this same guy had wanted to fuck her back then just a few years earlier. She'd determined then not to let him do it because she thought it would be unfaithful to her girlfriend. Now here was the very same girl, Sandy, trying to set up a swap session between the four of them. Sandy had been fairly cute when they'd been together in high school with her nice figure and her budding tits and shapely ass. Her blonde hair had always gotten a lot of attention and she was even sexier now in her early 20s than she had been as a teenager. Keily only thought about the proposal to swap husbands for a few minutes and then readily agreed to the get-together. She found herself getting hot and excited as the two girls sat there beginning to "what if" how the evening might go if they could get both their husbands to agree to go along with the planned session of swapping their wives.

As soon as Keily had told her Sandy goodbye, she found herself beginning to think more and more about the real possibility that she was finally going to get to swap her husband for another woman's man and fuck him. Her pussy got very wet and horny from thinking about such an experience and she once again found her fingers down between her legs, rubbing and touching her pussy until she felt her arousal growing hotter and hotter and she suddenly felt herself slipping into a powerful orgasm.

That night after Keily had gone to bed, she was finding it hard to sleep because she was so constantly horny from thinking about finally being able to realize her personal desire to have sex with another guy. She reached down to her panty covered pussy and rubbed her pussy lips through her panty until the crotch became totally soaked with her pussy juice. She needed to have an orgasm so Keily slipped her hand up under her short nighty and began to cup and diddle her nipples and her breasts while her other hand began to grope and fondle her pussy more vigorously. Her fingers quickly became wet from her pussy nectar and then Keily found her finger and then two of them slipping in between her cunt lips and starting to drive in and out. Her husband lay there sleeping soundly beside her as Keily fought to bring herself to climax without waking him up. When Keily finally felt her orgasm explode in her groin, she moaned quietly and squeezed her heaving tits and hard nipples firmly as she allowed herself to think about Sandy fucking her husband and her with Bill's cock driving hotly in and out of her pussy. Then Keily fell asleep and didn't wake even once until the next morning.

One week later, it was Larry, Keily's husband's birthday so she made the pretense of having Bill and Sandy over for dinner to help them celebrate Larry's 24th birthday. Little did Larry suspect the nice birthday present Keily and Sandy had cooked up for their two husbands. Keily didn't want to expend a lot of energy on cooking a supper meal so she and Sandy decided they'd all go to their favorite local seafood restaurant and let Larry enjoy his favorite meal of lobster and steak before the foursome returned to Larry and Keily's home for the other festivities the girls had planned.

During the meal at the restaurant, Sandy and Bill sat on one side of the table while Keily and Larry were opposite them on the other side. Keily would occasionally reach over to Larry's leg, firmly squeezing the muscular upper thigh and then after awhile she allowed her hand to slip down into Larry's groin, finding a semi-hard cock there which quickly grew into increased hardness when he felt his sexy wife's hand caressing and touching his dick. At one point just before their meals came out from the kitchen, Keily had managed to unzip her husband's pants and she had his naked cock out, stroking it firmly up and down until she could feel that he had drops of pre-cum starting to ooze out of the juice hole of his cock.

Keily didn't intend to jack Larry off there in the restaurant or sneak underneath the table and give him a blowjob. She just wanted to get his sexual juices stirring and then when their order was brought out, she leaned over and whispered, "Baby, I've got a real surprise waiting for when we get home later."

On the way home, when the two couples got to the car, Keily told Larry and Bill that there'd been a slight change of plans and she got in the backseat with Bill while Sandy climbed in the frontseat with her best friend's husband, Larry. The two men gave each other a questioning look but Bill quickly caught on to exactly what was going on and he found his cock instantly growing hard as he began to realize that he was finally going to realize his own personal fantasy of fucking Keily.

As Larry drove the car along the few miles between the restaurant and their home, Keily was in the backseat with Bill, already beginning the "swap session" that she and Sandy had envisioned. Keily had worn a rather short skirt and a tight bust-emphasizing sweater that on her looked totally hot and wanton. She'd looked "classy sexy" but not slutty. Her tits were filling out the sweater very nicely and she'd noticed that lots of men in the restaurant couldn't take their eyes off her hot full breasts throughout the evening. When Keily sat down, her short skirt rode well up above her knees and she and Sandy had both gone to the ladies room and taken their panties off before they left the restaurant.

Keily waited for a few minutes to see if Bill would notice how high her skirt was up on her thighs. She could feel the cool air against her wet pussy and Keily couldn't wait for Larry to get them home so the evening's hottest part could begin. She almost thought she could smell the hot sexy smell of her wet pussy wafting in the air as she sat there beside Bill, and she could definitely feel that her nipples were pressing out hard against the cups of her 38C bra. Keily had picked out one of her sexiest bras that night that matched perfectly the sexy lacy panties she'd already pulled off. She wanted to be ready for action the moment opportunity presented itself.

When Bill didn't seem to be very observant and he sat there relishing the fact that Keily, his wife's best friend, was sitting in the car beside him, Keily reached over and took Bill's right hand in hers. Then she first placed his hand down over her bare left leg, allowing him to feel the smooth skin of her leg. That got Bill's attention and then Keily took a very bold step and naughtily moved Bill's hand over into her crotch, letting him feel that she was wearing no panties at all. That really got Bill's attention and he suddenly realized exactly where the evening was headed. Bill took over at that point, allowing his hand down between Keily's legs and covering her bare pussy to begin rubbing up and down on her increasingly wet pussy. Bill loved the feel of the bush of pussy hair covering Keily's pussy and when he slipped one finger up and down her pussy lips, they parted - allowing his finger to slip inside the tightness of her horny cunt.

"Damn, Larry, can't you drive any faster, buddy," Bill pleaded as he felt a huge raging hardon growing harder and harder inside his briefs. He couldn't wait for Larry to get them back to his house so he could fuck Keily and Larry could enjoy a roll in the sack with his own wife, Sandy. At just about the time Bill asked Larry to hasten their journey, Sandy reached over into Larry's crotch, immediately grasping the lump of his semi-aroused cock and balls in between his legs.

Larry had suspected something very much out of the ordinary when Keily and Sandy switched seats for the ride home. He wasn't sure but he was hoping that they were actually planning to swap mates for the night. Larry had often thought about fucking Sandy but he'd never had the boldness to bring it up to Keily and see if she was agreeable. As he tried to keep his mind on the road ahead, his cock was becoming increasingly hard and insistent for attention and Sandy was kneading and rubbing his cock as it pressed up hard against the restraint of his pants.

Just as soon as they arrived in front of Larry and Keily's home, the two "new couples" jumped out of the car and Larry found that he was fumbling with his housekeys in an effort to get the front door open so they could all slip inside. As Larry fumbled, Keily and Bill were standing there feeling each other all over. Bill had his left hand cupping the full sexy mound of Keily's right tit through her top and Sandy was standing so close to Larry that he felt uncomfortable.

"OK," said Larry, "is somebody going to tell me exactly what's going on here - as though I didn't sort of have a good idea."

"Yeah, honey," Keily laughed just before she and Bill began a hot lusty kiss right there in front of the house, "Happy birthday, Larry. You get to fuck Sandy tonight and Larry's going to take me to the bedroom and fuck me. It's your surprise birthday present," she laughed and then her lips were all over Bill's as he reached down, cupped her ass and pulled her firmly against the full lump of his hard cock inside his pants.

When the door was finally opened, Sandy took Larry by the hand and immediately led him into the family room. When she got there, she told him to lie back on the couch and she'd take care of everything. Instead of taking Bill down the hall to the bedroom where she and Larry slept and fucked, Keily decided to stay in the family too initially and see how Larry enjoyed getting it on with another man's wife. Keily could feel how aroused and hot she was from the excitement of the moment and her pussy was sopping wet in anticipation of getting fucked by another man and from wanting to have Larry's hard thick cock pounding lustfully in and out of her horny young pussy.

Keily put Larry down onto the couch and she immediately kneeled down on the floor in front of him, reaching up to caress his growing cock in his pants and then undoing his belt and unzipping his pants, seeing his urgently hardening cock pressing hard against his boxers. Keily stole a quick glance over in the other part of the den and saw that Sandy was standing in her husband Larry's arms, his hands cupping her firm rounded ass as they stood there passionately kissing. Her hands were all over Larry's body as well and Keily knew it would be a very short time before sexual sparks really to started to fly in this room.

Keily quickly pulled Bill's pants and his boxers down away from his upper thighs, allowing his now very hard and large, thick cock to bobble there in front of her. Keily loved sucking her husband's horny cock and she intended to get Bill totally fired up so he'd make this possibly "once in a lifetime" experience well worth remembering. Her hand wrapped around Bill's cockshaft and she leaned over so she could lick and caress his balls while her mouth closed over the full mushroom-shaped head of his mature horny cock. Keily felt her pussy grow wetter when she heard Bill start to moan and when he put his hand on her head and started bucking his hips up to meet the hot wet warmth of her mouth closed around his manhood, Keily started bobbing eagerly up and down on Bill's cock stalk, wanting to make him cum in her mouth but knowing that she'd better fuck him good the first time she was with him and think about sucking him to orgasm later in the evening. Sandy had pulled skirt and blouse off and was standing there with Keily's husband Larry in just her skimpy push-up bra that she'd picked out especially with this opportunity in mind. She'd put the matching thong in her purse earlier at the restaurant to give Larry the best access to her pussy without the encumbrance of panties. She wanted Larry to want her so badly that he wouldn't be able to fuck her fast enough. Sandy reached down and took Larry's hand, placing it over her left full breast while she reached down between them and began unfastening his pants, his shirt and pulling them off to help him get naked with her as quickly as he could.

Keily could tell that Bill was really getting aroused and she knew it was time to move to the next phase. He was bucking his hips up off the couch hotly, and she knew he was probably rapidly moving to an orgasm. Keily gave Bill's hard dick one last sexy suck and then she moved up over where he was sitting, spreading her legs to straddle his lap, guiding his saliva-wettened cock straight toward the waiting mouth of her wet hot pussy. When she felt the full blunt cock of her best friend's husband touching her wanton horny cunt, Keily ensured she had his dick right at the mouth of her cunt and then she started allowing her body to fall downward, his big thick cock spreading her cunt and impaling her on one of the hottest dicks she ever taken inside her body.

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