Babysitting My Son and Grandson

by PhoenixKiwi

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Grandma takes care of son's and grandson's needs.

Mike's wife, Pamela, was 5 months pregnant with their second child and complications had set in. She had been confined to hospital and it appeared that she would be there for some time, possibly until the baby arrived. Their first child was only 16 months old and this made life almost impossible for Mike.

I am a widow and live a long distance from them but as I have no ties at home I was only too pleased to move in with Mike and look after him and my grandson. I loved them all dearly, and doted on the baby, so I was enjoying this sudden change in life style. It actually felt good to be busy and caring for someone other than myself and it had been far too long since I had done this and I had not realised how much I had been missing it.

Mike worked in the city and commuted each day. He visited Pamela in the morning on his way to work and I called, with Mike jnr., in the afternoon. This left the evening free for Mike to spend some time with his son and for Pamela to receive visits from her friends. I cooked and cleaned for the pair of them and we had settled into a smooth routine after only a few days.

I was closing rapidly on 50 and had to struggle a bit harder, these days, to stay in shape but pushing a pram was providing me with plenty of exercise. My husband had died young and I had been a widow for nine years. My other child, Susan, had long ago married and settled in her own home, and I had lived alone for so many years that I had got quite selfish. I had got into the habit of not considering other people needs or making allowances for them when making a decision and I dressed and acted as I liked in my own home, so having other people around was quite a cultural shock. I was about 5 foot 7 tall, weighed 135 pounds and was a reasonably attractive brunette rapidly turning grey. I was never stuck for an escort but did not date often. Sex was still a pleasure, if somewhat infrequent, and, while occasionally I missed it, I did not need to actively seek it.

On the night it all started, we had finished our evening meal and I had cleaned the kitchen while Mike Snr played and laughed with Mike Jnr. It gave me great pleasure to hear the two of them so happy and took me back to when my husband used to do the same with my son. Before I had finished Mike took the baby off to bed and I headed for the bathroom when I was finished. I was desperate to urinate and I hurried in and pushed the door to behind me, forgetting where I was for a moment, and I just dropped my slacks and pushed my nickers down. I sat on the toilet and with a sigh of relief, relaxed my bladder muscles and started to piss.

Suddenly the door flew open and Mike came rushing in, unzipping his fly, and looking intent on having a pee himself. He didn't register me sitting there for a few seconds and I was too surprised to move. The sight of his mother, perched there with her legs wide, pissing strongly, highly embarrassed him when he did notice me. He instantly turned bright red and began to stutter out an explanation and an apology.

"I...I'm... s...sorry, I didn't know you were in here, and I'm desperate."

I noticed her never took his eyes of my exposed pussy while he spoke to me but he was finally forced to look away when he turned to leave.

"Don't go, I'm just about finished, and don't worry - it was my fault for not snibbing the door, anyway. I'll be off in a minute and you can go." I had pulled some paper off the roll and was wiping myself as I spoke and Mike turned around and watched me finish, stand up and pull up my nickers and slacks. When I stepped to the basin to rinse my hands he was pulling hi zip open and was standing, with his back angled to me, pissing as I walked out.

When he joined me in the lounge to watch TV he was still embarrassed and continued to apologise.

"Look, just forget it - it never happened. And, anyway, its not as if you haven't seen a woman's privates before. The thing that annoyed me most was that while I showed you mine you wouldn't show me yours!" I joked and laughing, I returned to watching the TV

Next morning, as usual, I went down in my nightie and fixed breakfast while Mike got little Mike up and dressed. He sat playing with the baby in his highchair while I finished fixing his meal and I imagined that I could feel him watching me. When I placed his plate in front of him a glance at his lap revealed that he had an erection. This time it was my turn to be embarrassed and I headed up to my room to get dressed before he had to leave for work. I vowed that I wouldn't parade myself in front of him dressed like that again.

That evening after I had fed the two of them and cleaned up I felt extremely weary, the last 8 days had taken its toll and I decided that my greatest desire was to have a long soak in the bath and an early 'crawl between the sheets'. When I had finished my bath and was in bed Mike called out and asked if I would like a hot drink. I accepted eagerly and suggested that he bring his one up and we could chat while we drank them.

Mike sat in the armchair by the window and at first we talked about Pamela and his relationship with her. It was obvious that Mike loved her dearly and was terrified that she would never leave the hospital. Eventually we switched to discussing his work and other general topics, and I noticed that he had grown a bulge in his trousers. Possibly my sitting up in bed in my nightie was affecting him or maybe he was remembering the sight of me in the bathroom last night. I decided I needed to talk with him about it.

"Mike, don't take this the wrong way for I'm only here to help you. I see that you've got another erection when you're with me. You had one at breakfast this morning and I'm very sorry if I'm causing you problems. I suppose it's a combination of loneliness and seeing me last night?"

He turned scarlet and started to get up and leave, not able to meet my eye.

"Don't go, Mike. I didn't want to embarrass you and I wouldn't hurt you for the world. It's just that I'm your mother and you shouldn't really be thinking that way about me." I finally calmed him and he sat back down and seemed willing to talk.

"I know that it's probably been a while since you and Pam made love but it can't be that long, surely?"

"The last time was when she got pregnant. She got ill shortly after that and just didn't want to have anything to do with sex from then on."

"That is a while ago. I really wish that I wasn't your Mum and I could help you out but I can't. Surely there's some single girl at work who you can talk into bed. I won't tell Pam if you don't and what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Now come and give your old mother a hug, I really need some rest, and I promise I won't wear revealing clothing again and I will lock the bathroom in future."

Mike gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek and headed out with the two empty mugs.

"Thanks Mum, and it's really not your fault. It's not anybody's, it's just the circumstances, I suppose."

Next morning we were a little embarrassed in each other's company but this soon wore off and things went back to the way they were, with no tension between us. Over the next couple of days we fully resumed to our previous casual and friendly relationship and nothing unusual or awkward occurred to upset things.

At lunchtime Friday Mike phoned from work and told me not to visit Pamela that afternoon. He had talked with her that morning and she had suggested that he should take me out to dinner as a reward for working so hard. A babysitter had been arranged, a reservation made at the best local Italian Restaurant and a limousine booked to take us to the hospital and then on to the restaurant. We would travel home the same way and that meant that we could both have a few drinks and wine with our meal. I accepted gratefully, I hadn't been out since I arrived and I really needed a break.

Mike arrived home early and he played with and amused his son while I got ready and then he picked up the baby sitter and her and I put the baby to bed while he got showered and changed. By the time we were both ready and the babysitter had everything explained to her, the limousine had arrived. We set off for the hospital and Mike complimented me on my appearance. I was pleased, as I had dressed carefully and knew I looked good in my 'summery' dress, stockings and heels. He looked good in his slacks and jacket and I felt we made a handsome couple and the difference in our ages was not blatantly obvious.

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