Ed and Andrew

by the Troubador

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Edwina and her husband, a gifted and happy couple have a decidedly unwelcome visitor. They discover strengths in themselves never guessed before.

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Unless someone has downloaded this from the site on which it was found, you already know it is erotic, and I assure you there will be graphic sexual content. If for some reason you aren't legally supposed to have access to such content, please go away and come back when it is legal. I assure you it will be much more enjoyable then, and you will understand it better and get more out of it. I know this is true because that is what my mother told me almost sixty years ago, and I have learned everything my mother told me is correct. That is why I always wear clean underwear. The reason I am always polite and courteous to women has other, ulterior, motives.

This is a bit different. I label it romantic, and you will too if you agree that the end justifies the means. It involves forced entry into a home, torture, rape and degradation but you will feel the end is justified.

She awoke suddenly.

This wasn't unusual for Edwina and as usual she kept her eyes closed while she inventoried what was happening around her. She was a talented violinist, currently earning her living on the world concert circuit. Waking up in strange places and circumstances was an everyday occurrence.

Today it was nice to wake up. Feeling the masculine chest under her cheek she knew she was home in bed with her husband Andrew. She was very attractive, and had hopeful bed partners hanging around every night, but they couldn't raise even a spark of interest much less the passion to entice her into bed. Andrew was hers, she was his and that was all she needed.

Her tour was over for the next several months, and she was home with her husband. Still she listened to see if she could figure out what had brought her awake. Opening her eyes finally she glanced around and saw nothing out of place. Her ears detected only the soft hum of the machinery in their penthouse suite.

With a sigh of contentment she relaxed against her husband, enjoying his closeness and running her hand softly, lovingly over his chest and abdomen. Andrew was a small man physically, a giant mentally. He was one of the worlds leading Mathematicians and a recluse at the same time. She loved his small frame, his clean good looks and his raunchy, unexpected sense of humor. And with all that a superb and inventive lover.

While she traveled the world, Andrew seldom left their New York apartment. He spent his days thinking, solving problems only he seemed to actually see. When her man was in public he was seldom noticed. His name was well known among his contemporaries. To the press he was known as a mysterious and unapproachable genius. To Edwina he was the sexiest man she had ever met.

They met after one of her concerts here in New York. For some reason the party he was with insisted he come with them to meet the celebrated violinist at the reception. He had been standing near the door holding a glass of wine and listening to someone holding forth on the state of modern classical music when she entered the reception room. Their eyes had locked, and they had moved around the room as a couple the rest of the evening. It had been unnerving to Edwina, even more so to Andrew, but it had seemed like they couldn't tear themselves from the others side.

For the only time in his life, Andrew had taken the initiative and they had enjoyed a short, intense and satisfactory courtship. They had married the week she returned from her next tour, and had been living their own happy ever after since then.

And since then, Andrew had shortened her name to Ed. Even her friends called her Ed now. Since Andrew had christened her, it was the name she preferred. Ed turned her face and kissed Andrew on the throat, then began licking his neck and chest. Her juices began to stir again. These months long concert tours were getting difficult. The separation had grown near intolerable.

Andrew came awake gradually, slowly being thrilled with the small insistent tongue licking his chest and the mouth occasionally sucking on one of his nipples. A dazzling smile broke out before he opened his eyes and looked down to see the most beautiful woman in the world feasting on his flesh. His Ed was a very thin, willowy woman. Her dark hair was mussed perfectly this morning. He smiled again recalling how that hair had become so tousled. In the privacy of their bedroom she was no longer one of the worlds best violinists, she was the world's best lover. That was one of their personal jokes, that he forbade her to go on tour with that, her most dramatic talent. She always pouted, then went slinking around the room before pouncing on his small body. When she did that, they always ended up with Ed riding his cock and cumming until she collapsed. Then he would often turn her over and complete their coupling doggie style.

Ed was lying under his arm, so he ran that hand down her silky smooth back and cupped one of her round, firm buns. Running his finger up and down her crack she was soon moaning while licking and kissing her way down to his groin. Andrew suddenly couldn't wait, placing her on her back and rolling atop her he fell between her legs. His by now rock solid member fell exactly where it should and he just flexed his hips and his cock slid home in her sheath.

Looking down at her elfin face he felt her small, perfectly shaped breasts push into him. Leaning forward he kissed and licked the side of her neck, tasting the salt sweat from early this morning when they had last coupled. Thrusting hard into her, he knew this would be quick for them. As much as they had rutted the past few days they were still too hot for one another. Driving his shaft hard into her depths he ground into her. Kissing and sucking gently on her neck and upper chest he soon had her groaning and bucking under him. Suddenly she wrapped both legs around him and locked her ankles together; then Ed grabbed him hard in her arms sealing their bodies together.

It was enough to send them both over the edge and they melded into one another once again. Andrew then fell off beside her, and they lay side by side, holding hands and smiling into one another's face. They both drifted for a few minutes, before they rose and showered together.

The two lovers expected their day to be spent as always just after Ed had returned from a tour. Those who knew them expected they would be locked in the penthouse for at least two more weeks before they were ready to see friends, or even take a walk. Andrew would be taking his exercise with his weights while thinking. Ed would spend at least an hour every morning in the building's pool down in the basement. She then spend the rest of the day testing new nuances in one or another of Haydn's many concertos, small group pieces and symphonies. And every so often one or the other would suddenly stop what they were doing and go to the other. Sometimes it would be for a wild hot sexual joining. Other times they just cuddled and kissed, glorying in being close to one another.

But today their easy world would be destroyed.

Several weeks before Ed and Andrew's world came crashing down the police had managed to locate and actually arrest one of their most elusive targets.

The man, one Sean Sebastian, had been identified as the doer in an incredible number of burglaries and robberies over the past five years. He had been getting increasingly bold and violent, with rape becoming an added fillip to his MO. The police psychologists had labeled him a sociopath, with no morals or acceptance of any law except his own. Increasingly the women he had victimized had paid dearly for his locating them. Their stories were very similar, in that he made no attempt to physically harm them, but by the time he released them, to a woman, they required extensive counseling. No details had been released on his activities or the areas of counseling the ladies required.

To the misfortune of three police officers and their families, Mr. Sebastian had been armed when he had been cornered. One of the men was expected to be able to return to duty within the year, the other two he had seemed to delight in permanently maiming. For no discernable reason other than his enjoyment he had 'capped' both of the men. That is, he had carefully and from close range shot each in the kneecap. Their patella's' were shattered, and neither man was expected to walk normally again. Luckily for the third man, the assistance they had called in arrived before Mr. Sebastian got to him. Recognizing he was surrounded Sean Sebastian gave himself up. It was thought he would not have been caught if the task force seeking him had not been in the immediate area, and the help had not arrived in literally seconds. The police privately were calling him a devil, and some unusually religious members of the force believed he might even be a new face of Satan.

The evening before Ed and Andrew's trial began Mr. Sebastian escaped. He just walked away from the precinct station where he was being held.

After their shower the morning began as usual for our couple. Andrew headed directly for his weights where he began his daily session of lifting weights and thinking. The session would last three or more hours. The weights were not heavy but the repetitions were many as usually he spent the time tossing the current problem around in his head while staring at the pale golden wallpaper in his bedroom.

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