Ed and Andrew

by the Troubador

Copyright© 2001 by the Troubador

Sex Story: Edwina and her husband, a gifted and happy couple have a decidedly unwelcome visitor. They discover strengths in themselves never guessed before.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Heterosexual   Rough   Violent   .

This is copyright October 2001 by the Troubador. All rights are reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced for any reason without explicit written permission from the author. Do not remove this copyright statement.

Unless someone has downloaded this from the site on which it was found, you already know it is erotic, and I assure you there will be graphic sexual content. If for some reason you aren't legally supposed to have access to such content, please go away and come back when it is legal. I assure you it will be much more enjoyable then, and you will understand it better and get more out of it. I know this is true because that is what my mother told me almost sixty years ago, and I have learned everything my mother told me is correct. That is why I always wear clean underwear. The reason I am always polite and courteous to women has other, ulterior, motives.

This is a bit different. I label it romantic, and you will too if you agree that the end justifies the means. It involves forced entry into a home, torture, rape and degradation but you will feel the end is justified.

She awoke suddenly.

This wasn't unusual for Edwina and as usual she kept her eyes closed while she inventoried what was happening around her. She was a talented violinist, currently earning her living on the world concert circuit. Waking up in strange places and circumstances was an everyday occurrence.

Today it was nice to wake up. Feeling the masculine chest under her cheek she knew she was home in bed with her husband Andrew. She was very attractive, and had hopeful bed partners hanging around every night, but they couldn't raise even a spark of interest much less the passion to entice her into bed. Andrew was hers, she was his and that was all she needed.

Her tour was over for the next several months, and she was home with her husband. Still she listened to see if she could figure out what had brought her awake. Opening her eyes finally she glanced around and saw nothing out of place. Her ears detected only the soft hum of the machinery in their penthouse suite.

With a sigh of contentment she relaxed against her husband, enjoying his closeness and running her hand softly, lovingly over his chest and abdomen. Andrew was a small man physically, a giant mentally. He was one of the worlds leading Mathematicians and a recluse at the same time. She loved his small frame, his clean good looks and his raunchy, unexpected sense of humor. And with all that a superb and inventive lover.

While she traveled the world, Andrew seldom left their New York apartment. He spent his days thinking, solving problems only he seemed to actually see. When her man was in public he was seldom noticed. His name was well known among his contemporaries. To the press he was known as a mysterious and unapproachable genius. To Edwina he was the sexiest man she had ever met.

They met after one of her concerts here in New York. For some reason the party he was with insisted he come with them to meet the celebrated violinist at the reception. He had been standing near the door holding a glass of wine and listening to someone holding forth on the state of modern classical music when she entered the reception room. Their eyes had locked, and they had moved around the room as a couple the rest of the evening. It had been unnerving to Edwina, even more so to Andrew, but it had seemed like they couldn't tear themselves from the others side.

For the only time in his life, Andrew had taken the initiative and they had enjoyed a short, intense and satisfactory courtship. They had married the week she returned from her next tour, and had been living their own happy ever after since then.

And since then, Andrew had shortened her name to Ed. Even her friends called her Ed now. Since Andrew had christened her, it was the name she preferred. Ed turned her face and kissed Andrew on the throat, then began licking his neck and chest. Her juices began to stir again. These months long concert tours were getting difficult. The separation had grown near intolerable.

Andrew came awake gradually, slowly being thrilled with the small insistent tongue licking his chest and the mouth occasionally sucking on one of his nipples. A dazzling smile broke out before he opened his eyes and looked down to see the most beautiful woman in the world feasting on his flesh. His Ed was a very thin, willowy woman. Her dark hair was mussed perfectly this morning. He smiled again recalling how that hair had become so tousled. In the privacy of their bedroom she was no longer one of the worlds best violinists, she was the world's best lover. That was one of their personal jokes, that he forbade her to go on tour with that, her most dramatic talent. She always pouted, then went slinking around the room before pouncing on his small body. When she did that, they always ended up with Ed riding his cock and cumming until she collapsed. Then he would often turn her over and complete their coupling doggie style.

Ed was lying under his arm, so he ran that hand down her silky smooth back and cupped one of her round, firm buns. Running his finger up and down her crack she was soon moaning while licking and kissing her way down to his groin. Andrew suddenly couldn't wait, placing her on her back and rolling atop her he fell between her legs. His by now rock solid member fell exactly where it should and he just flexed his hips and his cock slid home in her sheath.

Looking down at her elfin face he felt her small, perfectly shaped breasts push into him. Leaning forward he kissed and licked the side of her neck, tasting the salt sweat from early this morning when they had last coupled. Thrusting hard into her, he knew this would be quick for them. As much as they had rutted the past few days they were still too hot for one another. Driving his shaft hard into her depths he ground into her. Kissing and sucking gently on her neck and upper chest he soon had her groaning and bucking under him. Suddenly she wrapped both legs around him and locked her ankles together; then Ed grabbed him hard in her arms sealing their bodies together.

It was enough to send them both over the edge and they melded into one another once again. Andrew then fell off beside her, and they lay side by side, holding hands and smiling into one another's face. They both drifted for a few minutes, before they rose and showered together.

The two lovers expected their day to be spent as always just after Ed had returned from a tour. Those who knew them expected they would be locked in the penthouse for at least two more weeks before they were ready to see friends, or even take a walk. Andrew would be taking his exercise with his weights while thinking. Ed would spend at least an hour every morning in the building's pool down in the basement. She then spend the rest of the day testing new nuances in one or another of Haydn's many concertos, small group pieces and symphonies. And every so often one or the other would suddenly stop what they were doing and go to the other. Sometimes it would be for a wild hot sexual joining. Other times they just cuddled and kissed, glorying in being close to one another.

But today their easy world would be destroyed.

Several weeks before Ed and Andrew's world came crashing down the police had managed to locate and actually arrest one of their most elusive targets.

The man, one Sean Sebastian, had been identified as the doer in an incredible number of burglaries and robberies over the past five years. He had been getting increasingly bold and violent, with rape becoming an added fillip to his MO. The police psychologists had labeled him a sociopath, with no morals or acceptance of any law except his own. Increasingly the women he had victimized had paid dearly for his locating them. Their stories were very similar, in that he made no attempt to physically harm them, but by the time he released them, to a woman, they required extensive counseling. No details had been released on his activities or the areas of counseling the ladies required.

To the misfortune of three police officers and their families, Mr. Sebastian had been armed when he had been cornered. One of the men was expected to be able to return to duty within the year, the other two he had seemed to delight in permanently maiming. For no discernable reason other than his enjoyment he had 'capped' both of the men. That is, he had carefully and from close range shot each in the kneecap. Their patella's' were shattered, and neither man was expected to walk normally again. Luckily for the third man, the assistance they had called in arrived before Mr. Sebastian got to him. Recognizing he was surrounded Sean Sebastian gave himself up. It was thought he would not have been caught if the task force seeking him had not been in the immediate area, and the help had not arrived in literally seconds. The police privately were calling him a devil, and some unusually religious members of the force believed he might even be a new face of Satan.

The evening before Ed and Andrew's trial began Mr. Sebastian escaped. He just walked away from the precinct station where he was being held.

After their shower the morning began as usual for our couple. Andrew headed directly for his weights where he began his daily session of lifting weights and thinking. The session would last three or more hours. The weights were not heavy but the repetitions were many as usually he spent the time tossing the current problem around in his head while staring at the pale golden wallpaper in his bedroom.

While he squatted and bent, he idly watched his waif-like wife slip into her blue robe. Carefully taking care that the robe was pulled closed around her slim and athletic body she headed to the kitchen for her usual black coffee wake me up.

Ed was in for a rude and increasingly unpleasant surprise.

She had walked almost halfway across the living room heading for the kitchen when she suddenly felt she was being watched. She spun around and looked behind her to find a very large man sitting in one of her Louis XIV chairs. The man looked very much at ease, but the leer with which he was ogling her was very unsettling. Her first reaction was to back away, as she would on encountering a poisonous snake.

If she hadn't backed into, and sat down on one of her overstuffed chairs perhaps this story would have been very different. But she did and with a sinking feeling she remembered from past experience this chair was a difficult one for her to get up from. It always seemed to fold about her and the angle was such that she couldn't just lift herself from its confines. By the time she had managed to half way rise to her feet the large scary man was in front of her. A firm soft hand on her bosom prevented her from getting to her feet and pushed her back into the chair. In a word, she was trapped in her chair.

The startled squeal she made was immediately stifled as Sean's lips covered hers. The squeal was much too soft and cut off too quickly for Andrew to hear over the soft clanking noises he was making as he lifted his weights in the bedroom. He had no clue anything untoward was happening in his home.

Sean wrapped one big hand around the back of Ed's head, holding her mouth to his. With the other he grabbed the closed lapels of her blue terry cloth robe and effortlessly picked her up out of the chair and pulled her tightly against him.

A stunned Ed beat ineffectually against his shoulders with her little hands, her bare feet scrabbling, barely touching the hardwood floor. Her eyes stared into Sean's as she tried to scream through the lips sealed around hers; to scream past Sean's tongue filling her mouth.

Leaning hard into her, bowing her body backwards with his own Sean moved the hand from behind her back and let it fall downward trapping her arms as he embraced her. Holding his lips firmly against hers he pulled the robe open with his other hand, yanking it downward off her shoulders.

Ed mewled and complained through the lips covering hers as the hand not holding her tightly to him began softly and gently exploring her chest. Cupping a breast he rolled it and squeezed it softly with his big hand. He sent sudden chills through her body. Ed twisted and bucked her body against his, desperate to break free from this sudden molestation in the quiet and private confines of her own home. In the bedroom she heard Andrew's weights clanking steadily. Lost in his thoughts he continued rhythmically lifting and dropping his weights. Unaware of the tragedy in his home, his mind was lost exploring the rarified heights of mathematical mystery.

In his living room his wife now felt herself being turned until her side was against her attackers chest, one of his hands holding her close. Her terrycloth robe now hopelessly entangled her arms, her hands now covered with the sleeves. The stranger wrapped the robe's cloth belt quickly around her arms and tied it. Never once could she break her mouth free from his to scream while he tied her securely and then leisurely and thoroughly began exploring her small very feminine body with his free hand.

Ed's eyes looked like small moons as she stared up at her molester. She was feeling tingles of pleasure as his hand softly explored her curves, hills and valleys with his hand. In memory the most terrifying thing was the slow, leisurely exploration. The complete confidence of mastery, the feeling the man holding and fondling her knew...

knew he owned her...

knew she had no recourse...

Knew he truly had all the time in the world to do what ever in the world he wished to do to her, in what ever way he desired. Anything he desired.

Continuing to hold her bent backward, Sean hooked a leg around her near leg and pulled it open. Then he wedged his big thigh between hers; opening her sex to his exploration.

His horrid confidence began paralyzing her as his fingers began exploring her again. Pushing down the front of her panties to feel and see the wonder between her legs. Softly and gently she felt his fingers stroking her labia, pulling them apart. To her horror she felt herself moisten, and suddenly one of his huge fingers pushed slowly into her body. Her stomach knotted and she wondered if she would throw up.

Instead she felt the tingles in her belly, the rare tingles when everything Andrew and she did worked just right. And she felt them with this beast so softly, gently, confidently and meticulously taking liberties with her body. Her toes curled and she struggled hard against the confinement of the robe, belt and his massive arm. But she soon found herself relaxed again, the tingles running through her.

With a sudden jerk Sean lifted her into the air, ripped her panties cleanly off her body, and then dropped her back onto her feet. Pulling his lips from hers, he waited a fraction for her to open her mouth to scream. When she did he jammed the wadded up panties deep into her mouth. The scream was loud and piercing, but heard only inside her head.

In the bedroom, Andrew's weights rhythmically clanked down, rattled as he lifted and then clanked down again. Time after time, relentless as a clock works he lifted and thought, lifted and thought, lifted and thought.

Carrying the now sobbing woman to the large black soft leather couch looking out over a spectacular view of the Hudson River. Laying her back against the seat, with her legs spreading out from the cushions, he pushed her to lean against the back of the couch. With Ed now sprawled back with her legs splayed open, Sean stepped back to admire his captive. Eyes open in terror, her mouth stuffed with her panties she lay with her arms tangled in her robe and tied to her body. Ed's body was exposed as the robe was pulled open to each side. She was afraid to move.

Stepping between her legs he chuckled at her fear and knelt, spreading her legs wider still. Leaning forward he pushed his tongue against the valley between her breasts and tasted the salty sweat produced by her fear. Chuckling again he watched the pleasure bumps rise in her flesh And admired the ripples of pleasure running through her belly. His ham sized palms cupped her soft shoulders and kneaded them so very gently. Knowing the horrid pleasure she was feeling from his soft and apparently loving touch. Feelings only elicited before from someone sharing love and caring for her were now being forced out of her by a hateful monster.

He loved it.

It was what had emotionally crippled all his other victims. He was going to enjoy her body, was going to cum in and on her. Sean was going to make her give him pleasure so deep. But what he would remember the most, what he turned over in his mind in the small hours of the night, what he chuckled and shivered over was the knowledge of how he was corrupting her sensual pleasures. This was the knowledge and pleasure that had been driving him the past three years. And this waif-like, child-like woman with her so delicate features and tiny, exquisite body was going to be one of his biggest pleasures.

He had spotted her going into the building when he was slowly strolling past the front doors last night, just minutes after his hurried 'departure' from the local precinct house. It was important he find a totally unexpected hole to hide in. That was when he had seen her tiny self. The woman was average height, but so delicate she looked like she needed to be handled like fine china.

Sean had licked his lips. She was going to be handled like fine beef, not fine china. While Sean was within hearing he had heard the doorman greet her by name. It was just a moment before he spotted an unexpected entrance to the building she had entered. Now he knew what his entertainment would be the next few days, while the heat died down.

Sean had been successful because he had been able to make use of such hidden entrances unsuspected by the building's occupants. And in many cases still unknown after he had struck and was long gone.

It was only a moment's effort for his finely tuned physique to gain entrance to the third floor window that seemed unreachable. Finding her name on the locator board had taken seconds, and it had been particularly exciting to discover she lived in the penthouse. Maybe with some luck he could hole up there for as much as a week, maybe more. It would be a pleasure with such a toy to please him and train to respond to his hated caresses.

The husband being a problem never even crossed his mind. Even those who 'worked out' had no real knowledge of what kind of conditioning his MO required. He had once happened upon a Kung Fu 'expert' on one of his expeditions. The poor fool ended up being his only fatality. Luckily for Sean because his modis operandi so clearly showed no violence he was never connected to that death.

The woman before him was now weeping uncontrollably, which was a shame. He would have to wait until she got control of herself before proceeding with her corruption. Taking the hem of her robe, he tore off a strip, quickly wound it around her legs and tied it. Then tearing off another strip he wound it around her huge staring and now tear filled eyes. Pulling the ends of the sleeves further over her hands, he tied them together behind her back, then buttoned the collar tightly, putting her in a makeshift straight jacket.

Making sure she truly could not see out of the blindfold, he picked her up and spun her around rapidly. It was but a moment before she was dizzy and hopelessly disoriented. Opening the door to an outside patio he carried her out and after spinning her around again placed her on a stone bench. Leaning closely over her he whispered in her ear, warning her she was outside and reminding her how far the fall was from the roof to the sidewalk below. He was telling her what she already knew, that she was hopelessly lost in this space and without vision. If Ed were able to climb to her feet, hopping, lunging and jumping on her tied together feet would as likely as not catapult her over the railing. He suggested she remain very still until he returned.

He also told her he might not ever really leave her side. She would never know if she was alone or being observed. He grinned to himself when he heard her sob.

Quietly he walked back inside and stalked to the bedroom. Looking inside he say Andrew with his back to the door, lifting weights like an automaton, never pausing, clank, creak, clank, creak, clank, creak...

Softly he walked up behind him, raised his ham-like hand and brought it crashing down on Andrew's temple. The man simply collapsed, never aware anything was about to happen.

Sean opened the closet door and was startled at the absence of men's ties. He wondered how a man who could afford such a penthouse avoided wearing ties. Pulling several leather belts off a rack, the three ties he found and belts off several robes he dropped them on Ed's vanity.

Picking up the unconscious Andrew, Sean sat him in a pink wooden chair in front of the silk covered vanity table. Andrew was then trussed securely with each leg secured to a front leg of the chair. Each of his arms was then tied individually to an upright on the chair's back. Then he wrapped a long sash from one of the robes around his chest and arms, holding him upright on the chair.

Walking into the brightly lit white tiled bathroom he looked under the sink and as expected found an ammonia based liquid cleanser. Carrying it to the unconscious Andrew, he held the open bottle under his nose. The raw ammonia fumes brought Andrew awake almost instantly. His eyes watering, he began struggling as he came to. It took a moment for Andrew to realize he was tied tightly to the chair. Later, in his own words, he described it as realizing, 'he wasn't in Kansas anymore'.

When Andrew's eyes finally focused, Sean returned to the bathroom and opened the dirty clothes hamper to pull out a soiled pair of Ed's panties. Taking a roll of adhesive tape from the cabinet and carrying the tape and panties behind his back Sean sauntered back to Andrew still tied to the chair.

Once there he reached inside the robe Andrew was wearing, grabbed his right nipple and pinched and twisted it as viciously as he could. With the sudden pain Andrew's mouth opened to scream. Before a sound came out Sean crammed the dirty panties into his mouth and slapped a strip of adhesive tape over his mouth, sealing it shut with the panties inside.

Stepping back, Sean looked searchingly at the bound man. Nodding his head he stepped back to him, opened Andrew's robe, reached inside to his groin and grasped the horrified man's balls. Squeezing slowly Sean watched Andrew's eyes trying to pop out of his head, a sudden sweat on his forehead and the tendons standing out from his neck. Grunting and grinning to himself he was satisfied when no sound came through the gag.

Stepping back, Sean waited a moment until he was sure Andrew was looking sanely back at him. Then told him to remember what had just happened and that it could happen again any time that Sean chose to do so.

Smiling to himself Sean turned to leave the room. Before stepping through the door he paused to look at the weight set Andrew had been using and guffawed. The man had only one hundred twenty pounds for his lift. Chuckling to himself he left the room, never stopping to consider Andrew was lifting that weight continuously, over and over for hours every day, doing an untold number of repetitions. Over the years he had become so accustomed to the lifting he was lifting that one hundred twenty pounds at least five times a minute, or three hundred times an hour, eighteen tons an hour. Not all at one time, but his apparently weak frame was capable of enormous sustained effort.

Sauntering outside to the deck opening off the living room Sean inspected the patio. Ignoring the trembling trussed and blindfolded captive lying on the bench he looked around. It was pretty nice. This side of the building, this area was entirely hidden from anyone this side of the river. Wing like extensions swept from both sides, masking activity on the patio from the sides.

Stretching comfortably Sean silently slipped over beside Ed, reached down and quickly wrapped a hand around the back of her neck. In one sudden heave he lifted her off the bench she was lying on, and dropped her on her feet in front of him.

Without use of her hands to balance herself, with her feet tied together the totally unexpected maneuver would have caused the woman to stumble and fall except for the hand still wrapped around her neck. Instead Sean yanked her up against him where her bared nipples, erect with fear, rubbed against his rough shirt. Her scream was entirely muffled by the panties still in her mouth.

Chuckling he turned and pushed her to stumble and hop ahead of him back inside the apartment. In effect he was carrying her by the nape of her neck. Ed bruised her toes badly on the doorsill as she stumbled and fell on her face when Sean gave a final shove, pushing her back inside and letting go.

Lifting her again to her feet, this time by her hair, Sean walked the blindfolded woman into the kitchen. Quickly spotting a rack of chef's knives on the counter he selected one, and slipped it inside his belt.

Tiring of tormenting Ed with blindness and the fear of falling, at least for now, Sean untied her feet and took off the blindfold. Pinching her jaws open with one of his huge hands, he pulled the panties out of her mouth, then held her body pressed firmly to his as he proceeded to give her a searing and passionate kiss.

Leaving her hands tied, he sat her on one of the kitchen chairs and proceeded to deepen her nightmare. He told her he would be with her husband and herself for several days. Pulling the super sharp chef's knife from his belt, he pulled one of her eyelids out by grasping and pulling on the eyelashes. Swiftly, with apparently complete carelessness he sliced through the lashes.

Ed screamed and he drove an elbow deep into her belly. Propping her up until she was again able to breath normally, then stepping back Sean held his hand out, showing her the remains of the eyelashes he had removed.

Holding the small bits of hair so she could see them, he told her how lucky she was, the last time he had tried that he had sliced off part of the eyelid. He told her how funny it was watching the woman try to shut her eye while he held part of her eyelid in his fingers.

Then he explained the laws she would be living under while he was there. The over reaching directive was that whatever Sean decided he wanted, she was to provide. Any hesitation on her part would cause her pain, any attempt to thwart him would cause her serious pain. If he suspected she was plotting to escape or call in the police he would begin cutting on her and/or her husband. He asked her if she knew the Chinese torture of a thousand cuts. When she said no, he explained it was many, many tiny slices into the flesh, all producing blood, all painful, the pain growing with time and the number of slices. That's what Andrew would be subjected to if she chose not to obey her captor. He told her he had seen a man's mind disappear with the pain as the cutting continued.

Sean didn't understand the horror in Ed's face came from imagining Andrew with a shattered mind. It was worse than imagining him blinded, or even castrated. Andrew was his mind.

Chuckling Sean went on to explain how he would castrate her husband if Ed didn't make Sean feel she craved his attentions. Ed was to consider and act as if Sean was her lover. She was to behave as if she desired him to have and enjoy any part of her he wanted, in any way he desired. She must smile when he fondled her, she must make him believe she was enjoying ALL the things he would be doing to her. Sean smiled strangely when he reemphasized, ALL the things done to her. When he felt he must punish her she was to thank him and apologize for making him do so. All were to be done with a smile on her face.

Then Sean explained many of the things they would be doing would be pleasurable to her, many she had done before. Some she may have never considered or imagined, but she must still display to him how pleasurable they were to her. He guaranteed she would be experiencing many things for the first time. Some of them she might have found repugnant in the past, but now she was to show him how they delighted her. Grinning at her he told her that in the end the women he had worked with did enjoy what he did to them.

Some of them she may find painful, but she was to accept them and he was sure she would soon like them and wish to do them again with him. She was to tell him so. He must never know she did not like anything he was doing to her. If she showed him she was less than pleased with what he was doing, he would find ways to make her significantly less pleased.

No protests would be accepted, and probably would be punished if noticed.

Sean stepped back from her, and looked her up and down. Then he asked her what she should say, when he was so good as to explain what her role was to be for the next few days.

Ed looked at him blankly for a moment, then comprehension swept over her face and she blurted out a thank you.

Sean chuckled telling her she was a good girl, then told her to stand up and give him a thank you kiss.

Struggling to her feet, she moved to him and held her lips up to be kissed. Sean bent his face to hers, and gently met her lips with his. When his tongue licked at her lips, Ed wanted to pull away but stopped herself. Slowly she opened her lips and mouth to allow him to enter her mouth again. Then she sucked gently on his tongue.

After a moment, Sean pulled his head back and asked her why she didn't want to kiss him.

Taken aback she stuttered, feeling her stomach churn. Then telling him she did want to kiss him Ed rubbed herself against him while plastering her mouth against his. Sean asked her why she wasn't using her tongue to play with his, he wanted to suck on her tongue when she poked it into his mouth. Raising one of his big hands he used one finger and lifted the corner of her mouth, making a smile on her face. It looked like grimace.

It was difficult, but Ed was finally able to give him a tremulous smile, then leaned into him again and initiated a kiss as her stomach churned. Feeling her stomach churn she licked his lips and explored his mouth with her tongue praying she wouldn't vomit into his mouth. Suddenly she shuddered when he took her lower lip and sucked it into his mouth where he chewed it lightly, sending unexpected and unwanted pleasure through her body. It flashed through her mind that she would be experiencing a lot of unwanted sensation until this monster was gone. Much of it her body was sure to mistake as pleasure.

Leaning back and looking her in the eye he asked her if the shudder was because he made her feel good, and in a little voice she told him it was.

Putting an arm around her waist he pulled her to his side and strolled with her beside him to the bedroom where Andrew was sitting trussed and gagged. It was only as they approached the door that Ed realized she hadn't been hearing the familiar sound of Andrew's weights as he exercised. Coming to the door they could hear him grunting with effort and the chair creaking with his exertions.

At the door, Sean pulled Ed around in front of him, and the first thing Andrew saw was his nude wife standing in front of the man who had tied and tortured him. The man's hands were cupping Ed's breasts and he was smirking over her shoulder at Andrew. He could see the fear in Ed's eyes, but didn't understand the smile that seemed to be painted on her face.

"Ah, my man. I am glad you decided to stay for a while," Sean said. "We came back here to have a good solid fuck. Your idea, wasn't it, cutie?" and Sean squeezed Ed's tits.

"Yes, it sounded like fun," Ed said, keeping the smile on her face.

Sneering down at Andrew Sean said, "Glad you're here, you can see how your woman really wants to be loved. She's been pretty glad to have a man that can actually please her so far. I thought we could have our first fuck here on your bed, kind of show you the way it should be done. I guess that's mean of me 'cause you won't be able to satisfy her like me anyway. But enjoy the show. This hot slut of yours told me she wanted to really put on a show, let you know what she really can do with a real man, didn't you honey?"

Slipping his left hand from cupping her left breast he slid it around to cup her right tit. Pulling her hard against him with the other hand he pulled her head back by her hair, twisting her face to face him and exchange a kiss.

Ed thought momentarily about refusing to kiss him before her husband, or at least to make her assailant do the work. That thought was gone almost instantly as she felt his hand tighten on her sensitive mammary. The thought of the pain he could cause her made her gasp. Sean of course thought she was being overcome with the sensations which he was giving her.

To her shame Ed suddenly recognized Sean was not wrong in believing that he could creat sexual passion in her. She could feel it beginning to boil up in her. Ed knew that unless she could escape from his control she was doomed to enjoy the defilement. She could see no escape. The man knew where to touch a woman; how to do so to amplify her sensation. To her shame she recognized her body was indeed reacting to Sean's evil touch.

As her pussy moistened, and her nipples grew a sexual blush began showing on her nude body. It was clearly seen by her husband. Her stomach churned and she wondered what her rapist would do when she vomited as she was being fucked.

Suddenly terrified at the consequences of such an act, she resolved to force herself to join with her defiler in her ravishment. God only knew what he would do to her Andrew otherwise.

She only prayed her husband, her true love, could understand.

Despairing, she knew it wasn't possible. No man could understand and accept the betrayal she was now bent on displaying before her man. But if she didn't act to make him think she was enjoying this monster's attentions, what would the monster do to Andrew!

To both of the men her moan sounded like arousal.

Sean pulled her legs apart, and began licking the insides of her thighs. Working higher, he took his time. After all he had several days before he would relinquish his new toy. As he felt the pleasure bumps growing on her skin, he would move his hands a little higher.

Alternating between the inside of each thigh he enjoyed the hot woman smell coming to him from her center. He didn't have to look to know her juice was seeping out of her lips.

Reaching the raised flesh just below her pussy, he covered the area on her left thigh with his entire mouth, sucking gently and tonguing the softness. Ed was still, hardly breathing as the gently consuming sensations began to overwhelm her. This was unexpected! She had been braced for the big man to fall on her immediately and jam his over large cock hard into her womanhood. Instead she was feeling soft pleasure and waves of sensation were traveling slowly up and down her body.

Unexpectedly he pursed his lips, and sucked on the tenderness of her inner thigh. When he raised his face from between her legs he grinned triumphantly at her. She was flowing with her juices. Looking down past his grin she could just see a hickey forming on her thigh, and then he turned and covered the same soft area on her other thigh.

Laving it with his tongue while giving her the hot sensation of his mouth on her sensitive skin. Then he kissed and sucked, leaving a matching hickey on that leg.

Sneering he stared at Andrew sitting helplessly, watching this stranger introducing new sensation to his woman. Andrew had seen several little shudders rock Ed's small body and knew she was feeling pleasure from areas on her body he had not yet recognized to be that sensitive.

Sean placed his palms on the inside of Ed's knees and slowly pushed her legs further apart than she had ever had them before. His strength was inexorable, she could not resist the slow spreading of herself before him. Her center was opened farther than ever before. Her nether lips were gaping open, engorged and wet. She could feel the cold air reaching inside her passage, and shuddered.

Grinning at her again the hated rapist lowered his face and blew a steady stream of air directly into her vagina. It was a sensation she had never experienced, and one she never expected. Another shudder of unexpected pleasure rocked her body.

Andrew saw, and perspiration popped out on his face. Ed turned her face to him, trying to tell him with her eyes that this meant nothing to her. Just as she locked eyes with Andrew, Sean sent the tip of his tongue to softly, gently but firmly lick her distended clitorus. Her eyes bugged out, then snapped shut as her mouth opened in a perfect O. Andrew could see the pink of her tongue wiggling in her mouth, the red inside of her mouth. The thought seared into his head that Sean was enjoying the vision of the same reds inside her sex. He groaned in agony.

Sean covered Ed's entire pussy with his open mouth, sucking hard and drawing a fresh flood of juices from deep within her vaginal passage. Ed groaned and another shudder ran through her.

Slowly he began mouthing and sucking her pussy, not touching inside her outer labia, careful not to again quite touch her clitorus. He always enjoyed a woman's juices, finding subtle differences in women and sometimes not so subtle. Ed was a sweet musk. And he proceeded to savor it.

Finally giving in, as her hips were moving harder and harder in involuntary waves, he began licking from her pink rosebud to just under her clit. Licking the liquor of her sex, pulling away at odd times and blowing another cold breath of air deep into her wide-open channel.

The woman's eyes were now wide eyed, staring unseeing at the ceiling. Her mouth was open the tip of her tongue poking and licking her lips. She seemed unaware of anything not directly connected to the activity between her legs. Her hips were rocking hard, only her punisher's strong hands kept her attached to his pleasuring, teasing, tormenting mouth.

With both hands still holding her legs impossibly open, Sean slowly thrust his long tongue into her hole. Wiggling it from side to side, touching where only his soft breath had been before. As she shuddered at the new sensation his tongue reached its deepest penetration. He dipped his head forward and rubbed the tip of his nose on her clitoris, gently and firmly moving it side to side while fucking his tongue deeply in and out of her.

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