A Side I Had Never Seen

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, BDSM, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: His wife denies him her ass and he concocts a scheme to get it.

This is a hard story for me to tell, not that the story is hard, but my cock just won't stay down thinking about it. My wife teaches college and sometimes does private tutoring, herein lies the story, but a little info first. Susan is a gorgeous creature, short blonde hair, 32a-24-34, with an ass to die for. She had told me that she had given up that sweet ass when she was younger, but I don't know why, but she wouldn't let me have any. Not that the rest of her was bad, but I just always wanted what I couldn't have. She is an incredible lover, my Susan, but my mind as well as the rest of me, always wanted that ass. I would often find myself dreaming about it, what it would be like to finally get in there, to see her back and grasp those hips while I plied my hard cock home. About a month ago, she began giving private tutelage to a Russian boy, Vanya was his name. They would always go into the dining room while I sat in the living room, Susan liked to have undivided attention. I could tell that she was getting a crush on Vanya, little things started to change. She would put on perfume whenever he was expected and she always smiled and they giggled and laughed a lot while they were working. He came over two nights a week and after he would leave, we had the most incredible sex I could ever remember, but she still kept her sweet ass off bounds. It had turned cooler and Susan always wore a tight top and very tight slacks when the weather cooled, showing off her fine body as the material clung to it. Vanya was scheduled to come over tonight and I watched in amazement as my wife walked into the living room, she wasn't wearing a bra!

Her luscious little mounds jiggled as she walked and the cool temperatures as well as her "friend" coming over had her nipples all hard and they strained against the tight top. I could feel my cock stir as I watched her preparing the lesson for tonight and I got up and walked up behind her, my arms circling her waist and I kissed her on the neck, my hands working their way up to those globes of pleasure. "Stop! You'll mess up my clothes," she complained as I tweaked her hard little nipples through the tight fabric. "I guess it's all for Vanya, huh?" I said as I withdrew and she made some smart remark and I returned to my chair to watch television.

I had to adjust my cock several times before I could get comfortable and then came the knock at the door. I wished I had a camera to catch the look on Vanya's face when he first saw Susan's hard nipples poking out at him, it was priceless. I stole glances at them while they worked, always seeing him ogling her hard nipples, but he never seemed to notice my gaze. At one point, Susan was showing him something in a book and he scooted next to her and I had to look twice as I couldn't believe that my wife's hand was on his thigh. He seemed to have a hard time concentrating and it wasn't hard to figure out why as I saw Susan's hand on his lap, slowly moving back and forth. My own wife was feeling a guy's cock right in our own dining room and not 10 feet away from me! I worked out a plan in my head and then after Vanya left, Susan couldn't wait to get into the bedroom. The next day, when I got home from work, I told Susan that I had to go out of town for the night Thursday, knowing that Vanya would be there that night for his regular lesson. My travel was nothing new, I frequently had to travel for my job and it had become a regular thing, but I could see the excitement in her eyes at the thought of being alone with Vanya. I came home from work Thursday and Susan had already put on a very sexy outfit and I could smell the perfume, more than usual, my cock twitched. I packed a bag and gave her a kiss goodbye and left, parking the car a few blocks away, I sneaked back to the house and planted myself outside the dining room window, where I could get a good view. The only room in the house where I couldn't see in was the bathroom, so no matter where they wound up, I could watch. Susan hurriedly got things ready for her "friend" and I brought a lawn chair up to sit in to catch the show, my trusty camcorder in my hand to catch all of this on tape. She laid out the study material, but I knew that she had other lessons in mind as I watched her strut around in anticipation of his arrival.

Right on time, Vanya showed up and she closed the door behind him and then when he wasn't looking, I saw her bolt it, didn't want me to come home unexpectedly I guessed and surprise her. At first it was the usual studying, but I noticed that she moved her chair next to his and soon her hand disappeared from the table and found it's way to his lap once more. I could tell he was nervous; he kept looking around all the time. I had left the windows unlocked and now I gently pushed it up a little so I could hear. "Mrs. Susan, vat do you do to me?" he said as I watched her hand stroke his bulge in his pants, "Isn't it obvious Vanya?" she said as she got that lusty grin on her face, "But your husband?" he nervously said and she smiled at him, "He's out of town Vanya and you are all mine tonight," and she moved towards him and kissed him. I pulled up the camcorder and hit record as the action began and my wife seemed to kiss him forever as her hand never let up on his crotch. My hunch had paid off, she wanted him bad! Slowly, but cautiously, his hands began to move up her chest, capturing her nice tits in both of them as their kiss seemed to deepen and I saw Susan turn to meet his mouth head on. As their kiss broke, Susan broke his grip on her chest and pulled the tight top over her head as he stared at her tight little mounds staring back at him and then looked at her unbelievingly. She captured his head in her hands and lowered it to a taut nipple as I watched him suck it in; my cock was straining to get out! "Ohhhh Vanya, that feels so good," she moaned as I watched him alternate between nipples and her hand worked to free his cock. Her eyes widened as his cock came out and she felt its size and then she got a glassy look on her face, "Vanya, I need this!!" she said as her hand closed around his shaft and his mouth broke away from her nipple. "If you vant Vanya's cock, it must be my vay," he said matter of factly and Susan seemed to be taken back, but I could see that she was horny as hell. After all, I wouldn't be there to release her after her lesson tonight and I barely heard her agree.

Suddenly, the young boy changed and he pushed Susan away, "Strip!!" he barked and Susan didn't know what to do, this wasn't the same kid she had wanted, he was menacing now, "I said STRIP!!" he reiterated and Susan slowly got up and took her shoes off and then peeled the tight slacks over her hips and down her legs. She wasn't even wearing panties, the little slut! Her back was to me and her tight little ass was driving me wild as I watched him stand and peel off his own clothes and then sit back down, stroking himself. Susan seemed afraid of him slightly and I wondered if maybe she had second thoughts, but it seemed to be too late now. "Play wit yourself," he said and I saw her slowly spread her legs and I could see her hands working at her unseen pussy as my cock got so painful, I opened my zipper and let it out in the open. I could hear slight moans from her as her hands worked and then he told her to stop, "Tell me you vant my cock," he ordered and Susan stood there in somewhat disbelief until he ordered her again, "Yes Vanya, I want your cock," she spat out, her wet pussy evidently had gotten the better of her, "Beg," he said and she dropped to her knees, which surprised me, she was always a strong woman, never hinted at being submissive. "Please Vanya, let me have your cock, I will make it feel so good," she pleaded and my cock jumped at her words. "Show me that you vant it," he said and she crawled on her knees to him as I watched her tender ass cheeks jiggle with each movement, my cock feeling like it would explode. I adjusted the camcorder and zoomed in as she bent her head and licked the crown of his cock, it was a big one! Slowly, she began to take it in her mouth, small amounts at first and then she worked her way up to half of it, when he began to twirl her hair in his fingers and then shoved her head all the way down onto it, she gagged. She tried to talk with his cock in her mouth, tried to protest, but he had her hair and he now controlled her head as he slammed it down over and over again onto his cock. Her hands sought to release his grip on her hair, but he would not be denied as he slammed his cock into her throat.

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