Shameful Thing To Do

by PhoenixKiwi

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: lifelong results from a short time of passion

In 1968 I was a young man of 20 years and I did not amount to a hell of a lot. I had been extremely well educated and had, stupidly, wasted my chance at further education. I had learned a bit about life in those couple of years of college after leaving school, or, at least, about the 'Having a good time' side of life anyway. Following a variety of jobs I finally bowed to family pressure and found a 'Career' with prospects. This brought me back to the city that had been my 'stamping ground' at college.

I was keen on sport and even keener on boozing, and these two pastimes filled most of my weekends. I had some experience with women but not all that much, I was too busy to ever really get involved, but things were to change, to my shame.

A long time friend had invited me to board with him and his wife until I found somewhere of my own. Bill and Kay were childhood sweethearts and had wed soon after leaving school. Bill was working shift as a trainee nurse at the hospital, (male nurses were quite unusual in those days) and Kay was a receptionist in an office. The fact of their marriage being two years old and their having to be apart for much of the time due to the shift-work possibly played a large part in what followed.

Kay could not drive and Bill had asked me to teach her as his one attempt had ended in a row and tears. Husbands should not try teaching their wives anything! The cost of professional lessons was out of their financial reach and I owed them for housing me, so I agreed quite happily.

Our living together in a relatively small house with at least two of us, and often three, preparing to depart for work at the same time meant that some accidental displays of partial nudity and underwear occurred. No one made a big deal out of this but secretly I was starting to desire Kay. She was a 19 year old blonde, tall, not too slim and with great legs and breasts. The occasional glimpse of her breasts in a bra or her legs leading up to tight little panties had given me plenty of fantasizing material. Kay definitely did not flaunt herself but I did think she was possibly aware of my secret lust.

Bill and Kay owned a second hand medium sized saloon and this was the vehicle I was to teach her in. We started off in the car park of a large department store on a Sunday and I soon had her confidently starting and stopping, both going forwards and backwards. The following weekend we started in on parking and ventured out onto the road for the first time. Kay was a quick learner and both of them were really 'chuffed' at her rapid progress.

What she needed now was practice and experience and it was decided that we would go for a drive each night after work, for a week or two and for her then to apply for a test.

Unfortunately this was one of Bills night shift rotations and he had a month of 'four 'til midnight' shifts and this meant he was gone when we arrived home and he did not return until about one in the morning.

The first couple of times nothing happened but the third day Kay had worn a miniskirt to work, this being the 'in vogue' form of clothing at that time, and she did not bother to change before we set off. We spent a few minutes driving around the city streets and then decided to take a run out of town to get some open road experience. It was summertime and it did not get dark until quite late so light would not be problem and driving with headlights would not be necessary.

The car had manual transmission and the actions necessary to change gears caused Kay's skirt to creep even higher on her thighs and I eventually could make out a white bulge of her panties at the junction of her thighs. Normally she wore tights as well but she must have slipped these off before we left. The sight of her panties and the thought of what they were covering caused me to get an erection and discomfort forced me to adjust the positioning of my cock in my underwear. I tried to do this without Kay noticing and I think I succeeded but I was aware that she was making no attempt to pull her skirt down.

We came across a country pub and Kay suggested that we duck in and grab a quick pint. I agreed and we stopped for about ten minutes with Kay having one pint of draught and me, two.

When we set off again the skirt was back at decency level and my erection had subsided. We headed away from home for a further 1/2 hour and when we finally decided to head back, we faced about 45 minutes of driving. Kay would have had nearly 2 hours of practice when we finally reached the house.

Twenty minutes later Kay began to shift uncomfortably in her seat and she seemed to be squeezing her thighs together. Finally she blushed and said,

"I'm sorry, Tony. I shouldn't have had that beer. It always goes straight through me but I thought I would be all right. I desperately need to go the toilet."

"Turn down the next side road and we'll find somewhere for you to go."

Fortunately a gravel road soon appeared on our left and she turned down it and drove for a way till I told her to stop beside a field surrounded by a hedge.

"Hop over the gate and go behind the hedge"

"God! This will be a relief. Don't you go peeping at me." She threw this over her shoulder as she hopped out of the car almost before it stopped moving and gave me good view of her legs and nickers as she scrambled over the gate.

I quietly opened my door and slid out and, on dropping to my knees, I found that I could see her lower legs under the hedge. Kay was only about 5 or 6 feet from me but I was sure that she did not know I was there Her panties came into view when she dropped them to her ankles and she squatted with her knees spread. Her head was still too high for her to see me but I could see her lower half very clearly. Kay was definitely blond all over and she had a very sparse patch of pubic hair above her pussy. The lips of her cunt, which bulged out quite prominently, were free of any hair and were very tight, not revealing anything of her inner lips. Her anus was tightly puckered and was a faint brown colour.

Suddenly her cunt lips spread a little and piss spurted from her. She was obviously desperate and she peed for a long time with a strong and noisy stream. I could almost hear her sighing with relief and when she finally finished she remained squatting, unmoving, few a short time. Her hand then came into view and she wiped herself with her fingers and shook them dry. Grasping the waistband of her panties she stood pulling them up in the same motion.

By the time she came into view, climbing back over the gate, I was leaning on the bonnet of the car, smoking a hastily lit cigarette.

"I hope you haven't been up to mischief." She said, and climbed back behind the wheel.

We carried out a 3-point turn, quite professionally, headed back to the main road and turned left for home. We stopped to get 'take-away's' for tea and sat on the sofa, with the parcel on the seat between us, eating them with our fingers.

What about some wine? I've got some 'Cold Duck' in the fridge." And without waiting for an answer she scrambled off the sofa to the kitchen and returned with the wine and glasses.

We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and finishing the wine and by bedtime I was feeling quite mellow. Kay was obviously feeling the same as, after she had gone over and switched off the tele, she came back and kissed me on the lips. It was a quick kiss but arousing all the same.

"Go on admit it," she said, "You did watch me peeing, didn't you?"

Without waiting for my response she headed off to her bedroom and closed the door behind her. I turned off the lights, locked the door, had a piss, washed my hands and brushed my teeth and headed for bed myself. I paused by her door and thought I could hear Kay grunting and groaning within. I masturbated myself to sleep fantasizing on her wanking off, and I could clearly picture in my mind, her fingers working on her cunt.

I awoke when Bill came home and was then subjected to the sounds of them having sex. Kay was totally uninhibited and she was really noisy. She was grunting, groaning and squealing and loudly making demands of Bill. When she finally climaxed she cried out loudly and I wondered at this sudden change in her - normally I didn't hear a thing. She looked satisfied in the morning and smirked at me over her cup of tea. I had difficulty meeting her gaze in case you could see my lust for her in my eyes.

That evening's drive was virtually a replay of the previous days' and she was wearing the same mini-skirt but I discovered, when her skirt rose up, that she was wearing bright scarlet nickers.

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