Enchanted Moment

by JB (Rivan51)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Fiction, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: A pregnant Enchantress has a lovely sexual moment with a wandering warrior.

The forest was alive, vibrant, and full of life.

Sunlight sparkled and danced between leaves of brilliant green, animals moved about with bright eyes and flashing feet, birdsong filled the air with a myriad of music and sound. Emberza forest was in the full blush of spring, every blade of grass, every flower, every tree full to bursting with the stuff of life.

Near the center of the forest, in a small glade full of lush grass, soft moss and masses of vibrant, colorful flowers, there sits a large pool of crystal clear water. To one side of the pool, set just within the shade of the great trees surrounding the glade, stands a large, homey cottage. It is covered from roof to foundation with vines full to bursting with grapes, berries and delicate flowers, slender green tendrils flowing about the walls, surrounding the windows and door with their vibrant, living greenery. The cottage, like the woods surrounding it, seemed to embody the vibrant energy of life that pulsed throughout the woodland.

The owner of the cottage lay on the bank of the pool, languidly prone amidst a sea of delicate flowers, her only apparel a circlet made of the delicate petals amidst which she lay. Long dark hair caressed her shoulders, framing a lovely, smooth skinned face dominated by large, long lashed, entrancingly dark eyes. She was naked, her body sensually curvaceous, entincingly voluptous, with full, round, succulent breasts topped by deliciously stiff, dark nipples, her legs smooth and sleek as they rose from delicate feet. Gentle fingers moved over her body, slowly caressing her ripe curves as she murmmurred with pleasure, but staying focused at her waist, and with good reason.

The lovely vision amidst the flowers was pregnant, her belly big and heavy with soon to be born twins. The great curve of her belly rose in a gentle swell from her body, rising like the swelling tide to her protruding navel, then flowed down into the dark bush of hair between her legs. The skin that covered her swollen womb was taut and smooth, silky to the touch, giving off a soft sheen, as though the energy of life was contained within her belly and sought to shine forth onto the world. Like the forest around her, the supine beauty was full of life.

She was also a powerful magic user, and the forest was her domain. She was ever aware of what occured throughout its confines, and no one could enter without her being aware of it. Those who came with dark intent soon learned their lesson, those who were innocent, were allowed to go on their way. Sometimes, if the Enchantress felt a need, a traveler might be seduced, or enticed, to join her in her cottage for a time. Then, they would pleasure one another, taking delight in their passions, till it was time for the person to go. This was how the Enchantress had been blessed with her current condition, and she loved it. Upon discovering that she was with child, the Enchantress had cast spells to discover what sex the child was, and she had been delighted to find she bore twins, a boy and a girl. She had then set out to prepare her cottage for the coming additions. With the aid of her magic, this was quickly accomplished, and she could then sit back and take pleasure in her new condition. And take pleasure she did.

As her belly swelled, the Enchantress was delighted to find that other changes were taking place as well. Her breasts swelled as well, filling with sustenance for her coming progeny, her hair became even more lustrous, and her skin even more sensitive. She felt more alive, more sensual than she ever had before, and she found herself feeling certain needs with a greater urgency than she had before in her life. Those parts of her body of a sensual nature became so sensitive, that she felt an almost constant need to have them touched and caressed, indeed, so great was her need at times, that she would forgoe clothing and simply move about in naked, pregnant splendor. Her amorous needs also made her seduce more travelers than she had before, welcoming them into her cottage and satisfying her erotic needs with them before sending them on their way. Those who were seduced quickly forgot what had happened, but they left the woods feeling greatly satisfied and happy. For her part, the Enchantress would be satisfied for a time, but then she would feel the need all over again in a few days time.

Such was the condition she was in as she lay upon the bank of the pool.

She had already taken steps to bring someone to her. In this case it was a lone warrior who was traveling through the woods and, due to her spell, had become lost. He was now wandering through the woods, believing he was seeking a way out, but really moving closer and closer to his seducer.

"Mmmm..." The Enchantress purred softly, sensually, as she slid her fingers down between her legs, caressing her moist, hot nether regions as she felt her need growing within her. "Hurry...come to me warrior, I have a need for you. And you have a need for me..."

A few moments later, a soft rustling of grass, and the nicker of a horse made the Enchantress smile. She rolled over, onto her side with a slow, sensuos movement of her body, displaying her lush form to the warrior who now stood before her. A sultry, inviting smile crossed her full lips, her eyes were hot beneath her long lashes, and her voice was rich and husky with sensuos tones when she spoke.

"Greetings nobel warrior. Welcome to my home." The Enchantress could feel the desire for her that the warrior felt, and it matched the growing warmth between her legs. She slowly carresed her swollen belly, making sure her "guest" took note of its ripe, sensual gravidity as she said, "Please, be at peace and be welcome here."

"I thank you m'lady." The warrior was tall, dark haired, and powerfully built. His rugged good looks and deep green eyes made the warmth between her legs grow to a soft burning as he gazed upon her with open, unhidden desire. "May I ask where I am? I seem to have become lost."

"You are within the depths of the Emberza woods, of which I am the lady, and you have come upon me and my home." Still laying on her side, the Enchantress' smile softened. "If you would care to dismount and join me, I would welcome the company for a time. I live alone here," An impish smile crossed her lips as she stroked her belly and said, "though not for much longer, and I would welcome the speech and presence of another."

"You are most kind." The warrior dismounted, his movements fluid, catlike in their grace. He then made his way closer to the supine beauty before him, and lay himself down next to her. "I am Taurin of Berkshire."

"I am pleased that you have accepted my invitaion Taurin of Berkshire. I am called the Enchantress of Emberza." Her smile was dazzling and welcoming as the enchantress raised an arm off her body, giving Taurin an unhindered view of her full, round, succulent breasts as she gestured slightly. "You must be hot and weary. Would you care for some chilled wine?"

"I would." Taurin's smile was equally welcoming, assuring the Enchantress that her spells were taking full effect. "Would m'lady mind if I removed my armor and bathed in your pond?"

The Enchantress took a moment to answer, opening a bottle of clear, golden wine that appeared before her. She poured the delicious contents into a crystal glass, then held it out to Taurin. "I would not. In fact, if you will permit, I shall join you in refreshing myself."

Taurin's smile, and the sudden hot flare in his eyes told her all she needed to know.

The wine was quickly finished by Taurin and a few moments later, he was stripping off his clothing and bathing in the pond.

The Enchantress stayed on the shore for a few moments, carressing herself and taking pleasure in watching Taurin's muscular, sleek form move through the clear water with fluid grace. After a few moments, and when she was sure that Taurin was feeling a need for her to do so, she slowly rose to her feet, knowing Taurin was watching her the whole time, aching for her, and made her way down, into the water. Taurin was just surfacing from a deep dive as she slowly stepped into the pond.

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