Life Changing Experience

by JB (Rivan51)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young bachelor meets the pregnant girl of his dreams.

The Day I Met Vivian

From the moment I met Vivian, I knew my life would never be the same.

At 23, I was happy with my life. I owned, and ran a large, very popular fitness center and was making plans to open a second one in a nearby town. The center, along with a few well placed investments, gave me an annual income in the six figure category, allowing me to live a very, very nice lifestyle. All in all, life was good. I dated regularly, though never finding the "right"girl, and had several good friends. I traveled the world, and pretty much did what I wanted. At the time, I did not realize something was missing.

Then I met Vivian.

I was in the juice bar, taking it easy in between the martial art classes I taught at the center, and feeling that life was good. I had a fruit smoothie in my hand, and was leaning back, glancing over a few documents that needed my attention, not paying much attention to what was going on around me.

Then, like a breath of spring air, Vivian came in.

I will never know why I chose that moment to look up, but I am oh so glad I did!

Vivian swayed into the room, the usual pregnant waddle turned into sensual poetry by her swaying hips and amazingly smooth grace. She had wavy blond hair that fell to her shoulders in a shimmer of silk, glowing, smooth, sun kissed skin, and a face that would give wet dreams to a priest. Big, bright blue bedroom eyes gazed about the room from beneath lovely brows and long lashes, and she had a sensually wide, full-lipped mouth that looked like she could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose. And boy was she pregnant!

Vivian looked like she was about ten and a half months pregnant to me. I've never seen a woman so pregnant, with such a big, round, gravid belly. Her breasts were enormous as well, resting on her belly like half-inflated footballs, dark, stiff nipples clearly visible through her outfit. The overall package was amazing! The woman was drop-dead,cum-in-your-pants gorgeous anyway - her face would have looked at home on the cover of any magazine you can name - but oh, was she pregnant! Her belly was magnificent, stupendous, awesome; it pushed the fabric of her red, sleeveless leotard outward until it looked like sheer stocking-material. I could see her popped-out navel clearly through the stretched, distended fabric. Her tits showed over eight inches of luscious cleavage, smooth pillowy tit-meat bulging out of her low-cut leotard like rising dough. To make matters worse, it was clear that she wore no underwear at all - there was no pantyline at her waist or hips,and her big, tight, round ass jiggled freely when she moved.

I tried not to stare, but she was so hot, and so pregnant! Somehow, Vivian felt me staring at her. She turned around, and looked me straight in the eye, letting me know I was busted. At first, I thought I was in big trouble, till I saw the mischevious sparkle in her eyes. She gave me a big smile and headed for the bar, her broad ass working as she slowly walked by.

I was in torture, my mind reeling from the lucious, sensual pregnant beauty before me. My cock was rock hared, and fighting to get loose. I wondered if she knew what kind of effect she was having on me. I looked up at her face, and she winked at me, smiled, then slowly licked her pillowy lips - running her tongue all around her open mouth with a lascivious leer. She knew, all right. She knew.

I watched, awestruck, as she made her way to the bar, slowly seated herself on one of the stools, one slender arm draped over the huge sphere of her belly, and ordered a smoothie.

My mind was racing with questions... was she married? How far along was she? Would she be interested in a date? These thought filled my mind, as did many hot, erotic images involving me, her, and satin sheets. Finally, after staring at her for what seemed like an eternity, and getting several signals from her, I decided to go for it.

I rose to my feet, in what I hoped was a casual motion, and immediately realized that I had a massive erection bulging out of my gi. I glanced up, a bit flushed with emberassment, and realized Vivian was watching me closely, her eyes flicking to the big bulge in my pants. I thought I saw a slight flush cover her cheeks, as well as a new light flash in her eyes, but I was too nervous to really give it much attention.

I made my way over to the bar, took the seat next to her after receiving an inviting smile, and did the best thing I have ever done in my life.

I said 'hello,' and introduced myself.

"My name is Mark Braxer."

Her smile was lovely, a brilliant flash of pearly whites that seemed to outshine the sun. She held out a slender hand as she said, "Nice to meet you Mark, I'm Vivian Monroe." In a sensually low, throaty voice that almost purred from her lovely lips.

After that, we started talking. She told me she was 22, single, and in her sixth month of pregnancy with triplets. She was obviously thrilled with being pregnant, her hands were always stroking her swollen belly, and her eyes danced whenever she talked about the babies. At one point, she asked me if I wanted to touch her belly. I could barely keep my voice calm as I admitted that yes, I did want to. Her smile was radiant as she took my hand and placed it on her gravid waist. I was in heaven, I revelled in the feel of her softly firm, heavy, swollen belly beneath my fingers. I could feel the warmth of her skin through the fabric of her leotard, and I moved my hand in wide circles so I could cover her whole belly. Vivian loved it. She closed her eyes with a soft sigh of pleasure, her head rolling back slightly, and placed one of her hands on mine, seeming to take pleasure in feeling my hand as I felt her. As I touched her, we continued to talk. She told me that her boyfriend had left her when he found out she was pregnant, and she had been on her own since. Her parents had money, so she was not worried about supporting herself, or her babies, and she was working on starting up her own softwared development company. Since her boyfriend had left, she had not been out on a date with anyone. "No one seems to be interested in dating a big, pregnant girl like me." Vivian sighed in a playfully sad tone, her lower lip pulling out in a playful pout as she cupped her big belly in her slender hands. Then she looked at me, her eyes becoming warm and inviting as she said. "but I think that is about to change. What do you think, Mark?"

"I think I would love to go out with you." I said in a rush, amazed that I was being so forward about it.

"And I would love to go out with you." Vivian said softly, her eyes shining as she raised a slender hand to carress my cheek.

"How about tonight?" I said without thinking. Then, seeing her eyes go distant, as though she was thinking something important, I realized that it was likely not possible, (and to forward of me) that she could go out tonight. I quickly started to apologize, but Vivian cut me off with a lovely smile and a slender finger raised to my lips.

"Tonight will be fine." She purred, her low, throaty voice making my cock twitch. Vivian gave me her address, and asked me to pick her up at 7. I agreed breathelessly, amazed that this sensual, ripe, fertility goddess was agreeing to go out with me. Then, with my help, Vivian slowly slid off the bar stool and headed for the door. As she headed out toward the lobby, she looked back over her shoulder, and gave me a look that nearly made me cream my shorts. "I'll see you tonight." She purred.

I was at her house at 7 sharp, dressed in my casual best, and looking forward to the date with a mix of anxiety and outright lust.

I pressed the buzzer, and Vivian's voice came over the intercom asking me to come in. She told me to go up the stairs, and enter the room at the end of the hall. Not knowing what to expect, I did as she asked. A moment before I opened the door, I realized that it was likely her bedroom I was about to enter. When I opened the door, I saw a sight that nearly made my heart stop.

Vivian was there in front of me, completely naked, down on her hands and knees, with her profile to me, presenting the most erotic, sensual, beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Her big belly brushed the floor, and her huge nipples swung barely an inch above it. As I watched, she smiled, turned away from me, said, "I've been waiting for you."and got to her feet. Sounds innocent enough, eh? She got to her feet. But it was the most devastating thing I'd ever seen.

First she planted one barefoot out beside her and lifted her heel, posing her bare leg gracefully -and showing her shaved, gaping pussy from the rear as she framed her huge heavy belly and tits with her arched leg. She smiled back at me, then winked. Then, she planted the other foot, with her hands still on the floor; she was squatting low and wide open now, wantonly showing off her hot sex. Her pussy lips flared out like flowerpetals, her round, firm asscheeks split wide to show her pink, twitching asshole -and her enormous belly was still touching the floor. She smirked back at me over her shoulder, and purred "Like it?" Then she finally, slowly, stood,making sure that her bare ass stuck out at my face as she straightened.

I stared at the woman standing there naked in front of me; she was the most beautiful, sexy thing I had ever seen. Her tits and belly were unbelievably huge, her pouting pussymound protruding vulnerableand bare. I was staring shamelessly at her, my desire for her shining in my eyes. After what felt like an eternity, I lookedup; she smiled.

Then, she was in my arms, pressing herself against me, her huge belly nearly crushing my erection and her massive tits pressing so hard against my chest I could feel her stiff nipples through my shirt. I saw the overwheming desire in her eyes, and gave in to my own need.

Our lips met, and the sexual tension from a few hours before was released. Our hands carressed and stroked one another's bodies, each of us reveling in the feel of the other. I don't know how, but in an instant, I was naked and pressing my muscular form against Vivian's gravid luciousness. Feeling her taut, swollen belly against me was nearly driving me over the edge. I did not know how much longer I would be able to hold off. Just the feel of her against me was almost enough to make me cum!

Vivian ender our passionate kissing and carressing with a gasp, her eyes smokey with desire and need. I felt slender fingers caress my cum heavy balls, encircle my hardness and stroke it as she purred. "I want this in me... now."

Vivian moved to the bed, slowly lowering her gravid form onto the sheets. She slowly lay back, spreading her legs as she did so, exposing and opening herself to me. I watched in naked, lusting awe as she brought her hands to the warm, moist hole between her legs and carressed her swollen lips. She cooed and moaned as she masturbatred in front of me, her voice pleading with me to stick my member into her body. I stepped forward, and gently pressed my member against her lips, circling her sex with my hardness, but not entering.

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